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NEW POD DROP! Narativ Season 2 Premiere: 'A Bear in Our House' EXCLUSIVE! How a suspected Russian spy and the #Moonies supported the #Jan6 coup attempt. with @CultExpert and ex-Moonie Dr. Steven Hassan and the @SPLCenter's @MichaelEHayden. Part 1 is here…
And Part 2 of 'A Bear in Our House'. Our EXCLUSIVE about Sean #Moon and suspected #Russian spy Charles Bausman with @CultExpert and ex-Moonie Dr. Steven Hassan and the @SPLCenter's @MichaelEHayden.…
Read more about the story here. with @Heidi_Cuda…
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It's official: @January6thCmte looking at #Jan6 rally comms

@AmyKremer's Women for America First obtained permit for "March for Trump"

Kremer's text message, via @propublica:

“The WH and team Trump are aware of the situation with Ali and Cindy" - Stop the Steal organizers
New Details Suggest Senior Trump Aides Knew Jan. 6 Rally Could Get Chaotic

Text messages and interviews show that Stop the Steal leaders... via @ProPublica…
In Jan, Sen @RonWyden told me he would "keep pressing the IRS to investigate" nonprofits involved in #Jan6

@AmyKremer's Women for America First, tax-exempt "dark money" group, obtained Jan 6 rally permit.

No response from IRS chief Rettig, Trump holdover…
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NEW: Trump’s political operation paid more than $4.3 million to #Jan6 organizers

House committee requested records related to @AmyKremer's Women for America First -- nonprofit 501(c)(4) “dark money” group obtained rally permit. @annalecta @OpenSecretsDC…
In Jan, Sen @RonWyden told me he would "keep pressing the IRS to investigate" tax-exempt groups involved in #Jan6. Last week, he told me, "Yes," he is "still pressing." IRS chief Charles Rettig, Trump holdover, hasn't responded to Wyden's Jan 15 letter.…
Sen. Sheldon @SenWhitehouse continues to fight the enormous nonprofit “dark money” scheme.

Why isn’t IRS chief Charles Rettig, Trump holdover, investigating dark money groups involved in #Jan6 violence, as Sen. Wyden demanded?
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NEW: Yesterday the #Jan6 Committee issued demands for records

Chair @BennieGThompson told @maddow committee plans to investigate "people who took out the permits for January 6th, the march"

Women for America First, @AmyKremer chair, obtained rally permit…
Women for America First, chaired by @AmyKremer, obtained the permit for #Jan6 incitement rally. Women for America First is a tax-exempt #DarkMoney group.
Permit shows that Women for America First knew in advance of 'rallies' to take place at the Capitol.

"Some participants may leave [the Ellipse] to attend rallies at the United States Capitol"…
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Heads up @NewLenoxIL Mayor Baldermann & Board of Trustees!

Saturday, Jack Lombardi, IL hopeful for Congress & his group of speakers tied to anti-vaxxers, militias & sexual harassment will be using @NewLenoxParks for their rally & info session on how to demand 'no masks for kids'
Lombardi appears to be putting on a sideshow rife with
#COVID19 misinformation where he's incorporating the #QAnonCult slogan "Save The Children" with anti-vaxxers, similar to what was recently seen in Springfield, MO when a hospital mandated staff vaxxes…
Who's speaking at @NewLenoxIL Village Commons to rally against kids wearing masks in a pandemic?

MC is John Anthony, former lawmaker who resigned to take $10k/month post at IL Dept of Corrections, & fired after complaints he groped women at an xmas party…
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The #Jan6 Committee should ask @AmyKremer, chair Women for America First, how her group knew in advance of the rally at the Ellipse that "Some participants may leave to attend rallies at the United States Capitol," as they indicated on their event permit.
Women for America First obtained the permit for the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal" rally. Now they're raising cash for Arizona-style "audits." @Vice by @daithaigilbert…
Today, a spokesperson for Sen. @RonWyden emailed me, saying "Yes," the senator is "still pressing" the IRS to investigate tax-exempt groups involved in #Jan6 violence.

Tax-exempt #DarkMoney org Women for America First was permit-holder for Jan 6 rally.…
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NEW: Spokesperson for Sen. @RonWyden, Senate Finance Chair, emailed me today, saying "Yes," the senator is "still pressing" the IRS to investigate tax-exempt groups involved in #Jan6 violence.

On Jan 15, Sen Wyden sent a letter to IRS chief Charles Rettig demanding investigation
In Jan, Sen Wyden told me he would "keep pressing the IRS to investigate" tax-exempt groups involved in #Jan6 violence.

Women for America First, chaired by @AmyKremer, obtained permit for Trump's Jan 6 incitement rally.

IRS head Rettig is Trump holdover…
Feb letter to @SecYellen from @SenWhitehouse & @SenWarren, asking IRS to enforce tax rules governing 501(c)(4) nonprofit political spending & work with the @TheJusticeDept to investigate #DarkMoney in #Jan6 insurrection

IRS head Rettig is Trump holdover
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NEW: Yesterday Trump announced formation of new legal partnership to handle his lawsuit against big tech.

Led by America First Policy Institute, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3), the org is prohibited by IRS from political campaign intervention.

IRS head Charles Rettig is Trump holdover
The IRS, led by Trump holdover Charles Rettig, granted tax-exempt status to America First Policy Institute in May 2021.

AFPI, prohibited by IRS rules for 501(c)(3) "public charities" from political campaign intervention, is now leading Trump's lawsuit against big tech companies
IRS rules prohibit America First Policy Institute from political campaign intervention. But:

"Trump continues to appeal to his base for ammunition, with the website for the America First Policy Institute"

IRS head Charles Rettig is a Trump holdover.…
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Jan: Dems to target IRS in probe of dark money groups involved in #Jan6 deadly violence

Women for America First, chaired by @AmyKremer hosted DC rally

Aug: WFAF organized PA 'audit the vote rally'

IRS head Charles Rettig is Trump appointee #FireRettig…
Dark money group Women for America First, chaired by @AmyKremer helped incite the Capitol riot

Now they're raising cash for Arizona-style election “audits“

Is Trump's IRS chief Retting investigating dark money groups?

CC: @SenWhitehouse #FireRettig…
In Jan, Sen @RonWyden told me he would "keep pressing the IRS to investigate" tax-exempt groups involved in #Jan6 violence. Women for America First hosted DC rally

Sen Wyden hasn't received response to his letter from Trump's IRS chief Rettig
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C'mon man, order now!
U.S. “President” Joe Biden

Benghazi vs Afghanistan
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Today I tried to submit my application to Twitter @verified for the 3rd time. But the system wouldn't allow me to upload my government issued ID (driver's license and passport)

So instead I will prove my identity in a thread. My @simonschuster author page…
@VICE cited my reporting for @RanttMedia about @AmyKremer's Women for America First.…
@RawStory cited my reporting about the Medical Board of California "looking into" statements made by an anti-vax doctor promoted by @GovRonDeSantis.…
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Every time I see Ashli Babbitt trending, I will remind you:

#AshliBabbitt joined a mob incited by Trump. She never imagined the Capitol Police would shoot her because the police rarely shoot white women, unless it’s a cop who shoots his wife at home.…
So eager of a footsoldier of white supremacist patriarchy was #AshliBabbitt that she was the first to scramble through a window in a door separating the insurrectionists from an area where members of Congress were sheltering from the mob.
That Trump et al are turning #AshliBabbitt into a "hero" is a reminder of the innocence afforded white womanhood.

Even when they join an insurrection, even as they pummel their way through the doors that held back the mob from the upper echelons of the U.S. government...
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"Trump's spokesperson Liz Harrington shared a statement via Twitter on Saturday"

Twitter is allowing Donald Trump to evade his Twitter ban by using his chief spokesperson Liz Harrington as his puppet account.

$TWTR #BanLizHarrington @delbius @yoyoel…
"Regardless of the facts, Trump issued a statement through spokesperson Liz Harrington on Twitter..."

Twitter is allowing Trump, who was banned due to risk of inciting further violence, to propagate the same election lies that sparked #Jan6 violence
Trump’s New Spokesperson Is Spreading His Election Lies On Twitter For Him

"Trump has been banned on the platform since his attempt to overthrow American democracy on Jan. 6, but Twitter has taken no action against Liz Harrington." @svdate @HuffPost $TWTR…
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Every time I see Ashli Babbitt trending, I will remind you:

Ashli Babbitt never imagined the Capitol Police would shoot her because the police rarely shoot white women, unless it’s a cop who shoots his wife at home.… #January6th
She never imagined she'd survive fighting for regime change “over there” only to die fighting for regime change “over here.” A 14yr Air Force vet who fought in Iraq & Afghanistan, she was the only person shot by Capitol Police while trying to storm the Congress of her own country
Babbitt and other white women who stormed the Capitol were supporters of QAnon, a far-right conspiracy movement that says Trump has been secretly fighting deep state enemies and a cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibals operating a child sex-trafficking ring.
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“You guys don’t seem to have a problem when we’re kicking the sh-t out of Black people…But when we’re kicking the sh-t out of white people, uh-oh, that’s an issue?” Michael Fanone, a cop almost beaten to death on #Jan6, to GOP members of Congress.…
“This is not America...They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot BLM, but they’re shooting the patriots,” one of the white woman who joined the #Jan6 insurrection, actually said that day…
#January6th was white people vs white people and too many white people don’t want to do anything about it because it will demand a reckoning with whiteness.
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Mega #thread on #exploretalent & the phenomenon of failed aspiring entertainers of the Right

Some context: in the late 90's-early 00's, there were numerous nationwide talent searches that would advertise at the high schools in Southern California

Once I attended a search, & when my dad found out they were intending on putting me on the internet, he demanded my photos back & rescinded any permission to use my likeness

These searches "presented" themselves as different "companies"

#exploretalent is a live database that quite literally is the stitching together of numerous databases & different technologies. That's why the site is weird. It also looks very similar to early #facebook You can even register to vote, "like" "friend" etc

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Wall Street Journal Editorial Board:

1. Details officers’ compelling testimony before @January6thCmte

2. Tells GOP leaders to cede “weak ground by admitting that the election wasn’t stolen and Mr. Trump was wrong” for his acts and omissions on #Jan6…
3. Identifies key questions that should be answered:

“Questions remain about the Capitol’s unpreparedness and Mr. Trump’s response as the violence unfolded.”

“why the Capitol was so badly protected on Jan. 6… [the Select Committee] should examine that in detail.”
4. On Stefanik (named) and McCarthy-Jim Jordan (unnamed) rhetoric:

“What kind of voter is this supposed to convince? … Hardly credible to point to [security oversights] alone, without acknowledging that President Trump urged his supporters to stop the supposed steal…”
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DOJ sends a clear-as-day signal that Trump would also not be shielded from these lawsuits brought by @RepSwalwell, Capitol Police officers, and others for allegedly inciting #Jan6 attack.

Golden words: "--or any federal employee--"
2. Other signals in DOJ brief that Trump is also not shielded by Westfall Act from these lawsuits.
3. Also worth noting that in Trump's brief responding to Swalwell's suit and in Trump's brief responding to Capitol Police officers' suit, Trump's lawyers did indeed try to maintain a Westfall Act claim.

From the Trump briefs.👇
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Jan 6th D.C. rally organizer @AmyKremer is still tweeting dangerous lies about a "stolen election" -- the same incendiary rhetoric that incited violence on #Jan6.

Kremer's tweets are in clear violation of Twitter's Civic and Election Integrity Policies.
@delbius @yoyoel $TWTR Image
*Kremer blocked me on Twitter a while ago. The screenshot of her violative tweet on July 16 is from Google cache. I can't know whether Twitter has allowed her tweet to stand. But since Twitter has all but abdicated enforcing its policies, I'm guessing it's still up. $TWTR Image
"A week after false claims of a stolen U.S. presidential election drove a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, Twitter is allowing a far-right supporter of President Donald Trump to claim the election was stolen." - @mercnews $TWTR…
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#SelectCommittee Chair Bennie Thompson showed video footage and read an opening statement that bolsters the case that the #Jan6 insurrection was planned. We chronicled some of that planning as it took shape.
Was it planned? Here's Bikers For Trump founder Chris Cox the day before the #Jan6 insurrection.… #January6thCommittee
Was it planned? Here's Jericho March founder Rob Weaver--an organizer of the so-called Stop the Steal rallies--on a Jan. 3 "prayer call."…
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It's a true honor to team up with the brilliant @BarbMcQuade and @JoyceWhiteVance on this.

Just published: "Questions the January 6 Select Committee Should Ask Its Witnesses"

Identifying 35 witnesses
Dozens of questions

<Thread> of some highlights...…
2. Among many Qs for FBI

Why did Norfolk report warning of “war” at Capitol not get elevated to senior FBI including Wray?

Why did Parler warnings sent to FBI of threats of violence at Capitol not get elevated to Wray?

Does Wray acknowledge the gaps are intelligence failures?
3. Questions that get at specific (not abstract) comparisons between FBI’s handling of #BLM protests and #Jan6.👇
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Mute now if uninterested in a few gem quotes from #IALONECANFIXIT by @CarolLeonnig @PhilipRucker

First one:

“‘What’s a coronavirus?’ Trump asked.”
January 2020:

“We need to bring a czar in, like Ron Klain was for Ebola,”


*Narrator says: “If only…
“As Fauci spoke, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro was incredulous.” 😐

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Items in @CarolLeonnig @PhilipRucker book that Pentagon OMITTED in #Jan6 Timeline it released to public.

Joint Chiefs' #GenMilley recommended calling up neighboring National Guard units immediately (Army Sec. McCarthy doesn't get around to it until 2.5hrs after Capitol breached)
2. Especially egregious by DoD:

On left (book excerpt):

2:30pm meeting: Milley recommends "send out a call for National Guard reinforcements from the nearby states."

On right (Pentagon's timeline):

2:30pm meeting was about DC Guard.

4:18pm meeting about other states' Guards.
3. Here's another omission in DoD Timeline.

On left (book excerpt):

4:39pm call between Acting SecDef Miller and White House chief of staff Meadows (plus @LeaderMcConnell joins call and sounds furious)

On right (Pentagon's timeline):

Blank, nada, nothing to see here
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Can Rod Rosenstein land the plane?? 👀…
You'd think such a targeted attack on journalists around the world would inspire journalists to focus on the

#DarkMoney forces & politicians who support anti-democratic technologies like this? 🤔
All the groups who use this military-grade spyware are autocrats or their enablers

US media need to stop #BothSides-ing #Jan6 & calling out attacks on democracies.
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