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It's Saturday. Day 339 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine.

This is the daily news thread covering all the important bits of the conflict in one handy 🧵

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Starting in traditional way with a chance for you to check back through yesterday, in case you missed Orban's undiplomatic words about #Ukraine, the latest big blaze in the series #RussiaOnFire or anything else during Friday.

Speaking about Orbán's stupid remarks, he's not alone in the region with #Russia also having culivated useful political idiots in #Croatia #Slovakia + #Czechia

Hopefully an election in 🇨🇿 today will sideline one more (Babiš) as @motytchak explains here:

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🇫🇮🇹🇷⚡️Finnish President Sauli Niinistö insists that his country will only join NATO together with Sweden.
#suomi #finland #sweden #sverige #ukrainewar #russia #ukraine #nato #usa
In other words, Finland intends to wait until Ankara removes its objections to Stockholm's membership. Turkey has previously made it clear that it has no particular problems with Finland.
Niinistö set the July NATO summit in Vilnius as the deadline by which this should be decided. If it doesn't settle down by then, that's when you should start worrying.
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#RokoteSkandaali: Suomi on vahvasti sitoutunut solidaarisuuteen #covid19-rokotteiden globaalin saatavuuden edistämisessä.
- Valtioneuvosto päätti 9.9.2021 yhteensä 3,65 miljoonan rokoteannoksen lahjoittamisesta COVAX:in kautta.…
#Finland #Pandemrix #Scandal #Marin.
@wef @ProfKlausSchwab #YGLs @YGLvoices @MNSchwab @Bodour
Now it's finally clear: there really wasn't a #SwineFlu threat.
But who really benefited from maintaining the #hysteria fueled by the pigs' suffering and tails?…
@wef @ProfKlausSchwab @YGLvoices @MNSchwab @Bodour Bulletin 4 January 2009: Request for an investigation into vaccine harms and #KTL's funding
- In December, Rokotusinfo ry submitted two investigation requests related to the operations of the Public Health Institute (@THLorg) to the #Helsinki #police.
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Revisited: #Finland's prime minister has a #Nightfever.
PM caught clubbing after #COVID19 exposure | Dec 8, 2021
- the former store cashier later claimed that she didn't have a work #phone with her, even though it was on her wrist all the time.
#Nightfever: Miss #Marin pictured Oct 24, 2021.
- 'We have spent my free time with my #husband (Dec 8, 2021)... in #Helsinki on Independence Day weekend.
- I did not have a government phone with me on Saturday night...
#Mediapooli #Finnish Statemedia #PlayingPossum.
-was never freed from the #trauma of the #censorship created by the ideal state of the #Bolshevik's (sc. jews) #SovietUnion. They still voluntarily #Finlandize themselves, living on the govt's #Corona subsidy…
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Why am I not surprised? Of course there's a connection to the #Russia'n propaganda professionals behind the Quran-burning project in Sweden. (1/x) 🧵#Nato #Ukraine…
When #Finland decided to join NATO, we had numerous headlines worried about possible cyber attacks or hybrid operations against Finland. It was like citizens and tabloids were certain that something like that would happen. (2/x)
When nothing happened last year, it was considered as a sign of Russian weakness: the propaganda front had collapsed just like the Russian military front in Ukraine. (3/x)
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@niinisto cc: @ s_m_marandi:
"#Merkel and #Hollande admit the west didn't want to achieve piece in the #Donbas through the #MinskAgreements (2014 and 2015).
- They wanted to give the coup regime in #Kiev time to #prepare for #war - to help #crush #ethnic #Russians
@niinisto cc: @ TaranQ
#Poroshenko has admitted that the 2015 #ceasefire (#Minsk) in #Donbass, which he negotiated with Russia, France and Germany as president of Ukraine, was merely a distraction intended to buy #time for #Kiev to #rebuild its #military.
@niinisto The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by #Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this.
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
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#Moscow is going to set up new military #districts and put together fresh units to counter the most pressing security threats it faces, including a hybrid war in Ukraine, as well as #Finland and #Sweden potentially joining #NATO.…
The #West has ‘grossly #violated#NATO promises - #Lavrov | Jan 19, 2023
- Joint press conference in #Minsk, Lavrov: #Moscow has ‘repeatedly #warned NATO that including #Ukraine in NATO’s #expansion and hostile activities against Russia is unacceptable.’…
Russian Foreign Ministry, #Lavrov reproaches #Finland for supporting “war party” in #Ukraine | 03/02/2015
- The Russian FM is unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the Finnish authorities allowed the delivery of #laser #rangefinders to #Ukraine.
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Things suddenly start to look interesting. Finnish FM #Haavisto to hold presser on Finnish and Swedish #NATO-membership application in 15 minutes. Ping @patrikoksanen @Cornubot @AWollstad
@patrikoksanen @Cornubot @AWollstad Discussions have been made with Stoltenberg, Swedish FM Billström, and Turkish FM. No issues with Hungary, they assure us they won't be last to ratify us.
Discussions under tri-lateral format has gone well, but now Turkey is rather upset following demonstrations in Stockholm. Haavisto believe this will cause a delay of at least "weeks".
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1.❌⛴Estonia can close the Gulf of Finland to #Russia.

The government of #Estonia is going to introduce a coastal "adjacent zone" in the Gulf of Finland, which will allow to block Russian shipping.

The contiguous zone is a marine zone adjacent to the territorial sea, which⬇️ Image
2. can be established by domestic law and where the coastal state has the right to exercise control, as well as to punish in case of various violations of its legal acts.

The right of a state in the "contiguous zone" extends to customs and tax matters, as well as sanitary and⬇️
3.and immigration regulations. This makes it possible to check compliance with Estonian law within 24 nautical miles from the baseline of the Estonian territorial sea and to look after Russian warships and civilian vessels leaving the ports of the LeningradRegion and Kronstadt.⬇️
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Today is the day!
@SebLecornu @Emannuelmacron @CEMA_FR @francediplo !

Bougeons enfin sur le #Leclerc !! & idem sur #Leopard2 Des milliers d'hommes de femmes et d'enfants souffrent et meurent tous les jours en #Ukraine
Préparons les actions de demain, aujourd'hui!!!
2/ Stop procrastinating now!
help #Ukraine !
Every single one of u if there r #Leopard2 in your country, make the diff! call out your Prime minister, MOD etc.
Put positive pressure on them now!
Let's not waste more time!
#Canada #Denmark #CzechRepublic #Finland #Germany #Greece
3/ i'm not even going to mention coward greedy #Switzerland with 380 2A4s looking at cows in perfect green grass or double face #Turkish Army that received 354 Leopard 2A4s & only love the use of it against poor #Kurds ...
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#OSINT-wizard @emilkastehelmi in action in #Kokkola on today's #turpo-seminar. #Ukraine #säkpol Image
Discussing national security these days have a tendency to spark little joy, but it was a first-class event put on by @JanneJukkola and his team and I was truly happy to be part of this #turpo-seminaari on home turf - regardless of how it looks 😅! 📸 courtesy of the hosts Image
For those who missed yesterday's #turpo-seminaari, here's my talk (in Finnish) on how the countries in our neighbourhood react to the War in #Ukraine, and what changes #NATO membership will bring for #Finland. Thanks to @JanneJukkola for posting the clip!
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Here goes.

A thread on #GreatReset to "honor" the annual meeting of the @wef , which just concluded.

We started to analyze the Great Reset (GR) during the fall of 2021, when its role in public decision-making seemed to have grown exponentially. 1/23
This was in no small part affected by the fact that our PM, @MarinSanna , was part of the Young Global Leaders program and she was running #Finland in accordance with the policies of the @wef .

Corruption at home drove us to analyze the GR. 2/
What is the #GreatReset then?

At the heart of the publicly-stated objectives of GR is something called ‘stakeholder capitalism’.

The details of it are rather hard to quantify, as they are usually presented vaguely. 3/
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JUST IN: #BNNFinland Reports.

#Finland announced a 400-million-euro military aid package for #Ukraine on Friday, its largest to date, which includes heavy artillery and munitions but no Leopard tanks.

#Finland #War
In a statement, Defense Minister Mikko Savola @MikkoTSavola said, “Ukraine continues to need support in defending its territory.”
The ministry did not provide additional details about the package's contents, but special adviser Miikka Pynnonen stated that the aid did not include Leopard battle tanks.
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JUST IN: #BNNUkraine Reports.

Ukraine will have the largest military aid package ever by Finland. However, what will be included in it has not been disclosed yet due to security reasons.

#Ukraine #Finland #Defence
"Finland will supply Ukraine with another package of military equipment to Ukraine. The President of the Republic decided on this on January 19, 2023, at the proposal of the government.
This will be the 12th package of military equipment for Ukraine. According to estimates, the replacement of military equipment included in this delivery will cost Finland more than €400 million," the Finnish Defense Ministry said in a statement.
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JUST IN: #BNNNetherlands Reports.

Mark Rutte @MinPres, Dutch Prime Minister said in Davos on Thursday that, Finland and Sweden will become full members of NATO this year.

#MarkRutte #Davos #WEF2023 #NATO #Finland #Sweden Image
Mark Rutte, while speaking at the Ukrainian Breakfast on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos in Switzerland said, “I am absolutely convinced that Finland and Sweden will join [NATO]. It is historically logical, it is their wish, they should be part of NATO @NATO.
But at this moment, this is not yet possible because still negotiations are ongoing”.
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331 days (and counting) of killing and war crimes by #Russia.

#Russia's "we'll take #Kyiv in 3 days" mantra aged well😅🤡

Welcome along to Friday's daily thread with all the news and analysis you need, and already important news on a big day, so scroll through:

Need to catch up on yesterday's news?
Missed the one about Russian doctors setting their own patient on fire, or the suspected #Ukraine hits of #Russia's bases in two regions?

Check what you missed here:

Today may be a landmark day in the war.
All eyes on #Rammstein where the regular meeting of #Ukraine's allies will take place, and I am confident a number of nations will supply #Leopard-2 tanks to Kyiv even if #Germany continues to object.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
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Suomi ei tarjoa lounasta #ETYJ -kokousvieraille.
- Joutuvat maksamaan itse!
- @oikeusmin ja vaaleihin itse osallistuva @anna_maja jonka pitäisi valvoa laillisuutta, ovat onnistuneet melko hyvin tärkeimmässä #Cabal pankkireilta saamassaan tehtävässä, estää kaikki #vaalitarkkailu.
@oikeusmin @anna_maja #Medipooli #Elections #Propaganda in Rogues #BananaState sc. '#HappiestCountry' 5 years in row.
Sara Parikka: Suomessa on luotettavat #vaalit.
#Eduskuntavaalit2023 #RokoteVaalit.
@oikeusmin @anna_maja #Finland #Christmas2021
The result of decades of structural #corruption.
- The govt withdrew its promised 2 million grant for #food aid. The traditional Christmas party for the lonely and needy has been canceled due to the "worsening corona situation".
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A huge military equipment and hardware package for #Ukraine from #Sweden
In short:
- #Archer SPH incl Excalibur👍
- #NLAW (Rb 57), CG RR, AT4
- 50 #CV90💪
- Mine clearing eq
- Automatic weapons
- Procurement collab (ex🇺🇦 can use 🇸🇪 DMA/FMV procurement resources and agreements)
New military equipment and hardware package for #Ukraine from #USA
Interesting is that US and Swedish packages include the mine and obstacle clearing equipment.
More military equipment and hardware for #Ukraine from Baltic States.
1- #Lithuania🇱🇹
"dozens" of Bofors 40mm AA guns and ammunition
2- #Latvia🇱🇻
Machine Guns
3- #Estonia🇪🇪
ALL of their FH-70 155mm howitzers
122mm D-30 howitzers
Other materiel
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#RussianNazis have been #RussianNazis since before they funded Nazi Germany with stolen #Holodomor grain.
They were #RussianNazis when they start WWII with Nazi Germany and plan to divide up Europe, that allied evil only end when Hitler betrayed Russia in 1941
They were #RussianNazis when they came to liberate Auschwitz and raped victims there.

“rape of Jewish women survivors of concentration camps, including Stutthof, Ravensbrück and Auschwitz-Birkenau”…
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🧵One of the most fascinating topics I've reported on: Unmanned technologies (both UUVs and UAVs) could offer the West an opening to catch up with #Russia, bogged down in Ukraine, in establishing a foothold in the warming #Arctic, according to experts.…
2. The West is fairly late to the game against #Russia’s long-standing presence in the region (key to its national security and economic development), where experts agree it has succeeded in maintaining military superiority over the last decade.
3. The Kremlin has secured its #Arctic military capability primarily by banking on a “superior number of ice-breakers, its pioneering of Arctic-capable military drones, upgrading off-shore bases, missiles, runways and radar systems,” says @DrJamesRogers.
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#Russia's war vs #Ukraine - "The Russian navy has survived this war largely intact" per @USNavy Office of Naval Intelligence Commander RADM Michael Studeman told @INSAlliance Wednesday
"The Russian navy., although losing its flagship there in the #BlackSea, continues to fire cruise missiles at a certain pace w/ships & submarines that remain fairly close to the #Crimea" per RADM Studeman
"The #Ukrainians are looking for ways & have come up w/very innovative maritime techniques to be able to make life hard for the #Russia|n aggressors & that give & take will continue for some time" per RADM Studeman
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#Sweden told #Turkey that it cannot fulfil its extradition requests as a quid pro quo for Turkish agreement to Swedish #Nato membership, but arms exports might create some political room for manoeuvre. #thread
#UlfKristersson, Sweden’s prime minister, said that the country will do what it needs to in order to fulfil the tripartite agreement with #Turkey signed last summer. #Sweden is neither able nor willing to fulfil conditions that go beyond the scope of the deal. 1/2
#Turkey has requested the extradition of people living in Sweden. The decision is a matter for the Swedish courts. Other concessions from Ankara are arms deliveries. There is no formal ban on arms exports to Turkey, but in practice there is. 1/3
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#Ukraine: Today's news updates from #UkraineWar: 1. RU forces made gains at #Soledar yesterday taking the salt mine & other positions. UA withdrew to avoid flanking in the north. UA 46th Airmobile Brigade counter-attacked overnight. #tweet100 (Map; @mhmck)
#Ukraine: 2. Pic from journalist,Yuriy Butosov, this morning 7/12 at #Soledar shows salt mine regained & devalues RU claims of "taking the town". More like strategic manoeuvring. #tweet100 (Gif: @MILChronicles)
#Ukraine: 3. At #Bakhmut UA Border Guards repelled RU advance & killed RU unit commander. Waves of RU forces sent against city and many dying. This pic shows at least 46 RU dead nr #Bakhmut. RU troops so exhausted they accuse UA of using "chemical weapons". #tweet100
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