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I'm sorry to my wonderful *PATIENT* followers. I've been working on art (@NightcafeStudio)in order to earn credits. So I'm forced publish my work on SM to earn extra credits. So I will immediately delete the spam, so sorry everyone. This is what I'm currently trying to work on😓
I keep entering their contests, but I constantly fail. No one really likes my artwork or even votes on the contests,I'm used to that. It just feels like on here, you all are ready to give me a chance and you don't hate my work. Thank you for understanding. This is my therapy🖤
Thank you for letting me grow as an advocate/artist. Love you #cpp community,so thankful for you beautiful selfless people who care with all ur hearts.Lost both parents to 2016 @CDCgov GL. #CPP community stepped up to help take care of me when I was inconsolable and unstable.
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@POTUS @FLOTUS @CDCgov @CDCDirector When will our painful, lonely, and cruel deaths MATTER TO YOU PEOPLE?! I had to take my father off life support the week before his 90th birthday 12-28. This is Danny&Gretchen's story… #Suicidedue2pain
This is Jessica's story, she just died 5 days ago. The @deahq wasted no time in suspending her dr's liscense. Jessica leaves behind her husband Tad and 2 children.…
My father was my best friend and a war hero. He died SCREAMING from a heart attack,because of uncontrolled pain from lack of care from the @DeptVetAffairs and his pain management dr. They were afraid to administer proper pain control bc of the 2016 @CDCgov guidelines. #PainKILLS
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We've lost too many in this insane '#opioid' war.
The sick & injured are spending the last years of their lives fighting, suffering, begging MDs & GOV for the medicines they need to mediate their pain.
They say taking our medicines away is to 'save' people.
No one is being saved.
Death due to #Untreatedpain or #Undertreatedpain is death by a thousand cuts.

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#DontPunishPain #ChronicPainSuicide #RealPainStories #PainStigma #PainKills #OpioidHysteria
I was denied opiates when I had crippling daily 10/10 pain [blacking out became common] due to my age
I was denied opiates when I had multiple dislocations because they don't want me to
get addicted to it
I was cut off from opiates after a botched surgery. my pain was still severe but I was told I should be healed by then [I wasn't, due to eds] so I don't get any more pain meds
I was denied opiates when my foot was broken in so many places it couldn't be counted
because when my doctor hurt his ankle he just took an ibuprofen [which is contraindicated in my case] and was fine
I was denied opiates when I had dislocated ribs because "thats impossible" so im just drug seeking
im constantly denied opiates when I explain the level of pain eds
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It took 8 yrs of showing up & advocating for pain pts in a myriad of ways. Of giving a megaphone to many of the 'important' ppl. It took a while, but I learned from some of the best.
@StefanKertesz @maiasz @OldHeadFighta @speakingabtpain @funchefchick @headdock @BethDarnall
Maybe these people's stories will matter somehow down the line.
Thank you @GeneW22614687 for highlighting the heinous results of the 'opioid crisis' response. Thanks to Dr. Kline for his sacrifices for the pain community. 💔
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This is our health care system in action:

This is the system with doctors and nurses and pharmacists, ‘caregivers’ all, who accuse us as being “drug-seeking” and “addicts”, when what we truly are is patients seeking relief from our chronic, degenerative, and terminal ....
...medical conditions, relief from the torturous physical pain, injurious isolation, the cognitive decline of severe pain and sleep deprivation, and terrible mental suffering.
This is the system with trained professionals who treat us like we’ve committed some sort of crime when we come seeking help.
Who misdiagnose us as having “OUD”, rather than genuine & terrible physical pain that impacts every aspect of our existence in complex & negative ways.
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Been saying for many yrs even decades that pain does kill. I felt very close 2 death just 5yrs ago when I couldn't lift my head, take noise, light etc. Went 2 dr + said if he can't help me I'd hv 2 call ambulance f/his office. He increased patch 12mcg 'n changed 4 better! 2/8
Fast forward to last mos. Hv had 1 crisis aftelr another 4 many yrs now. Most disturbing was my body runs away on me + am 99% crippled + bedbound. Nobody would listen + I didn't have co-pays 4 many needed tests! Cldn't get help f/anyone 4 many diff conditions + needed tests! 3/8
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I am angry tweeting and usually that is never good but I am angry. My heart is breaking for another mother who lost their child to pain. She had her entire life in front of her. Her entire life! For many years she struggled with #pancreatitis. She was 1/
not in an area where there were many #physicians aware of #pancreatitis. I provided the mother names of experts in the field but sadly they never followed up or called. I have often seen this. As a parent I would carry around my husband & kids genetic 🧬 results 2/
in order to ensue that physicians would listen to me. I’d provide them with the names or our specialists. A few times physicians listened many times they did not. So often my husband was questioned about his alcohol use relentlessly EVEN with the test results. It was a 3/
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1) okay, after reading through all of the amendments to the constitution, from what i can see, our 1st, 4th, and 5th constitutional rights are being trampled upon.
#1 The right to petition government for redress of our grievances; We have all written letters, called, and visited
2) our elected officials many of us multiple times due to this issue, and those communications, and in fact the entire issue has gone completely ignored.
#4 The right to be secure in our person against unreasonable search and seizures shall not be violated. Our rights under this
3) amendment are violated each and every time we are forced to submit to UDT’s without probable cause that we’ve committed any crime.
#5th No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process; We are deprived of life and liberty as disabled individuals
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Doctors are no longer a driving part of the #OpioidHysteria. They never really were. Why why why are we still getting these stories instead of what’s really going on? Alt facts much? How very Trumpian. News media needs to take a good look in the mirror & start facing the truth.
Define “overprescribing” please. 91 ppl per day die from overdoses: from what exactly? Which meds? Multiple meds or just Opioids? God I’m fucking tired of this whole bs narrative still going on.
How about the painful stories of vulnerable ppl -disabled-Veterans-elderly- being cut off from #opioids & committing suicide b/c their pain is so bad?? #SuicideDue2Pain #PainKills
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