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I love how Noel Pearson said Dutton wants to bury Uluru, but the problem is now it’s “alive”. Growing up my mob didn’t see trees and mountains as things that were “alive”. Took me a long time to learn and see and feel that. But he’s right, Uluru and the words have come to life.🧵
And I’ve not seen something that beautiful in my lifetime. On such a grand scale. Normally, it gets corrupted along the way. I’m glad I can see its’ raw and fresh beauty now and pure intentions. I can see the “No” scare campaign attempting to shut it down… But it’s alive.
I’m glad I’m old enough to see that. I can’t ask for more. Except for others to. The Uluru Statement from the Heart is the first words that penetrated my heart on a national and international level, spiritually, without religion, which is more powerful. Straight to the Heart.
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There will never be “veto power” for Voice, or Treaty, or any kind of arrangement for Indigenous peoples in Australia. It’s impossible. It’s important to understand why. This is not a limitation of the Voice proposal. It’s an impossibility 🧵 #VoteYes #UluruStatement #auspol
Under the Australian system of democratic governance established by our constitution, the parliament has legislative power/authority. That’s the house of reps & senate. That’s it. They’re/it’s sovereign. #VoteYes #UluruStatement #auspol
Being able to give “veto power” to another institution would be to fundamentally alter the entire system of governance established by our Constitution, it would mean tearing it up & starting all over again. #VoteYes #UluruStatement #auspol
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This is quite something from David Littleproud & @The_Nationals - I’ll think you’ll find bureaucrats swanning in & out of Indigenous communities is a massive part of the problem we have now, that is the status quo that is failing our people. #UluruStatement #auspol #VoteYes 🧵
Let’s not forget again here @The_Nationals have zero credibility on what will work for closing the gap. They had the Indigenous affairs portfolio for almost 7 years out of the past decade. #UluruStatement #auspol #VoteYes
This idea the Voice is just another layer of bureaucracy is nonsense. Those pointing to the Langton & Calma model are conveniently ignoring the fact it’s an example only & Govt is committed to designing final Voice with community itself. #UluruStatement #auspol #VoteYes
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This is embarrassing. What a very confused No case. Misquoting source of “all men are created equal” saying it’s US Constitution rather than Declaration of Independence, then also saying it’s a good example to draw on? #VoteYes #UluruStatement #auspol 🧵…
Warren, that same US carried on & enabled slavery after declaring independence under banner of “equality for all” 🙃 And let’s not erase the history & experience of Native American people, including the recognition of their rights & place too #VoteYes #UluruStatement #auspol
The key thing here anyway is this: “This approach was previously rejected by multiple rounds of consultation including the 2017 Uluru statement from the heart, which called for a voice to parliament.” No one wants symbolism. #VoteYes #UluruStatement #auspol
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A lot of talk about what practical benefit the Voice would have & people jumping to voting intentions without thinking or engaging. Some genuine; some I think less than genuine in light of Alice Springs. Let me unpack a little. 🧵 #UluruStatement #auspol #VoteYes
Firstly, an immediate response seems to be “just listen now” or “why isn’t the advice already being listened to” - or we don’t need a voice to listen. Again, some genuine concern here along with disingenuous talk from those fundamentally opposed #UluruStatement #auspol #VoteYes
Clearly we need a Voice. The current failures are result of a system that fails our people. When it does listen, it does so with its fingers & toes crossed. The response to welfare issues & the Voice proposals clearly should not be the status quo. #UluruStatement #auspol #VoteYes
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Today’s speech from #Garma by @AlboMP marks a momentous occasion in our nation’s history. The draft referendum question & amendment is the culmination of comprehensive work led by the @ILC_UNSW & Uluru Dialogue since the #UluruStatement was first issued #auspol
In 2018, Co-Chairs of the Uluru Dialogue Pat Anderson AO & Professor Megan Davis along with a team of legal experts first proposed a draft amendment & question in their submission to the then Joint Select Committee for a First Nations Voice to Parliament. #UluruStatement #auspol
The 2018 proposal has been extensively tested & advised on by Australia’s leading constitutional minds. Today’s announcement by the Prime Minister is the latest development in this long period of extensive work led by the @ILC_UNSW & the Uluru Dialogue. #UluruStatement #auspol
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The #UluruStatement sequence is key. A Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution, then a Makarrata Commission for treaty & truth telling. This was settled by the USFH process & should not be re-litigated. Below are some points on why this is key for Voice & Treaty #auspol
Questions have been asked about the advisory only nature of the Voice, implications about its lack of power, and about it ceding Indigenous sovereignty or rights. None of this is correct (has been disproven multiple times) & misunderstands challenges faced #UluruStatement #auspol
Treaty has been the important goal for the Indigenous community for a reason. It remains part of the #UluruStatement for that same reason. But Treaty, because of our local circumstances & history, cannot deliver on the expectations that are attached to it. #auspol
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Starting a new thread for the second keynote address by Kamilaroi and Wiradjuri journalist Stan Grant, a multi-award winning current affairs host & author, currently serving as the @ABCaustralia International Affairs Editor. #RANZCP2022 Image
He will deliver a keynote address on Indigenous mental health on the opening day of the Congress. #RANZCP2022
Asks "how do we live in a country where our presence itself is seen to be something as hostile?" - Stan Grant #RANZCP2022
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Buy Dark Emu. Read it. And Pascoe's 2007 book 'Convincing Ground'. Read that too. Also Read 'Lying For the Admiralty' by Margaret Cameron-Ash, Bill Gammage's 'The Biggest Estate on Earth' and 'Why Weren’t We Told?' by Henry Reynolds.
Read James Demark’s 1893 book 'Adventures in Australia Fifty Years Ago'. Read James Bonwick and John West’s 'History of Tasmania' first published in 1852. Read 'Conspiracy of Silence' by Timothy Bottoms. Read 'Grit' by @DavidHuntGirt and 'Warrior' by Libby Collins.
Read or watch Paul Keating’s Redfern Park speech in 1993. Read Bill Stanner's 1968 Boyer Lecture 'titled 'After The Dreaming'. Read 'Lies, Damned Lies' by @clairegcoleman, and read all of Oodgeroo Noonuccal works. Watch First Footprints and First Australians.
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The Nature of Aboriginal Suicide:

“It is widely accepted that the causal pathways to Indigenous and non-Indigenous suicide differ, although the precise nature of the differences is so far unclear (see, for example, Ridani et al., 2015).” 1/30 #UluruStatement #AusUPR20 #Auspol
“Westerman (2003) in her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) research explored this issue via the development of a unique screening tool, the Westerman Aboriginal Symptom Checklist (WASC-Y: Westerman, 2003, Westerman, 2007, in preparation),” 2/30
“to identify Aboriginal youth at risk of suicide, depression, alcohol, and drug use, impulsivity, and anxiety. This enabled the exploration of whether there were factors unique to Aboriginal youth (aged 13–17) that could account for suicide risk.” 3/30
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“Peak medical and health bodies have pressured Prime Minister Scott Morrison to declare Indigenous child suicides a national emergency after the deaths of five Aboriginal girls aged between 12 and 15 in January, 2018.”1/7 #UluruStatement #AusUPR20 #Auspol
“In a step towards tackling the crisis, chief executive of the National Mental Health Commission Christine Morgan was named Australia's national suicide prevention adviser. In response to the latest figures she released a statement which said:” 2/7
"This number represents our loved ones, who live in our diverse communities in each state and territory, rural and remote and in our suburban towns.” 3/7
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The Australian Government undertook genocide through protection policies which involved, ‘Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group’, by removing First Nations children from families and forcing them onto state-controlled reserves. 1/9 #UluruStatement #AusUPR20
These reserves were usually organised by religious missionaries and the children were eventually adopted by white families or taken to work for them. 2/9
The children who experienced this form of genocide are known as the “Stolen Generations” which is recorded in the 1997 Bringing Them Report by Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. 3/9
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Research has identified at least 270 massacres over 140 years, as part of Australia’s systematic state-sanctioned attempts to eradicate First Nations people. This figure only includes documented cases. 1/5 #UluruStatement #AusUPR20 #Auspol
There were many massacres that were not documented and covered up. This form of genocide resulted in the population of First Nations people reducing from an estimated 1-1.5 million at the time of invasion to less than 100,000 by the 1900s and now approximately 799,000 today. 2/5
Australia’s state-sanctioned physical violence did not end in history. According to the 2021 Human Rights Watch World Report, Australia’s global reputation suffers. The Australian Government has failed to address longstanding abuses against First Nations people. 3/5
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A consequence of Australia’s history of state sanctioned massacres of First Nations people, the forcible removal of their children, and cultural genocide, is that many of today’s First Nations families and descendants now experience trauma. 1/4 #UluruStatement #AusUPR20 #Auspol
Trauma has been shown to increase the risk of substance misuse, mental and physical ill-health, and can limit employment opportunities. This is compounded by Australia’s ongoing abuse of First Nations people identified by the Human Rights Watch World Report 2021: 2/4
over-representation in prisons, high death rates in custody, over-representation of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care, and Australia’s failure to support self-determination and recognise the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in its constitution. 3/4
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We begin our webinar with Co-Chair of the Uluru Dialogue Leadership Group & Chairperson of the Lowitja Institute Pat Anderson AO. Aunty Pat begins by emphasising the "gift" of the Uluru Statement to the Australian people. #UluruStatement #IndigenousX #auspol #auslaw #NAIDOC2020
Aunty Pat details the long history of reports on constitutional reform over the past decade. Importantly however Indigenous people had not been consoled directly. This was the importance of the Referendum Council #UluruStatement #IndigenousX #auspol #auslaw #NAIDOC2020
Aunty Pat emphasises that this webinar series is about sharing the message of the Uluru Statement and detailing the importance of the sequenced reforms of Voice, Treaty and Truth #UluruStatement #IndigenousX #auspol #auslaw #NAIDOC2020
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If we loose the entire conference season - as looks likely - we are going to have to find alternatives. Perhaps @AcademicsLaw and @legalscholars could explore virtual conferences/workshops this year - with the advantage of inherent international collaboration
Given the theme of the @AcademicsLaw conference is the future of the legal academy, this seems particularly appropriate
I would love to have an e-workshop on twitter and the law - I know there was a US conference on this theme a few years back -i think @lawprofblawg was involved
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Politics fit for the emergency challenge: high profile panel here #NCESummit2020 moderated by Kerry O'Brien, where "the greatest policy challenge of our time has become the greatest policy failure of our time".
"We have a responsibility as MPs to contribute to a better form of government, unfortunately Tony Abbott made it a completely adversarial game. In climate debate, instead of us working together in the national interest, had pointless point scoring." John Hewson. #NCESummit2020
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Today I am tweeting out from a #CroakeyPopUp w @SummerMayFinlay hosted by @BronFredericks - tips for researchers on using Twitter
@SummerMayFinlay @BronFredericks Twitter is a social platform, @SummerMayFinlay tells #CroakeyPopUp participants. IE don't just broadcast. Find your own voice for Twitter, she advises.
@SummerMayFinlay @BronFredericks Now @SummerMayFinlay is stressing the importance of using hashtags on @Twitter and encouraging #CroakeyPopUp participants to pull out their phones, and get tweeting
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