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Rions un peu 🤣
Voici la dernière sortie de cette marionnette malfaisante qu'est @GretaThunberg . Financée par les multimilliardaires mondialistes à l'origine du #ClimateScam #ClimateHoax (le réchofementlimatik),
elle est également financée par ces mêmes milliardaires et par le #MilitaryIndustrialComplex #MilitaryDeeState #DeepState qui financent et qui profitent de la guerre par proxy menée par les USA en Ukraine contre la Russie:

Cette idiote malfaisante parle d'écocide qui serait commis par la Russie, et de la nécessité de condamner la Russie coupable. Exactement le même argumentaire que Kiev, l'UE et l'Otan. 🤣…
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@ir_rkp #Korsakov @MikaLintila
#Gasgrid. #LNG alus ei tuota #kaasua, vaan varastoi #Venäjä'n, aiemmin #Baltiasta ostettua, n. 3x hintaan.
- 10v. ajalta terminaalin kokonaiskustannuksiksi arvioidaan noin €460 miljoona, eli noin €126 000 päivässä
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #GreatReset=#SuurTyöttömyys-#Hätätila
#WEF-#Marxist -ideologia lahtaa yritykset #kaasu'lla. @valtionomistus
#Gasgrid Imatra #Räikkölä vs. #Korsakov
- Korsakov on satamakaupunki ja piirikunta #Sahalini'n saaren eteläpäässä Venäjän  Sahalinin alueella. 
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #Uniper-#Gasgrid #skandaali.
#YGLs veijarit keksivät roudata kaasun #Räikkölä'n sijasta näin. @TyttiTup
#Prigorodnoje'n satama 10km #Korsakovi'n itäpuolella on #LNG'n vientiin erikoistunut satama
From: Port of #Korsakov
To: Port of #Gibraltar (->#Inkoo)
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@EU_Commission It's #Climate - The #FourSeasons nothing else.
#CO2 0.04% #carbondioxide, have never affected the earth's #Temperature, at least since 600 million years. #Atmosphere of Earth… Image
@EU_Commission Global #Temperature and Atmospheric #CO2 over Geologic Time - Late #Carboniferous to Early #Permian time (315-270 M yrs ago) is the only time period in the last 600 million years when both atmospheric #CO2 and #temperatures were as LOW as they are today
@EU_Commission #PragerUniversity is a 5013 non-profit conservative digital media organization. PragerU@prageru:
- What They Haven't Told You about #ClimateChange

- #Climate - The only constant is change Image
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#Lützerath. German police oust climate activists after clashes near #coal mine | Jan 16
- The village is owned by energy firm #RWE, and the last resident moved out over a year ago
RWE said the coal under the village would be needed as early as this winter.…
#Germany: anti-coal #activists demonstrate in #Lützerath | 14 janv.
- #Thunberg arrested..
- Eleven police officers were injured, including two with work stoppages. A few criminal charges have been filed for resisting law enforcement and damaging property… Image
#CoalMine #Germany: Climate activist G. #Thunberg taken away by #police in #Lützerath | Jan 16
- Thunberg was arrested
- officers cleared around 300 #militants from the western German hamlet of Lützerath…
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#COP27 Your #CarbonTax is rising.
#UN '#climatechange' conference delegates to stay at five-star hotels and luxury resorts | Nov 4
- #SharmElSheikh was built up by the Egyptian govt to become a luxury tourist destination for the world’s richest.…
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@MikaLintila Ns. 'hallitus', #WEF-#GreatReset -kätyrit #MikaLintilä ja #Caruna-#PekkaHaavisto @pekkahaavisto ovat omatoimisesti katkaisseet Venäjän sähkön ja kaasun, aiheuttaen jälleen, kuten ns. '#pandemia'ssakin, mittaamatonta vahinkoa suomalaisille
- #EU on sanktioinut vain hiilen tuonnin
@MikaLintila @pekkahaavisto #GreatReset -logikkaa #SuomenTuulivoimaYhdistyksen haarakonttorista, Suomen tuhoksi:
#Fingrid: - "Venäjän rajasiirtoyhteyksien siirtokapasiteettia rajoitetaan käyttövarmuuden turvaamiseksi".
- Katkaisu kokonaan on siis ääriturvallista...
@MikaLintila @pekkahaavisto Samaan aikaan kun #Jauhojengi katkaisi kaiken, #USA'n #tuonti #Venäjä'ltä takoo ennätyksiä.

#UnitedStates #Imports from #Russia - 2022. Data 2023 Forecast 1992-2021 Historical
-data, historical chart and statistics - was last updated on Aug of 2022.
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Necesitas saber acerca del "cambio climatico"? La verdad podria ser incómoda.

Por favor comparte / Please share 🔄

#Nibiru #PlanetX #HAARP #ClimateCrisisCoverUp #ClimateChangeCoverUp #ClimateHoax #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction
Necesitas saber acerca del "cambio climatico"? La verdad podria ser incómoda.

Por favor comparte / Please share 🔄

#Nibiru #PlanetX #HAARP #ClimateCrisisCoverUp #ClimateChangeCoverUp #ClimateHoax #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction
Necesitas saber acerca del "cambio climatico"? La verdad podria ser incómoda.

Por favor comparte / Please share 🔄

#Nibiru #PlanetX #HAARP #ClimateCrisisCoverUp #ClimateChangeCoverUp #ClimateHoax #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction
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Apr.2020 #Pandemic At Center of #Globalist & #Psychological
#Warfare Against #Freedom.

📽 #UN #WEF Globalist admit Coronavirus is at the centre of the wheel for #Global #Governance…

#ClimateTax > #ClimateHoax
#COVID > #Agenda2030 ImageImage
Apr.2020 #US #CoronavirusReliefBill had 'Digital Dollar' in it but was stripped out. On #DigitalDollar* website (Digital Dollar Project states it is partnering with Accenture) led by David Treat

* was going to create a federal reserve digital dollar

/1 #BiteSizeChunks
Digital Dollar: David Treat Snr MD & co-lead of blockchain / NY Fintech Innovation at Accenture, also serves on board for #ID2020 alliance, #WEF #4IR Global #Blockchain Council member, program advisor Chamber of digital commerce, & WEF digital ID

/2 #BiteSizeChunks
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📢Ahora que Geta es mayor de edad y está quemada mediáticamente, la mafia bancaria saca su reemplazo
✔Otra menor adoctrinada, manipulada y controlada que viene a darnos lecciones desde su "enorme sabiduria" y superioridad moral...
🤔Maravilloso ejemplo del porqué quieren "renovables"
✔Para producir precariedad energética
✔Día con poco viento/sol 👉 tienes energía independiente y fiable o la red no funciona
✔Hoy tienes luz gracias al gas natural, hidráulica y nuclear
✔La solución NO son estas renovables Image
🤔A ver si esto no va del "clima" ❓

✔Se trata de cambiar tu mente, no de la realidad del planeta...
✔Como toda la agenda 2030, humo, manipulación e ingeniería social
✔Los organismos supranacionales son un peligro para los Estados y la libertad
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📢La Geoingeniería se lleva usando por lo menos desde la guerra de Vietnam.
✔Décadas a escala global, pero ya lo van haciendo "mainstream"...
✔Sistemas de frecuencias como HAARP
✔China, Rusia y EEUU tienen estaciones de Geoingeniería
📢Otro ejemplo de control climático

✅Creación de nubes de lluvia
✅La tecnología de manipulación a todos los niveles, es increíble, ten siempre presente que la tecnología militar/secreta va unos 40 años por delante de la civil/pública

📢Foro Económico Internacional con la cantinela del calentamiento climático
✔Pese a las evidencias de que avanzamos hacia otra mini edad de hielo por mínimo solar
✔Los patrones de temperatura son similares en otros planetas
✔El SOL controla el clima
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WEF coverage on #COVID19 is like a lesson learned of the #TheLeft championing #Globalist ideals thru the lens of COVID19 (catalyst) climate (destination)

#GlobalistLeft view the pandemic as a stepping stone to change policies on health, social, economics

#thread ...
Jun 2019: A new agreement with WEF World Economic Forum gave multinational corporations influence over matters of global governance. #WEF & #UN signed a memo of understanding to partner with each other. UN quietly turned itself into a public-private partnership
2008 Labour #British PM Gordon Brown & #French President Nicolas Sarkozy made calls for a new International Governance System for a (#WEF Global Redesign) to overhaul the int'l financial architecture” akin to the 1944 Bretton Woods…
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#Biden was 1st to introduce a #ClimateChange bill. His 1986 Global Climate Protection Act died in committee, but Reagan signed a version of into law when Biden successfully attached it as an amendment to a State Dept funding bill. /thread…
#Biden, introducing his #GlobalWarming bill in Jan 1987: "Life on this planet exists only under highly specialized circumstances" & "even a small rise in temperature could disrupt the entire complicated environment that has nurtured life as we know it." @PolitiFact
In 1/87 Senate speech, #Biden said #ClimateChange was a bigger threat than the USSR: Reagan told Gorbachev "‘that if we had an invasion from Mars, both sides would put aside our differences.’ While not an exterrestrial threat, global warming could prove no less dangerous."
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Half my neighbors lost their homes in 2 catastrophic floods in 2 yrs. Friends have lost everything (houses, land, animals, businesses) except mortgages & debt. Looked at projected #ClimateChange flood map yesterday & cried. Our friend Markus w/ The Star:…
Someone tweeted that #ClimateChange isn't real. I'm a teacher. I sent her the @TorontoStar piece that explains climate-accelerated flooding & this article w/ a photo of a neighbor's wrecked home.…
She replied w/ a link to a self-published book saying we're in a "solar cycle." I feel bad: I blocked her. #Republicans, if a friend shows you an xray of her fractured spine, would you say there's no evidence humans play a role in car crashes?…
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How Extinction Rebellion 168 climate change zealots - incl. a baronet's Cambridge-educated granddaughter - are paid £400 a week to bring mayhem to our streets. Tory MP called on #HMRC to launch an immediate investigation into the XR tax affairs
Paid XR activists who call for collective guilt & punitive #taxes on the western #taxpayer are enabling new breed of green capitalism, that make select few fabulously rich, while the rest of us choke down meatless hamburgers & pay our #politicians to tax us into oblivion
Climate Mobilization’s call to action has also managed to unite leftists & anti-capitalists with the global elite. Extinction Rebellion’s call for “net zero” atmospheric carbon is shared by The World Bank, and a host of neoliberal think-tanks & financiers
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1966: Oil Gone in Ten Years
1967: Dire Famine Forecast By 1975
1968: Overpopulation Will Spread Worldwide
1969: Everyone Will Disappear In a Cloud Of Blue Steam By 1989
1970: World Will Use Up All its Natural Resources by 2000
1970: Urban Citizens Will Require Gas Masks by 1985
1970: Nitrogen buildup Will Make All Land Unusable
1970: Decaying Pollution Will Kill all the Fish
1970s: Killer Bees!
1970: Ice Age By 2000
1970: America Subject to Water Rationing by 1974 and Food Rationing By 1980
1971: New Ice Age Coming By 2020 or 2030
1972: New Ice Age By 2070
1972: Oil Depleted in 20 Years
1974: Space Satellites Show New Ice Age Coming Fast
1974: Another Ice Age?
1974: Ozone Depletion a ‘Great Peril to Life
1976: Scientific Consensus Planet Cooling, Famines imminent
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Pic of me 1975; pic of Greta Thunberg 2019.
Luciferian/satanic/MKultra Programming Evidence spanning 44 years, worldwide.
No, I am NOT signalling the no.44; it is simply the math at present. Consider SRA programming for me began at age 2yrs. (Illum. Family Lines age 2-3yrs)...
I'd like to point out both the subtle and overt body language. Long hair parted in the middle is demanded of teen girls if "Lilith" goddess is to be honored. Check.
Head tilt slightly downward, tight, half smile. Check. Obedience to Master.
Locked arm position. "In the presence..
of my Master". THEY demand RESPECT and OBEDIENCE. You do or you die.
This body language is taught through trauma-based operant conditioning.
Luciferian Language is based on body language, signs, symbols, colors, numbers, Gematria, etc...
Their children MUST learn this language.
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