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The racist history of school vouchers, a brief thread:

#nced #ncpol #ncga Image
The roots of school vouchers in our country can be traced back to the wake of Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court court case in which justices ruled that racial segregation of children in public schools violated the Constitution.…
Following this ruling, white leaders in many communities tried all kinds of devious ways to subvert it.  In Virginia, those efforts included eliminating taxes in order to defund schools and closing them rather than simply allowing racial integration.…
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Feeling inspired by @JustinParmenter’s work to identify the discriminatory practices of NC private schools receiving taxpayer $ via vouchers.

Let's look at how their policies discriminate against students on the basis of disability, shall we? #nced #ncga
Berean Baptist Academy in Fayetteville received >$1.7 million in public $ this year.

They “do not offer programs” for students with learning or emotional disabilities or ADHD and they “may not accept students with medical conditions.”

They should not get public $ #nced #ncga A screenshot of the Academi...
Liberty Christian Academy in Richlands received >$1.5 million in public $ this year.

They “do not provide enrollment" to students with special education needs and deny admittance to students with physical needs related to toileting.

They should not get public $ #nced #ncga Screenshot of the Acceptanc...
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With massive voucher expansion on the way, it’s time to review the North Carolina school privatizer playbook!!

#ncga #ncga #nced  🧵
1. Republicans take over control of state legislature.  Draw maps that ensure nobody can vote you out regardless of how terrible your leadership is.  Take over Supreme Court so maps can’t be challenged.
2. Create a school performance grade system that reinforces the narrative that schools struggling with poverty and impacts of institutional racism are failures.
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NEW: For the first time, I had a chance to ask @RepTedDavisJr (R-New Hanover) about tonight's veto override vote on the abortion bill. He said he's "still looking at the pros and cons." More of what he said at noon on @WNCN #ncpol #ncga
.@NCHouseSpeaker says there will be no votes tonight in that chamber until 8:00 to give the Senate time to debate. Senate goes in at 4:00. #ncga #ncpol @WNCN @Queen_City_News @wnct9 @myfox8
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In light of North Carolina’s impending abortion ban, I tried to explain why #NCPol hasn’t tended leftward the way Virginia and Georgia have and arguably, policies like the abortion ban may make North Carolina more firmly Republican. #NCGA #NCPol…
Long short of it: North Carolina lacks an urban hub like Atlanta, suburbs full of college-educated whites like Virginia or enough of a Black population to make a difference.
Incidentally, North Carolina passing a 12-week ban could wind up repelling college-educated whites from moving to the state while more students at NCSU, Duke, Wake Forest and UNC will likely leave the state if this passes.
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🚨 Happening now: House and Senate lawmakers have started to take up Senate Bill 20, the 46-page monster abortion ban announced last night. Lawmakers have had less than 11 hours to read the bill.

Watch live:… #NCGA #ncpol #BansOffOurBodies
The monster abortion ban has been put forward as a "conference report," not a regular bill. This is a deliberate procedural move that allows politicians to (1) bypass the standard committee process (2) prevent any amendments to the bill (3) ram it through for a vote. #NCGA #ncpol
"I believe a deliberative body should deliberate. I am very uncomfortable with looking through this bill and seeing the wide range of subjects that are affected... This affects the rights of over half the population of the state." - @LeaderReives #NCGA #ncpol
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Happening now in the #NCGA: The House Committee on Health is taking up HB 808, another anti-transgender bill that targets gender-affirming health care.

Watch the hearing live here:… #ncpol
Debate on HB 808 is starting now:

Gender-affirming health care is essential, life-saving health care. @PPSouthAtlantic is a proud provider of gender-affirming health care, including hormone therapy, in North Carolina. #ncpol #NCGA
@PPSouthAtlantic Update on the bill: Lawmakers have amended HB 808 to limit the bill to prevent gender-affirming surgical procedures on minors. With this amendment, the bill would appear to NOT affect hormone therapy in the state. #NCGA #ncpol
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This seems like a good time to remind people that a massive audit by the NC State Board of Elections on the 2016 general election found only one case of voter fraud out of nearly 5 million ballots cast that would have been prevented by voter id. #ncpol #ncga @NCSBE
In that case, a woman voted for Donald Trump on her deceased mother’s behalf because her mom was a huge Trump fan and had passed away just days before the presidential election. ImageImage
This move has nothing to do with protecting election integrity and everything to do with protecting Republicans’ stranglehold on political power in this purple state. #ncpol
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THREAD: I dug into the data on NC's main school voucher program for this story and broke it down into these graphics for y'all... #nced #ncpol…
The Opportunity Scholarship is the biggest voucher program in NC, and new bills would grow it #nced #ncpol

The NC State Education Assistance Authority administers voucher programs and tracks the data, so it's all publicly accessible 👇… Image
Opportunity Scholarships have already grown rapidly since they entered the scene in 2014. Image
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Following the 2024 NC gubernatorial election requires us to hold two seemingly contradictory things in our heads at the same time: (1) The NC gubernatorial election is among the most important elections in the country, (2) the NC Governor is extremely weak

A wonky #ncpol 🧵
On point 1: The Governor is the rhetorical political leader of the state. Like EF Hutton, when they talk, people listen. Whether or not they have actual power is beside the point to most citizens; people think the Gov is powerful, therefore (to some degree), they are.
In terms of partisanship, right now the country is divided 26 R Governors to 24 D. Sure they don’t vote together like a legislature, but each election takes on amped up importance because of the tight partisan balance. Map from… Image
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Gov. Cooper issues thread denouncing #schoolchoice and 'extreme policy' in House budget.

Here's the link to the thread:…

It's worth noting that due to the Medicaid Expansion deal, NSJ was told by various sources the governor will sign whatever budget comes out of the #NCGA…
Notably, the governor fails to mention the explosion in homeschooling, charter enrollment, and private school enrollment following his pandemic school closures.
These aren't wealthy folks, it's folks from all income levels.
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In presser now where #nchouse #ncga giving overview of their biennial budget. According to Rep. Lambeth, health provisions include:
- $177.5M recurring in each year to perm maintain enhanced COVID Medicaid rates in Skilled nursing facilities
- also increased salaries for personal care service workers
- $15M for increased communicable disease surveillance,
- funds to increase rates for subsidizing child care
- $25M for rural hospital stabilization fund
- $50M in loan forgiveness for health care workers to go into rural communities
- $2B for water and sewer, esp in rural communities as incentive for rural economic development.
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First abortion prohibition bill filed, H533…
Would ban abortion from time of conception, with exceptions for ectopic pregnancy. 1/
Also includes exceptions if "pregnant female... has a life-threatening physical condition aggravated by, caused by, or arising from a pregnancy that
places the female at risk of death or poses a serious risk of substantial impairment of a major bodily function" 2/
"A person who violates ... subject to a civil penalty of not less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) for each violation." Class B1 felony, on par with rape, aggravated child molestation, 2nd degree murder. Usually punishable by 144 months in prison. 3/
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Presser by #NCGA Dems advocating for statewide non-discrimination legislation. "Equality for All" bill filed.…
Butler noting that "a teacher's voice can be their savior." Speaks to teachers re: working with professionalism. "Not for a moment do I believe that a teacher wants to out a child who has placed their trust in that teacher." #LGBTQIA
Notes that there are >1M same sex households in the U.S. as of the last census. #LGBTQIA #ncga
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Big crowd at the home of @NC_Governor for the bill signing for #medicaidexpansion Cooper acknowledges efforts of advocates for the past decade in pushing for the policy. Image
Senate leader @SenatorBerger speaking now, “we see this as an opportunity to chipping away at rules the limit access to care” #ncga Image
#nchouse Speaker Tim Moore says “this has been a long day in coming” touts #medicaid transformation that made the program #mco driven.
#ncga cites the money that will cone in to provide more services to #rural providers, will be a “generational change”
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This is classic Democrat blame shifting.

The problem of auto thefts & break-ins is not the auto makers.
It is the criminals and woke soft-on-crime policy that enables them.

#ncpol #ncga…
The recent spike in car thefts started as a #kiaboyz TikTok challenge that is evidently more viral anything @JeffJacksonNC has posted on that platform. #ncga #ncpol…
It’s a growing problem in our state.
#ncga #ncpol

Car dealership association requests government help after Mecklenburg County break-ins…
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Back at the NC Supreme Court today for round 2 of do-overs. Yesterday was gerrymandering; today is voter ID

The previous Democratic-majority ruled both unconstitutional last year but Republicans flipped the court in the midterm elections and are rehearing both cases #ncpol #ncga Image
Last year wasn’t the first time voter ID was ruled unconstitutional for intentional racial discrimination

GOP lawmakers said they addressed racial targeting issues in the new version—but Supreme Court ignored that/didn’t give them a fair hearing… #ncpol
Should note that, unlike yesterday, normal public access to the court is back. Doors were unlocked and they’re no longer telling people they have to be on a list to attend the hearing

On a related note, no protesters outside today #ncpol
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“I had originally voted for Medicaid Expansion in the #ncga because I care about healthcare access in rural and underserved communities across the state. Now having had more time to review the proposal and solicit feedback from my constituents… 1/ #ncpol 🧵 Image
I’ve found that this proposal will have the opposite effect in the long-run, and it is bad news for my district, our state, and our nation. The heavy hand of government is not able to supplant the free market approach to keeping health care affordable for all. 2/
I remain committed to ensuring quality healthcare access, and that’s why I urge my colleagues to join me in supporting the Save ACT and full repeal of CON. 3/
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Tomorrow the NC State Board of Education will vote on the attached request to the General Assembly to authorize and fund a merit pay and revised teacher licensure pilot program.

#nced #ncga #ncpol #PathwaysToExodus
The program would be implemented in “public-school districts of varying size and geographic diversity” in school year 2024-25 following a year of planning in 23-24.
The pilot would run five years after that initial planning year. Superintendent Truitt says they want 5-15 districts, depends on GA funding allocation.
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The NC Supreme Court, with its new GOP majority, is hearing arguments now in a lawsuit over voting rights for people with felony convictions. WATCH: #ncpol #ncga
Last year, people with felony convictions who were on probation or parole were able to vote for the first time. The courts struck down the ban on those people voting violated the state constitution. But the high court could undo that.
NCGA is pointing to their expert witness, who said the ban wasn't discriminatory. Justice Anita Earls, former civil rights attorney, says the trial court found the NCGA expert's testimony was entitled to "no weight" because it was fundamentally flawed.
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There are many reasons to oppose the #NCGA's latest bigoted attack on the LGBTQ community: #S49, aka the "Parents' Bill of Rights."

Here (imo) are the four biggest reasons to oppose this bill:

#nced #ncpol
1) The bill allows bad actors to tie up school district operations and resources by filing frivolous requests for information and/or objections to instructional materials.
There are no penalties for parents who file excessive or frivolous requests, making this process rife for abuse by disgruntled parents and opponents of public schools.
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Former NC Rep Mark Meadows is facing a state investigation for voter fraud. He's also front-and-center in the federal investigation of the Jan. 6 attack that revolved around his boss' false claims of, ironically, voter fraud @dani__battaglia reports #ncpol…
An interesting detail: Former #NCGA legislator/current US Rep. Greg Murphy promoted a similar "Independent State Legislature" argument (state legislatures being able to ignore the will of the people in presidential elections) that SCOTUS could soon legitimize via Moore v. Harper
Murphy's former colleagues in the #NCGA, who are asking SCOTUS to rule for "independent state legislature" theory, say they aren't asking for power to overturn presidential elections.

But many experts say that's exactly what it would do, I reported here:…
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Democrats and politics professors are talking about the 2022 election at progressive group @ForwardCarolina
event in downtown Raleigh. #ncpol
.@JessicaHolmesNC, former Wake County Commissioners Chair, said that parties aren't turning out anyone who doesn't already turn out. Wake and Meck turnout wasn't high.

Holmes touted #ncga Democratic wins in Wake, including @Bode4Senate and @friendsforbatch. #ncpol
Duke University professor Mac McCorkle said if Democrats don't expand beyond the cities, they'll be "sitting ducks for gerrymandering."
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Breaking: NC Supreme Court's Dem majority is forcing the Leandro fund transfer & sending it back to the trial court to determine the calculation.
Newby, Berger & Barringer dissent.…
#nced #ncpol #ncga Image
Berger's dissent reiterates the legislature, not the court, has the power of the purse.
He also notes "the majority takes it upon itself to resolve issues in this case without notice and in the face of this Court’s order to the contrary" Image
Oral argument were heard in August:…
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