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We begin our webinar with Co-Chair of the Uluru Dialogue Leadership Group & Chairperson of the Lowitja Institute Pat Anderson AO. Aunty Pat begins by emphasising the "gift" of the Uluru Statement to the Australian people. #UluruStatement #IndigenousX #auspol #auslaw #NAIDOC2020
Aunty Pat details the long history of reports on constitutional reform over the past decade. Importantly however Indigenous people had not been consoled directly. This was the importance of the Referendum Council #UluruStatement #IndigenousX #auspol #auslaw #NAIDOC2020
Aunty Pat emphasises that this webinar series is about sharing the message of the Uluru Statement and detailing the importance of the sequenced reforms of Voice, Treaty and Truth #UluruStatement #IndigenousX #auspol #auslaw #NAIDOC2020
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In my hosting of #IndigenousX over the past few days, I’ve tackled some really hard issues.

Here we go again: what do mob think about the concept of being called a ‘race traitor’, ‘coconut’ or ‘Uncle Tom’? An event is coming up discussing this #BlackfullaTwitter
To me, it’s about putting your individual needs above the needs of the collective. Which is obviously a tension in collectivist cultures. The needs of the group need to come first - I think about my responsibilities to family, mob & Aboriginal ppl in general in everything I do.
And I don’t claim to represent all Aboriginal peoples. That’s something that really drives me wild about ‘Aboriginal leadership’ as it’s framed in a Western context. A single family person can’t speak for their entire race. Just like Pauline Hanson doesnt speak for all white ppl
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THREAD: Extremely grateful to be at this @Change_Record event today hearing from MPs, experts and an extraordinary Aboriginal woman Jess about her experience of incarceration #aisles #indigenousX #prison
Jess was made a ward of the state as a child, dad had schitziphrenia, mother had addiction issues, and Jess described “finding acceptance in all the wrong people and they made me feel safe”
“Everyone I trusted hurt me. Everyone in the system who should protect kids didn’t. The label the police give you is like you’re an animal.”
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Gonna share of my favourite IndigenousX articles from 2018, starting with: 10 questions I get from non-Indigenous students | IndigenousX via @AmyThunig
This is part one of a beautiful and personal 5 part story from @tanlewis1. All the following articles are linked together.…
#Kooriculum: Beyond Terra Nullius | IndigenousX via @drchris_maths - a genius mathematicians who is out there fighting the good fight on getting Indigenous mathematics recognised and understood, and included in classrooms.
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Janine Mohamed about to present at #HOSW8 on the role of the health sector in truth telling for healing - here is an article Janine write for #IndigenousX explaining the importance of cultural safety:… Image
The health system has an important role to play in truth telling and acknowledging its role in enforcing many racist policies and practices against Indigenous ppl, from lock hospitals, to the Stolen Generations, to exclusion and experimentation. #HOSW8
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#IndigenousX rockstar @LukeLPearson getting ready for his session at #NATSIEC2018 Image
@LukeLPearson 's #NATSIEC2018 session is #IndigenousX Celebrating and advocating for Indigenous strength and diversity. But (arm) rolling icebreaker
Luke debunking the myth of 'western' knowledge being the origin of science and invention. And the racism/bias behind recent attacks on non white knowledge systems. There are many ways of thinking and educating. Truth telling at #NATSIEC2018
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Love all the laughter in the room for day two #NATSIEC2018 keynote. Nobody makes maths as fun as Dr Chris Matthews from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Association. #IndigenousX in STEM 💪🏾
Dr Chris is teaching the teachers at #NATSIEC2018 in his keynote: culturally responsive pedagogical approaches to STEM that embrace Indigenous student identity.
Dr Chris introduced his Goompi model to #NATSIEC2018 delegates...and now we have math problems to solve. Wish math was this fun when I went to school! ImageImage
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White supremacist slogan loses motion in senate: 31 - 28.

28 actual Australian senators who thought it a good idea to pass a motion saying ‘It’s ok to be white’ and denounce ‘anti-white racism’.

Just another day here in the colony...…
Hard pressed finding a politician in Australia who’ll even admit racism exists, but when it’s this nonsensical ‘anti-white racism’ suddenly you’ve got 28 of them lining up around the block to decry it...
And that list of 28 includes Nigel Scullion, minister for Indigenous Affairs, who consistently refuses to openly acknowledge that racism against Aboriginal ppl is a problem in Australia but apparently is super concerned about the rise of ‘anti-white’ racism... ffs.
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For wild women and rebel girls, sometimes resistance is about saying 'no.' It's about choosing your own priorities. Not letting anyone put you in the corner, lock you up, or force you to give up your dreams. Its daring to live your best #IndigenousX life.…
One of my #BecauseOfHerWeCan stories has to be about my maternal grandmother, and other strong #Martu women. My nana Molly (Craig) Kelly didn't lead a rebellion. She wasn't a resistance fighter. But she did resist. Plenty of times, until the authorities let her live life her way.
At the age of 14, Molly was forcibly removed from her family and community. Just because she was of mixed heritage, in an era when the gov & church was attempting to force Aboriginal children such as herself to assimilate into white society via institutionalisation and servitude.
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My article on Wild Women and Rebel Girls (on #IndigenousX today) also featured Daisy Bindi (Mumaring) A Nyangumartu women, she helped lead Australia's longest strike. Daisy could out-ride the men, and out-talk the authorities.… #Martu #BecauseOfHerWeCan
Concerned about police violence and lack of worker rights for Aboriginal people on whiteman stations, Daisy and other Martu led 500 men, women and children off the stations. Such a loss of underappreciated labourers brought the stations to their knees.…
Daisy Bindi was a leading force in this protest, and with her help, the movement spread across the Pilbara - to the coast and inland. Three years later, having lost 800 Aboriginal labourers, the stations and government gave in - more rights were achieved.…
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I wrote this piece for #IndigenousX today. After a quick online research for wild black women and rebel girls, I could have written at least one book. It was difficult picking just a few #BecauseOfHerWeCan stories.…
I started this article with Tarenorerer (Tasmania, 1800 - 1831). Julie Dowling captured the spirit of this daring young woman in the portrait Walyer >…
Badimia woman and highly acclaimed artist, Julie Dowling's portraits often feature strong black women - mothers, aunties, nanas, sistas. see some of her work here >…
And listen to an interview about her Picture the Women exhibition >…
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