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Welcome to day 2 of the 5th World Chatbots & Voice Summit, hosted the the beautiful city of #Berlin

I'll be keeping this thread going to cover all the presentations and learnings of the day.

As co-chair, I'll be looking after the chatbot track, today.

First up, Alin from @SapienceS2P

Talking about how to deliver value and a competitive edge through customised chatbot solutions

SapienceS2P is an #SAP procurement consultancy Image
Taking us through their #procurement chatbot, Sapience Satori, which can integrate with #ChatGPT, most SAP APIs and also communication channels - #teams #slack #whatsapp
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COVID had an unquestionable impact on information work. In our new TOCHI paper, we explore how #COVID19 affected information workers' practices for managing personal and work-related task information across the work-life boundary.

(Spoiler: They've changed a good bit!)

We conducted a repeated online survey during Summer 2019 and 2020 with information workers at Microsoft. Our study aims to provide context into how and when managing two types of task information -- personal and work-related.
In general, we report a number of findings that describe new opportunities for interdisciplinary #HCI, whether they be system-driven, theory-driven, or somewhere in between.
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The MB #EQS with its #Hyperscreen has really decent info distribution & #IA, but the touch targets are too small and the capacitive steering wheel buttons require lots of visual, manual, and cognitive load to operate! #humanfactors #UX #IxD
The charging #UI is also very well-designed, but again... input could be better. There are better ways to input time.
And reachability sucks, which doesn't come as a surprise. BMW seems to have tried to mitigate similar reachability issues by shifting menus left toward the driver (basically pogosticking), but that inhibits overview and adds cog load instead.
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Hello #HumanFactors, #HCI and #EngineerinPsychologiy Bubble, also keen for the first international in-presence conference since 2019?
Yes, HFES Europe will take place in Turin, Italy April 20-22, 2022!
'Early-bird' fee of 370€ still till 20.3.!
Who will be joining HFES Europe in Turin (April 20-22, 2022)?
I would really love to meet some of you researchers for a primi-secondi-dolci outdoor dinner or an ice cream safari.
Anyone up for it?
Drop me a line! :-)
Of course I am particularly looking forward to the closing ceremony of the conference!
Who will win the @HFES Europe Early Career Award 2022? Tension is hardly bearable.
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Some tips for grad students seeking computing research internships... 🧵
Have a professional webpage. This might be hosted at your university, on github, etc. This is different than LinkedIn (which you should also have). Link to all your publications, videos, and other research artifacts. Link to your must current CV.
Apply to the official application. After you've officially applied, it is OK for you or your advisor to send a short email to a couple of specific researchers you'd most like to work with. Briefly explain your interests. This email should link to your webpage and attach your CV.
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1/6 Dear Colleagues from Computer Science, HCI & Artificial Intelligence, let me present a preprint with my colleague @shihonghuang . "Emotionally-Informed Decisions: Bringing Gut's Feelings into Self-adaptive and Co-adaptive Software Systems" at #emotions
2/6 My software engineer colleague @shihonghuang and I reflected on the enormous parallelisms between the cognitive aids that are software systems and human cognition, in particular decision-making and emotion. It led us to conceptualize a software system with gut's feeling. Even as software systems are rapidly gaining skills that bea
3/6 In a section aimed at Computer Scientists, we reviewed the neurobiological and behavioral basis of #DecisionMaking. We examined factors that affect it, in particular uncertainty, risk, time and emotion. intention, planning, valuation, choice, response selection,
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*and if you think your research is unrelated DON'T WORRY I'LL EXPLAIN WHY YOU'RE WRONG SOON ENOUGH
Hey #HCI, #AssistiveTech, #DisabilityTech researchers, there are facilities which use wearable devices to electrocute disabled patients.

Would really love a statement condemning the JRC from my @acmtaccess community right now.
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Frontiers in Human Robot Interaction Research, as imagined by me, a disabled researcher who's tired of your shit. 🧵
1) A socially assistive robot for autistic people but instead of "correcting" autistic "social deficits" it absolutely roasts other people about their own ableism.
2) A reconfigured amazon alexa that mounts to a power chair that yells at people when they do something rude. "Do not touch!", "Talk to me, not my PCA.", "Bark Bark!", "*cicada noises*"
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How can adaptive interfaces and #HCI benefit from #AI and reinforcement learning?
🧵 A thread on our #CHI2021 paper w. @gilles_bailly @luileito @oulasvirta
🌐 Project page:
🎥 Watch the video:
👇👇 @AaltoResearch @sig_chi @sigchi
The secret sauce is to make decisions via #planning 🧠 Remember how AlphaGo by @DeepMind could plan moves and consistently win at Go? Turns out you can use similar #RL methods for HCI applications too📱💻
One such promising case is where UIs #adapt automatically to users 🔄 But what does a "win" even mean here? How could the system tell whether the decisions it is making are actually good?🤔
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Our #AdaLovelaceDay became a #Adaweek2020 which starts today with this exciting plenary with Jingyi Li (, Gabriella Johnson (, Constanza Piña Pardo (, and Ari Melenciano (! 1/7
Please register at:…

Join us on the livestream today at 3PM (CST):

Check all speakers at: 2/7
Our opening speakers in a nutshell:
1. Jingyi Li (@jingyitweets, is #HCI PhD student working on creativity support tools or fabrication at @stanfordhci, where they are advised by @dSeanMustard and @magrawala, you can hear them at 3PM (CST) today! 3/7
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Still struggling to get everything in my online courses to work, but today I also fiddled with long neglected research. I'm coding articles for a project on language of gender and transness in research on gender and facial recognition. (With @MaryAnnSaundrs & @LailaMFerreira.) 1/
And I bring you this thought: "Since an ethnic group or ethnicity is a category of people who identify with each other based on common ancestral, social, cultural or national experience, many possible ethnicity classes can be identified. . ."
". . . To simplify the problem, it is recommended that the maximum amount is less than 10."


It's too complicated to have more than 9 ethnicities in this world. "It is recommended" that there are no more than 9. 3/

#MachineLearning #Algorithms #FacialRecognition #HCI
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1/n #Thread on excerpts from an #essay "A #group is its own worst enemy" by Clay #Shirky ( #Social #software)

Original article can be found here -…

2/ hardly anybody really studies how to #design #software for human-to-human interaction.

so many of them just throw things together and allow themselves to be surprised by the social interactions that develop around their software.
3/ As soon as the Internet happened, s/w stopped being solely about computer-to-human interaction and started being about human-to-human interaction. We had new applications like the Web, email, IM and forums, all of which were abt humans communicating with 1 another through s/w.
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Time for another series on recent #HCI papers from @ijhcs_journal. One a day for.. a while. ⤵️
Where do we want tech in relation to our bodies? and how close is too close for our tech relationships?

Emotions toward cognitive enhancement technologies and the body – Attitudes and willingness to use
by @BekRousi & Renko…

@it_jyu @uniofjyvaskyla Fig. 1. Cognitive enhancement technologies referred to in th
Working with #autistic people as technology designers:

Perseverations of the Academy: a survey of wearable technologies applied to autism intervention
by @starfeuri & @DrJuanGilbert…

They say: One of the authors is #ActuallyAutistic #AutisticAcademic A screenshot of the 3 main highlights from the paper, availa
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I'm obsessed with #HCI research that involves the Wii—yes, the 2006 Nintendo game console!

There are thousands of papers that used the Wii in novel, sometimes weird, research applications & I've been digging through a few of them so here's a thread!… CiteSeer search results sho...Photo of the Wii
First up is (by my estimate) the most famous use of Wii hardware by an HCI researcher—@JohnnyChungLee's 3 Wii projects:
- a VR head tracking system
- turning any table into an interactive whiteboard
- a finger tracking system

This is all from 2007!
Johnny Lee (et al.) later published “Foldable Interactive Displays”(2008) allowing the Wii to track arbitrary surfaces using real-time projection mapping

e.g. The GIF below is just a big folded piece of paper!

YouTube link:…
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What is Situational Usability Testing? The Usability Testing carried out under different situations. Under Stressful conditions, our mind and body react differently. Fingers turn sweaty. Touch screen can't recognise sweaty, dirty, food granule sticking to finger touches.
another example of booking Uber Taxi. The Situation influences our Behaviour that influences our Actions. Visualize these three situations while booking Uber Taxi. It is raining heavily, the person is half drenched and he is trying to book the taxi. An employee is engaging in a
sales conversation with his clients standing near the lift trying to book Uber at the same time to take them for a site visit. A person booking Uber from the comfort of his home sitting on his bed.
Let's take an example from Healthcare. Product Features can be
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Let me tell you about the time I rage quit a tech study because it was #toorapey

we're going to call this the rapey noise study™

what's the rapey noise study™, you ask? great question!

it's a (not good) study about interacting with a computer using your brain by focusing on a noise while other noises are playing.... [look ma, no hands!...]

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Most of the apps and websites are card based these days. They shows a listing. This listing have cards vertically arranges one after another. The content on those card is fixed. Only the most important content is visible. What if we can customise the content?
Suppose I am searching a new House and specifically looking for Dimension. Or I am searching for Mobile and specifically looking for Camera resolution. Suppose I am looking for Restaurants and specifically looking for Distance. I don't want to dig down tapping! Is it possible to
pin the content that appear henceforth on the cards right on the listing page as we open the app. #UX #interactiondesign #Interactions #InformationArchitecture #IA #design #UI #UIDesign #HCD #retail #Digital #ecommerce #apps #productdesign #HCI
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Why can't we just shout out loud to #TV to switch #channel? Just the way we instruct #alexa and it listen, even when playing music. And we can give option to turn On / Off Shout out loud feature. Feel like a monkey with remote in friend's house. #Inclusive #Design #UX #tatasky
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The only thing that will motivate people to #adapt newer #apps in already populated app #market is by declaring a Product Mature when it runs out of Visual Space that means ignoring dropdown menus & drawers completely. #UX #Trend #VisualCommunication #Design #DesignTrend #Product
Calling a Product Mature, gives it an identity. The age have passed, when learning a new software is considered a skill & achievement, integrated softwares are the necessary bridge to accomplish the task. Smaller #Visual Centric #Applications #Integrated in a #Pipeline are
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1/ If you have a heart attack and I jump in to your car to take you to hospital but fail to figure out basics due to overwhelming IoT gadget and unfamiliar app, it could cost your life. Popular Pattern, Legacy Pattern, Onboarding Load, Cognitive Load, Redroute, Learnability,
2/ Perpetual Load, Situational Usability Testing, HMI, HCI, Interactive Controls, Interaction Design. Situational Data Analytics. #userexperience #usabilitytesting #Usability #accessibility #iot #onboarding #familiarity #Cognitive #perpetual #app #hmi #HCI #design #designer
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In the age of #IoT Devices & #HCI #Applications mounted on the device, keeping Low #Onboarding & Low #Learnability is a necessity. Maintaining Popular #Patterns & Domain specific Legacy Patterns is important for #familiarity. It's also important to define different level of #Bulk
and associate the current state of Tool with the Bulk Level. So that tools can be measured on #fatigue and #cognitive load due to complexity. #Usability Testing and #Ethnographic Study playing a mainstream role for Products to survive in the #market & decision making in
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