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Mensagem do presidente internacional de #MSF, Dr. Christos Christou,
Segue 🧵
📣Imagens e histórias da guerra na Ucrânia são chocantes. O sofrimento dos civis nos lembra de padrões que testemunhamos trabalhando em zonas de conflito nos últimos 50 anos e, mais recentemente: na #Síria, no #Iraque, no #Iêmen, no #Afeganistão.
📣Esta guerra compartilha muitos dos mesmos elementos, incluindo sofrimento, tristeza e desespero.
Como em toda crise, nossos pensamentos estão com as pessoas. Nossas equipes de emergência estão trabalhando incansavelmente para tentar levar atendimento a quem mais precisa.
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This #InternationalWomensDay I’m thinking of all the women who carry their children across borders just to keep them safe.
📷: @dkitwood @GettyImages
The women who walk for days towards the unknown so their kids can stay alive.
#Syria 📷: Rodi Said / @Reuters
The women who risk everything to give their kids a chnace at a better life
#Honduras #US #Mexico
📷: Kim Kyong-Hoon / @Reuters
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David Rubenstein is a member of Harvard University’s Global Advisory Council (GAC) as is Sunny Varkey, Chairman of GEMS Education

WANG JIANLIN of the Nicole Junkermann-connected WANDA Group is vice-chair

Julio Frenk. Global Advisory Committee Chair, GAC Image
Julio Frenk, president of the University of Miami ;
was dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
> government of Mexico's Secretary of Health
> UN Foundation ImageImageImage
Julio Frenk + Paul Farmer @ University of Miami

2013 ; The coming transformation in global health: a conversation with Crisp, Frenk, and Farmer…
Farmer > Partner's in Health (PIH) #Haiti

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Read "Liddle' Adam Schiff's coded message.

Looks like "WE the PEOPLE" have a lot of EXPOSING to do today!!!
Alice Liddell?
#StadardHotel #Bear?
#Haiti #Sacrifice
#PizzaRelated #FBIfile?
Define: Hank? ImageImageImageImage
What did [AS] COVER-UP?
What did the FBI Cove-up?
Confronting signs of spring in our Garden?
Paint the [R]ose [RED]?
Grandma's Flower Garden?
"SLAVE" Garden?
Hillary Clinton Foundation
James 8 Corney?
No leaks? ImageImageImageImage
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#Haïti est une République des Antilles, un pays issu de la première Révolution Noire victorieuse contre les colons français et les esclavagistes en 1804.
Depuis, ce petit pays appauvri subit la domination des différentes puissances voisines, et une série de dictatures féroces. Aujourd’hui, Haïti est régulièrement secouée par de nouvelles révoltes populaires.
Ces derniers jours, il y a des manifestations massives d'ouvriers et ouvrières des usines textiles à Port-au-Prince, pour exiger une augmentation de 300% du salaire minimum journalier.
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49 charted flights to deport/expel vulnerable people many of whom are survivors of the earthquake and extremely political violence (including pregnant women & babies) in 1 month
Dec.13, 2021-Jan.14, 2022 to #Haiti
@POTUS @VP using our tax payers money to destroy black lives.
Flight #50 is now on its way to Cap-Haitian
I received a call at 4:00 am from a sobbing woman looking for her brother... 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💔💔💔
BAD=Biden Also Deports
Biden also SEPARATES families
Immigration is BLACK issue
The war on Haitian asylum seekers continues with flight number 51 in a month.
Over 5,000 lives...including pregnant women and children ( babies as young as 7 days old)
We all witnessed Del Rio. While the media is gone, the gross and inhumane treatment of black migrants continue.
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Wed (12th) ICE Air flight #135 since 19 Sept scheduled to #Haiti on the 12th anniversary of the devastating earthquake that forced many people to seek food and shelter where possible outside of Haiti. Some end this long journey rejected this way. This flight from El Paso, only
The second from there(yesterday 1st) expelling about 14,400 since 19 Sept and the 171st flight since inauguration expelling about 17,300. 19th in Jan and 44th in the last month since 13 Dec. Posting add’l flights today here. @Ameliebaron @SarnataReynolds @SandraDVOA @Arosaflores
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Tues (11th) and 2 ICE Air scheduled to #Haiti. One from Laredo and one from El Paso which is the first from there since the mass removal began in Sept. If both operate (will confirm here) this makes 133 flights since 19 Sept expelling about 14,100 and …
…169 since inauguration expelling around 17,000. 5 this week (1 of 4 scheduled yesterday did not fly) and 42 since 13 Dec, less than a month. @AmbDanFoote @SarnataReynolds @Ameliebaron @daniburgip @SaviArvey @JuliaNeusner @folksmove @haitiinfos1804 @HaitiJustice @Arosaflores
And now a flight #134 since 19 Sept from Laredo to Cap Haitien, the first there in well over a month. It is in the air with 1 of the above flights. Expelling around 14,200 and the 170th since inauguration expelling about 17,000. The other one above scheduled to leave in an hour.
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Mon (10th) ICE Air flight #129 since 19 Sept scheduled to #Haiti from Laredo expelling about 13,700 # 165 since inauguration expelling about 16,600. The 13th in Dec and 28th since 13 Dec. will post additional today in thread. @Ameliebaron @SandraDVOA @YaelSchacher @daniburgip Image
2nd flight scheduled now also from Laredo. #130 since 19 Sept expelling around 13,800 and # 166 since inauguration expelling around 16,700. 14 in December and watching to see if there will be another today. If so, will add here. Image
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CORRECTION: Al Pouessi (1765-1870) was an #Ethiopian woman enslaved at the age of 14, sold to Pierre & François Testas, slave-traders from Bordeaux & owners of a sugar plantation in #Haiti One of her descendants was former president of Haiti, François Denys Légitime (1841 1935) ImageImage
"She travelled to Bordeaux, where she was baptized by the Testas brothers in 1781, giving her the name Marthe Adelaïde Modeste Testas. The same year, she was transported with François Testas to their plantation in Haiti...
As an enslaved person, Testas could not consent to a relationship or sex and the circumstances under which she had two children with her owner are not known. In 1795 François Testas left Haiti for New York, travelling with his enslaved servants, who included Modeste Testas and...
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#AYIBOBO #AYITI - On this day in 1804, Emporer Jean Jacques Dessalines stood at the helm of a free Afrikan Republic in #Haiti & Declared it independent:

"It is not enough to have expelled the barbarians who have bloodied our land for two centuries; it is not enough to have...
restrained those ever-evolving factions that one after another mocked the specter of liberty that France dangled before you. We must, with one last act of national authority, forever assure the empire of liberty in the country of our birth; we must take any hope of re-enslaving..
us away from the inhuman government that for so long kept us in the most humiliating torpor. In the end we must live independent or die.

Independence or death... let these sacred words unite us and be the signal of battle and of our reunion."
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When the victims of the 1994 crime bill, learn about the victims of #Haiti, there will be nowhere on earth for @BillClinton and @HillaryClinton to hide.
cc @VP @KamalaHarris 👀
bcc @IntlCrimCourt 👀👀
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Desmond Tutu deserves to be remembered for the things he got right, but also for things he got badly wrong. I elaborated on some in a piece I wrote in 2015

In 1987, Desmond Tutu was asked what Ronald Reagan should do about apartheid South Africa. Tutu’s response was “Do what you are doing in Nicaragua"...
Did Tutu really want the US government to organize and fund terrorists to kill tens of thousands of innocent people....
In an op-ed in the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Tutu equated Leopoldo Lopez, a jailed Venezuelan opposition leader, to Martin Luther King and the Venezuelan government under Nicoalas Maduro to apartheid South Africa....
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Este dato pone FELICES a #ClanPierluisi y sus achichincles: es lo que pasó en #Hawaii en 60 años entre la invasión de #EEUU en 1893 y 1959, cuando se convirtió en estado.

El éxodo -o exilio- es por las condiciones impuestas por el imperio contra la colonia. 1/
La historia está ahí. Vamos a refrescarla:
En 1893 #EEUU invadió #Hawaii, país libre de Polinesia, y removió a la reina #Liliuokalani. Colaboraron hacendados de EEUU y Europa. Recordemos que en América solo quedaban #Cuba y #PuertoRico, así que había que apretar el paso.

Mientras, por acá #Espana soltó a #Cuba y #PuertoRico con la #CartaAutonomica, una suerte de divorcio. Eran tiempos distintos: las repúblicas americanas encabezadas por #Haiti habían alcanzado su independencia, y reclamaban que soltaran a las 2 que quedaron.

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1/ HILO:

El presidente de Haití tenía un expediente de narcotraficantes. Sus asesinos lo estaban buscando

#Haiti #Moïse…
2/ Cuando los sicarios irrumpieron en la casa de Moïse, registraron su oficina en busca de un archivo. Averiguamos lo que buscaban: Moïse redactaba un expediente que delineaba las redes de contrabando de armas y drogas y los haitianos poderosos implicados. Iba a dárselo a EE. UU.
3/ ¿Por qué necesitaría EE. UU. este documento? Porque trabajar en Haití es imposible tanto para el FBI como para la DEA. La policía es corrupta y eso obstaculiza la colaboración con las autoridades locales.

Y porque Moïse conocía a estos traficantes desde hacía años.
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Today @POTUS and @SecMayorkas issued their guidance to reimplement (and expand!!!) the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) - a deadly program that violates the human rights of asylum-seekers every day it exists. A🧵on what this means and how it's really really bad.
Time and time again @DHSgov and @POTUS have affirmed that #MPP is an unworkable program with "endemic flaws, imposed unjustifiable human costs" that "fails to provide the fair process and humanitarian protections that individuals deserve under the law." This is true.
.@DHSgov claims that due to a Texas court decision that #MPP must be re-implemented, their hands are tied. But despite their changes to supposedly make the program less-inhumane, the new guidance actually EXPANDS #MPP
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Electronic Frontier Foundation , did you say?

It's another #Epstein 🧵...
So, connections with Edge Billionaires Dinner..

Stewart Brand , Long Now Fdn > 2010: Rockefeller's 'Operation Lockstep' Predicted 2020 'Lockdown'

> SRI International + MIT Media lab
Rockefeller's 'Operation Lockstep' > Global Business Network (GBN) > futurists Peter Schwartz, Stewart Brand > Students for a Democratic Society, and Jay Ogilvy, an Esalen Institute–associated Statfor board member ...…
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Paraguay 🇵🇾 es el país MÁS AISLADO Y MENOS RENTABLE para las aerolineas. Estas vienen, intentan, fracasan y se retiran. Hoy proponen un impuesto al combustible que terminaría con la viabilidad de los vuelos que entran y salen del país.

(Hilo 1/13) Image
El Silvio Pettirossi corre el riesgo de ser un AEROPUERTO FANTASMA.

Somos un país mediterraneo con el PEOR desarrollo aeronáutico de toda latinoamerica. #Haiti 🇭🇹nos supera en cuanto a tráfico, frecuencias, aerolineas y destinos. (Hilo 2/13) ImageImage
Todo esto a pesar de nuestra privilegiada ubicación geográfica en el corazón de sudamérica, entre los dos países más populosos y que más turistas mueven y compartiendo una triple frontera con ambos.

(Hilo 3/13) Image
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📌 #NoticiasDeReformasLATAM 🧵 #HiloDeLaSemana

Desde #ObservatorioReformas recopilamos las noticias más importantes en materia de reformas y elecciones para esta semana.


El Jurado Nacional de Elecciones declaró fundado el recurso de apelación del @partidomorado que cancela su inscripción y lo habilita para participar en los comicios de 2022.

Puedes consultar la Resolución aquí ⬇️


El Consejo Nacional Electoral divulgó el diseño preliminar de las papeletas para las Elecciones Presidenciales y de Diputaciones a nivel nacional.

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Do You Wanna See The Durham Report??

3) WHAT IF???

The thousands & thousands of #chidlren sex trafficked AFTER the Clinton Earthquake, Grew Up? What if many of these Haitian Victims made their way to our border(s) recently & tell us their stories? #RedHaiti #AIDS #ClintonCrimeSyndicate
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New: ICE paid $15 million to private prison giant GEO group for expulsion flights of 15,000 #Haitians. Contract was no-bid, goes through 10/6.

GEO group is profiting off the biggest racist mass expulsion in recent history… ImageImage
To put in in comparison - the UN sought $15 million for relief in Haiti in August. Instead, the Biden admin gave GEO group $15 million for mass expulsion flights.

GEO’s proposed price of $7.8 million for 44 flights over a two-week period was determined "fair and reasonable" ImageImage
The contract was for two weeks, 9/21 - 10/5, with a two-week option period that can extend to 10/20. There have been 70 flights since 9/19.

Tell @ICEgov NOT to pay another $7 million to @GEOGroup & STOP the expulsion flights to #Haiti ImageImage
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It begins: UN Security Council "press" conference by Oct Prez @KenyaMissionUN @AmbMKimani - Inner City Press emailed asking for WebEx access (as it has at IMF) & Q's on #Afghanistan #Burma #Cameroon, #Yemen #Nigeria - no answers. #UNcorruptsEveryone - thread Image
Now @AmbMKimani says UNSC will go on junket to Niger (no UN mission there) and Mali (failing mission); he quotes an unnamed Ambassador at breakfast this morning trying to "touch reality." The reality at the UN today is censorship ImageImage
Now @AmbMKimani says "UNSC is expected to negotiate a resolution for the mission for a Referendum in #WesternSahara." The UN has been supposed to hold that referendum for decades and never did, took money, had sex abusers running MINURSO… Image
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He was born a French slave, he became a Spanish General and he commanded an all Black American militia in Florida. He was the real Django Unchained. His name is George "Jorge" Biassou. Haitian know him as #wapkonjoj Thread 1/17
Imagine a time where you felt slavery was so brutal w/ the French, that you felt necessary to align yourself w/ the Spaniards who also believed in slavery b/c you had a common enemy. That is exactly what happened in colony of St. Domingue at beginning of #HaitianRevolution 2/17
Biasson was son of slaves in world's most lucrative colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti). The French slave owners were notoriously brutal. In 1791, thousands of abused slaves rose up and poured out their fury onto them. 3/17…
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Mistreatment of migrants will not be tolerated, @SecMayorkas tells @WhiteHouse reporters.
"Today we have no migrants remaining in the camp under the International Bridge" at Del Rio, #Texas, says @SecMayorkas.
There have been 17 expulsion flights to #Haiti carrying 2,000 people, according to @SecMayorkas.
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