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NO ONE w/ANY sense will ever accuse d #RacistRoyalFamily n the #RacistBritishMedia of allowing d truth 2 derail their agenda

Media's PR strategy 4 their RF partner is to use interest IN Prince Harry & Princess Meghan to generate interest in the yt royals in the UK 1/10
Remember the time the #RacistRoyalFamily and the #RacistBritishMedia used interest around #Spare to try to blame for the FACT that most ppl didn't know and no one cared that Kate's was having another birthday?
You do? Me too 2/10
Remember the time the #RacistRoyalFamily n the #RacistBritishMedia used interest around the release of the #HarryandMeghanNetflix ONE MINUTE TRAILER to blame for the FACT that no one was interested in Prince William & Kate Middleton's flop visit to the U.S.?
You do? Me too 3/10
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Many things are true at once! On #HarryandMeghanNetflix Harry said wearing the Nazi costume was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. He felt so ashamed afterwards and all he wanted to do was make it right. Which he did.
However, it's no secret that not only did William encourage Harry to buy and wear his costume, he delighted in the negative media attention that Harry received after. He wanted to sabotage Harry, whilst he got off scot-free with what he himself wore!
Whilst Harry publicly apologised for his choice of costume and took responsibility for it, William never apologised and received no backlash for HIS participation in the “Colonials and Natives” themed party and HIS choice of costume!
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I'm not particularly invested in #HarryandMegan but I find myself defending them often because of the other topics raised by people's responses to their story in which I am invested, such as misogyny, patriarchy, racism, classism & bullying. I shall thread at my leisure... 1/?
Disclaimer: When I say bullying, I don't mean "fun shade" like reading the Real Housewives', reacting to the big game, or silly gossip about pop culture. Celebs kind of sign up for that. I mean accounts that exist solely to rage Tweet over #MeganMarkle's every move. 2/?
I'm not part of #SussexSquad, haven't read Omid Scobie's book, listened to Archetypes, or watched all of #HarryandMeghanNetflix. I will, however, read Harry's book because I like memoirs & autobiographies. (I'm currently reading Bono's 'Surrender'. Highly recommended!) 3/? Image
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The final three episodes of #HarryandMeghanNetflix just dropped.

Here's my thread: Image
Harry and Meghan cut their wedding cake with a sword at their wedding reception in St. George's Hall at Windsor Castle:
#HarryandMeghanNetflix Image
Here's @idriselba in his role as DJ at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding:
#HarryandMeghanNetflix Image
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Just started #HarryandMeghanNetflix and am reminded that while they were falling in love, unhinged British women were posting conspiracy theories about why they had never met and Meghan was showing up to places Harry would be the stalk him. Hard to surmount that kind of crazy.
If I ever call you and tell you I’m going to be staying in a tent for ten days with a new boyfriend I am not in love. I have been kidnapped. Alert the authorities. #HarryandMeghanNetflix
Indeed their secrecy made it possible for that unhinged narrative to form, that it wasn’t real. Because some people needed for it not to be true. And they hated Meghan for existing and damaging their delusions that he could one day pick them. #HarryandMeghanNetflix
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Have Harry & Meghan ever actually hurt people in the UK?

Have they ever deprived poor kids of school meals? Cut people's benefits? Sent covid patients into care homes? Crashed the economy?

So why is there MORE hatred for them than the politicians who did?

Harry and Meghan are just celebrities.

Most people assume celebrities are spoiled asshole...
But nobody hates them for it.

So what is it about the first bi-racial couple in the Royal Family that makes them more hated than the MPs who are driving millions into poverty?
People have so many reasons to be angry right now... But we only have a limited amount of energy...

So ask yourself whether your anger is being directed at the wrong place... And if so... Why ?
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Heb de docu van Meghan en Harry gezien. Drie weggegooide uren van mijn leven, maar omdat ik een boek over koningshuizen in Europa schrijf, moest ik het natuurlijk bekijken... Een draadje over dit egodocument van deze twee celebs #HarryandMeghanNetflix
De serie is saai, eenzijdig en uitgewrongen. Het is een egodocument (daar is 100 miljoen euro aan rechten voor betaald? Ja 😂) waarin constant geswitcht wordt tussen tijden, momenten en situaties. Zeker in de eerste twee afleveringen is er niet echt een rode draad. Niet mooi.
De Meghan en Harry-serie is ook erg oppervlakkig. De echte Meghan leer je niet kennen; hetzelfde geldt voor Harry (maar dat is nog enigszins logisch gezien zijn achtergrond). Het is één grote 'kijk ons eens goede mensen zijn'-show. Daar prik je zo doorheen...
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The thing about #HarryandMeghanNetflix outing how the media works with the royal family is that it’s similar to how some of our media works with certain favored politicians.

Whole narratives of hate and worship are crafted via access agreements.
Racism and misogyny are fed to the audience by the mostly white gatekeepers. It’s really the same story in countries that were also easily manipulated around 2016 by social media interference and deliberate division.
Can’t help noticing how certain people who were outraged by President Obama wearing a tan suit (his “scandal”) have counterparts in U.K. who are outraged by Meghan Markle wearing white and beige.

If this is what outrages you, it’s time to step away.
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Ok. I’ve done all three. (Watching at 1.5x speed is very helpful). #HarryandMeghan
So where to start …?
Essentially, this is a story of so much promise that ended in acrimony and sadness. With family breakdowns on both sides (Harry and Meghan’s). It’s a pretty sad situation all round
Harry and Meghan - along with friends, family and supportive colleagues - make the case that the breakdown can be blamed on:
1. tabloid press
2. the inability of the Monarchy and a country built on the riches of Empire, to adapt to Meghan’s arrival in the UK
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🔺 LIVE: Welcome to The Times’s live coverage of Harry and Meghan’s highly anticipated Netflix documentary.

Follow the latest news and reactions here:…
Netflix’s documentary opens with a declaration by the Duke of Sussex that “this is a great love story”, which he adds “is only getting started” #HarryandMeghanNetflix…
Setting out an explanation for why they are partaking in the show, he centres attention on the media, saying: “This is about duty and service and I feel being part of this family, it is my duty to uncover this exploitation and bribery that happens within our media.”
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