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Trump was part of the plan to destroy the conservative right.

The office of POTUS has enormous powers over law enforcement, media, courts, public/world opinion and practically everything else in the nation.

After the election, the administration put a half-assed effort which
really went nowhere. POTUS had a multitude of legal tools at his disposal to put a stop to the entire endeavor. But he didn't. Why?

The most reasonable explanation is that he served his time and purpose. Trump will remain active as controlled opposition--rallying the base,
giving hope to those targeted for destruction.

Who is the real power behind the throne? Who knows at this point but the world powers just took over all of the American levers of power thus clearing the way for what we've been warned about for decades.

#DarkWinter indeed.
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"I am the only thing that stands between👌& 😨"

#DemoRATS🐀sacrificed lives of 📺SO⏰MANY📝humans💨🔔to📡create😷pretext💪vs🌎 #Trump 👉🌎 👻 #Soros💰💭🌏 #China#Biden💻 #CCP👑💨 #ChinaVirus🚠❄⏬❄📹⤴😵 plandemic. Election ri😫gg😒ed😯by #COVID911🚩gr💻8🐲re🎾 #KlausSchwab Image


#911Truth🚩 #COVID911

Operation #DarkWinter🚩


#Event201#China present
℅ 👆 #JohnHopkins 😈WEF & #GatesOfOblivion👻💉😨

#COVID19😟 #NewNormal😷


#WEF😈🌎 🌞🐲
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Post recente no Parler sobre a fraudemia no contexto do "Great Reset" e algumas falas do Herr Klaus Schwab, fundador do WEF. Traduzido

#Puppets & #usefulidiots empurra #lockdowns para destruir economias; promover #junkscience; forçar as pessoas a usar #mascaras que fazem
mais mal do que bem; plano para tornar obrigatório #vacinas não testadas e prejudiciais (abandonando assim o # princípio de #Nuremberg de consentimento informado; e banir / bloquear as #curas para #Covid.
Por quê? Temerosos das #elites tecnocráticas #globalistas, eles estão
seguindo uma agenda planejada anos atrás.

O # 4º Reich está se esforçando para afirmar o domínio e eliminar a oposição. Se isso soa exagerado, leia e ouça os plotters EM SUAS PRÓPRIAS PALAVRAS.

Aqui está o #WEF founder #KlausSchwab:
"Agora é o momento histórico, não apenas a
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Here we go! Just watch next they will say that covid-18 and h1n2 ‘mutated’ together and they will call it covid-21. 😉👌🏻

“The virus was detected in mid-October after an Alberta patient sought medical care with influenza-like symptoms.“…
“mostly just among pigs. In fact, they can infect each other the same way as humans, through expelled water droplets from coughs and sneezes. They can even transmit it without symptoms.”

“However, the jump from pig to human is incredibly rare.”…
“The positive case was discovered after the patient went to a local hospital and was tested for Covid-19.”

“The individual sought was dealing with mild, influenza-like symptoms but quickly recovered.”

“no link to slaughterhouses”…
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Your betters have decided upon a plan for you and you can read the entire script for it from election day until 2023 in the November 2nd special edition of Time magazine. (1/5)

#GreatReset #DarkWinter ImageImage
Look at all those vials and syringes and solar panels. Doesn't it give you a warm fuzzy feeling of being safe and cared for? Much like the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that President Harris oops Biden and the corporate Democrats will be completely in charge of everything. (2/5) ImageImage
Hooray, magic invincibility spell will be ready on Feb 11 2021 (that's oddly specific) after being developed in record time and completely safe, too.

And all of our favorite most trusted "global health actors" (what an odd choice of words ... is this a play?) will lead us! (3/5) ImageImage
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Biden's Dark Winter prophecy unless Americans are all forced to wear a face mask at all times was a very scary moment #PresidentialDebate2020
Is there something Joe Biden & Sadiq Khan are not telling us? "The leaders of two controversial pandemic simulations that took place just months before the Coronavirus crisis – Event 201 and Crimson Contagion – share a common history, the 2001 biowarfare simulation DARK WINTER"
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Biden predicts a #DarkWinter. I'd look that up if u don't know...…
#DarkWinter exercise was purged from Center for Health Security website this year via waybackmachine.

Internet Archive for the win. PDF of script and all…
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#covid19 Introducing #DarkWinter narrative~ the 2nd effin 🌊wave

Presstitutes & Puppeteers:

Ousted (FAUX) whistleblower #RickBright warns US facing ‘darkest winter in modern history."

"Europe must prepare for a 2nd deadly wave... in the winter, " WHO

1. #billgates- funded 2001 simulation gone awry
2. A reference in #GOT.

How do we ward off White Walkers w/ their tests, surveillance, & 500 million pre-filed #rfid syringes?
Ousted (faux) whistleblower warns US facing ‘darkest winter in modern history…
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