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1/ This is #absurd and sick.
You cannot keep a #sterile school environment, & think children will wear masks for the duration.
It’s sick and #psychologicalabuse.
We will ruin our children.
New #CDC guidlines for reopening schools 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
◦ Wear masks over the age of 2
No sharing of any items or supplies, all belongings in individual cubbies or labeled containers; no sharing electronic devices, toys, games, learning aids
◦ Desks 6 feet apart, all facing the same way
◦ Distance on school buses- one child per seat, skip rows
3/ ◦ Install sneeze guards & partitions wherever you cannot space 6ft apart
◦ One way routes in hallways; tape on sidewalks & walls to assure kids stay 6ft apart
◦ No communal shared spaces - cafeterias, playgrounds
◦ Physical barriers/ screens between sinks in bathroom
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#Biden's proposing a radical overhaul of the criminal justice system: 1>End #jail time for #drug offenses; 2>End fed'l mandatory minimums, give states incentives to repeal theirs; 3>End fed #DeathPenalty, give states incentives to do the same. /thread
#Biden 4>End cash bail; 5>End #jail sentences for people too poor to pay fines & fees; 6>Expand & use DOJ's power to address "systemic misconduct in police depts & prosecutors’ offices"; 7>Expand resources for public defenders’ offices ...
#Biden 8>Decriminalize the use of #cannabis & automatically expunge all prior cannabis use convictions; 9>Create $20 billion competitive grant program to spur states to shift from #incarceration to prevention; 10>Establish an independent Task Force on Prosecutorial Discretion...
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#Prison 5 surveillants de Val-de-Reuil ont été condamnés pour des #violences aggravées sur un détenu et pour l'écriture de faux rapports. C'est grâce au témoignage de l'un de leurs collègues - intègre - que les faits ont été révélés. Détails ⤵️ 1/…
#Violences Le 7 février, un détenu agresse un surveillant (il sera condamné à 1an de #prison pr cela). Il est maîtrisé, n'oppose pas de résistance, mais essuie coups de pied au visage, coups de poing sur le crâne, pression d'un genou sur la tête, alors qu'il est menotté au sol 2/
#Violences "Il précise avoir été traîné au quartier disciplinaire par les cheveux en recevant régulièrement des coups de talon d'un des surveillants. Et, une fois au QD, avoir été intégralement déshabillé, puis laissé sur place, nu, souillé par ses excréments" 3/ #prison
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Seems common sense to say 'People in #prison are criminals.' Actually, 'People in prison are people.' Shift from 'criminal' to 'person' could begin to undo wreckage & #racism of mass incarceration AND increase public safety.

"Prison itself may exacerbate recidivism" says DOJ.
Thinking of people in prison as criminals turns ACTS into IDENTITY. My classmate #BryanStevenson says we're all more than the worst thing we've done. DOJ research shows even those who commit crime at highest rates naturally age out of criminal behavior beginning at 35. #JustMercy
We should hold people accountable. But long prison sentences make us LESS safe, acc'g to peer-reviewed research, which is the gold standard for life/death decisions in medical care. Why not so in life/death decisions about public safety & incarceration?
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1. I received this from a person incarcerated in HMP Erlestoke. This is one of many accounts of an escalating situation. I need help sharing these accounts and for people to take action. @WarrCriminology @OwenJones84 @psn_ldn @novaramedia @netpol @zoeconway1 @AmnestyUK
2. ‘They’ve got prison officers going into cells spinning (searching), going into people’s self distancing space, touching all their sides and surfaces with the same gloves, or bare hands after they’ve just spun the first man’s cell on the same wing, or previous wings.’
3. ‘So that person’s gloves are contaminating from cell to cells, from wing to wing, and on top of that, in the hope of what? A phone? So you’re going to risk someone’s health/life for a phone?’
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THREAD: I've finally pulled together a summary of all the relevant resources I'm aware of around #coronavirus #covid19 in the justice setting…
It's intended as a universal resource for prison administrations, court systems, ministries of justice and NGOs
In order: it contains links to the briefing in 6 languages on how justice systems should respond to #coronavirus #COVID19 to lessen its impact in the community and in prisons…
It lists the latest guidance on #Covid19 in places of detention from major int'l orgs incl @WHO, @UNODC, @OHCHR, @ICRC and @coe…
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Like #NathanielWoods, my friend #KennethFoster was sentenced to be killed even tho he wasn't convicted of killing. He was already in the TX Death House when Rick Perry commuted his sentence. Kenneth will serve decades for a robbery at 18, but he is still alive. #RIPNateWoods
My friend #KennethFoster was sentenced to die even tho TX admitted he didn't kill anyone. His sentence was commuted to life. Court-appointed counsel failed to present compelling evidence of innocence for #TroyDavis (GA) & #NathanielWoods (AL). They were both killed.
TX guards moved #KennethFoster to the Death House earlier than planned. Because he wasn't convicted of killing, he protested his own killing by not walking to his unjust execution. I love Kenneth. His dignity inspires me. #DeathPenalty
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Here's a quick story about how things can work out for the good.
In 2019, I was working on prison reform based on concerns constituents shared and communications I had been receiving on Twitter (still working on this). I was also continuing my work on #Redistricting reform....
Then I found the @NPR podcast #CodeSwitch and heard one that illustrated how the two issues intersect in Prison Gerrymandering. I was like, oh nah, this can't continue! So I then brought on a few folks that could help me work on it, and we did, for months....
Once we got to Session, I lobbied legislators on its importance and helped explain it and dispel myths. We had great conversations. And now, ending prison #gerrymandering is in all 5 #redistricting bills being discussed this Session....
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Earth is a #Prison planet where the #Dracos have kept humanity enslaved on a false timeline for THOUSANDS of years. There are MANY #Extraterrestrials helping to liberate Earth into the #FifthDimenson. Heaven IS coming to Earth. This is not “New Age”. That’s another made up term.
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This thread is for #white #vegans & #animalrights activists who recognize we are often the problem in the way we articulate issues having to do with the other animals. One step is to learn as much as you can about #WhiteSupremacy & #WhitePrivilege. Read! #BlackHistoryMonth2020
Do you know the history of the Civil Rights movement? You could start by reading vol 1 of "America in the King Years," "Parting the Waters" by @taylorbranch.…
@taylorbranch In 1962, the Civil Rights Commission was going to make a very strong statement about racism. Politically, it would be problematic for President Kennedy. JFK was told "It is legal for the police to use dogs." So, turn to "Afro-Dog" next.…
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"She will need emergency surgery. Her popliteal artery is severed & needs a vein graft.",said the attending #ER surgeon.

I understood.

"I would like to see my #daughter.", I said holding together the brokenness I felt.I then remembered the need to call the #prison #Chaplain
"Mom, don't look.", my daughter said as the #ER team worked to put her together as much as possible.

I went to her to whisper in her ear, "We should pray now. They will be taking you into surgery to stop the bleeding. #Pray and repeat after me."
I held my #daughter & prayed as I heard my oldest daughter yelling from the other #ER room."I'm sorry!.", she yelled.She was driving that night.

The #nurse stopped me midway to my older daughter's room as the ER team continued to work on my other daughter.She could see...
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THREAD: Extremely grateful to be at this @Change_Record event today hearing from MPs, experts and an extraordinary Aboriginal woman Jess about her experience of incarceration #aisles #indigenousX #prison
Jess was made a ward of the state as a child, dad had schitziphrenia, mother had addiction issues, and Jess described “finding acceptance in all the wrong people and they made me feel safe”
“Everyone I trusted hurt me. Everyone in the system who should protect kids didn’t. The label the police give you is like you’re an animal.”
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1/ Yesterday a girl set herself on fire! Her name is Sahar.
Sahar is 22 years old and her crime is entering the stadium to watch the game by the team she loves. Women in Iran are not allowed to enter the stadiums and watch the matches.👇
2/ After she was arrested and sentenced to six months in prison, she committed suicide!
She stated the she couldn’t go to jail, because she knows what happens to women in #prison in #Iran.
Now she is severely burned and she may not survive.👇
3/ @FIFAcom, you also responsible for the cruelty to Iranian women like Sahar. Your silence and connivance towards gender apartheid and the constant violation of FIFA statutes in Iran is not acceptable!

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1/ A year ago in #California the work of #TheGeoGroup & #CoreCivic became apparent: they had been contributing to legislators for years, and operating private #immigrant detention facilities that the @ACLU & other accused of abuse.

Who accepted the money? Progressive Democrats.
2/ @TheGEOGroup & @CoreCivic understand how politics work: give money to the party in power. Hundreds of thousand to @California_Dem Party. Tens of thousands to Governor @JerryBrownGov All but one border-region legislator has taken their money. When they were finally caught...
3/ Once caught- some angrily attacked people who questioned their acceptance of private #prison money. They continue sharing it with family & friends, to fund campaigns, curry favor & develop more political power.
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Why is the #MainstreamMedia called #FakeNews?

I can tell you why the #MSM #Report the same thing and why 90% of the #News outlets do also

What if I could show you the link? Undeniable proof?

6 #companies own the #media. They control story's/info
Where do they get their info from?

When you think about #reporting, you #picture someone #researching #information to find the #Truth and report the #facts.

The #fact is that the #info is fed to them.

The rest of this tweet is the #proof (the link). 🕵 🕳💨 👀🔎
Welcome To My #RabbitHole 🕳


The mainstream media is connected to a system that finds, prepares and distributes what they need to report (A.I helps with this).

Sound crazy? Its true. Check it.☟

(The pictures below are website screen shots that I cropped.)
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Equador: Swedish national #OlaBini arrested for connections to #wikileaks.

Johannes Wahlström:

#JulianAssange's "human rights are violated on a daily basis"

"#JulianAssange is imprisoned for #journalism."

#MikePompeo on lying:

"When I was a cadet, what was the cadet motto at West Point? 'You will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do'? I was the CIA Director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It was like - we had entire training courses!"
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France Inter. 8 janvier 2019. Ça raconte n’importe quoi sur l’application des peines et les journalistes qui n’y comprennent rien ne contredisent jms.

Non, il est faux de dire qu’une peine de 3, 4 ou 6 mois n’est pas EXECUTEE lorsque le condamné ne va pas en prison. #interactive
Chers @ndemorand et @LeaSalame, je ss désolée d’avoir dit un peu brutalement que vs n’y « compreniez rien », ce n’était pas une injure (moi par exemple je ne comprends rien à l’économie, je ne sais tjrs pas ce qu’est le PIB).

Alors je vs en prie, écoutez moi une seconde. #Peines
Juste une seconde parce que le sujet de l’éxecution des peines est récurent, que vous ne parvenez jamais à y répondre parce que vous avez les mêmes idées reçues que vos invités sur le sujet.

On déconstruit ensemble ? 😏
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I sometimes feel @georgialibs don't get enough high quality, academic press #history & #sociology books. Using the GA Pines automated system, people who are members of participating libraries can get a number of very good books which have recently come to my attention.
"The oldest living things in the world" by Rachel Sussman…. This photo essay book is a beautiful, mind-expanding paean to our biosphere. (I realize this is a #science #ecology book)
"Talking to my daughter about the economy, or, how capitalism works-- and how it fails" by Yanis Varoufakis @yanisvaroufakis…
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#Gender #Identity (FCO since 2009) Mathematical Analysis of @MoJGovUK stats 30 June 2018 wrt sexual offences (99.1% #Male) #Male-pattern Sexual Offending shared by #Transwomen, 60 is just under half of 128 #female from total population of 30M in #England & #Wales. @munkihanger
#Gender #Identity:
#Tavistock *Gender Identity* Clinic
#BAGIS #British Assn of *Gender Identity* Specialists
#GIRES *Gender Identity* #Research & #Education #Service &
@FCOHumanRights since 2009/10-ish!
Why does this #Lesbian of the #BritishEmpire know? 🤔
@faintlyfalling 😊😊😊
#Shoutout for @mrkhtake2 for patiently explaining that #Intersex people can ONLY be i) #female with Variant Sex Characteristics from typical #female sex characteristics presentation &... ii) #male with Variant Sex Characteristics from typical #male sex characteristics. @ClareCAIS
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At dinner, I learned more about corruption + racism built into society by our masters. A book we discussed (Zinn) was used as part of this "Left" resource's bibliography. I had to share. [A thread]

@BlackSocialists - thoughts on this resource?
It very simply lays out the case that we are all being controlled. It covers hidden history of the United States including their (and, due to the systems created by our masters, our) racism. 

#racism #systemicracism #history
If you haven't been in school for a while (or are in a terrible school), some of the words might trip you up. and are two good resources to help you.
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Nous sommes le #14Juillet, la fête nationale de la France, le pays des Lumières, la nation des droits de l'homme. De quoi être fier de son pays, n'est-ce pas ? C'est vite dit.
⬇️ Thread. ⬇️
En France, en 2018, il n'y a que 61 000 places de prison pour près de 69 000 détenus (…) : cela conduit à une surpopulation carcérale, qui génère des conditions de vie contraires à la dignité humaine. #14Juillet #prison
À tel point que, rapporte l'@OIP_sectionfr, 37 prisons ont été condamnées pour leurs conditions de détention indignes…. Diverses ONG critiquent régulièrement l'état de délabrement de certaines prisons.
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So, let me do a bit of story time on @KanyeWest, since he thinks he's out of The Sunken Place. And I can't thank @JordanPeele enough for his metaphor.
*stirs tea in teacup*.
I have a confession. The only reason why I am not mad at @KanyeWest right now is because I have held a petty grudge against him for many years because he had a mother with a Ph.D. who taught Literature at Chicago State University, yet he named his first album, "College Dropout."
I did not mean to hold the grudge that long; but it just continued because of everything I would feel every single time I saw that album and thought about not only his Mother but everything at Chicago State University, home of the Gwendolyn Brooks Black Writer's Conference.
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#THREAD: We've been hearing from fed prisoners & families about halfway houses being closed & people losing valuable re-entry time/services
2) So last week we asked all our federal #incarnated members what they were hearing and experiencing firsthand. #HWH
3) We were overwhelmed w/ responses & utterly appalled. We want to share some here. #HWH
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