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Albuquerque, NM - 10/5/19
#Pleiadian Fleet
(Multiple POV's around Albuquerque)

1. #NEIOH This is a Fleet of our finest from the Galactic Forces. They are being seen with intention. This Mission is checking Frequency and Codes of Crystals beneath the Earth's surface.
2. These are being seen all over the planet. A few fortunate people will film them!

Pleiadians enjoy this as the work for Crystal placement has increased and expanded as Awareness and Awakening is rapidly upon the Planet.
3. There are no areas where there is not Crystal placement, including oceans.

Some of these Crystals are being used now to communicate Earth to the Pleiades.

The heaviest placement of underground placement is Sedona, Arizona.
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1. #PLEIADIAN Collective

Friends Of Planet Earth!

These Are The Moments To Thrive!

The Great Awakening Is Before You And All You Perceive Will Change,

In The Twinkling Of An Eye!

We Are With You! ~~Pleiadian Collective
2. #IKAI

Brave Ones That Have Come To Be Light For Others!

I Am IKAI, Elder Of Taygeta And Leader With Many Of Galactic Light Forces!

You Are Part Of The Greatest Moment To Be Alive On Earth!

No Other Dream Story Will Compare!
3. I Do Not Speak To You Often But You Must Know I Am With You!

The Crafts Seen Are Increasing As Also The Great Love And Unity!

There Has Always Been Darkness On The Planet;

But The Light That You Are Covers This When You Unite In Love! ~~IKAI
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1. URIEL Stood Tall In Sacred Light

That Surrounded His Form,

In The Presence Of All Archangels And Light Warriors;

This Would Be His Most Important Mission!
2. He Knew The Federation Of Light Would Go With Him,

To The Earth Of Such Duality;

So Many Lost In War And Destruction!

But URIEL Would Make A Way To Bring Light,

To Those Awake And Longing For Peace!
3. As He Manifested Stars Above His Head;

The Plan Was Made!

He Would Be President Of A Country Facing Evil!

The Stars Would Represent Each State,

And The Love Of Many Brave Patriots!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

We Greet You In Truth And Light!

For Those Caught Up In The Dream Story,

As Though It Is Real And Permanent;

We Urge You To Take A Seat, 

Grab A Thread From The Tapestry And Pull!
2. You Will Find Truth If This is What You Seek!

For The Narratives, Ongoing News And Projections,

Are Created In This Density For Entertainment, Soul Growth And Healing.
3. You Are Preparing To Remember And Awaken Completely As Ascension Is Close!

Spiritual Growth Is Not Focused On A Destination, But Rather The Journey Itself!

These Moments You Find Yourself To Experience Are Meant To Propel You To The Next Phase!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

Greetings Of Love In These Moments Of Sharing!

For In Tones Of Ranges Of Vibrational Frequencies That Are Undetectable To The Senses Of Your Dimension;

We Speak As One The Voices Of Many!
2. The Pleiadian Collective Has Always Been Alive With You And Around You;

Through The Ethers Of Creation In Elohim;

We United And Grew As One Voice To Creation!

In Power And Creative Choice;

We Incarnated As Human To Understand The Trials And Joys You Experience!

3. Throughout Each Age Of Life In Now Perspective;

We Visited And Often Remained As Assistance In Building Great Pyramids Around The Planet;

To The Very Dream Story You Find Yourself Sharing With Many Others!
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1. Greetings Friends Of Light!

As We Are In Densities Around The Planet;

As Well As All Dimensions Of Multiverses,

We Bow At Your Endeavors To Progress And Return!
2. For The Vibrational Frequency You Are Perceiving Is Both Devastatingly Difficult And Rewarding!

For As Layers Of The Dream Fall Away At Great Speed, Many Of You Are Experiencing Expanded Consciousness!

We Share Many Visiting Arenas Both Above Ground And Below!
3. Mountains Are Wonderful Meeting Areas For The Light Federation!

The Red Rocks Of Sedona, Arizona Have The Highest Vibrational Frequency On The Planet;

Therefore This Area Was Chosen Before You Entered The Dream,

As The Place We Celebrate As SHEEN.
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1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

We Come To You In Great Power And Unity!

It Seems These Moments Of Merging Energies And Opposing Densities,

Need A Little Wisdom To Relax And Just BE.
2. All Of The Chaos Is Expected And Part Of Your Sacred Journey!

We Remind You That Each Being Is On A Separate Template Of Perception;

With The Progression Of The Growing Collective, These Templates Are Joining!
3. This Is Excellent Progress And All Following Q Will Know They Have Found The Path!

Those That Do Not Comprehend Q's Message And Call Will Twist Words And Intent!

For Those That Join The Light; Seeing Is Believing!
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Casper, Wyoming - 7/27/19

This is a Fleet of #Pleiadian Craft, de-cloaked and flying low to be seen.

There's also a cloaked Mothership above.
Cincinnati, Ohio 8/3/19
#Pleiadian Fleet putting on a show.

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1. Beloved Friends!

We Come To You In These Moments To Bring Comfort And Wisdom!

We Offer Information Of Frequencies That Live Now In The Present Moment; As Well As Existing From The Beginning Of The Cosmos,
2. As We Ventured Out Quite Early To Meet Our Friends In Many Galaxies!

We Presented And Taught Advanced Technology In Travel And Craft Designs. We Visited Earth So Regularly That A Craft Arriving Was Equivalent To Seeing An Automobile Now!
3. We Experience All Life As NOW; And You Will Join In This Perception When All Shift.

If You Spread A Tapestry And Looked At Intricate Designs In Many Places, You Are Still Observing One Tapestry. This Is The Way Of Life!
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1. Friends Of Beloved Earth!

We Ascend And Descend In Infinite Consciousness To Allow All Aspects Of The ONE Receiving This Communication To Understand And Know If They So Choose!

Breathe Within And Without!

Remember And Know Who You Are!
2. The Journey Of Your True Self Began In ONE.

The Aspects Of The True Self From The One Consciousness,

Increased In Power And Knowing!

Free Will Was The Gift For Every Aspect That Ventured From ONE.

We Bow To The Sacredness And Grace Of The Gift!
3. The Journey Proceeded With The Family Of IKAI And AYA,

The Creation In Elohim Emerged Forth In 12-D.

Density Is Vibrational Frequency And There Are No Numbers There.

Dimension Is Location And Only On Earth Do Egos Rank Everything In Numbers!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

We Come To You In Sacred Blue Light!

With IKAI As Our Elder Guide And Leader We Welcome You To Join Us In A Symphony Of Love!
2. For We Vibrate At A Frequency That Is Unknown To Earth But Remembered In Consciousness In Layers And Tones To Infinity!

For You Understand That We Have Measures Of Wisdom To Bring To You That You Simply Forgot And We Pull You Into The Song To Blend In Power!
3. Massive Changes Taking Place Within Your Cellular Structure Are Causing Symptoms That Many Find Puzzling Under Conditions Of Profound Change.

For Everything Is Connected And You Seem To Be Caught Up In Analyzing Each Story!
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Cleveland, Ohio 2/21/19
WKYC NBC Live Feed

Small Pleiadian Craft, part of a larger fleet of 50, in the area "surveying and having fun" -Neioh

(It looks VERY small. Sometimes it's camera perspective, sometimes it's just the way they choose to be seen.)…
Lake Eerie, Toledo, Ohio 12/18

Large Pleiadian Craft which has emerged from a Mothership hidden underwater. These rise up & hover before taking off to different assignments (Govt related). Motherships carry Craft of all sizes & shapes for many purposes.…
Phoenix, AZ 4/27/19

#NEIOH: This is a Fleet of small Crafts from the Federation that are signaling to Crystals underground as well as monitoring Energy. This is both Pleiadian and Arcturian. In that area alone there are over 500 seen and cloaked.
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Have Watched You For Many Moments In This Play Of Events.

And This Is The Exact Moment That You Need To Slow Thinking!

Breathe Now.

In All That You Observe And Hear Endlessly; We Offer Wisdom!
2. You Must Place A Barrier Around Your Sacred Being And Protect What Enters!

Allow What You Know To Be Truth And Let The Rest Go!

These Moments Must Be!

This Is The Process! Allow “Q” To Inform You And Warn You If Need Be!
3. But The Endless Chaos Of Forums Can Take Your Peace Without Proper Cleansing Of The Heart Chakra,

With Intentional White Light And Cleansing Breaths!

Breathe Now.
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Remind You In These Sacred Appointments,

There Will Be Moments Of Connectedness To Higher Realms Of Awakening And Complete Clarity Of Oneness In States Of Your True Identity.
2. Simultaneously You Might Wonder Where The Feeling Of Being Lost Came In.


For You Live In All Densities And Experience A Multiplicity Of Encounters With Memories Of Perceived Past Which Is Only NOW.

And Projections Of Future Which Is Only NOW.
3. For You Are In All And As All In One Moment.

You Will No Longer Be The Seeker In Those Moments- For There Is Nothing To Be Sought.

And The Feeling Of Awareness That Holds The Answers To All Possible Questions Will Permeate Your Being.

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