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On Monday, two Good Shepherd Collective members headed to #Ofer #military court & #prison to stand in #solidarity with Sami Huraini of Youth Of Sumud / شباب صمود and his family on the day of his trial.
Although we were unable to join Sami in the #courtroom, we sat with his family and dozens of other #Palestinians awaiting their family members, imprisoned and/or awaiting #prosecution in the #military #court system.
In Sami’s case, his trial was postponed, granting momentary relief despite a continuation of the bail conditions which prevent him from participating in #protests—essentially, keeping him from exercising his most basic right to #free speech and #resistance to #oppression.
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Suite à la série de threads de @SirYesS25095892, voici notre proposition de #thread sur les #SPIP. Image
Les #SPIP ont été créés par un décret en 1999 en fusionnant 2 services auparavant distincts :
- les CPAL - Comité de Probation et d’assistance aux libérés, services de milieu ouvert (MO),
- les Services socio-éducatifs des établissements pénitentiaires, en milieu fermé ( MF) .
Une direction unique est alors créée : c'est le directeur départemental du SPIP, un "pilote".
Auparavant, les collègues des CPAL étaient sous l'autorité du juge d'application des peines et les travailleurs sociaux sous celle des directeurs d'établissement
Impensable aujourd'hui!
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#Canada #Langford #Vancouver #Prison

After her arrest and several days in prison, a woman sent the Canadian police a thank you card with a four and a half star rating. Image
Her special thanks go to the "four prison guards who do a heavy job and are often not sufficiently appreciated by the people entrusted to them," said the card that the local police published on Twitter.
She was nervous during her jail stay in the city of Langford on Vancouver Island, but she appreciated "how helpful and friendly everyone was," added the woman. The police did not reveal why she was arrested for privacy reasons. The police were happy about the unusual card.
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Infinite Spiders, playwright, @johnsteppling

"If you go to, say, Amazon and under books type in #Philosophy, or Philosophy/Truth…you will get a litany of books with the phrase “post #truth” in the title. It is, apparently, a #posttruth world now."…
"This is related to what I experience as absent in daily life. Post truth is post experience in some sense. As Cory Morningstar put it in our podcast (#25); 'we are being reprogrammed'."

[#SocialEngineerring - a prerequisite for transition to #4IR]
"Of course the more profound elements of the #reprogramming are to be found in the #digital revolution. There is no way to overemphasize the impact of the internet & its various platforms....

Societies of the west are increasingly demoralized...."
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Quand tu acceptes un dossier d’aménagement de peine à l’aide juridictionnelle, alors que ton client est en #prison : 5 UV, soit selon l’Etat, 2h30 sur le dossier 🤔
À 32 euros l’UV, on demande à l’#avocat de travailler un projet d’aménagement de peine avec un client incarcéré pour 160 euros (bon moins les charges, hein)
C’est quoi le travail d’avocat à l’aménagement de peine, c’est accompagner vers la sortie une personne qui est en détention depuis un peu, beaucoup, trop longtemps...
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I feel the real issues are not being covered in our @GREATBritain @LawDog323 @TheLawMap @TheLawyermag .

What is the point of #RuleofLawisback when the same #CorruptAndComplicitGOP ignored by the very law makers ignored by @MHewittNPCC deputy #commissioner of @PoliceChiefs
who only last year is telling us how fantastic @cpsuk @IOPC_Help are.

Yet in the next breath he has treated this family worse than I have ever witnessed from a high ranking officer who knows of what #bernardhoganhowe and @UKParliament @wabbey are
still getting away with what we know is still continuing because @NSPCC @PeterWanless @MaggieOliverUK and the @InquiryCSA was set up to ignore every single real #victims helped by just about every single so called #FightingEvilByGroupWatch such as @voicing_csa @JU5TLAW
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Undercover soldiers: how the spy cops bill could bring the war on terror home…
Most of the debate around what’s been dubbed the Spy Cops bill has focused on the #UK police and security services. The covert human intelligence sources (CHIS) bill will allow
state security agencies to break the #law.
This focus is entirely justified given the human cost of undercover cops operating with relative impunity in #political movements over the years. But it isn’t the whole story.
Less commented upon is the fact that one of the named beneficiaries of new proposals is the #British military.
It seems likely that special #forces units on domestic counter-terrorism duties could use the new legislation.
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Big #Covid19 outbreak at #MtPleasant #stateprison. 170+ inmates tested positive in sweep. Bumped #HenryCounty #Covid rate form 5% to 16.4%. But no impact on in-school learning at local schools thanks to #CovidKim's ruling that prison staff& families don't get covid. #iapolitics
What's #CovidKim's rationale for not including #prison & #packingplant #Covid19 cases in school opening calcs? Cuz active tracking would quickly identify cases & quarantine cases from the sites. So why didn't #IaGov establish the program? Needed 5K trackers. Now? 300. #IaPolitics
So what's in store for poor citizens of #HenryCounty (pop 20K)? Prison is 7% of population. 340 staff + 1000+ total prisoners. Assuming that half the staff are or 2B infected it's really big & no viable tracker system. Sorry. #SOL! #IaPolitics #CovidKim
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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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"...the documents describe a long pattern of abuse, neglect and mismanagement of detainees at #Immigration Centers of America (ICA) #Farmville — a facility where almost everyone has #coronavirus."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #FOIA #COVID19 #humanity #thursdaymorning
ICA Farmville already has a reputation for overcrowding and poor sanitation. Last year the private #ICE #prison was hit with an outbreak of mumps, a classic disease of overcrowding and poor sanitation.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #COVID19 #Immigration #pandemic
With over two million people locked up across a sprawling network of private and public #prisons, the US has by far the highest incarceration rate in the world.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #prison #thursdaymorning
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“I have never in my career faced so much difficulty attempting to #trial monitor as in #JulianAssange’s case. Whether in person or remotely, there are constant barriers to access. Completely unacceptable,”
by @AlanRMacLeod… #WikiLeaks #FridayThoughts #news
"The group argued that, due to his history of #medical neglect, extremely fragile #health, and his chronic lung condition, he was at particular risk of both contracting and dying from the #virus."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Covid_19 #coronavirus
"...being in prison means that you have made so much trouble for the system that the only way for the system to deal with you is to lock you up and try to silence you.”
by Patrick Anderson… #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation #WikiLeaks #prison
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Black LA man, FW Bryant, was convicted for a 1997 "attempted simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling" & sentenced to no parole b/c of prior petty theft convictions. 5 white men on LA Supreme Court voted vs reviewing the sentence. #BlackLivesMatter…
#Louisiana taxpayers have spent $518,667 to punish Bryant for attempting to steal a pair of clippers, Chief Justice Bernette Johnson, the only black justice, notes & compares the sentence to post-Civil War laws that aimed to "re-enslave African Americans."
#Prison activists/#reporters: I couldn't find Bryant in LA's prisoner locator. Says "high-profile" people aren't included. Wanna bet he's working for free in the fields at #Angola Plantation-LA State Pen (or has in the past)? @JeffreyGoldberg
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Thread of the Russian Author Anton Chekhov's Life Story Begins!

1⃣ #AntonChekhov was born in Taganrog in South Russia on the Azov Sea on January 17, 1860. He was the third of six children of Pavel Egorovich Chekhov, a grocery store owner. Chekhov's grandfather was a serf ++ Anton Chekhov
2⃣ who bought his family's freedom in 1841. The young #Chekhov and his brothers and sisters worked in the family store and studied in the local school. Their extremely religious father often beat them. ++ Anton Chekhov
3⃣ In 1876 his father's business failed, and the family moved to Moscow, #Russia, for a fresh start. #Chekhov, then sixteen, was left behind to finish his schooling. ++ Anton Chekhov
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Polite reminder, please could everyone who has kindly purchased my book:

"If criminals can change, then so should society and our prisons"

be kind enough to write a review on Amazon.

Thank you in advance.… Image
@InsideTimeUK have written a helpful summary review here…
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Why the negative reporting @BBCNews about MoJ providing accommodation for people who are #homeless on release from prison? Would you prefer that they were released to live in the streets? Increase the spread of #COVID__19? Do people not deserve 1/3
basic human rights after they have served their sentence? What about supporting #rehabilitation and enabling people to contribute to society? How many people in prison are there because of what society has inflicted on them #ACE (adverse childhood experiences) abuse, neglect? 2/3
I celebrate the decision to make sure people have accommodation on release from #prison. It’s probably saved lives. No-one should through choice be released to the streets, ever. As a ‘developed’ society surely that’s what we all want? #homelessness #homelesshealth 3/3
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Prisoners "...are not paid overtime, cannot organize or go on strike, have no vacations or sick days, never show up late to work, cannot complain, and if they try to protest they can be beaten or tortured in solitary confinement."
By @AlanRMacLeod… #prison
The United States #AirForce has a new #recruitment tool: a realistic #drone operator #videogame you can play on its website, the Airman Challenge
by @AlanRMacLeod…
"...many firefighters today are not the burly full time professionals of another era, but underpaid convict laborers risking their lives for pennies. Almost 40 percent of California’s firefighters are prisoners."
by @AlanRMacLeod…
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Special Report
By #Israeli logic the #WestBank is already part of #Israel. Wednesday, July 1, was meant to be the day on which the Israeli #government officially annexed 30% of the #occupied #Palestinian #WestBank and the #Jordan Valley.
by @RamzyBaroud…
"#Palestine has been annexed, occupied, stolen, and #Palestinians have been dispossessed, exiled, caged, detained, subjected to an #apartheid #regime, and killed by the state of #Israel for over seven decades."
by @mikopeled… #FreePalestine #WestBank #Gaza
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Today's episode of "What in the Caucasity?" should be the LAST. In 1795, an anthropologist sorting human skulls into groups liked a female skull from the Caucasus Mts best & reasoned that since Europeans were the best-looking people, all Europeans must be from the Caucasus Mts.
"Caucasian" isn't simply a racial term, it's a #racist term, selected in 1795 solely because the anthropologist who published the 1st classification of humans into biological "races" thought Europeans were the world's best-looking people.…
"Caucasian" is widely used in medical research as a synonym for "white." C'mon #MedicalTwitter: you can fix this.…
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Women & girls in US #prisons & #jails are provided a limited number of tampons or pads monthly. The quality is so poor, women end up making their own, since products in commissaries are priced above retail & people in prison earn an average $1/day. >thread…
AZ charges prisoners $4 to see a doctor & requires women get a dr's note before providing them more than the basic limit of pads or tampons.

NC prisoners pay $5 to see the nurse before getting approval to see the doctor for $5 more.

Prisoners earn an average $1/day.
“When I’m making 9 cents [an hour] after tax, you really got to think if I want to put my whole month’s income into hopefully being approved for extra pads, if they believe I deserve them,” Adrienne Kitcheyan told AZ lawmakers (Mother Jones 2/2019).
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#Biden's proposing a radical overhaul of the criminal justice system: 1>End #jail time for #drug offenses; 2>End fed'l mandatory minimums, give states incentives to repeal theirs; 3>End fed #DeathPenalty, give states incentives to do the same. /thread
#Biden 4>End cash bail; 5>End #jail sentences for people too poor to pay fines & fees; 6>Expand & use DOJ's power to address "systemic misconduct in police depts & prosecutors’ offices"; 7>Expand resources for public defenders’ offices ...
#Biden 8>Decriminalize the use of #cannabis & automatically expunge all prior cannabis use convictions; 9>Create $20 billion competitive grant program to spur states to shift from #incarceration to prevention; 10>Establish an independent Task Force on Prosecutorial Discretion...
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#Prison 5 surveillants de Val-de-Reuil ont été condamnés pour des #violences aggravées sur un détenu et pour l'écriture de faux rapports. C'est grâce au témoignage de l'un de leurs collègues - intègre - que les faits ont été révélés. Détails ⤵️ 1/…
#Violences Le 7 février, un détenu agresse un surveillant (il sera condamné à 1an de #prison pr cela). Il est maîtrisé, n'oppose pas de résistance, mais essuie coups de pied au visage, coups de poing sur le crâne, pression d'un genou sur la tête, alors qu'il est menotté au sol 2/
#Violences "Il précise avoir été traîné au quartier disciplinaire par les cheveux en recevant régulièrement des coups de talon d'un des surveillants. Et, une fois au QD, avoir été intégralement déshabillé, puis laissé sur place, nu, souillé par ses excréments" 3/ #prison
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Cass County has gone from 50 confirmed #coronavirus cases to 1,025 in nine days. The increase *alone* would be the third-highest total of any Indiana county, while the per capita infection rate is the 7th-highest in the US.
Of the six counties with higher #coronavirus infection rates than #CassCounty, two are northern suburbs of New York City. The other four are home to #prison outbreaks in Ohio, Arkansas and Tennessee.
Further review: #CassCounty has had more #coronavirus diagnoses in the last *three* days (772) than all but two Indiana counties since the pandemic began.
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Seems common sense to say 'People in #prison are criminals.' Actually, 'People in prison are people.' Shift from 'criminal' to 'person' could begin to undo wreckage & #racism of mass incarceration AND increase public safety.

"Prison itself may exacerbate recidivism" says DOJ.
Thinking of people in prison as criminals turns ACTS into IDENTITY. My classmate #BryanStevenson says we're all more than the worst thing we've done. DOJ research shows even those who commit crime at highest rates naturally age out of criminal behavior beginning at 35. #JustMercy
We should hold people accountable. But long prison sentences make us LESS safe, acc'g to peer-reviewed research, which is the gold standard for life/death decisions in medical care. Why not so in life/death decisions about public safety & incarceration?
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