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Upcoming events in the Liminal Order:

- Sovereign Garden Seminar
- Ancient Greek Philosophy of Fitness
- 8 Part Online Business Seminar
- Beyond OODA: Sun Tzu and the Art of War

- multi day barn raising and chapel building jamboree on a member farm…
The Liminal Order is a values based fraternal organization.

#Masculinity #Brotherhood #Sovereignty

We build, create, protect, provide, and instruct.

Food, fitness, and financial sovereignty are our goals.

A brotherhood is our vehicle.

And masculinity is the energy.
We have a three year anniversary BBQ in DC in early July.

And we are descending on a member farm in September to chop some trees, tear down one barn, burn it, and build another.

We build shit.

Barns, bodies, families, businesses, and even chapels.

Join us !
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In Sikh itihaas, there were 3 types of categories in Sikhs on how they interacted with the political system:

1. Rajsi Sikh -The Sikhs who lived in jungles with the Siddhant of 'Rebel or Rule'.They were the front warriors who did not compromise on the sovereignty of the..

2. Milvartanie - The Sikhs who worked in society like us, doing jobs,business. But had their loyalty towards the Panth and the Rajsi Sikhs. They even helped the Rajsi Sikhs whenever they need anything.

3. Chakrail -The Sikhs who were there in government and interacted..
with the Mughal government for the welfare of the Panth. Their loyalty was also towards the Rajsi Sikhs and the Panth.They often acted as a mediator between the govt. and the Panth. Example is Subheg Singh(father of Shaheed Shahbaaz Singh).

There might be different ways..
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Appalling bit of subediting(?) but the article itself lays out both the history and US context of #RoeVsWade and the consequences of overturning it with rather more nuance:… The Times view on US abortion law and overturning Roe v Wade
The "right approach" the writer appears to support 👇 is the codification of the #RightToChoose into federal #law - which should have happened decades ago. The major issue being the parlous state of US politics... What it should also do is push the issue to the top of the p
For the avoidance of doubt, I absolutely support women's #RightToChoose - it is not for ANY authority to tell people what they can or can't do with their bodies. Anger is justified, but not enough; this is an issue around which people must #mobilise and begin taking back #agency.
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We are LIVE tweeting this panel discussion @AslanTV, @RauZbigniew, @MFA_Lu, @GLandsbergis, @londonvinjamuri and @RachelRizzo

Stay tuned for updates!

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
Watch it LIVE here:

.@RauZbigniew: #Poland is opening its borders and hearts to the #Ukrainian refugees. The social composition of the #refugees includes women and children dominantly, but this is a challenge for us as it is hard to accommodate such a large population.

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It was a pleasure to present first thoughts of my master's thesis on #MMT and #degrowth at the @WSSAcon in Denver. I’m currently writing my thesis at @presseunikassel and @LevyEcon. I’d happy for any comment and feedback. A thread 1/
When the government spends, it must either collect #taxes or take on #debt – so the widespread assumption. A growing economy does not pose a problem, as long as g > r the debt-to-GDP ratio declines over time, particularly if loans have low interest rates and long maturities 2/
However,if the economy stops growing or if it even declines, the debt ratio rises and tax revenue declines. If one assumes that the economy should not grow endlessly for socioecological reasons #degrowth @timparrique @MGSchmelzer, how can government spending then be financed? 3/
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LIVE Now in the Liminal Order:

The most important health issue facing America today:

Metabolic Health

Hosted by a heart surgeon who hopes he never has to operate on you.

#Brotherhood #Sovereignty
Heart Disease is the number one killer in America

and its all mostly preventable

Metabolic health is the most important health issue in America
Are you metabolically healthy?

Waist circumference <40 inches
BP <130 <85
Fasting blood glucose <100 mg/dl and HgBa1c<5.7%
HDL > 40 mg/dl
Triglycerides <150 mg/dl

LDL not on the list!

only 12% of Men in America meet these standards
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None of the 30 @NATO countries have any twitter handle like @NATOinUkraine. A special aspiration of @NATO to bring @Ukraine under their fold. Twitter handle created back in 2015 - long term game. What does Ukraine have that @NATO was so eager towards @Ukraine? Image
Current 30 countries by year of joining @NATO 30 Nato Countries by year o...
A map of how @NATO expanded in europe… Image
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Part 1/2
This sharing focuses on the introductory research, mainly on the technical framework, and supplemented by ecological development. Thread is a bit long and there is no financial advice in the whole context. Please read it thoroughly. Image
1/18 #Cosmos Ecosystem is far more prosperous and diverse than most people think. Cosmos is not just an Atom chain. The #BSC #Terra #Oasis you know well belongs to the Cosmos Ecosystem. The total market value in the ecosystem has even reached 138B. What kind of magic power is it? Image
2/18 This is a great definition of #Cosmos, and the prominent part is its core ecological characteristics. A little flustered to see a series of professional terms? Don't worry. Let's explain it one by one. Image
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🧵Encouraged that the #SCOTUS orders today continue to affirm our treaty rights & honor judicial precedent. The Court today DENIED 31 👀 petitions from Oklahoma seeking to overturn #McGirt – the ruling that affirmed our reservation & #sovereignty #PrecedentNotPolitics 🧵
Oklahoma – not winning w/ petitions to overturn #McGirt at U.S. Supreme Court

It’s clear that now is the time for implementation not litigation.

#TribalSovereignty #ImplementationNOTLitigation #Collaboration
Tough to celebrate U.S. Supreme Court’s DENIAL today of 31 👀 petitions to overturn #McGirt when MILLIONS $$ state taxpayer wasted on losing litigation. How many millions spent from $10 million fund, @GovStitt?

Time for Okla to start spending on implementation not litigation.
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#MMT #Thread on floating #FX
Flexible exchange rate policy is something a country grows into as it builds higher degrees of #resilience to external shocks via food/energy #sovereignty, high value-added industries & other institutional measures to fight #speculation #corruption..
and price gouging... So a higher degree of monetary sovereignty is something a country earns via strategic investments/regulations; it's not something you announce, float the currency, and hope for a miracle. All MMTers understand this.
I know this because I had this specific conversation with each one of the leading figures in the field. The fact that they don't emphasize this particular point in every argument they present is a matter of nuance/communication...
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So on wikitree, I finally figured out how to do the relationship finder thing, good god, it shows how truly stupid that judge and Leroux has to be, and it also shows they totally went out of their way to make it 14 generations, LOL .. My unknown Mi'kmaq grandmother who was
married to Philippe Mius d'Entremont was my 8th GG, my mom's 7th, my nans 6th, and my great nan's Evangeline Mius' 5th. Her dad was born in 1862, Tranquille Mius, that was his 4th Grandmother. Who was there to tell her she was a #raceshifter when telling my nan about our Mi'kmaw
heritage/descendency @DarrylLeroux .. When you have me on your race shifting page as being 14 generations, I have all my papers proving this lineage too asshat. lol .. Wanna keep saying I only have 1 native ancestor, 300 yrs ago, lol .. My 7th great grandfather who is the son
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Welcome to Day 2⃣ of the #InDivEU Final Conference!

As always we'll be highlighting the best bits from today's panels and you can also watch LIVE ON STREAM! 👉

Check out the agenda for today! We're discussing the perspectives of different political actors on #DifferentiatedIntegration, the #SingleMarket, and Experimentalist Governance!


And if you want to meet today's speakers for the #InDivEU Final Conference be sure to check out our handy guide! 👉…

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In the last few days, everything and its opposite has been said about the Australian submarine contract. The safety of Australians and the performance of our industrialists deserve better than peremptory statements. A #thread to better understand the Australian submarine affair.
➡️ France and submarines are serious business.⤵️
Over the past 120 years, France has built more than 250 submarines, including more than 230 conventional-powered ones. The feedback in terms of engineering and know-how is considerable.
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“The law of the land – as affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the ‘McGirt’ case – is working.”
Muscogee Nation Principal Chief David Hill’s editorial in Sept. 5 @TheOklahoman
🧵 w/link and excerpts
#Sovereignty #McGirt #PromiseNotaProblem #Oklahoma #SCOTUS
“What’s not working is the Governor and Attorney General’s fear-mongering, misdirection (bold statements on ‘McGirt,’ silence on the state’s COVID-driven healthcare crisis), and a litany of legal actions designed to overturn the ruling.” – Hill
“The ruling last year had the effect of re-affirming key elements of our tribal sovereignty that were ignored by Oklahoma for 114 years.” – Hill
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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On June 2, #Russia has finally unveiled its new National #Security #Strategy - the strategic document that was expected some six months ago. The document is very interesting and has #information security at its heart. #InformationWarfare 1/8
One thing that may immediately surprise some experts, is the total absence of the word "#cyber", so revered in our Western countries. This further confirms the difference in approaches to the issue of #InformationWarfare and cyber. 2/8
In terms of terminology, the document does not use "#InformationWarfare, but "#InformationConfrontation" (информационное противоборство). Of course no nonsense like "#fakenews" can be found in it, although there are references to #propaganda and #PsyOps. 3/8
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💡 How the resetting of corporate control of food systems is already well under way 👇🏾


🧵 A thread on #foodsystems & the #UNFSS /1
Few people will dispute that global food systems need transformation, but this #UNFSS is instead an effort by a powerful alliance of multinational corporations, philanthropies, and export-oriented countries to subvert multilateral institutions of food #governance.

Once Guterres appointed a Special Envoy and the structure of the Summit was announced, the drivers behind the Summit became clear.


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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/02/2021…
From Tragedy to Hesitancy: How Public Health Failures Boosted COVID-19 Vaccine Scepticism…

#PublicHealth #COVID19 #vaccines #skepticism #LessonsLearned
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The public sector needs to curb its reliance on the private sector to invest in and deliver digital projects and resources we cannot do without from an economic and national security perspective. via @ASPI_org #nationalsecurity #sovereignty #digitalage
@ASPI_org Sovereignty also means ensuring investment in tech capabilities that are critical to national security with urgency and accountability.
@ASPI_org Now that we’re talking about being inside the historical ‘10 years’ warning time’ for potential regional conflict, was it not extremely risky to wait for a private company with the vision, and enough risk appetite and capital, to build such critical infrastructure?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/12/2021…
The Weekly Quill – The Hope Diamond in the Rough…

#history #diamonds #mining
You Might Have Earned It, But Don’t Forget That Your Wealth Came from Society…

#wealth #SocialInstitutions #value #InformationProcessing #profit #power #responsibility
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Tomorrow #Govt isn't introducing a new Act as some are reporting. It’s a vote to renew powers as required by S98 #coronavirus Act 2020… . Motion “That the temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020 should not yet expire.”
1st review was in Sept 2020 when I & others urged #MPS NOT to renew the powers as HMG already have necessary powers under existing legislation & due to our concerns of mass scale curtailing of our civil liberties & the creation of an unintentional wave of #authoritarianism
In the Sept review, at least crisis changes to the Mental Health Act were removed as they had reduced the number of doctors needed to make decisions about someone's care, mental health capacity, sectioning & had increased timeframes people could be detained against their will
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"The greatest danger for the United States in this competition is the erosion of conventional deterrence..Absent a convincing deterrent, the [PRC] will be emboldened to take action to undermine the rules-based international order"…
ADM Davidson:

"In September 2020, #Cambodia razed a #US-built facility on #Ream Naval Base that served as the headquarters for the National Committee on Maritime Security, reportedly in order to make way for a #PRC #naval #base."…
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Motivated by the revolutionary zeal of Frost documented in the FT's long read today, and by @APHClarkson likening the UK government's communications to something akin to the dying years of the Soviet Union... this had to be done! #Brexit #Sovereignty
Here's the FT piece by @pmdfoster and others…
Translations of the slogans:

Onward, to sovereignty!
Вперед, к Cуверенитету!

Take Back Control
Восстановите контроль!
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Apr.2020 #Pandemic At Center of #Globalist & #Psychological
#Warfare Against #Freedom.

📽 #UN #WEF Globalist admit Coronavirus is at the centre of the wheel for #Global #Governance…

#ClimateTax > #ClimateHoax
#COVID > #Agenda2030 ImageImage
Apr.2020 #US #CoronavirusReliefBill had 'Digital Dollar' in it but was stripped out. On #DigitalDollar* website (Digital Dollar Project states it is partnering with Accenture) led by David Treat

* was going to create a federal reserve digital dollar

/1 #BiteSizeChunks
Digital Dollar: David Treat Snr MD & co-lead of blockchain / NY Fintech Innovation at Accenture, also serves on board for #ID2020 alliance, #WEF #4IR Global #Blockchain Council member, program advisor Chamber of digital commerce, & WEF digital ID

/2 #BiteSizeChunks
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