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Here’s the school privatizer playbook, North Carolina edition:

Cut taxes and underfund traditional public schools

Uncap charter schools—no lunch or transportation required

Take away pay bumps for advanced degrees

Remove career status

#nced #ncpol #ncga
Cut teaching assistants

Revoke retiree health benefits

Divert millions of taxpayer 💵 to private schools that can legally discriminate based on religion and sexual orientation

More standardized testing

Less instructional autonomy for teachers
Create a school performance grade system that reinforces the narrative that public schools are failing
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5 emerging thoughts on Cawthorn's loss. #ncpol #nc11

A 🧵 :
1. For all of the scandals, the one that did Cawthorn in was leaving the district & coming back. When he left, Edwards, Burril, Woodhouse & O'Connell weren't in this race. If he didn't leave, it's unlikely they would have gotten in. And he likely would weathered the storm.
2. Rules matter: without a runoff, Cawthorn wouldn’t have been elected in in the first place. If the #ncga didn’t move the threshold down to 30% in 2017, we’d be in a runoff in 2022.
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National media posting helpful previews about what to follow in NC primaries today. Everyone's listing #nc11, but if you're not also watching #nc4 #nc1 & #nc13, you're doing it wrong (1/4)

Lots of interesting #ncga primaries, but If I could only follow 2, it would be Hise/Ballard (SD 47) on the R side… (story by @SMN_Cory) & deViere/Applewhite (SD19) on the D side… (story by @dawnbvaughan)

Fascinating local races across the state that will go a long ways to determining the direction of NC. Far too many to list, so I'll just point out this Charlotte City Council seat as one worth watching (story by @timfunk)

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#nced #ncpol #ncga Rep. John Torbett's idea on Monday for moving electives online in NC schools: “The other one is also focusing on core subjects. Maybe look at your math, science, English, performing arts & social studies which incorporates history & have those instructional
teachers in the classroom face-to-face. Some of the other things such as electives you may be able to push out online, which would give you a more constricted time, more time to focus on your basics, your basics that we need to really make sure our kids are getting with that
teacher in a classroom. Some electives would just be the child signs up for that elective they can go home & take it on their machine. They can take it on Saturday. They can take it on Thursday night, Sunday afternoon. They can go in their Monday when they get home from school,
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#nced #ncpol #ncga Rep. John Torbett's idea on Monday for changing how EOG & EOC tests are handled: "We talked about maybe when a child takes a test, get rid of end-of-grade testing for example. What we might want to do is each week or every other week whatever the teacher
decides to do, to gauge whether that child is learning at the pace they need to learn on. They do it maybe on their machine & then that machine goes to software that tabulates the score & tells that teacher in real time how each child in her class is doing, & that gives others
the opportunity to look at that class against other classes, that school against other schools, that district against other districts, state against state in real-time information & it’s cumulative. It rolls each & every week so then at the end of the year, or the end of the
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#nced #ncpol #ncga Rep. John Torbett's idea on Monday for changing how NC schools are run to increase teacher compensation: "One might be for example is to remove the current structure in the school that we know now as principals or vice principals & put the leading element of
that school as a teacher, such like maybe an executive teacher, an executive educator so that they would be responsible for all of the educational needs of the students of those schools. They would still have classroom assignment, although it would be full based on where you are.
So a principal today may inevitably be an executive educator, which may teach 1, or 2 or 3 classes a week. They would still be in the classroom. The asst. principal may teach a few more classes, but they would also work on the educational needs of the student. Then each school
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[THREAD] With former President #Trump's appointees appearing set to overturn abortion rights, @POTUS on Wednesday called Trump's far-right base "the most extreme political organization" in recent American history.

#uspolitics #RoeVWade #RoeOverturned #RoeVsWade #MAGA
If the @GOP appointees overturn that case, it could effectively outlaw abortion in more than a dozen states immediately, with another dozen or so states likely to follow.

#uspolitics #RoeVWade #RoeOverturned #RoeVsWade
It could potentially open the door for right-wing crackdowns in other areas too such as #LGBTQ rights.

#uspolitics #scotus #RoeVWade #RoeOverturned #RoeVsWade
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NC educators, please take the time to read this article about a plan coming before the State Board of Education next week which would transition all North Carolina teachers to a system of “merit pay” as soon as 2023. #nced #ncpol #ncga…
This would make North Carolina the first state in the country to stop paying teachers on an experience-based scale that rewards long-term commitment to a career in education and recognizes the importance of veteran educators to a school.
At the center of this plan is the notion that a computer algorithm can accurately measure the value a teacher adds to his/her students' learning just by analyzing standardized test scores.
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And others.

"Need to effectively utilize #CNMs has never been greater," says Kohl from

Finding a supervising provider may prove difficult.
Body of evidence has consistently shown that although these barriers do not improve care.
"Time to follow the economics and evidence and remove supervision of practice"

Notes that team based care is the "future of #healthcare in the US"
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In the #nc Senate primary I will be voting in later this spring, #medicaid expansion is already a hot topic. As a result, I decided to look into what has happened since 2010 when it comes to expanding Medicaid in NC. This thread is what I’ve found. #ncpol #faync
In 2013 SB4 passed and was signed into law by former Gov @PatMcCroryNC. The heading states “AN ACT… (3) TO REJECT THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT'S OPTIONAL MEDICAID EXPANSION.” You can read this law at…
Ironically, one thing SB4 did was repeal Section 49 of Session Law 2011-145 (…) when the intent was laid to set up a state exchange as Patient Protection Affordable Care Act allows.
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At 11:30 am today Gov. Cooper will hold a briefing
to "discuss the next phase of COVID-19."

Live stream can be found here:
The briefing will begin shortly, it can also be accessed here:

Cooper says "We made the right choices. We got our children back in school."
Also "Now, we turn the page on the pandemic knowing that we now have the tools for people and businesses to make the right choices for themselves."
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#medicaid presentation. We've had budget surpluses for years. Any issues could be covered.
"This is a year unlike any other in the 50 year history"
convergence of new managed care program and pandemic uncertainty.
Pandemic has increased costs for providers, the program
The good news is that the bump up in #Covid_19 spending has continued longer than we expected. Even tho there are more beneficiaries, there's more federal $$ flowing into program. Projected higher budget, but @ncdhhs had difficulty projecting by how much
Highlights of #Medicaid budget: Expanded coverage for post-partum, more waiver slots, new $$$ for home and community block grants, funding for child services reorganization, then there's IT costs. Lots going on for @ncdhhs
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I'm doing the family taxes, and two things stand out. First, I don't know that we needed $13,000 stimulus from the federal treasury last year. Second: The $9,000 in INTEREST ALONE we paid our mortgage company doesn't quite feel like a crime, but it is upsetting.
I'm including the advance child tax credit in the stimulus figure. Without it, the stimulus was $10,000, which also feels excessive, since we didn't see our income suffer due to the pandemic. But congrats to the banks, for the debt paid down and the interest collected.
Also this is the first year I've had to take my glasses off to read the tiny print on tax forms. I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear my trousers rolled.
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Buncombe's Supt. recommendations are to go mask optional Feb. 28, masks req'd on buses, and anyone returning from isolation/exclusion to wear it for 6-10 days.
No vote yet. Will come back to this.

CMS Supt. Winston recommends mask optional for all students, staff and visitors effective March 7.
Discussion is ongoing right now here:…
#nced #ncpol
Buncombe school board votes in favor of going mask optional starting Feb. 28.
#nced #ncpol
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By the way...

@Dukeenergy GOP contribs in 2020: $347,000
@ncrealtors GOP contribs in 2020: $345,000
Mountaire Farms GOP contribs in 2020: $250,000

If Anita Earls was "bought," what does that make Brent's boss? Or @NCHouseSpeaker? 🤔

More: #ncpol
This is literally how it works, by the way. @dukeenergy pours money into protecting @senatorberger and the #NCGA GOP majority.

Then they turn around and let Duke's lobbyists write a bill behind closed doors for the GOP to rubber-stamp.… #ncpol
Moreover: each year, @dukeenergy and @ncchamber write checks for millions of dollars apiece and hand it to @MartinandBlaine to run ads attacking Democrats. They run a dark-money group called "Citizens for a Better NC" on behalf of Berger/Moore.… #ncpol
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Here is how Republican state representative, and man-baby, Larry Pittman responded to every @NCLeg House member today in response to a routine, bipartisan message to get a COVID booster shot. #ncpol Image
This brings up lots of very interesting questions:

- When, exactly, did Pittman have COVID? He did not disclose anything publicly. Was the #NCGA in session? Was he there?
- Did he warn his colleagues, or NCGA staff, that he might be contagious?

Seems important. #ncpol
Pittman seems remarkably cavalier about COVID, particularly given that it landed his close colleague, GOP Rep. Keith Kidwell and his wife in the hospital, with apparently serious complications. (Thank goodness they're okay.)

Get you boosters, folks. #ncpol
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Newest update in North Carolina's ongoing redistricting fight: Democratic lawmakers say they haven't heard anything from GOP leaders on a schedule for redrawing the maps (which are due in less than 2 weeks) #ncpol #ncga

That might mean a couple things...…
1. Republicans might just be waiting for the full court opinion. We've seen a broad order, but not the actual opinion with details on what the court wants.

Not crazy to think GOP would want those details before starting the redraw (or deciding whether to appeal to SCOTUS) #ncpol
I won't pretend to be a lawyer, so here's a real election law expert with a detailed thread on one potential option for taking the case to SCOTUS:
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Maybe this is crazy, but I could see Republicans appealing to SCOTUS, arguing that the state court ruling usurped the power of the state legislature to set the rules for congressional elections in Art. 1 s 4. Would require SCOTUS to overturn Arizona Ind. Redist. case /1
This would be a way to test the so-called "independent state legislature" theory outside the context of a presidential election and with a target that SCOTUS conservatives don't like: a Democratic dominated state supreme court in a state with a Republican legislature. /2
The argument is audacious and wrong: it is that a state Supreme Court relying on a state constitutional right does not have any power over a state legislature setting rules for congressional elections. It would rely on the Bush 1 concurrence from the 2000 election. /3
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Thread: As the #ncredistricting trial begins, it may be good to review the 2019 NC court decision striking down the state legislative maps drawn in 2016 as unconstitutional, based on three NC constitutional/legal principles (from my book:…) #ncpol
Some background: following the ruling that the 2011 maps were racially gerrymandered, GOP #NCGA lawmakers went back to redraw the maps in 2016, with the expressed principle of using partisanship--which, at that time, was a legal approach to take (though it would be challenged).
Analysis of the 2016 maps for the NC state legislature indicated that GOP super-majorities in both #ncga chambers could be achieved & override any veto by the governor, as I note (page 132:…) #ncpol #ncredistricting
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Happening now: Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations, Subcommittee on Use and Distribution on Federal COVID Funding

Link to the live stream is on the #NCGA website

First up: Lee Lilley, NC Pandemic Recovery Office
The name may be familiar.
4 days after the ACP permit was approved, Cooper hired Lilley to be his new legislative director. Lilley was a lobbyist for Dominion, Duke’s partner in the pipeline.… #ncga #ncpol
Cohen was asked to take an oath or affirmation of her testimony today. She takes an affirmation.
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1. Here's a sad story in #nced.

The Innovative School District was big news when it came out 5+ yrs ago. The state was threatening to take over low performing schools.

Now the unsuccessful program is ending, and the one school affected has faced disruption and turnover.
2. When #NCGA rolled out the Innovative School District 5 yrs ago, critics said the model didn't work in Tennessee.

The 'school turnaround' plan let charter school operators compete to take over the lowest performing schools in the state. The new state budget ends it. #nced
3. I covered the Innovative School District closely in 2018. A charter school company took over operation of Southside-Ashpole Elem in Robeson County.

The school will now transition back to Robeson County Schools.…
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Digging through the #NCGA budget. Here's some behavioral health highlights:

-adds 1,000 slots for people with disabilities to receive services under the Innovations Waiver, which has a current 10-year waiting list of more than 15,000 people.

#ncpol #mentalhealth
-$10 million grant program for hospitals to expand tele-psychiatry in the wake of COVID.

-$8 million to expand the MAT Community Supervision pilot program for people recently released from prison and on probation.
-Increased funding to provide services to people with traumatic brain injuries. About $4 million, up from about $2.4 million in past budget cycles.
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How North Carolina can and must improve childhood equity in education: a thread 🧵👇 #ncga #ncpol
High-quality Pre-K is effective. Full stop. It’s already proven that attending Pre-K improves graduation rates and helps more kids go to college. Some programs have seen up to $17 in return for every dollar spent. (1/7)

💵 ➡️

NC offers a targeted, means-tested program (NC Pre-K). This program has produced great results for the children it serves. But because of a lack of resources, it can’t reach half of eligible children, nor can it reach over 75% of all four-year-olds statewide. (2/7)
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Looks like the #NCGA House Redistricting Committee meeting is about to get started, finally.
Rep. Hall says they are waiting on a number of amendments - another 10 minutes. Seems like there must have been a lot of intra-party negotiation in the past 3.5 hours.
Well, it's been 10 minutes... and it's nearly 6pm
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