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Real talk: The moment ONE victim comes forward with a credible allegation that they have been sexually assaulted, an investigation must be opened into what happened. #FairfaxResign #BelieveSurvivors #MeToo
Appropriate measures must taken regarding the alleged perpetrator's behavior, including but not limited to suspension from job duties while the investigation is occurring. #FairfaxResign #BelieveSurvivors
Suspension is not a punitive measure. It is done to protect the public & ensure that the internal investigation doesn't get derailed by the accused who would still have access to files, computers, company cell phone, etc. that could hold evidence. #FairfaxResign #BelieveSurvivors
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The Media's Obsession With @MichaelAvenatti Has Gone Far Enough…
It is time for the media to have a serious reckoning about Michael Avenatti. The “Creepy Porn Lawyer” was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony domestic battery in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the news isn’t a huge surprise given his public track record.
Since becoming a household name in March, he has lied about potential evidence, manipulated his client’s statement, been accused of outright fraud, failed to pay millions in taxes, and was ordered to pay a $10 million judgement to a former associate.
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If you haven't already voted, go now!!! It matters!!!
2/ A consortium of law enforcement agencies arrested 75 yesterday in The Woodlands (TX), my home, for prostitution and human trafficking. Five trafficking victims were recovered, one of whom was a juvenile.
3/ Democrats in several states have been sending out mailers with a "score" showing how often the person votes and reminding them that this info is publicly available in an effort to shame them into voting. Voters who've been interviewed about it don't like it.
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Mueller accuses opponents of offering women money to make 'false claims' about him
Special counsel Robert Mueller has referred to the FBI allegations that women were "offered money" to make "false claims" about him, a spokesman said Tuesday.
"When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation." spokesman Peter Carr says.
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Minn. Dem. Chairman @KenMartin73: ‘I Don’t Believe’ Credible @KeithEllison Accuser…
We conducted an outside, independent investigation, and that investigation showed we could not substantiate her claim of domestic abuse. And so I do not believe her — I believe our investigation.”
So, Dems can decide not to #BelieveWomen after an investigation shows the claims can’t be substantiated. Where are all the liberal feminist #BelieveSurvivors Kavanaugh mobs?
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There's a lot to respond to in this Meghan Daum essay on "toxic femininity" but this passage brings up something that's been bugging me ever since the Kavanaugh hearings.…
Essentially, this frames it as though Kavanaugh is entitled to the SC seat as long as there's a failure to prove beyond doubt that he assaulted Christine Blasey Ford. This is totally backwards. For that job, he should be able to prove beyond a doubt that he DIDN'T assault anyone.
Of course we cannot settle the ultimate truth of what happened, but a credible accusation of assault which Daum calls it, which Jeff Flake calls it, should be more than enough to disqualify someone from the freaking Supreme Court.
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Not going to watch the self righteous mainstream media pistol whip @HillaryClinton AGAIN.

I refuse.

First of all, I absolutely agree in principle with almost everything she said.

And this abuse of power debate given the ridiculous excesses of men like Bush 2.0 who continue to walk around unchecked for far more actually consequential abuses of power is laughable to me.

Do I think what Bill reached a legally definable level of such a charge?


Do I think he used his stature to get a blowjob from, yes, sorry people, an actual adult woman who actually wanted to give him one already anyway?


Do I think he tried to push things in a direction that would save him from having to admit that to anyone?


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They work in groups and concentrate on a particular idea or person and follow resist accounts, like and rt resist tweets, and basically try to look like allies. After a short time they pick a victim and try to undermine resist trending topics like #BelieveWomen and #MeToo.

They hunt down movement allies or participants like myself and accuse them of rape. And say it must be true because they are women (almost certainly not) and we have to believe them.

They did this to me.

They want to anger us to the point that we will say something that will appear hypocritical that they will then screenshot out to the world as evidence of the left's hypocrisy.

They hope to anger some to the point that threats will be made or certain lines will be crossed.

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@JackPosobiec @Cernovich gentlemen, Mike Bloomberg is gearing up for a presidential run as a Democrat. Problem is, Mikey doesn’t #BelieveSurvivors.
Oh, my. Bloomberg once testified that he wouldn’t believe a rape accusation unless there was “proof... An unimpeachable third party witness.” He said his own “morals” would “require corroborating evidence.” What would Alyssa Milano say? #BelieveSurvivors…
And Mike was a womanizer too. Oh, dear. Another NY Dem a la Spitzer, Weiner and Schneiderman? #MeToo…
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Problem w #SusanCollins's evidentiary standard for sex assault claims - in vast majority of cases, only two are present. In many older cases, there isn't contemporaneous corroborating testimony, just friends, family, therapists who can attest as to when vic first disclosed. 1/
#BelieveWomen is trite, unconstitutional nonsense. We can't simply believe everything every woman claims now becs women & girls' reports too often haven't been taken seriously. We just need to take reports seriously. Which requires investigation in order to build a case vs perp 2
We need to safeguard due process, becs each of us will need it if/when we're accused of violating a law. And no, a mere allegation, w/out more, can't be enough to find guilt. Some people make false claims for malicious purpose. It happens. 3/
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People ask what #patriarchy is. Think “Jim Crow” and apply it to women—all women. It’s a web of systems, structures, practices and believes that enforce gender hierarchy and silence women. 1/
#This is what #patriarchy looks like in the US right now. 2/
And #patriarchy looks like #this. Yesterday, .@OrrinHatch refused to listen to women and their concerns. 3/…
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Conservative Women Will Make Dems Pay For Kavanaugh In November…
Democrats assumed Republican women would play into their identity politics instead of seeking truth, and that assumption is blowing up in their faces.
Many conservative women see an eminently qualified Supreme Court nominee standing his ground, while duly elected members of the Senate attempt to destroy his life and prevent him from serving on the nation’s highest court.
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Here's @SenBobCorker choosing today to call his own female constituent, @AllieBoBallieTN, a liar for telling him his staff are hanging up on her. #CancelKavanaugh #BelieveWomen @CPDAction @womensmarch @UltraViolet @mcbyrne @jewishaction @DemSocialists
while you're here check out my soundcloud, which is a video of orrin hatch doing the same shit
and you can cash app me at www."Lindsey Graham is also a misogynist creep who doesn't know how to treat women like human beings" .com
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1/ Reading this piece was a total waste of time, except that it prompted me to try to check out something I've been curious about: are there, in fact, a substantial number of progressives who say that we should believe ALL women?
2/ My normal operating assumption is that there is not view so stupid that you can't find SOMEONE who holds it, so I assume that there are people who believe this one. But *lots* of them?
3/ I checked out the hashtag #BelieveAllWomen . It's almost entirely people on the right, being sarcastic. Random example:

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A thread (inspired by @KassyDillon’s latest for @thehill):

The correlation between The Crucible by Arthur Miller and what is happening with the #KavanaughHearing today is undeniable:
We begin with Abigail Williams. She is the clear villain of the play. She accuses those who she believes have wronged her and her single motivation is jealousy and power. She is manipulative and has no regard for her actions. She uses those in power to get what she wants:
Accusing those in the village. Those accused have two options, to be hanged or to admit that they are guilty. Abigail knows this.

Abigail Williams represents the Democrats who wish to bring down Kavanaugh with whatever they can...
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every woman in this pic tho
Let's spin Bretty K's baggage into good
1) #BelieveWomen
2) Donate to groups if you can!…
3) I have no plugs but if you're a comic book person give my friends Jenna & Lisa's channel a look because they're two of the good ones
Also I see I gained followers and I swear I TRY to keep it leveled and whatever but you are likely to see many future Yankees/NY Giants tweets so don't blame you if you're like "nah i'm good" lol
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1) Starting a lunchtime coffee ☕️ thread on the #JulieSwetnick allegation.

At the risk of repeating myself—
1. I speak only for me.
2. I support victims.
3. We don’t hang people based on accusations.
4. Mob thinking helps no one.
5. We have to be willing to be wrong.
2) We are all human and make mistakes. Example: I spelled Dr. Ford’s maiden name wrong. It is Blasey, not Blaseley.
3) My instinctive response to the Julie Swetnick allegation is skepticism.
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1/ This Op-Ed by Bret Stephens is intellectually flaccid, at best, and morally reprehensible, at worst.

It’s written as a superficial appeal to our “reason,” while, in fact, Stephens repeatedly argues that we behave in a fundamentally irrational manner.
2/ First, let’s just talk about how flawed Stephens’ “argument” is. . . . .
3/ Basically, Stephens is arguing that, in the absence of *specific* corroborating evidence as to an event, we must give *equal* weight to two people’s claims regarding the nature of that event: in this case, an alleged sexual assault.
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I’m on the 🚂 to philly heading to the sentencing of the most infamous rapist of all time Bill #Cosby.

We are hoping to see this criminal walk out in shackles for his 45year+ depraved crime spree of drugging and raping over 60 women.

Watch this space for pics and updates!

Graphics by @FrancescaRizzo Part of a 4 year digital campaign to raise awareness of the names of the human victims of #Cosby’s 45 year drug and rape crime spree.
No one knows all of these survivors’ names.

They aren’t famous, they didn’t “cash in”
By being raped.

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The ironic thing about being the victim of sexual assault, is what you remember. You spend years trying to erase it from your memory, and no matter what you do...the memories always comes back.
I was sexually assaulted the first time when I was 8 yo. A 10 yo boy tried to have sex with me. He laid on top of me and he tried to insert his flaccid penis into my vagina. It didn't work, and because it didn't work, I learned for the first time something was "wrong with me".
It felt dirty. I can still easily recall the feelings of embarrassment, horror, and blame...I was 8.
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1. Smart piece from @kittypurrzog on the problems with #BelieveWomen. What happens when the women are the perpetrators, not the victims?
@kittypurrzog 2. This seems like such an obvious statement but so many women think we should dispense with evidence when women are the alleged victims and men, the perpetrators.

“...we should reserve judgment and look for evidence.”

Not so when the tables are turned.
@kittypurrzog 3. Prof. Avita Ronell’s case at NYU has been bizarre. Judith Butler just published this letter about her regrets over the letter of support that she helped to organize on Ronell’s behalf.…

Letter is linked here:…
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the coordinated push to rehabilitate Chris Hardwick is one of the scummiest things I've ever seen. let's just quickly review
this is Dykstra's essay. definitely merits a trigger warning, but if you're okay w/ that I'd recommend reading it. it's disturbing and detailed and concrete and coherent. notably Dykstra takes pains to point out mistakes SHE made as well…
we can caveat things all we like: memories can be faulty, people can exaggerate certain details, etc. but on a basic level you either believe Dysktra's claim that Hardwick was a cruel and abusive boyfriend or you don't. if you don't, here's what you have to believe:
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1/ Content warning: sexual harassment and assault. The @theNASEM released a report on sexual harassment in medicine. Disturbing quotes by #womeinmedicine from the report are in this thread (17). #MeToo #MeTooSTEM #heforshe @womeninmedchat @physcianwomen
2/ Residency. "But, the thing is about residency training is everyone is having human rights violations. So, it’s just like tolerable sexual harassment." (Nontenure-track faculty) #believewomen #MeToo #MeTooSTEM #womeinmedicine #metoophd #metoomed #MedEd #sheforshe #heforshe
3/ Culture. "I still don’t think that the prospect of being sexually assaulted was as bad as watching the next generation of sexual harassers being formed. I think that was the worst part for me." (Nontenure-track faculty) #MeToo #MeTooSTEM #womeinmedicine #MedEd #heforshe
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