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1940, en Allemagne, des prêtres prisonniers demandent à Jean-Paul Sartre, prisonnier depuis quelques mois avec eux, de rédiger une petite méditation pour la veillée de #Noel. Sartre, l’athée, accepte
« Vous avez le droit d’exiger qu’on vous montre la #Crèche. La voici. 👉
Voici la #Vierge, voici #Joseph et voici l’#Enfant #Jesus. L’artiste a mis tout son amour dans ce dessin, vous le trouverez peut-être naïf, mais écoutez. Vous n’avez qu’à fermer les yeux pour m’entendre et je vous dirai comment je les vois au-dedans de moi.
La Vierge est pâle et elle regarde l’enfant
Ce qu’il faudrait peindre sur son visage, c’est un émerveillement anxieux, qui n’apparut qu’une seule fois sur une figure humaine, car le Christ est son enfant, la chair de sa chair et le fruit de ses entrailles
Elle l’a porté neuf mois
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"Der Mann ist in Not, dem helfe ich." Marie #Burde (* 1892 (#otd), † 1963) lebt im Wedding in bitterer Armut, verkauft gelegentlich Zeitungen und sammelt Lumpen von der Straße - und sie rettet unter dem Naziterror drei jungen Juden das Leben, die sie ab 1943 versteckt.

Rolf und Alfred #Joseph tauchen nach der Deportation ihrer Eltern im Sommer 1942 gemeinsam in Berlin unter. Sie schlagen sich ohne Geld und Lebensmittelkarten durch und schlafen auf der innerstädtischen Flucht für mehrere Monate in Bahnhofshallen, auf Friedhöfen und in Wäldern.
Der Zufall hilft ihnen, als eine alte Bekannte das Bruderpaar im Wedding auf eine kaum beachtete Lumpensammlerin hinweist: Marie #Burde hat keine Kinder und lebt allein in der Tegeler Straße 13 in einer heruntergekommenen Kellerwohnung - und sie wird zur Retterin in der Gefahr.
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A thread about the many leaders of #Haiti 🇭🇹 and their often unfortunate ends.

“For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings;
How some have been deposed; some slain in war,
Some haunted by the ghosts they have deposed…”
1. Toussaint Louverture, “the only negro of unmixed blood ever to exhibit the qualities of a statesman”, “small, ugly, smart, and strong”, was a coachman who came to lead the Haitian revolution. He was abducted by Brunet in 1802 and taken to Fort de Joux, where he died in 1803. ImageImage
2. He was succeeded by Jean-Jacques #Dessalines, who proclaimed the independence of the country and named it #Haiti on Jan 1, 1804. He followed #Napoleon by declaring himself emperor in September and was assassinated two years later in October 1806. ImageImage
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Dear SSRians,

Here is my OBVIOUSLY FICTIONAL story “MODERN JUNGLE BOOK”! A long story but will help u piece the puzzle 🧩 you have in your mind. Also, as I am writing ✍️ this, there are way many more characters in this story. So sit back and CAREFULLY read it with fun.
Once upon a time, in a modern jungle, was JACOB, a strong panther 🐆 , who was mysteriously found dead. The entire jungle was sad, many thought that 🐆 committed suicide. Something didn’t feel right to TARZAN, the daredevil guy👨🏽‍🦱. Tarzan started his independent investigation.
Meanwhile, CHARNAB, the orangutan🦧, started streaming Jacob’s 🐆 death news, all over on his channel, Public TV. Soon, KANYA, the croc 🐊, came on Charnab’s show and started claiming she was very close to 🐆, and 🐆 was very scared since past few days and said he’ll get killed.
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Organ Donation and Kerala

Kerala Governemnt made a landmark in the organ transplantation on 19-1-2020 by passing the guideline to certify brainstem death.
@shailajateacher @CMOKerala @vijayanpinarayi

-First state in India to have this guideline
Organ recipients register in and as per the wait list and availability organs are allotted.

There has been a dramatic fall in the number of transplants
#Joseph movie has further reduced the tolerance of society to organ transplantation.

Salutes to Mr.Anujith's family on today's decision.
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Luc2:7«et elle enfanta son #FILS #Premier-né. Elle L'emmaillota, et LE coucha dans une #Crèche, parce qu'il n'y avait pas de #Place pour eux dans l'#Hôtellerie#AMEN, #MerciJÉSUS !

#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Luc2:12«Et voici à quel #Signe vous LE reconnaîtrez: vous trouverez un #ENFANT emmailloté et couché dans une #Crèche#AMEN, pour L'#Enseignement d'#Humilité : #MerciJÉSUS !

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#SundayThoughts today’s sermon at #StAndrews #Guluddene - my village church, with 1 service at 10am to 12noon, non-resident pastor (we are working on building a residence in 2019)

#Okuwagala - loosely translated to #Love in English but that is just a small aspect & perspective
#okwagala is seeing the positive and the best in people and circumstances …

The story used is of #Joseph son of #Jacob. His father loved him so much more than his brothers, leading to “natural” ill feelings towards him
Lesson 1: Show love to your children equally and try not to show favoritism

His brothers wanted to kill him, but Reuben (in a moment of love) asked then to just put him in a hole, with plans to taking him back home later but did not follow up so he was sold into slavery
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