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Resources to study #Neurology

Adams and Victor’s. By far my favourite textbook.
The book is more clinically oriented, coloured with anecdotes and mental models. Reading it feels like seeing a pt in the ward/OPD

#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
It has elements of philosophy, history and is written eloquently.
Whimsical, yet profound, it’s teachings stay with me. Added bonus, my Guru in Neurology finds mention in the text 🙃 I’d recommend this for #mbbs #md and #dm students
Bradley is the standard #textbook in #neurology. A great book, it’s more like #Harrison. Great for information, latest research and management. Essential for the DM #neurology candidate, but also useful for MD #internalmedicine
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UK paediatricians, do you still use standardised salbutamol discharge weaning plans? Did you ever? If you successfully stopped, can you share how you convinced local consultants? (Please don't tell me WHY we should get rid of them, I'm fully on board) #Paediatrics #respiratory
@wheezylikesund1 @bigcatdoc @TessaRDavis @kls_kat @DrNickTwit @DrLou83 @LondonPaedResp (please tag anyone else in who you think can help)
Everyone asking for the why I promise I will write an explanatory thread after I put the kids to bed.
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I'll be adding short important points which would hopefully help in remembering certain concepts during #PLAB preparation, to this thread🧵every now and then as I take them out from my scattered notes. Feel free to comment your tips and tricks which would help others, as well 👇
Please don't take any of these as medical advice 😂🙏. Real life stuff is much more nuanced. These are just clinchers for the sake of the exam.
1. Drug contraindications...
-Avoid BAN drugs in Asthma (Beta blockers, aspirin, NSAIDS) &
-DAMN drugs in diarrhoea (Diuretics, ACEIs, Metformin, NSAIDs)
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🧵1. #IPERN officially launched on #StPatricksDay 2021 so it's our 1st birthday today!🎂🚑☘ It's been quite a year - we've hosted 10 events featuring 49 speakers (31% International 🌍 65% Female 🚺). Presented at 3 conferences, secured 3 grants and launched 5 SIG! #IrishEMS
2. How it all began… we announced ourselves to the Twitter world on Feb 1st '21. In Ireland this is traditionally the start of Spring (#Imbolc) so a time for new beginnings. It’s also St. Brigid‘s Day our matron saint who Is renowned as a healer #IrishEMS
3. Our official #IPERN launch on #StPatricksDay 2021 featured a fantastic array of Irish researchers presenting "elevator pitches" of their work and also included best wishes from international friends & colleagues! #IrishEMS
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Should #children be vaccinated against #COVID19?

Our review outlines the points to consider in weighing up whether all healthy children under 12y should be vaccinated against COVID-19.

#medpeds #IDTwitter #PaedsID #tweetiatrician #paediatrics

🧵1/n Image
As specialists in paediatric #InfectiousDiseases and #Vaccinology, we recognise enormous benefits of and strongly support child vaccination programmes

@Dr_Petzi @PittetLaure @adamhfinn @ajpollard1 @nigeltwitt

@unifr @unige_en @BristolUni @OxfordVacGroup @MCRI_for_kids @UniMelb
Our review highlights that the balance of risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccination in children is more complex than in adults as the relative harms from vaccination and disease are less well established in this age group.

@ASIDANZ @ESPIDsociety @WSPID @PIDSociety @DFTBubbles
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We reviewed 14 studies of persisting symptoms following #COVID19 in #children & #adolescents

Most had major limitations and should be interpreted with caution.

True risk is likely to be nearer 1 in 100 than often quoted 1 in 7.

#medpeds #IDTwitter

(Long) 🧵1/n
The 14 studies involved 19,426 children & adolescents.

Common persistent symptoms reported 4-12 weeks after acute #COVID19 were:

•sleep disturbance
•concentration difficulties
•abdominal pain.

Symptoms rarely lasted more than 12 weeks.
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To reassure parents, a reminder of some key facts about #COVID in #children:
#SARSCoV2 infection remains asymptomatic or mild in the vast majority of children, even with the #DeltaVariant. Hospitalisation and deaths from COVID are still rare in this age group.

1/n 🧵
However, the greater transmissibility of the Delta variant means there is more COVID in *all* age groups, including children, so we will see more paediatric cases.
As a large number of older people are now vaccinated, the increase is blunted in the elderly so, compared with earlier in the pandemic, a higher *proportion* of current cases will be in children: this can give the mistaken impression that the Delta variant is targeting children.
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@sepidgar2 Philanthropic endeavours - a great disguise for terrible crimes

As is the #CrimesAgainstHumanity currently committed under the disguise of “sustainability “
@sepidgar2 Including funnelling children into abusive social care system via increasing false accusations of factitious induced illness & medically unexplained symptoms ,under the guise of “parity for mental health “ & “sustainability” of private NHS joint providers of health & social care
@sepidgar2 Including negative affects of geo engineering on the natural world & #climate
Seeding oceans, stratospheric aerosols , blocking the sun with dust, to “save the planet from climate change”
As we “save the NHS” through #MUSviolationsHour of the chronically ill & vaccine injured
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Delighted to report our paper examining the ‘missing’ children from hospitals during the first COVID-19 UK lockdown has just been published in @EurJPediatrics
Explanatory thread below:
1/ We were interested in discovering which children were ‘missing’ from hospital services as the first lockdown started. We analysed anonymised records of patients <16yrs in 2 Oxfordshire (UK) hospitals, providing secondary & tertiary care.
2/ We looked across 6 years: in 2020 prior to, during and after lockdown & 2015-2019 across matched dates including the same number of weekdays/weekends. ICD10 codes gave us the diagnoses of inpatients across all 6 years to assess ‘missing’ diagnoses during lockdown.
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A thread on the Assessment of Need: the statutory process by which children whose parents have concerns about potential disability can be assessed.

The process has recently been changed by the HSE in a manner that is frankly appalling.

Explanation: (1/n)
Parents might apply for AoN for a child due to concerns about development- in my clinic, the commonest reason is queried autism.

Previously, the AoN involved a team (usually physio, OT, SLT, psychology) assessing a child to get insight into the nature of their difficulties (2/n)
The team conducted a series of assessments, usually taking several hours each, and produced a report giving a detailed analysis of how a child is doing, what the causes of their difficulties might be, suggesting a diagnosis if appropriate, and giving advice on next steps (3/n)
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THREAD: I hope this mistake can be used as an opportunity to learn why this kind of language is bad.

The Minister isn't the only person to say things like this- I've even heard parents of kids with autism refer to other children as "normal" & have had to rearrange my face. (1/n)
The hard thing for those of us working in/ living with disability is that this is a mistake we'd NEVER make.

For others (who don't live and breathe disability), saying "normal children" is probably a slip of the tongue- not a betrayal of them secretly being awful people. (2/n)
Given her portfolio this is a bad gaffe for the Minister which has upset people. Rather than piling on, it would be better to use this as a rare opportunity for other people to learn why language matters so deeply in disability and why this kind of thing is so wounding. (3/n)
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"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" (John Lydon)

The publication of this letter & the nature of its correction raises questions about the reliability of the academic record.

@llantwit @FFLMUK @RCPath @AAPTTweets @mike4path @Richard56 @JJPJ #autopsy


When the letter by Won Sriwijitalai & Viroj Wiwanitkit was published in #JFLM, fact-checking journalists @SureAndShare in Thailand shared their concerns about it on @Twitter & @Facebook.

@SureAndShare were concerned that they were unable to verify who the 1st author was (or where they worked), or the death of a #forensic #medical professional from #COVID19. They cautioned against sharing the story.

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