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1/12 Lessons from @rusi_org #Finland. The overall military doctrine of #Finland is correct against the expected adversary. As situation, particularly in long-distance precision fires is better than #Ukraine, the results can be expected faster.
2/12 The area defence doctrine can be expected to blunt, wear out and destroy an invading force, possibly in space of days or couple of weeks if the supply chain can be destroyed. The #Ukraine fighting resembled closely #Finland doctrine.
3/12 The mobilization plan of #Finland cannot be blocked by #Russia entirely, but dispersal must take place, and the first stages of mobilization must be ordered early enough. The mobilization of the remaining force must take place in short time.
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The massed attacks on #Ukraine today again raises the question about different approaches to managing the long-range ballistic and cruise missile threat. 🧵
I am not claiming to have written the book on the topic, but I did write a chapter with that headline for the Swedish Defence Research Agency (@FOIresearch) a few years ago, so I have given it some thought. The tl;dr version is that it's hard.…
Ballistic missiles (such as #Iskander) are very difficult targets, and only the most high-end systems are able to intercept them and then within a rather limited range. Cruise missiles (#Kalibr) are easier targets, and many systems are able to at least in theory target them.
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1/Λεπτομέρειες για την Φινλανδικη αγορα 64 #F35 A από την @LockheedMartin :
-Πρωτες παραδοσεις 2025 #ΗΠΑ/2026 #Φινλανδια, ολοκληρωση 2030
-Block 4 εκδοση μαζι με εξτρα απαιτησεις οπως Sidekick (6 #Amraam) και απογειωση απο αυτοκινητοδρομο
-Πακετο οπλων #JSM,#JASSM ER,#JSOW,#SDBII
2/Συνολικό κοστος 8.378 δις Ευρω κατανεμημένο σε:
-4.703 δις για τα α/φ (σχεδον 73.5 εκ Ευρω flyway)
-754,6 εκ για νεους #AMRAAM/#AIM9X Block II
- FOS μαζι με εξοπλισμο εδαφους, εκπαιδευση κτλ αξιας 2.920 δις Ευρω
-Οπλα αερος εδαφους που αναφεραμε παραπανω αξιας 823,8 εκ Ευρω
3/Κοστος για Υποδομες βιομηχανικης βασης 777 εκ Ευρω καθως και βιομηχανικη συμμετοχη. Η παραδοση των οπλων θα γινει έως το 2035 ενω η #FOS καλυπτει ολα τα κοστη εως και το 2030. Η χρηματοδοτηση θα γίνει μεσω #FMS. Προκειται η πιο ολοκληρωμενη και ανταγωνιστικη αγορα εως σημερα!
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