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Thread 🧵 will contain #Redistricting Committee info, contacts, links & any schedules I find.

We must actively participate in Democracy if we want it to survive the pressures from those who teeter on the fringe of fascism.

Speak! Don't allow them to gerrymander your voice away!
National Conference of State Legislatures:… ImageImage
The Constitutional mandate to redraw electoral district lines follows the decennial Census, as we learn where we, the people, live.

Click on the map to view redistricting info for federal & state legislative districts in each state. Image
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#VotingRights Alert: the NC budget will be on the #NCGA House floor this week. It includes anti-voter provisions. Learn more:…

#ncpol #ForThePeopleAct #NorthCarolina
We need to let ALL legislators know how important it is to protect the right to vote in NC.
They will be under a lot of pressure to pass this bill because there are budgetary provisions – spending, raises, and tax cuts – that a lot of constituents want. BUT THE VOTING PROVISIONS NEED TO BE REMOVED or should be voted down.
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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's a collection of word clouds from tweets pulled on 2021-08-07. Each state + DC can be found in the replies!
#Python #USA #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alabama from tweets pulled on 2021-08-07!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alaska from tweets pulled on 2021-08-07!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
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Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's a collection of word clouds from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31. Each state + DC can be found in the replies!
#Python #USA #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alabama from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
Each week I pull ~51000 tweets on US State mentions. Here's the word cloud for #Alaska from tweets pulled on 2021-07-31!
#Python #WordCloud #TwitterData
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🚨🐉🚨#TH3D3N is highlighting all of the Missing Kids that are out there but get little to no attention, hashtagged by State. Please DO SUBSCRIBE, CHECK OFTEN & SHARE Missing kids posters on other channels & platforms

#OpWhereAreTheKids ~ IT MATTERS

Rafael Martinez
Fatima Martinez

Kishe Banks-Jones

Usmaan Nawaz

🚨🐉🚨If you have seen any of these children~ please call 911,
1-800-THE-LOST or visit :… for more information on each poster

Arden Pepion

Jonathan Blevins

Samantha Johns

Ryan Larsen

🚨🐉🚨If you have seen any of these children~ please call 911,
1-800-THE-LOST or visit :… for more information on each poster
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“the vaccine is less effective in preventing transmission, but ... still very effective in preventing hospitalization and severe cases”…

It's hard to see how the vaccines can actually end the pandemic if they're driving the evolution of resistant variants. Image
#Israel, July 23: "The Health Ministry reported a rise in serious coronavirus cases on Friday"…

@GVDBossche, April 28: "It's just a matter of weeks for a surge in Israel to occur due to resistance of the virus to vaccinal antibodies in vaccines" Image
@GVDBossche Provincetown, #Massachussetts: "a cluster of Covid-19 cases ...following the July 4th weekend ...two-thirds or more of these positive cases are people fully vaccinated"…

Also Provincetown: "the highest vaccination rate in the state"… ImageImage
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🧵As coronavirus continues to kill thousands per day, it's important to humanize their deaths. This thread is dedicated to the 18-19 year old children that lost their lives to COVID. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid.
Follow the hashtags #SoulsLostToCovid & #TheySurvivedCovid for more stories. You can help end this pandemic by encouraging others to #GetVaccinated 💉
🇺🇸 18 y.o. Yasmin Pena from Waterbury #Connecticut passed away from COVID in April 2020. She was a senior at Waterbury Arts Magnet School, where she sang, danced & acted in plays. “Her eyes had a spark. And she had an effervescence." #SoulsLostToCovid 1/33…
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I have to dig around two open data portals (HHS and CDC) just to answer basic questions like:
🔸What’s the COVID-19 case rate for children under 12?

🔸What’s the COVID-19 hospitalization rate for children under 12?

#COVID19 Chart: Children 12-15 years old— Cases per 100K & percentage *fully vaccinated* 👀⤵️
#COVID19 Chart: Children 16-17 years old— Cases per 100K & percentage *fully vaccinated* 👀⤵️
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🧵This is the 2nd thread dedicated to the precious children that have died from COVID during this never-ending pandemic. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid
This thread memorialized 30 children that survived after admission to ICUs from COVID or multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children #MISC.
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THREAD// How @JUULvapor ended up settling with @NCAGO in #DurhamNC, the cradle of the U.S. tobacco industry.

Let's start with the setting.…
From the start of pretrial hearings, Juul attorneys' arguments that products are a health benefit & its messaging targeted adults weren't successful. (State argued they don't have to prove intent just more youth used product.)…
Here's a video of a Juul attorney taking in a judge's order that gutted the e-cigarette co.'s defense, said it violated the NC Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act thousands of times. 

"Is that really what happened?," says shocked Juul attorney.
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"We love you!" shout some audience members at #coronavirusvaccine event in Raleigh, #NorthCarolina.

"Love you back," replies @POTUS.
"You're saving lives. That's not hyperbole. We lost 600,000 dead in America," says @POTUS.
"There are over 100 countries in the world that have no capacity to help themselves right now" fight the #coronavirus, says @POTUS explaining his promise on behalf of the US to provide "a billion doses to the rest of the world."
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Inspection tour for @POTUS of #coronavirusvaccine bus in Raleigh, #NorthCarolina.
Speaking with medical professionals, @POTUS appears to deliberately put a hand over the lavalier microphone he's wearing but we can still hear every word.
He was speaking about his appreciation for nurses based on all of the physical trauma he and his family have been through over the decades.
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☣️1/ Timeline proving UNC been constructing SARS #coronavirus chimeras since AT LEAST 2006 (!), bent on producing live attenuated vaccine (or offing us all, depends on how you see it). Thank you, Dr. #Fauci!

Please hold "Pandora's box" of public discussion wide open on this one.
2/ 2006:
a. Look at "we need a LAV because lab leaks of epidemic strains happen"
b. List of vaccine problems, including ADE (mentioning 1992 pub on fCoV)
c. Construction of pandemic-level chimeric icGDO3-S "challenge virus" with spike from 2003 SARS case… ImageImageImageImage
3/ This lab has a history of leaks. Like SARS mice escapes. Extremely humanised BLT-L were invented c. 2019, but we just don't know what those "simpler" 2014 mice were carrying - killler chimeras or live vaccine variants. Or if lab staff got infected.

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GOP Lawmakers Intensify Effort to Ban Critical Race Theory in Schools via @pewtrusts The Center for Renewing America created model #CriticalRaceTheory legislation for lawmakers to introduce
The Center for Renewing America is a right-leaning nonprofit organization created by Russel Vaught, director of the Office of Management and Budget under former President Donald Trump.… Image
There is no evidence that #CriticalRaceTheory, as defined by its originators, has been taught in any public school. Nor has a school board in any state cited critical race theory as an element of its curriculum.
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1/ Image
'We believe in ennobling our people.' -- Matt Flavel, leader, #AsatruFolkAssembly, @washingtonpost, March 2021… 2/
Ennobling? Flynn's social media posts are awash in bigotry, misogyny and hatred. Content warning. 3/ ImageImage
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"As we gather tonight our country is being destroyed before our very own eyes," says Donald Trump, returning to the political stage, in a speech to @NCGOP. Image
"Bad, bad things are happening to us," says Trump, not surprisingly, in breaking with the tradition of ex-US presidents putting themselves above politics once out of office.
There are exceptions, even in modern history. Jimmy Carter, in 2007, attacked the Bush administration but that was 26 years after the one-term president left office.
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Here is the list of 175 Republicans who voted to cover up the violent attack on our Capitol and Democracy.
#ncpol #January6Commission #January6CommissionNow
Rep. Aderholt
Rep. Brooks
Rep. Carl
Rep. Moore
Rep. Palmer
Rep. Rogers
Rep. Young
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What's fascinating to me about The Republican Party and #CriticalRaceTheory: The Republican Party was created to free people from a White Supremacist institution.

The Democrats used to mock it by calling it "The Black Party".
How does the party of black suffrage and liberation become the preferred party of the #AltRight?
How does an OVERWHELMINGLY (like 90 %) SOUTHERN & UNMISTAKABLEY BLACK PARTY; “The Negro Republican Party” become a Lily White Party?


That’s how.
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We’re underway here with @PressSec joined by @SecGranholm and @SecMayorkas. Image
“By close of business tomorrow” @Colpipe will be in position to make a restart decision but “it will take a few days to be up and running,” says @SecGranholm. Image
Governors of some eastern and southern states concerned about "gas stations running out of fuel," says @SecGranholm.
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Proud Boys, the American Guard + Trump supporters are still attacking counter-protesters + journalists while law enforcement sits by or even coordinates with the far-Right. Meanwhile, the FBI's relationship with the Proud Boys echoes Greensboro. A thread.…
Since January 6th, the US had been bombarded with non-stop coverage of the attempted pro-Trump coup in DC. However in the months since, far-Right groups and Trump supporters have only continued to build coalitions that includes open white nationalists + sections of the GOP.
Last Saturday in #Salem, over 100 people rallied in a park in support of the #2A. Armed Proud Boys did security and closed the park to the public and even threatened journalists; forcing them out of the area.…
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BIG THREAD: Tonight police wielding shields and less lethal weapons in #ElizabethCity again formed a line and pushed back on protesters who remained peaceful but present past the beginning of the 8 pm curfew.

At about 9:20pm, they began to push.
As officers pushed past alleys and backyards, they checked to make sure nobody escaped those directions.

In this instance, an officer pointed a weapon around a corner, while another unholstered his handgun as he searched the area.

They found a bag, but not a person.
Here's the scene of the first arrest.

"We just want justice, that's all!"

"Leave now, or you will be arrested!"

Officers pushed forward, grabbed a man, and pulled him away from sight behind the shield line.
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Reporter warns far-right Republicans may be close to achieving a 'radical rewrite' of the Constitution… Since 2014 the Convention of States Project and other groups including #ALEC have helped lawmakers in 15 states call for a new constitutional convention
The Convention of States Project is led by a prominent right-wing activist ― former Tea Party Patriots founder Mark Meckler, who is also the current acting CEO of Parler, and a member of the #CNP Council of National Policy's Gold Circle #ShadowNetwork Image
According to The Center for Media and Democracy, lawmakers proposed 42 Convention of States resolutions in at least 24 new states this year. Article V of the US Constitution states that a constitutional convention could be convened if 2/3 of the states - 34 states call for it. Image
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As a result of the #2020Census the states of #Colorado, #Florida, #Montana, #NorthCarolina and #Oregon will each again one House seat in reapportionment.
#Texas will gain two House seats.
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Republicans who voted against #Covid19 #AmericanRescuePlan that would help their people.
Use Hashtag with state name.

Rep. Gary Palmer
Rep. Mo Brooks
Rep. Mike Rogers
Rep. Barry Moore
Rep. Jerry Carl
Rep. Robert Aderholt
Sen. Richard Shelby
Sen. Tommy Tuberville
Rep. Don Young
Sen. Daniel S. Sullivan
Sen. Lisa Murkowski
Rep. Andy Biggs
Rep. Paul Gosar
Rep. David Schweikert
Rep. Debbie Lesko
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