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Let's go over Amber Heard's Memo in Opposition to the use of prior depositions of Officers Saenz & Hadden.

Going to post my comments about the filing against Johnny Depp's use of prior testimony. Then will post full doc.

Won't be a long thread so bear with me please.⬇️
So she is trying to say, among other things, that by July, whether or not Johnny abused her was no longer in question & both parties had moved on. That's why her then lawyer (Spector) didn't "fully cross examine the officers"....ludacris!⬇️
And she is wanting to show them pictures of injuries, that don't even match from picture to picture...along with photos of nonexistent penthouse hopes they will recall it differently, nearly 4 years later.⬇️
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I know many were anxious about the results of the hearing in which Amber Heard was trying to force Johnny Depp to go through an independent mental evaluation. Rest easy. Long story short...she lost. It was denied on Friday November 15th.
Before I post the entire transcript, I want to point to a few key moments.
First is Benjamin Chew pointing out how Amber Heard, once again, lied in a declaration when she stated she'd never been in Virginia. When in fact she was there this past May, on Capital Hill & WaPost even wrote about it. Now how could something she was so proud of slip her mind?
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(1/20)Quotes from this article:
"In December 2018, defendant Amber Laura Heard published an op-ed calling for 'changes to laws and rules and social norms' so that women who come forward to talk about violence receive more support."
(2/20) continuing quote from article:
"Finally, "Months later, Plaintiff John C. Depp, II proved Ms. Heard's point by filing this defamation lawsuit."

I want to stress the word 'proved' here. His action 'proved' her point.🤔

So what is irony anyway?
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A thread with statements from witnesses and court docs

Film director Furman: the claims that Johnny “attacked” a location manager, even attempting to throw a punch, are totally false.…
Depp’s lawyer: “Despite false media reports suggesting otherwise, Johnny Depp never touched the person suing him, as over a dozen witnesses present will attest. In a court filing we have generally denied all claims and we will fight these latest sham allegations.”
Crew members who were there insist it never escalated beyond a verbal confrontation and no punches were ever thrown.

“They had a little moment, there weren’t punches, there wasn’t anything, just were in each others’ face for a second,” script supervisor Emma Danoff, who was
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New thread about Amber Heard's lies!

I'll call this one,

Speak for yourself!
If you read Amber Heard's motion to dismiss the defamation suit against her, she testified she only committed violence against Johnny Depp one single time, in March of 2015.
This testimony was already proven false by Amber's own deposition, in which she grudgingly admits under oath to multiple attacks where she hit, shoved, and threw objects at Johnny, and also kicked a door into his head after “clocking” him in the face. (See quoted threads).
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It seems that people won't stop punishing Johnny Depp for the crimes of Amber Heard, despite him being the actual victim.

So it's time to spill the truth on who is the real Johnny Depp and stop the lies. #ThisIsJohnnyDepp

#JusticeForJohnnyDepp #JohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppisINNOCENT
Johnny Depp is known has one of the most generous. He's been giving of his time with patients and money for research - treatments.

This got him to be awarded from very early on, with the Courage to Care in regards of his support for The Children's Hospital. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp
Johnny Depp among many other people, came forward to show support after the terrible earthquake in Japan.

#ThisIsJohnnyDepp #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #JohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppisINNOCENT
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Alright, this is genius.

Amber Heard claimed on March 8, 2013 Johnny Depp abused her in such a way she got her lip busted, which would have left her with apparent injuries, bruises.

This is Amber Heard on March 14, 2013.

#JohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent #AmberHeard
Next, she is seen out and about with a friend.

It is now March 15, 2013.

Again, she physically looks perfectly fine.

#JohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #AmberHeard
Ok here we go. Be prepared it's a bit crazy.

From Heard's new claims in response to Johnny Depp's court documents:

Please read everything to understand everything.

May, 2014: Flight from Boston to LA.

#JohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #AmberHeard
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Who knew that under an angel face, under kind and friendly appearance a two faced demon was hiding? This woman abused her ex girlfriend in 2009 and got arrested. Years later she asked for the police to wipe her record clean before marrying Johnny Depp. While she and the latter>>
in their Honeymoon she chopped off his finger with a vodka bottle for daring to talk about a postnuptial contract. She often hit, kicked, manipulated and humiliated him whenever things didn't go her way. Having arrived 2 hrs late for her bday Johnny received 2 punches in the face
and his phone and wallet were thrown out the window in April 2016. Seeing this Johnny left the premises and asked her not to follow him. As she was angry, she took a dump in their marital bed. One month later she loared him into the apartment so as he could take his belongings>>>
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