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🚨A lawsuit filed against NC House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland County) accuses him of having an affair with another man's wife and engaging in group sex with people seeking political favor.

Moore denies the allegations. #ncpol…
All reporting courtesy of @wsoctv.
"Family values" meets Republican realities.
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Former GOP candidate @ScottRLassiter has accused Republican @NCHouseSpeaker Tim Moore of carrying on an adulterous relationship with his wife for 3+ years, naming him in a legal complaint.

This thing is... detailed. Yikes.… #ncpol
... wait, what? Image
The day after Christmas, @NCHouseSpeaker is in a Raleigh Biscuitville offering corrupt political favors to the guy whose wife he's sleeping with.

Just wait. It gets so much weirder. Image
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ALERT: Twitter blocked our launch video because "abortion advocacy" - the number one issue for women and the issue that this election will hinge on- is banned political speech in twitter promoted posts. #ncpol #abortionrights Image
Elon Musk bought Twitter and declared it a haven for free speech. Since then, hate speech has skyrocketed on the platform. The algorithm throws wild extremism and white supremacy into your feed. But legitimate political campaigns can’t talk about #abortionrights. #ncpol
This policy chills discourse and upholds the status quo, which on July 1st becomes a nonsensical 12 week GOP #abortionban.
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The racist history of school vouchers, a brief thread:

#nced #ncpol #ncga Image
The roots of school vouchers in our country can be traced back to the wake of Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court court case in which justices ruled that racial segregation of children in public schools violated the Constitution.…
Following this ruling, white leaders in many communities tried all kinds of devious ways to subvert it.  In Virginia, those efforts included eliminating taxes in order to defund schools and closing them rather than simply allowing racial integration.…
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I’m running for Lt. Governor because the Republican plan isn’t this year’s 12 week abortion ban; it’s next year’s total abortion ban. I'm North Carolina Senator Rachel Hunt. Let me explain... #ncpol
North Carolina's new abortion bans go into effect on July 1. This campaign will be loud and unapologetic in opposition to extremism. But I need your help to launch my campaign. Will you chip in?…
These new bans overturn 50 years of precedent. Not just legal precedent, but how 3 generations of women have lived, worked, and made reproductive choices.
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Fresh off a victory for reelection, Chairman Michael Whatley fires up the crowd ahead of Trump’s speech. #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention Image
Trump shouts out several members of Congress and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, saying he “is going to endorse Mark but won’t tonight.” #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention
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NCGOP Chair and Vice Chair vote, the main party business during the afternoon business session, is underway. #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention
Supporters of the Chair candidates making speeches now. #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention Image
Still waiting for the vote to begin as multiple questions come up from the delegates. #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention
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Whatley, introducing former VP Pence, calls him "one of the most consequential conservatives in American history," noting Pence's tenure as firebrand Congressman, Governor, and Vice President. #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention
Also a callback to Pence's famous "Christian, Conservative, and Republican in that order" line. #NCGOP #NCGOPConvention
Pence thanks several of the state’s elected officials including Dan Bishop, Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul Newby and State Rep. Tricia Cotham. #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention Image
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“No one believes” is a very Trumpian take which is completely unsurprising considering Bishop’s primary allegiance is to Donald Trump rather than to his constituents.

I’d contend lots of people view a bathroom full of nuclear secrets as a “bona fide security concern.” #ncpol Image
I’d contend that plenty of people believe Trump waving confidential plans to attack Iran in front of his fans and saying, “…it is like, highly confidential. Secret. This is secret information. Look, look at this” is a bona fide security concern.
Bishop also helped cause the January 6 coup attempt that killed Capitol police officers by repeating election fraud lies.

He unpinned this tweet the same day the insurrection happened like a total coward. Image
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Chairman Michael Whatley opens tonight’s Old North State Dinner at the NCGOP Convention featuring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention Image
.@RonDeSantis takes the stage in Greensboro #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention Image
Thundering applause as @RonDeSantis says he will restore the name of Fort Bragg as President. #NCPOL #NCGOPConvention
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Thankfully, my ‘public education’ taught me that every private entity that accepts public dollars *on this list* has to meet standards for accountability before it can accept those public dollars.

Why do #SchoolChoice proponents reject standards for accountability?

• Pell Grants and GI Bill

Colleges and universities with accreditation standards

• Head Start and Pre-K

Centers that meet standard requirements

• SNAP and WIC

Food stores must meet product requirements

• Medicaid and Medicare

Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics are licensed……
Private schools that take public money should be subject to accreditation and standards just like colleges and universities that take Pell Grants and childcare centers that take Head Start.
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A long personal thread on the #nced debate 🧵

While it may seem appealing to allocate funds directly to students rather than public schools, we must consider the impact and benefits of investing in our public education infrastructure.

A robust public school system is the bedrock of a democratic society, providing opportunities to all students. By adequately funding schools, we ensure that students have access to good teachers, well-equipped classrooms, and learning resources that foster development.
These opportunities empower students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally, preparing them for a successful future.

Moreover, a strong public school system helps create a level playing field by bridging the achievement gap and promoting social mobility.
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Crazy moment. Rep. Jeff McNeely takes aim at Rep. Abe Jones' Harvard background: "Would you have not been able to achieve these if you were not an athlete or a minority?" He's suspended from continuing to speak.

Jones: "I earned my place and I did well."
#ncpol Image
VIDEO: Here’s the exchange between Republican Rep. Jeff McNeely and Democratic Rep. Abe Jones of Wake County during school choice bill debate —> #ncpol
McNeely has apologized to Jones on the House floor: “I respect Representative Jones. I think he’s a great legislator. I think he’s a great man. What I tried to ask or say did not come out right. That happens a lot, and I apologize." #ncpol
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NEW: For the first time, I had a chance to ask @RepTedDavisJr (R-New Hanover) about tonight's veto override vote on the abortion bill. He said he's "still looking at the pros and cons." More of what he said at noon on @WNCN #ncpol #ncga
.@NCHouseSpeaker says there will be no votes tonight in that chamber until 8:00 to give the Senate time to debate. Senate goes in at 4:00. #ncga #ncpol @WNCN @Queen_City_News @wnct9 @myfox8
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JUST IN: Abortion bill veto override vote on #SB20 has been scheduled for Tuesday’s 4 pm voting session.
Per chamber rules, Senate Rules Chair must inform Senate Democratic Leader Dan Blue at least 24 hours in advance of override vote. That has just happened. In budget presser, GOP Senate leader Phil Berger confirms timing. #ncpol #SB20
Each senator will have 10 minutes of speaking, allowing Dems to drag out process for 3 hrs and 20 mins.

After it clears Senate, it moves to House, which can essentially call a vote without such notice. Previous session rules had 24-hr notice, which is no longer required. #ncpol
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We need to talk seriously about what's happening in NC.

1. This is not a 12-week ban. The bill is so poorly written it is essentially a total ban.

2. This bill impacts all pregnancies--not just unwanted ones.

#ncpol #ilm Image
3. It creates dangerous gov't tracking/surveillance systems requiring anyone using mifepristone to publicly disclose their home address, previous number of live births, previous pregnancies, and preexisting medical conditions. @JHCannonMD @abreezeclayton
@JHCannonMD @abreezeclayton 4. Most clinics will shut down creating a bottleneck in access and care effectively removing any opportunities within the 12-week timeframe. Mifepristone won't be delivered in a timely manner--if at all. @NC_Governor @RepTedDavisJr @MichaelLee4NC
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🚨 Here’s what you need to know about what’s being called the “debt ceiling crisis."

#ncpol #DebtLimit Image
👉 The debt ceiling is a numerical limit, set by Congress, on how much money the federal government can borrow to pay its bills.

#ncpol #DebtLimit
Most years, the federal government spends more than it takes in in taxes, so it has to sell Treasury bonds to cover the difference and pay the country’s bills, up to the limit set by Congress.

#ncpol #DebtLimit
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😠 Many American workers would get taken advantage of by a new Republican bill, according to @AFLCIO, the nation’s largest federation of labor unions.

#ncpol #DebtLimit Image
The bill would make cuts to healthcare, food assistance, rental assistance, and other programs that many workers rely on.

#ncpol #DebtLimit
According to a report from Moody’s analytics, the bill would “meaningfully increase the likelihood” of a recession and cost the US 780,000 jobs by the end of 2024 if it were to become law.

#ncpol #DebtLimit
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🤚 Are you sick and tired of gun violence?

Most Americans are, and a new Fox News poll found that an overwhelming majority of voters want lawmakers to pass laws to address gun violence.

#ncpol #GunViolence Image
The poll was taken even before a man with reportedly white supremacist views opened fire in a Texas mall over the weekend, killing 8 people.

#ncpol #TexasMall
The poll found that more than 80% of Americans support background checks for gun purchases, raising the legal age to 21 to buy all guns, and a ban on assault weapons.

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In light of North Carolina’s impending abortion ban, I tried to explain why #NCPol hasn’t tended leftward the way Virginia and Georgia have and arguably, policies like the abortion ban may make North Carolina more firmly Republican. #NCGA #NCPol…
Long short of it: North Carolina lacks an urban hub like Atlanta, suburbs full of college-educated whites like Virginia or enough of a Black population to make a difference.
Incidentally, North Carolina passing a 12-week ban could wind up repelling college-educated whites from moving to the state while more students at NCSU, Duke, Wake Forest and UNC will likely leave the state if this passes.
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Many likely missed it in the Triangle bubble, but Sen Michael Lee was being honored at UNCW for his work in ed & a mob organized by radical faculty from that school staged a walkout of the dinner & then followed him & his family to their car, yelling obscenities... #ncpol #nced
They did this purportedly due to his support of the Parents Bill of Rights, which prevents radical gender theory and inappropriate sexuality being taught to young elementary students & gives parents more notice on what's happening with their child at school...
The UNCW Watson School of Education professors involved mostly train young elementary teachers, including lead organizer Caitlin Ryan, who writes things like "Reading the Rainbow" & "Navigating Parental Resistance" on how to successfully inject gender/sexuality into elementary ed
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🚨 Happening now: House and Senate lawmakers have started to take up Senate Bill 20, the 46-page monster abortion ban announced last night. Lawmakers have had less than 11 hours to read the bill.

Watch live:… #NCGA #ncpol #BansOffOurBodies
The monster abortion ban has been put forward as a "conference report," not a regular bill. This is a deliberate procedural move that allows politicians to (1) bypass the standard committee process (2) prevent any amendments to the bill (3) ram it through for a vote. #NCGA #ncpol
"I believe a deliberative body should deliberate. I am very uncomfortable with looking through this bill and seeing the wide range of subjects that are affected... This affects the rights of over half the population of the state." - @LeaderReives #NCGA #ncpol
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I just read through the entire bill. I have many thoughts. For now, I’m walking in to my high risk OB NC clinic knowing my career will entirely change after this is passed.

Follow the thread below as I add my concerns and surprises after reading this bill 🧵
The TL;DR version is:

•12 weeks abortion legal for any reason
•Abortion legal up to 20 wks for rape/incest
•Abortion legal up to 24 weeks for “life limiting diagnoses”
•Abortion legal at any stage for mother’s life.

We should know by now it’s not that simple.
I work in high risk OB. We do not perform abortions, but we do refer. There are ab clinics around that have to stay hidden so their patients aren’t attacked nor bombarded with protestors. This is not an “abortion tolerant” state, yet NC has become a southern “sanctuary city”.
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The NCGOP is about to drop a “consensus” bill to ban #abortion after 12 weeks. Most abortions happen before 12 weeks - but people seek abortions after that for valid reasons. They deserve healthcare. Banning abortion at 12 weeks is not the consensus of North Carolinians. #ncpol
People reference the fact that 93% of abortions happen in first 13 weeks as a talking point about how 12 week bans aren’t harmful because they don’t affect many people. But the people they do affect are real people with agency and complicated lives.…
That statistic indicates that there really isn’t this big problem of many people getting abortions very late in pregnancy, despite what you hear some conservatives say. This is a manufactured problem, and there are other important policy issues more deserving of attention.
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