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1/43 This is a new thread following #TalibanGate / #BountyGate

Put simply, all evidence shows #TrumpKnewAndDidNothing about Russia placing bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan for over a year.

#OneVoiceVets #GeeksResist #DemCast #TRE45ON #TrumpKnew
2/43 This began late Friday, with the NYT report that Russia secretly offered Afghan militants, including the Taliban, bounties to kill U.S. troops, according to Intelligence sources.…
3/43 By Saturday, the story had exploded.

Trump has NEVER supported our troops except as convenient pawns and props, but THIS was treason on a whole new level never before suspected.

#TraitorTrump #TraitorInChief

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Here goes the Kid in an act of shameless self-promotion 😏 but since sharing is caring.. unless we're talking about #COVID19 😷😱 and we are!

On this thread I will post, in order, both the "Emails to Friends & Family" from the #DemCast newsletter
...and also the relative threads I was writing to you, my faithful Twitter followers at the same time. Thanks again to @rena_korb for her fine job of editing. RT if ya want, for me this is just a way to keep it all in one place. 😎🌴
As you can see if you dig into both, dates and content relatively the same if not exactly the same. I hope you all consider yourselves "Friends and Family". 🙂 You are!
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“Don’t boo, vote.” 
In that spirt, here are some resources to check, register, and update your voter's registration!
#ObamaDay @votedotorg

Information on COVID-19 rules, registration, absentee voting, and vote by mail. @RockTheVote

Voting information geared toward empowering "the political power of young people." Useful information for all age groups though 😉.
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1/5 Steven Carrillo ambushed & killed Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, critically injured another deputy, & threw pipe bombs at police June 6th.

He also scrawled extremist mottos "Boog", "I became unreasonable", & "stop the duopoly" in BLOOD on the hood of a car.…
2/5 Carrillo, a former Air Force sergeant, is also linked to a federal officer killing in Oakland & charged with 19 felonies.

"Boog" refers to a growing far right white supremacist "boogaloo" movement to start a civil war based on race.… via @mercnews
3/5 "I became unreasonable" & "stop the duopoly" are common boogaloo mottos, the first based on a quote from Marvin Heemeyer, an anti-government extremist who bulldozed 13 buildings in Granby, Colorado, called "Killdozer" by extremists.…
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1/ Truth and reconciliation are sequential. This is something that white people must come to grips with, too many white folks are inclined to want to just skip over the uncomfortable truth part to get to reconciliation.

#DemCast #DemCastAZ #OneVoice1 #BlackLivesMattter
2/ That's not how it works. It is why we have these recurring cycles of violence going back generations, because white people can and do opt out of really wanting to know.
3/ Until something happens where they can't, but even then instead of confronting the uncomfortable truth of our shared past they choose to opt out by making it about themselves, and thus we have "All Lives Matter" intended to invalidate the lived experiences of black people.
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1/19 Medical experts agree that a major requirement to contain the coronavirus pandemic is inceased testing & contact tracing.

The Trump regime is not only doing the exact opposite of that, it's actively hindering that effort.

#GeeksResist #DemCast #OneVoice1 #WhereAreTheTests
2/19 Early on in March, while the numbers in some countries were under-reported due to them being overwhelmed, U.S. intelligence accused China of intentionally under-reporting its total coronavirus cases and deaths.

What country would do such a thing?…
3/19 It turns out we would.

Even as we accused China of doing so, the coronavirus was spreading through U.S. military overseas, and the Pentagon ordered installations to stop reporting coronavirus cases.…
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There are ~320 million people in the US.

Every day, we consume ~320 million X 3 meals.

Many meals USED be at restaurants, schools, sporting events, food carts, etc.

Even if these venues are closed, people STILL NEED THOSE MEALS.

How can farmers have "EXCESS" food? #DemCast
Farmers have been dumping tons and tons of food and milk, plowing crops under, even as America goes hungry. Even while thousands line up for hours--and even overnight--for a box of groceries at one of the nation's thousands of food banks.

Why not donate?…
The main reason? It's not worth their while, financially, to do so. Sure, there're questions of storage and logistics, but it basically comes down to the fact that the food being plowed under--ordinarily destined for restaurants and cafeterias, etc., who would've paid for it--
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I live in a state that has all mail voting. And, guys?

We LOVE it.

Colorado has proven that mail-in voting is, not only extremely safe and effective, but well liked and popular too!
#DemCast #DemCastCO @TheDemCoalition

Thread 1/
I have a confession to start off with:

Until I saw the fiasco in Wisconsin (where the GOP forced people to choose between risking everyone's safety or not voting), I didn't realize just how hard it is for most people to vote.

Because here... it's EASY.
@JenaGriswold @GovofCO
In Colorado, you are automatically registered to vote when you get a state driver's license, or you may register online or in person.

All registered voters receive a mail-in ballot unless they choose to opt out.
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My sister has been badly sick with #COVIDー19 symptoms for almost 4 weeks. She’s “presumptive positive” because there aren’t enough tests.

I began displaying symptoms yesterday. Waiting to find out if I “qualify for testing”, because there aren’t enough tests. #WhereAreTheTests
I should have been tested weeks ago after known contact with an infected person (my sister).

But the #COVIDIOT was scared of how a pandemic would hurt his image, so he squandered our lead, refused WHO tests, and called it all a hoax.

So there aren’t enough tests.
I have compromised lungs.

I have a compromised immune system.

So, it’s possible that these symptoms are just “Thursday” for me.

It’s possible I have the garden variety bronchitis I get most years around this time.

If there were tests, I could know for sure. #MyCovidStory
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Ohio Governor and Secretary of State were successful in cancelling today’s #OhioPrimary mere hours before in-person voting was to start. Here’s what you can do. <thread>
#DemCast #DemCastOH
Get an absentee ballot application.
Yes... you have to fill out an application before you can get an absentee ballot.
You will need to have printer.
Does your grandma have a printer?
Download and print from…
Then mail it to your county Board of Elections.
Side note: They don’t have the authority to reset the election, so they don’t have the authority to extend absentee voting either. But... let’s just go with it.
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Every single person needs to read this:

1/. I work for a small restaurant in Denver. When news broke this morning about the closures, everyone began to cry. We shook with fear.

How will bills get paid? What about rent? What if I have to afford having this virus? #DemCast
2/. These were not tears of selfishness. This was not whiny anger at cancelled plans. This wasn't any of those things that people keep accusing restaurants of in trying to remain open here.

This was sheer terror and panic, because we live with no social safety programs.
3/. In this country, the impact of these closures is just as great as the contagion impact of #coronavirus.

Thousands of people lost their job today. More thousands will as the week goes on. And NO ONE is trying to lessen that impact.
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40 Republicans voted NO on the #FamiliesFirst #coronavirus relief bill.

17 of them have lone challengers ready to take them on in November. We at #DemCast have compiled that list for you.

🚨 Please share this thread and follow/support the Democratic challengers listed!
(Note - we are only listing races in which either there is an established Democratic nominee or there is only a single declared Democratic candidate.)
TEXAS has a lot of Republicans who voted NO on #FamiliesFirst.

Chip Roy in #TX21 voted NO.
His opponent: Wendy Davis @WendyDavis.

Randy Weber in #TX14 voted NO.
His opponent: Adrienne Bell @AdrBell

Louie Gohmert in #TX01 voted NO.
His opponent: Hank Gilbert @Hank4Texas
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Y'all. #DemCast passed 6 billion pro-blue social media impressions since launch.

That's a value of about $42 million, assuming an average $7 CPM for paid promotion.

Bonus: we're also driving engagement & building community. Paid ads don't do that.

So proud of this movement!
Fact is, the big donors still don't get that they don't need to pay exceedingly expensive consultants to drive the blue wave. They continue to flush their money.

Oh well. We're grassroots. That's better. (And more effective.)
PS - now that #DemCast is joining forces with @Eleven_Films, our collective outcomes are gonna go through the roof! We're in it to WIN it. Period. This is about taking America back.
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@PreetBharara He started his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and murderers

He then advocated for a “total ban” of Muslims

He routinely says that the free press is the “enemy of the people

He has brought people who support white supremacy into his government and given them immense power
@PreetBharara He has insulted gold star families-on multiple occasions

He has sided with Putin-on multiple occasions

He has made anti-Semitic remarks-on multiple occasions

He has attacked many judges-on multiple occasions

He has tweeted violent images-on multiple occasions
@PreetBharara Mass murderers-plural-have cited has words as their inspiration

He sided with the Nazis at Charlottesville

He has supported tear gassing unarmed immigrants and bludgeoning people who dare speak out against him

He believes he can commit crimes with impunity, and pardon himself
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If the nominee turns out to be someone other than your favorite— as disappointed as many of us would be — please remember:
1. You're not just voting for President.
2. You're voting for who replaces RBG on the Supreme Court.
3. You're voting for the next Secretary of Education.1/6
4. You're voting for federal judges.
5. You're voting for the rule of law.
6. You're voting for saving national parks.
7. You're voting for letting kids out of cages.
8. You're voting for clean air and clean water. 2/6
9. You're voting for scientists to be allowed to speak about climate change and for rebuilding the CDC.
10. You're voting for what a President says and does on Twitter.
11. You're voting for housing rights.
12. You're voting for LGBTQ people to be treated with dignity. 3/6
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Candidates are interviewing for a job. While contentious moments at the debates stress us, they show how candidates fare under pressure. Watch for non-verbals.

This #WPCM thread will help you discern differences between Dem candidates by looking at the last debate 1/10

How to Choose the Best Candidate?
Who can walk the walk, not just talk?
What is character & integrity? How do we see these?

This article is a grounding exercise before watching interviews & debates & before casting your primary vote.
2/… #DemCast #WPCM
We would be remiss not to address Russia whose goal is to splinter our country, now dividing Democrats against Dems. Remember that what unites is is greater than what divides us.

It’s our responsibility to have difficult conversations.
3/… #DemCast #WPCM
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A taste of the fascism raining on the border. I have an EMS friend in Laredo who was called to a drowning on the Rio Grande. When their unit arrived, they found an 11 yo child wet & shivering, crying for her mother on the riverbank - who had just drowned. My friend covered...1/
...her with a blanket, took her inside their warm unit, gave her hot tea, & comforted her as well as he could. In about 10 minutes a border patrol unit drove up. BP went into the EMS unit and brusquely took the child, handcuffed and arrested her. All while the search was on...2/ retrieve the body of the child'sndrowned mother. My friend said he walked back into his unit and broke down in tears for what seemed like an hour. He told me he could not be comforted by his mates. "I have a daughter the same age" he said. 2/
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Election security is the first step if election integrity is to be maintained. From Russian hacking & gerrymandering to DFL-only support for legislation, it’s obvious that all must support this cornerstone of democracy.

Candidate views on election security in threads
Isn’t election security a problem of the past?

Not according to an intel report that warns that the Russians are still at it. Yet the GOP says this is an attempt by Dems to seek an advantage.

"Russia's cyber operations have been successful...”
Iowa’s Caucuses relied on the internet, not a best practice. Fortunately, they also had paper back ups, a vital best practice. How’s the integrity of elections in your state compare with the nation? Check this map at Vox.
#WPCM #DemCast
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We're tired.

Tired of obstruction.
Tired of gaslighting.
Tired of shootings.
Tired of infighting.

The list goes on and on...

But do you know what gives me HOPE?

Mainers for Accountable Leadership is hard at work, along with ally organizations like the 16 Counties Coalition of Maine, to hold Susan Collins accountable for her relentlessly terrible representation of her constituents.

Follow @mfalpac and @16Coalition
State-based groups and parties like @OHDems are doing everything they can to enfranchise and inspire citizens to vote.
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

Feeling vulnerable?

Maybe a bit on edge?

Thinking, the election this year is SO IMPORTANT!

What if he wins AGAIN?

Wondering what YOU can do to HELP?

🎉 This thread is made just for you! 🎉



Make sure ALL eligible family and friends are registered.

CHECK AGAIN. There have been voter purges in key states.

You don't want Grandma to find out on Election Day that she's not on voter rolls.

Grandma will be sad. 😢

And so will democracy. VOTE.ORG
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There is a lot of noise to get through when deciding which #PresidentialCandidates to vote for. Polls make primaries feel like a horse race.

Analyst @RachelBitecofer reminds us that our electorate is more moderate than many of our candidates.
#DemCast #WPCM
Polls get attention. Are you also paying attention to endorsements? Polls measure the general population while endorsements from newspaper editorial boards & unions affect voter turnout. Those from individuals? Not so much.

Who’s cleaning up endorsements?…
A new form of meddling has emerged: R’s registering and voting as Democrats to vote for candidates who are least ideologically aligned with the electorate.

Good intelligence repeatedly sounds the alarm that Putin is still working to influence our elections.

#DemCast #WPCM
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Franklin Graham is in a dither over JLo & gets unmercifully ratioed for his hypocrisy in the comments 😂

Of course he’s only crying crocodile tears to create talking points for Fox. He knows Fox viewers won’t hear the #RestOfTheStory They are cut off from context.

Franklin Graham’s tweet makes it obvious that this is a performance.

Fox has effectively isolated a swath of Americans from the #RestOfTheStory.

Fox viewers won’t ever hear the reminders of Melania’s nude photos or any of the rest of the ratio. 🙄
Fox reports are true only 17% of the time, but it’s false, mostly false or Pants-on-Fire 55% of the time (Politifact). Because Fox viewers never get the #RestOfTheStory they lack context to judge what’s fact.

The impeachment counsel & GOP senators relied on that.
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Dems know that an America where many win is a stronger nation than one where very few win. We know that wealth is built where infrastructure is strong & a social contact means giving back. Learn about candidate's ideas to create more winners & less disparity in this thread #WPCM
We've had a few winners and many losers in this “game” of economic well-being. #WCPM #DemCast #wealthgap
America's top 1% own more wealth than the bottom 1/2. When we consider the magnitude of the problems we face from schools, road & bridge repair, migrating from fossil fuels & climate change, it is unconscionable that so few hold so much, avoiding taxes & responsibility. #DemCast
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