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VP Pence, I just wish you would do 1/10th the job President Trump as done leading this country in heading the task force. You my friend have a lot of questions to answer. 1. Why have you let liberals control the narrative? This has caused untold chaos in this country.....
How hard would it be to put apolitical physicians on the task force? To get rid of the political hacks that are there now obviously pursuing an agenda to undermine this President. I mean, how smart do you have to be to not know Fauci and Birx who are close to Clinton and ....
are solid Democrats who want to see Trump defeated in November will sway their opinions to hurt the President. They are in lockstep with the DNC. Does President Trump have to carry all the heavy lifting and take all the heat? You should have been out in front of this long ago.
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Actually its a political disease. Nothing more. Its been used to force mail in voting and steal the 2020 elections. Not very complicated to figure out. The disease could have been mitigated easily. HCQ and protect elderly would have cut deaths by 70%. Yet the CDC and FDA, both
infiltrated with Obama Clinton supporters have decided 100,000 American lives was fine if it meant getting rid of Trump. It was a calculated decision. Hence 5 Dem governors almost at the same time sending Covid patients to nursing homes. I mean, what do they have to do, to get..
Americans to wake up??? In a normal world the FBI would have swooped on these governors offices and the DOJ would have indicted them by now. But, anything goes in this political climate. Genocide, hey the end justifies the means. The Republicans are cowering in fear hoping..
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Meet Anthony Paul Choma of Raleigh NC an admin for the white supremacist @facebook group "It's Ok To Be White" and big #TuckerCarlson fan
The Facebook group with nearly 3k members functions in much the same way that hate groups do. It's admins are clearly committed white supremacists who ensure a steady stream of propaganda flows into the minds of members of the group
Before he was "Anthony Choma" on FB, he was "Anthony Paul" a libertarian who proudly voted for the first time for Ron Paul. And like many a libertarian, he took a turn to outright racism.
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Tucker: Team Biden releases its plan for America via @YouTube #Agenda21 #Agenda30 #Agenda50 #GreenNewDeal #CommunistBlocHousing
Biden bringing in 22 million immigrants pushing Americans out of their homes, he’ll stop deporting illegals making us homeless furthermore. Homelessness will rise exponentially causing disaster for renters, families, young adults & elders. Plague Disease from rats is probable.
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Our friends at @mmfa put together a list of all of Tucker Carlson’s advertisers:… by @peltzmadeline


@mmfa @peltzmadeline Here’s a thread of all the advertisers who put out statements in support of the movement for Black Lives, but still advertise on Tucker Carlson’s show where he pushes white supremacist ideas and justifies the killings of unarmed Black people.


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1/Last night a Police station was taken over by protesters and demolished. The Police had to flee
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🏮 Commie China Party outrageous effort to pressure WI legislature to pass a resolution praising Beijing for its handling of #coronavirus effort “backfired spectacularly,” leading to motion that will condemn CCP for lying to the world if it passes
US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has condemned the arrests of pro-democratic activists in Hong Kong, calling the incident “deeply concerning”…
This is consistent with what Sec Pompeo said recently at the Governors Association warning of Chinese infiltration into US & how China ia keeping a list of all US Governors as “friendly, neutral, or adversarial”…
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Since people are lying like dogs about the @DanPatrick segment on #TuckerCarlson, a summary: His point is that now that we have been immersed in the logic of wise practices, we should soon allow the option to reclaim our lives. #coronavirus #StayHome #COVID19
He wants to be able to get back to work, practicing all the proper precautions we have now been drilled on. If people wish to #ShelterInPlace, fine. But forcing it on the country will destroy countless lives. #coronavirus #StayHome #COVID19
If dishonest scare tactics are one form of leadership (the #DallasCounty @JudgeClayJ 430K dead in Texas by June threat), then this is surely an alternative view worthy of discussion. #coronavirus #StayHome #COVID19
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Rock Legend @RogerWaters Explains #JulianAssange Situation with #TuckerCarlson
Julian's Mother

Joining this mother's prayer on behalf of her son, and for the future of brave son's everywhere! #FreeAssange
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Appeal to Emotion, or argumentum ad passiones ("argument from passion"), is a logical fallacy characterized by the manipulation of the recipient's emotions in order to win an argument, especially in the absence of factual evidence. #TuckerCarlsonTonight
This kind of appeal to emotion is a type of red herring and encompasses several logical fallacies, including appeal to consequences, appeal to fear, appeal to flattery, appeal to pity, appeal to ridicule, appeal to spite, and wishful thinking. #TuckerCarlson
Instead of facts, persuasive language is used to develop the foundation of an appeal to emotion-based argument. Thus, the validity of the premises that establish such an argument does not prove to be verifiable.
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@JanJekielek @EpochTimes Lesser known #China #Lenovo #Motorola worldwide smartphone saga starts here:
Known for #RussiaHoax PR, #AI #Algo firm #NewKnowledge #5G six step "Lifecycle of Disinformation", eventually blaming #TuckerCarlson! Their partner #NKLabs is originator of modular #ProjectAra smartphone
@JanJekielek @EpochTimes #NewKnowledge appears to be defending interests of Motorola Mobility, now owned by #Chinese firm #Lenovo. #Google had begun development on #ProjectAra, shelved it, then #Google announced it would sell Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. A big pot of #5G logo stew, with Chinese seasoning
@JanJekielek @EpochTimes Confusing? You bet. Scary, maybe. With the likes of #Google #NewKnowledge #Motorola #Lenovo #China involved, a reach into the voice data #AI #MachineLearning cookie jar may start to look tempting. Why is #NewKnowledge fighting the story so hard?... ghost writing in #NewYorkTimes:
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When you disagree with bigots and White Nationalist they will claim you are "living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country".

They will say you are "a living fire alarm. A warning to the rest of us that we better change our immigration."
White Nationalist believe any person of color (any immigrant) or faith different than Christian that disagrees with their Lily-White interpretation of what a *good citizen" is tantamount to a sacrilegious attack on the country.

It's not.

Dissent is as American as apple pie.
African Americans have been in THIS country (for centuries) longer than Trump or #TuckerCarlson.

They are going to lecture about what it means to be a REAL American. What a joke.😂🤣

Who are they (johnny-come-lately) to lecture us?

Dude just got here.

Just off the boat.
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Tune in to @TuckerCarlson tonight to hear CIS' Director of Research Steve Camarota discuss his new report which shows that 1 in 5 births in the US are to immigrant mothers!

See study below:…
"If we have a situation where illegal immigrants can get everything from drivers licenses to various benefits to college tuition, and there are jurisdictions that won’t cooperate with law enforcement, it's almost amazing we don’t have even more illegal immigrants" -Steve Camarota
"There are around 300K births to illegal immigrants each year, at a cost of around $12K each for the 2/3 of them who are covered by the taxpayer.

That comes out to around $2.5 billion per year, even more than we've spent on new wall construction" -Steve Camarota

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1/ So the right bemoans folks of color 'playing the race card' or claiming to be victims of racism (even when they are), then insists (#TuckerCarlson) that criticism of #BiffKav is little more than 'anti-white' racism & proof we don't want white men to have nice things...
2/ Aside from the blinding hypocrisy (which is typical: right-wingers play victim better than anyone...victims of big gub'mint, and Muslims and gays and humanists and feminists and immigrants, etc), note the simple factual absurdity of the argument...
3/ First off, white men have lots of nice things. Like most of the executive positions in the private sector and a disproportionate share of wealth and the vast majority of tenured faculty gigs and government contracts and Senate gigs...
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