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🧵/Alright, here we go - let’s talk about funding/defunding and the police, shall we? First a disclaimer - it’s not possible to get as nuanced as needed via tweets, and although we hope people engage in good faith, we know that some may not.
First I don’t believe fund/defund framing is the best way to have this conversation.

Two things to point out - 1) the Chicago Police Department has only increased on funding year over year. 2) Currently we as a city spend $3 BILLION of your tax dollars on CPD per yr
Just last year, $91 Million of your tax dollars went to police misconduct settlements alone. Generally 40% out of the corporate fund goes to one Department - CPD - out of a total of 36 Departments.
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In a few minutes, City Council will meet to begin voting on the 2022 budget.

We demand: #TreatmentNotTrauma #StopShotspotter

Follow along via #OurChiBudget2022

Read more & learn about the 2022 City budget, what is in it and not, here:…
The scariest ​🌩️ thing about this Halloween🎃 is that half the city’s mental health clinics remain closed after Lightfoot promised to reopen them. Go to… to take action. #BewaretheCityBudget #OurChiBudget2022
Why is City Council so spooked about reopening Chicago’s shuttered mental health clinics? Act now to tell your alderperson to stand with the people at…. #BewaretheCityBudget #OurChiBudget2022
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It's not enough to interpret the world. We have to fight to change it.

That's why we have A LOT of different actions socialists in Chicago can take this weekend to advance the class struggle.🧵
On Friday night, join our local Green New Deal for Public Schools campaign for a phonebanking session. There's both an in-person and virtual option for this event. RSVP:…
Saturday, starting at noon: we're co-hosting a counter demonstration to drown out the anti-mask, anti-immigrant crowd holding a rally downtown. Bikes and noisemakers encouraged.
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Going to put together a Chicago thread of last years “events” to prove Lori Lightfoot is the wrong one. (Tomorrow)
(But today if you’re reading this in the future)
TO BEGIN. Back on Friday a Newsmax reporter pressed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot about last month's unrest in the city.

Lightfoot denied there were "race riots last summer" but never explained herself.

(I fixed the audio so it doesn't come out of just one headphone ear)
Now the part where I list off protest/riot videos from last year in Chicago.

(May 31st 2020) "Protests in Chicago" -- via
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A lot is happening in Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot Emanuel gave over 65% of CARES Act money to CPD. Today, the Office of Inspector General released their report on the uprisings where it is revealed how Lori is directly responsible for the brutality.…
Page 55 documents how during the May 30th protests, CPD refused a person their seizure medication, watched them collapse and threatened another detainee with violence if they moved, presumably to assist the person having a seizure. Footage then records a cop threatening rape.
When Lori demanded the bridges be raised, it forced CDOT to call off duty employees. This was a move they were surprised to receive since it is rarely done. The raising of bridges was considered during the NATO protests in 2010 and was ultimately rejected as ‘ineffective’.
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As we celebrate the end of this difficult year and welcome 2021, I’d like to take an opportunity to review the past year in our 35th Ward. Thread🧵👇🏽
We started this year by passing our 606 demolition moratorium, which has helped preserve our built environment, promote environmentally sustainable building practices, and protect affordable two- and three-flat apartment buildings near the 606 trail.…
In January, we also amended Chicago’s sanctuary city ordinance to require our police department to report any requests they receive from ICE. This was a major step forward for accountability, transparency, and immigrant protections.…
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City council live thread 🧵. Watch here:…
Meeting called to order.
We are starting, as always, with a role call of members to determine if a quorum is present.
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City council live thread🧵. Watch here:…
Meeting called to order.
The city council is now doing the pledge of allegiance Zoom karaoke style.
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Chicago Police Superintendent Brown is before the City Council Budget Committee today to testify on CPD's 2021 budget. Under Mayor Lightfoot's #Chi2021budget proposal, CPD takes a greater percentage of the corporate fund, increasing from 37% in 2020 to 39% in 2021. #DefundCPD
From 2014 (the year Laquan McDonald was killed) to 2019, CPD's budget increased by $300 million. During that same time period, mental health services only saw a $3 million increase. #DefundCPD
From 2010 to 2017, Chicago borrowed $709.3 million to cover police misconduct settlements, $1 billion in interest to investors, costing Chicagoans a total of $1.71 billion. #DefundCPD
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Chicago activists took action demanding immediate removal of the Sheridan statue in Lincoln Park. He led the US Army in a genocide against the Sioux, Southern Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa, Comanche, and countless other Indigenous nations.

"The only good Indian is a dead Indian."
-Philip Sheridan

Philip Sheridan promoted hunting bison to starve Native peoples off their land. In under 30 years, the US reduced the buffalo population from ~60m to ~600

"Let them kill, skin, and sell until the buffalo are exterminated." -Sheridan
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finally got our votes in, Chicago. @trinattrill & i put it off, but it felt nice to hit YES on fair tax & NO on retaining Toomin (& more - see our guide below).

vote ASAP - the covid positivity rate here is steady rising past 7%, & once we get to 8%, more closures are imminent ImageImage
We are not hype about this election but we #votedanyway to #TossToomin & vote yes on a #FairTax

have you voted yet? In Chicago you can vote early at any location & vote at the same time. Need help deciding how to vote?

We made a cheat sheet to make it a little easier for ya! ImageImage
We did research, utilized @injusticewatch, @GoGoGadgetHoe, @BallotReady, & the Girl I Guess guide for Judges. It was TOUGH because there‘s not much public data! You know we’re #tosstoomin but here are a few others.

Some ppl are voting no on all judges which we also endorse. ImageImageImage
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In her budget address, Mayor Lightfoot has once again shown us that she does not defend or value Black lives unless they create profit for the city or maintain so called “law and order.”

Read our full statement here 👇
We won't stop. We won't be ignored until we #defundcpd
Caption for our statement:

1/ Today's budget proposal by the Mayor does nothing to address the decades of physical and economic violence inflicted on Black and Brown communities through police terror and systemic disinvestment.
2/ In her budget address, Mayor Lightfoot has once again shown us that she does not defend or value Black lives unless they create profit for the city or maintain so called "law and order.
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Tune into instagram RIGHT NOW to hear @Damon_AF and @BellaBahhs talk about the fight to #TakeBacktheBudget, and more about abolitionist campaign to #DefundCPD. We'll be live tweeting it here.
"Even the Declaration of Independence states that if a government is destructive of your right as a citizen.. it's your duty to abolish it." @BellaBahhs #DefundCPD #TakeBacktheBudget
Damon talks about the history of chattel slavery in the system, "Ground yourself in the 13th amendment. Whenever the CPD does its job, you are legally living under slavery." #TakeBacktheBudget #DefundCPD
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A Suntimes reporter quoted our tweet, where we basically called CPD a state sponsored & protected gang. CPD has shot & jailed #LatrellAllen & shot & killed #MiguelVega!

Yesterday a Sheriff & a off duty cop shot people in 2 separate incidents!

#LatrellAllen fortunately survived being shot in the back by CPD & like #JacobBlake he was handcuffed to his bed in the hospital while getting treatment for his injuries. They criminalized him & sent him straight to jail!…
#MiguelVega’s family says that he was running away from the gunfire when he got killed by CPD! He won’t be able to share his story & like Latrell he has also been criminalized by CPD & the media! Please donate what you can.…
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#Lightfoot has a similar profile to her predecessor #RahmEmanuel in that her national image and her status in the Democratic party matter much more to her than the opinion of local Chicagoans--especially Black, brown, immigrant, poor and working ones. #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD
The platforms these national orgs give #LoriLightfoot don't just shroud the violence she commits locally--they empower it. So long as she is allowed to masquerade as a champion or "racial justice" and "intersectionality" nationally, she is empowered to be the antithesis locally.
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Many folks have shared this thread, and asked what they can do to make up for the grave mistake of supporting #LoriLightfoot and believing she was a progressive. Great question. Here's some ideas:
1. Learn some history. #LoriLightfoot has a record of repression, gentrification, anti-Black violence. Black queer women organizers were the original folks who warned us of this. Supporting Black candidates is meaningless while ignoring Black community.…
2. Think/act more critically around identity politics. The goal of #BlackLivesMatter and other popular movements isn't to get more people with oppressed identities into positions of power, but to uproot oppressive structures on the whole:…
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Deeply disappointed in @cta, Dept. of Streets and Sanitation, and other bodies for colluding with both police and #LoriLightfoot to protect property, segregate the city, and aid in the brutalizing of protesters. #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD #BlackLivesMatter…
Transit and city workers in other parts of the country have refused to transport/cooperate with police while they are inflicting racist violence. Why do y'all keep enabling them to beat and pepper spray kids? @cta #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD #BlackLivesMatter
Why do y'all keep helping #LoriLightfoot shutdown and re-segregate our city on behalf of the wealthy and at the expense of the poor, of other workers like yourselves? @cta #StopLightfoot #DefundCPD #BlackLivesMatter
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1/Recap of yesterday’s Divest, Imagine, Invest Rally at McKinley Park w/@SunriseMvmtChi, @N4EJchicago, @GKMC18. Amrita spoke on environmental racism on the SW side & how elected officials like George Cardenas turn away from their community at times when we need them the most.
2/We want MAT out & want the Department of the Environment reestablished but the city says there’s no money. Amrita asked, “How can the city give MAT Asphalt over $50 MILLION in city contracts to poison their own people if there’s no money?"
3/How can the city give CPD $4.3 million dollars a day if there’s no money? About $1.8 BILLION A YEAR to fund CPD but there’s no money to fund a Department of Environment, fund our neglected schools, fund West and South Side communities or reopen mental health clinics?”
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If you voted/campaigned for #LoriLightfoot, uplifted the promises she made during her campaign, or tried to convince others she'd be a progressive mayor, you should be the most vocal in calling out the violence she is unleashing on #Chicago's Black/brown communities and youth.
We all make mistakes/miscalculations. We are all wrong sometimes. We are culpable when we refuse to own our mistakes, admit we were wrong, and take responsibility for the consequences of our miscalculations. If you thought #LoriLightfoot was a progressive, you made a mistake.
There are people who owe Black/brown Chicagoans an apology, who used our identities as political bait, who are silent. There are people who should be on the front lines holding #LoriLightfoot accountable to her promises who are passively watching from the sidelines.
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I'm acutely aware that part of what upsets (white) people about seeing Black people engage in property destruction is the knowledge that we used to be (their) property. #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter #DefundCPD
Black bodies exist in the white imaginary as an extension of their own wealth. We are revenue generators--whether it was slave labor, or the extraction of monies and resources through austerity, gentrification, and policing now. #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter #DefundCPD
When they call us "savages," "criminals," "looters," what they mean is, "How dare you have the audacity to assert that you have more value than the level of value I have assigned to you." #ChicagoProtests #BlackLivesMatter #DefundCPD
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Is shooting a child then threatening/intimidating his loved ones not "criminal behavior?" Does the right to be safe not extend to Black residents?

Do we still have to prove the lives of the poorest are worth more than the property of the richest? #BlackLivesMatter #DefundCPD
That the headlines are "people are looting the richest districts of #Chicago" and not "police shot a child then militarized his block" says volumes. If you are mad about the first headline and not the second, we know volumes about you. #BlackLivesMatter #DefundCPD
When white/wealthy people CONSISTENTLY get more upset about property damage than Black death, you are underlining why looting/rioting is an effective strategy, and actually the only way to get you to pay attention. #BlackLivesMatter #DefundCPD
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CHICAGO: “We Shall Not Be Moved: A Wake, A Vigil, A Celebration.”

Organizers granted me with advanced permission to live tweet. I agreed to hold off on pro photos. Being mindful of my privilege as a cis-man, I want to be highly respectful. This is not MY space.
#ChicagoProtests Image
This is the Beautiful singing of Shantel Cribbs. (IG/shanydrenee)

#BlackTransPower #defundCPD #BlackTransLivesMatter #ChicagoProtests
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What is #CPACNow?
How will it enable us to #DefundThePolice?
What else will CPAC empower us to do?
A thread on how exactly CPAC will overturn the power dynamic between police and our communities. Image
The #CPACNow ordinance was first written in 2012 after the police murder of Rekia Boyd. It would establish community control of the police, a goal first fought for by the Black Panther Party, by putting elected community members in charge of decisions around policing. Image
The word "community" is important here. The communities who need to be empowered are the ones most harmed by police violence, so #CPACNow council members will need at least 2 years of experience organizing in oppressed and marginalized communities. Image
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Welcome back to #Fuck12Friday! Today we are talking about Homan Square and lifting up the demands of @BlkAbolitionChi to #CloseHomanSquare!
This week, we heard about federal agents disappearing protestors in Portland, and preparing to head into Chicago. But Chicago has had a history of disappearing its own, long before this week. #Fuck12Friday
In 2016, an investigation by The Guardian uncovered what many Black Chicagoans already knew -- there was a CPD black site in Homan Square, where people were detained for hours or even days without access to legal counsel or a phone call. #Fuck12Friday.
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