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Westminster Hall debate on Imprisonment for Public Protection (#IPP) Sentences, @CommonsJustice report and Government response – Thursday 27 April 2023: highlights đŸ§” 1/44
Opening the debate @CommonsJustice chair @neill_bob explains #IPP sentences were abolished in 2012 mainly because “far more people fell within the scope of the scheme than had been the political intention”, but Govt “did not deal with those who were already serving sentences”2/44
“621 of those prisoners are at least 10 years over their tariff and 222 of those received a tariff of less than two years” @neill_bob reveals – “five times longer than the index sentence that 
 the judge who heard the facts thought was the appropriate tariff for the offence”3/44
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1/ Un thread vidĂ©o que j'expĂ©rimente. N'hĂ©sitez pas Ă  me faire des retours. Tu trouves 12 montage de vidĂ©os courtes pour une introducon Ă  quelques idĂ©es d'abolition des polices, de la justice, des prisons et lieux d'enfermements.âŹ‡ïž
#AbolishPolice #ViolencesPolicieres #BRAV
2/ En effet l'histoire des luttes pour abolir le systĂšme pĂ©nal s'inscrit dans diffĂ©rents courants de pensĂ©e initiĂ©s d'abord par des intellectuels puis rapidement repris par les elleux mĂȘme. (Source en fin de thread)âŹ‡ïž
#Prison #AbolirLaPrison #AntiRacisme
Abolition n’est pas un gros mot —
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đŸ‡«đŸ‡· FLASH | Un homme de 30 ans a Ă©tĂ© condamnĂ© Ă  3 ans de #prison ferme pour avoir portĂ© des coups sur la tĂȘte d’un #policier avec un skateboard, lundi soir, en marge d’une manifestation contre la #RĂ©formeDesRetraites.
👉 Il a Ă©galement Ă©tĂ© condamnĂ© Ă  une peine d’interdiction de paraĂźtre en Franche-ComtĂ© pendant 5 ans. Les blessures du #policier ont nĂ©cessitĂ© 18 points de suture.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Podcasting "Gig Work Is the Opposite of Steampunk"; and more!

Archived at:

#Pluralistic 1/
Today (Mar 20), I'm doing a remote talk for the @Ostrom_Workshop's Beyond the Web Speaker Series

On Weds (Mar 22), I'm doing a remote talk for the @IFTF's "Changing the Register" series:
Podcasting "Gig Work Is the Opposite of Steampunk": Why today's Luddites should be smashing apps.

3/  Image: Cryteria (modified)
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📱We are *LIVE*!📱
Excited to hear from Joe Tarbert, former criminal defense barrister & current Impact & Partnerships Manager @redemptionroast - a UK org that aims to teach and provide ex-offenders professional roastery & barista skills + have real #impact.
"We are a business with a #social impact. We provide training but also #employment for guys after they leave #prison." ... "They'll lern everything from roasting, to packaging, to delivery. They are paid for their time. And on release, connected to the employment support team." Image
"Guys are v. excited to get behind a coffee machine, seeing how it works, and how to make a coffee. We move away from 'theory behind coffee' to actually doing it: learning whilst doing. Guys love it. They become more confident [...] It gets competitive. But they love the process" Image
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Here we go folks! Reading HB23-1100 on the floor @lorenaforsenate @NaquettaR intro the bill on the floor this morning

YES on HB23-1100 - it is not a state value to make profit off of immigrants that happen to be brought to a prison because of IGSA contract #copolitics
Alright folks! We heard two racist remarks already!

Rep. Holtorf is pleading that we consider Teller county - where they are making .01% off keeping immigrants in prison who are awaiting immigration cases

YES on 1100 #EndTheContract #copolitics
Other then Teller County just wanting to make $ off the back of immigrants in a IGSA contractual hosting facility - which has been an avenue to shipping immigrants farther from where they are in the first place

YES on HB23-1100 - END these harmful contracts now #copolitcs
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We are so PUMPED to be back at House Judiciary committee to hear HB23-1187 Alternative Sentencing for Pregnant People #copolitics

HB23-1187 will ensure that #pregnant people have the opportunity to #alternative sentencing đŸ”„

@S2SSisters @elephant_circle
We know that pregnancy is contraindicated towards a #healthy pregnancy & being incarcerated while pregnant is harmful to both the pregnant person and the child - #reproductivejustice is what we are fighting for today #copolitics @elephant_circle @S2SSisters
Correctional facilities are not mandated to track or report pregnancy-related data & most facilities do not have any routine process for collecting such information - another reason why we are saying YES on HB23-1187 #copolitics #leadership #reproductivehealth
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We are here at - House #judiciary committee hearing HB23-1133 - Phone Calls for People in Custody #copolitics gets the chance to vote for free phone calls for people in custody

We know this bill will
đŸ”„Support Family Connection
đŸ”„Reduce recidivism
đŸ”„Ensure Healthy Communities
We had our first panel with @WorthRises & second chance & had awesome questions from @mjweissman & @RepEpps she asked how #data is looking in places this bill has passed

Rep. Epps asks - "in the work of decoupling humans and cages - we are just changing who is paying the bill?"
We heard a bomb 💣 panel from us đŸ’…đŸŒ second chance center & Clayton Early Learning & parents & @WorthRises to launch into HB23-1133! #copolitcs
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We're breaking #Budget2023 down for you.

Sit back, relax, and have a great read! 👇

Infra gets boost:

- Highest ever capital outlay of Rs. 2.40 lakh crores for Railways

- 50-year interest-free loans to states one more year for infra spends

Agri & Fisheries to benefit:

- Agricultural accelerator fund to promote agri-startups

- 10,000 bio-input resource centres in next 3 yrs to promote natural farming

- 6000 Cr outlay for Animal husbandry, dairy, and fisheries
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#Prison #Récidive Une récente étude @justice_gouv actualise notre connaissance de la récidive en France. Il s'agit du suivi d'une cohorte de condamnés détenus libérés en 2016.

Le rĂ©sultat central : 54% ont commis 1 nouvelle infraction (ou +) dans les 3 ans, inscrite au CasierâŹ‡ïž
Deux points assez surprenants :

1⃣ la courbe de la rĂ©cidive des sortants de prison est exactement la mĂȘme qu'il y a 20 ans :

- Cohorte des sortants 2002 :

- Cohorte des sortants 2016 :

2⃣ Mais en 20 ans, l'écart de récidive entre "sorties sÚches" et "sorties aménagées" a été divisé par plus de 2 !
- En 2002, on constatait un écart de l'ordre de 16 points sur la récidive à 5 ans (63% en sortie sÚche contre 47% avec aménagement)
- Aujourd'hui, Ă©cart de 6 points!
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5 articles ou sujets de l'actualité états-unienne qui ont retenu mon attention ce mardi 3 janvier 23 au matin.
#USNews #Actualités #EtatsUnis
(Statue de Robert E. Lee, Richmond, Virginie, cliché de Jesse Wooley, c.1930, University of Miami Libraries) Image
1. House of Cards...mais pour de vrai aujourd'hui au CongrĂšs.
Le leader #McCarthy mis en difficultĂ© par 12? 14 Ă©lus d'extrĂȘme droite qui refusent d'en faire le #speaker.
Rentreront-ils dans le rang? #McCarthy sera-t-il remplacé? suspens...

2. Pendant ce temps, rentrée parlementaire dans les assemblées locales. Panorama trÚs clair de @NewsHour à propos des nouvelles lois et débats locaux autour de l'avortement, du coût de la vie ou de la fiscalité.

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#EU Parliament starts process to lift 2 #lawmakers' #immunity | Jan 2
- Roberta #Metsola asked all services and committees to give the procedure priority, with the goal to have it finished by Feb. 13.
#EU reels as #scandal tarnishes parliament’s credibility | Dec 13
- Prof Hendrik #Vos, an EU expert; “The parliament #pretends to stand for #transparency, unable to be #bribed, to defend fundamental values. And then you get something like this.”

cc: @ AndersonAfDMdEP
"#Kaili remains in #prison. Justice in #Belgium has been investigating the @Europarl_EN
environment for months for #corruption, #money #laundering and #influence from abroad.  
Greedy #EU elites expose themselves! #ID"
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Thread. À Fresnes, rien ne semble avoir bougĂ© depuis la construction en 1898. Ni le vaste porche d’entrĂ©e, ni les trois immenses bĂątiments qui barrent le quadrilatĂšre ceint de murs, les « divisions ». La dĂ©lĂ©gation sillonne ce lieu d’Histoire. #prison

Les trois « divisions » sont desservies par des couloirs voĂ»tĂ©s : 5 Ă  6 mĂštres de plafond Ă  vue de nez, parquet au sol, fresques au mur reprĂ©sentant d’anciens prisonniers cĂ©lĂšbres. #prison
Chaque « division » est identique : vaste couloir central coiffĂ© d’un filet (pour parer aux chutes volontaires des dĂ©tenus qui enjamberaient les parapets), trois Ă©tages Ă  droite et Ă  gauche percĂ©s de petites portes de bois, basses, Ă©troites.
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1. A thread on mainstream theories of incarceration - retribution, rehabilitation, deterrence, restoration, incapacitation - which are gaslighting narratives that provide a smokescreen for racial capitalism:
2. Many critics say the American carceral system is based on retribution but I disagree. It's based on racial capitalism. All of the above principles - not just retribution - are in fact utilised to enforce a system of racial capitalism...
3. If you look at actual court cases, sometimes judges sentence someone to punish them; other times, they sentence someone "for their own good," because they "can't take care of themselves"...
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This is my research into the Kafkaesque user experience offered by @FAFSA when chatting with the Federal Student Aid Information Center to find out very basic contact information for an incarcerated borrower. Image
This means that unless an incarcerated borrower is at the rare prison that has approved the 1-800 number for @usedgov or there is a prison staff who helps them call, they have no way to find out basic #studentloan info like servicer or balance, even if they have outside help
People in #prison don't have internet, most prisons don't allow 1-800 calls, @FAFSA doesn't have a non 1-800 number, there's no physical mailing address, and the Federal Student Aid Information Center said they wouldn't talk to someone else, even if they had a POA
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Cet aprÚs-midi, six surveillants mis en cause pour des #violences en réunion sur un détenu menotté sont jugés par le tribunal correctionnel de Lille. Les faits se sont déroulés le 3 janvier dernier à la #prison de Lille-Sequedin
L'affaire rĂ©sumĂ©e par @CamillePolloni sur @Mediapart âŹ‡ïžâŹ‡ïžâŹ‡ïž

L'OIP est sur place. L'audience est Ă  suivre ici âŹ‡ïž
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🔮 [Thread] En complĂ©ment du dossier de @Valeurs intitulĂ© "Prisons, enquĂȘte sur une bombe Ă  retardement", voici quelques explications cash d'un procureur sur la politique pĂ©nale, le "laxisme judiciaire" et la #justice
"La justice ne doit pas prendre en compte la capacitĂ© Ă  Ă©crouer. Aujourd’hui, si un mec doit aller en prison, ça n’est pas parce que c’est surpeuplĂ© qu’on ne va pas l’écrouer, ça n’est pas un critĂšre et heureusement." #prison #justice
"Trop de monde ou pas, s’il faut prononcer un mandat de dĂ©pĂŽt, on le prononce, ensuite la pĂ©nitentiaire se dĂ©brouille." #prison #justice
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You can’t have a #secondchance if you never had a first. It’s a simple idea that many folks fail to consider when talking about incarcerated people.

I recently spoke at @verainstitute‘s 60th Anniversary Gala and shared some of my story of how I got my first chance to be the person I wanted to be in prison. Here’s more about my journey and what it says about “chances” for system-impacted people.
I talked about needing to prove myself right. But I didn’t care what other people thought. It was always for myself. No one should have to prove their humanity for basic needs. We all deserve a quality education, regardless of zip code, race, or incarceration status.
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More than 10.3 million people are held in penal institutions around the world, yet the linkage between individual features of the physical #prison environment & the lived experience of imprisonment has received minimal scholarly attention.

It is important to explore the practical implications of an ethically designed prison. Alongside securing humane & just prison environments, prisons should also contribute to the realization of other correctional aims like rehabilitation, safety, & successful reintegration.
Correctional staff may considerably benefit from ethically designed prisons, so they are not being asked to do “impossible work in impossible conditions”. Still, corrections budgets are often tight, & what is most effective to invest in needs careful evidence-driven assessment.
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Zemmour continue sa croisade contre les Ă©trangers et les personnes racisĂ©es en #prison. Si on veut jouer au con, rappelons que la variable sociologique la plus discriminante en prison, c’est le genre : + de 96% d’hommes. Alors on fait quoi, Éric ? 1/10
On ne prĂ©sente que des femmes Ă  la prĂ©sidentielle ? Non parce qu’en plus vos petits copains de droite ont une fĂącheuse tendance Ă  se prendre des condamnations en ce moment. Et on a dĂ©jĂ  un ancien prĂ©sident condamnĂ©, donc le risque n’est pas nul. 2/10
C’est facile de sortir des fausses Ă©vidences en 2 phrases sur les plateaux TV sur des mĂ©canismes rĂ©pressifs complexes. Depuis l’invention de la prison pĂ©nale, on a toujours enfermĂ© en grande majoritĂ© les plus prĂ©caires, dont les personnes ayant migrĂ© rĂ©cemment font partie. 3/10
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Grateful to #Virginia's Lt. Gov-Elect @WinsomeSears for making time to meet with some of the incarcerated men participating in @prisonfellowshp’s Academy program at the St. Bride's Correctional Facility. #VisitAPrison
We applaud elected officials who put their #faith into action by lifting up the God-given dignity & potential of every human being – including those behind bars. Thank you, Lt. Gov-Elect, for remembering your incarcerated constituents as you prepare to take office. #prison #hope
Want to learn more about the needs of returning Virginians & @prisonfellowshp’s work with prisoners at St. Brides? Watch our short documentary highlighting recent St. Brides Academy grad, Hajee, as he navigates #reentry & maximizes his #secondchance.

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A few more observations on sex offenders, a topic that is very much in the public eye at the moment. Yesterday I watched #FourLives. Stephen Merchant was excellent as Port, a very limited and mediocre man, yet one who still ran rings around the ineptitude of the authorities.
Making society safer and preventing victims not only includes the need for resources, but also requires a comprehensive understanding of accurate offense patterns and risk. Who victims are, how offenders act. A great deal is now digital, or has links to.
Offenders will take steps to cover their tracks, they will not willingly face justice, they will lie, manipulate, mislead. What wasn't shown in #FourLives is Port used friends abroad of one victim to stay informed about how police were investigation was progressing.
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Well said Jamie. It's because I have been around and worked with some of the most manipulative, preditory male sex offenders this country has to offer that I know the harm well intentioned progressive idealism can do. It needs to stop.
Would some male sex offenders game the system? I have literally seen how sex offenders operate. Some will take your progressive idealism and naive nature and exploit it, ruthlessly. Anyone remember the subtle video that was used in #prison anti-corruption training? The letter?
A new prison officer is kind enough to post the letter outside for 'nice guy' Dave off the wing. The letter, a card to Dave's daughter. His victim, on her Birthday. Huge trauma and hurt. The officers job, over. Being kind, I d say some progressives here are the same level naive.
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