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Trust God Always, He Knows What Comes Next.


#SundayThoughts #BBMzansi
News24, Megan, Ancestors, Zuma
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A gentle reminder: "For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome." - Jeremiah 29:11 (AMP).

Trust God through your journey!

#tcnyaba #SundayThoughts
Accept what you are going through as a vehicle ordained by God to bring about the fulfillment of the vision that God has placed in your heart.

#tcnyaba #SundayThoughts #insightsforliving
Surrender and embrace the NOW in order to enter into the future that God has prepared for you.

#tcnyaba #SundayThoughts #insightsforliving
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"Survival of the fittest"

What does that mean?

For humans, it has always meant using tools to adapt for survival.

Lessons for handling #Covid. #SundayThoughts
A brief thread🧵 1/8
We didn't develop sharp teeth to process meat.

We developed stone and then metal tools to cut it, and learned to harness fire to cook it. 2/8
We didn't develop a thick coat of fur to live in cold climates.

We appropriated other animals' cold weather protection, and then developed our own synthetic materials. 3/8 Innuits in fur coats. Creator: Evgenii Mitroshin  Credit: Ge
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आज बिना नहाए काम चल जाएगा? भले ही मैं मुंबई में रह रहा हूँ, लेकिन दिमाग में तो पौड़ी वाली ठंडी बरकरार है! उफ्फ अभी तो फरवरी की फुरफुरी हवा चल रही होगी हिमालय से. कई पहाड़ी तड़के नहाने वाले हुए। एकदम कर्रे ठंडे पानी से 'हरिओम विष्णुर' बुदबुदाने वाले लोग.. 1/2

#SundayThoughts Image
मेरे भाई बहन कहते हैं तेरे भीतर से पहाड़ बाहर क्यों नहीं निकलता, मैं सोचता हूँ जहां आप जवान होते हैं, वहां से मुहब्बत तो रहती ही है। मेरा शहर कमाल के लोगों से भरा है। 2014 से पहले ऐसा शहर देखा है, जहां फैज़ान अपनी बात को पक्के यकीन से कह जाता और राघव ये मान लेता था। यही सच होता। ImageImageImageImage
लौंडे लपाडों का सौंपा काम न होने पर फैज़ान ठोस वजह देते हुए कहता- "ए मां कसम, सूर्य देव सामने हैं, झूठ क्यों बोलूंगा।" वो सुंदर भारत था, अबके 1 ही रंग की पेंटिंग करने वालों ने बदरंग कर दिया। ये ठीक वैसा ही है जैसे किसी खूबसूरत कलाकृति पर कालिख पोतकर छोड़ देना, उसे सूखते हुए देखना Image
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I taught a teenage patient how to shave.

You should be asking why or how this would ever come up during a visit for food allergies.

This one may surprise you. A little thread ⬇️
This was a brand new patient to me. I started as I always do:
"I'm so glad you're here. How can I help you today?"

Then I heard about prior suspected food allergy reactions & avoidance of certain foods.

I also observed. There was tension between this mother and her son.
Then I asked the most important question of the visit. I looked him in the eye and asked:

"What's your favorite video game?"

He was surprised but started engaging. But his mother was annoyed.

I asked her why. She felt he spent too much time on video games.
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कुछ तो बोलो
चुप रहोगे
तो आंखों के सामने
इतिहास बदल जायेगा
पहले कागज़ गुम होगा
फिर नाम तक मिट जायेगा

@AmitabhAAV @amitmehra
चुप रहोगे
तो कोई चीख न सुन पाएगा
मशाल बुझा दी जायेगी
हर बलिदान झुटला दिया जायेगा

चुप रहोगे
तो धर्म के नाम पे
अधर्मियों का पर्चा लहराएगा
अंबेडकर का संविधान भी
बदल दिया जाएगा

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Let us discuss the term "Literature" in this thread.

#Literature #literatura #SundayThoughts
Origin of word literature:

Littera = A letter or an alphabet
Litteratura = Writings.

#Literature #literatura #Literary
In English, the earliest usage of the word “Literature” can be found in the 1385 poem Eugenia, written completely in old Scottish dialect.

#Literature #literatura #History
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I’ve had a bit of a bee in my bonnet since Friday, I’m ecstatic at the #NorthShropshire election. However I need to say this…. It wasn’t just about protest votes and lending votes. If we had fielded a crap candidate, or an outsider the swing wouldn’t have been as good……
We had a candidate in place who knows the people of #NorthShropshire who worked hard before the by election. There was a genuine like for @helenhalcrow and all she believes in. That she would be a full time MP!!!! So please don’t underestimate her. She will make a fine MP….
She will work hard for the people because she has a lot to prove, like @cajardineMP @LaylaMoran @libdemdaisy they are real people with real life experience. Who do the job to make life better for others #SundayThoughts #helenmorgan
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Since the "I'm recovered, but..." variant of #LongCovid seemed to resonate here, let me share the next part of my personal thought process on this: we need a metric in medicine for how much effort someone has to put into feeling ok. So many people feel "conditionally ok" (1/n)
"I can feel ok so long as I do x, y and z religiously, otherwise my health gets really bad" - this is often not viewed as pathology, and this is a trap that many #LongCovid patients may fall into - fine so long as they put an incredible amount of effort into their health (2/n)
This is why historically excluded groups and people living near the poverty line will be disproportionately affected by #LongCovid: the amount of time and effort required to stay healthy will not be compatible with the lifestyles of many, leading to worsening disability (3/n)
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Following allegations of Russian interference in our #BrexitBritain democratic processes, here’s ‘Rule Britannia’ cheekily re-imagined as a Russian romantic piece, complete with Soviet nostalgie colour scheme. 🇷🇺 🎼
#SundayThoughts #music #piano #sundayvibes #musicislife
I love the #StoolBritannia hashtag. 😂💩
There is possibly a series of Soviet treatments of popular #flagshagger 🇬🇧 tunes to be done actually.
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The perfect thing about humans is that we dislike boundaries!

No matter how much we achieve, we’re always yearning for more.
This is what inspires us to change and become transformation in technology and lives.
If you’re not growing, clearly you’re suppressing your need to become boundless, as you’re too stuck up on something that doesn’t occur to you naturally.
Stop suppressing the need to grow, no matter in what dimension.
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Today in pulp I look at the history of the Wimpy Bar!

Oh it was the future once... #SundayThoughts
The Wimpy chain originally began in 1934 in Chicago. The name was inspired by the character of J. Wellington Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons created by E. C. Segar.
And in 1954 the company sold a license to J. Lyons & Co - owners of the Lyons Corner House - to use the Wimpy name in the United Kingdom.
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An undertrial, along w his wife, has been in jail for 4 years, has made the unfortunate error of challenging a v powerful man in #Maharashtra. He calls and asks about his wife's bail. It's been 3 months and 3 #bombayhighcourt judges have avoided hearing her application. [1/5]
We're now onto the 4th judge. I ask him, is there any judge who can do justice in this case? Who can't be swayed by the whims of money or power? He names one. I immediately check the sitting list, and I can't believe my luck, as the assignment has changed... [2/5]
...and she is finally, after a long wait, assigned bail matters pertaining to Greater Bombay. But that's the thing with luck in our criminal justice system, it shouldn't be believed it so fast. Shortly afterwards, on the same day, a Partial Modification is issued... [3/5]
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Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #gym #training #workout #Melbourne #florida #jacked #SundayMotivation Matt Fl Matthew Alfieri at his gym in Melbourne Florida
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #floxing #boxer #boxing #SundayThoughts Matt Fl Matt Alfieri at boxing gym in Melbourne Florida
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Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #boxing #boxer #gym Matt #Fl Fl
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation Matt fl
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation Matt fl #oldschool
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The Voter is not likely to read why things run backwards. They'll just commit the crime of Treason and move on. Next.

To remove superfluous verbiage of section 2 of the 14th Amendment we get "...the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or....
....the members of the Legislature DENIED....EXCEPT for participation in REBELLION or other CRIME...."

By voting as a United States citizen — or citizen of the United States — YOU JOIN in the rebellion[s] noted in Section 2 of the 14th Amendment.
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Dear QAnon supporters,

I write this thread w/sincerity—w/out malice or sarcasm. But that dismay & confusion you may be feeling right now—it's valid.

It’s hard to admit you made a mistake. It’s embarrassing.

But the truth is you *have* been lied to. Just not by who you thought—
The lies that were told to you by members of the media & political elite *are* finally being revealed. But who was it who lied to you? Fox News, Trump, Republican officials, “Q”, YouTube personalities — all those are members of the media & political elite. And *they* lied to you.
We live in a moment of history that's stressful. Scary. Confusing. Overwhelming. Unfair. Disorienting.

And Trump, Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, social media personalities — "Q" — they all took advantage of *your* feelings.

"F*ck your feelings?" No. Our feelings matter.

Even yours.
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This is an awesome pic I took last year on #memorialday #MemorialDay2021 #sunset #israel #joffe #fda #SundayThoughts Israel Joffe fda
#worldwar2memorial my family went through World War 2 on both sides. Forever grateful for the USA and their contribution to ending World War 2 and saving my family.. #MemorialDay2021 #sunday #memorialday #israeljoffefda #neverforget ImageIsrael Joffe fda
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The Anglosphere’s entire 300-year model [capitalism + imperialism] is breaking. #SundayThoughts ☕️ Image
2. First, we need an objective review of history. It started with the British—navel based war, colonizing, and “forcing markets open.” Uhh, “free trade,” over the barrel of a white person’s gun.
3. After the British Empire, their model migrated to the United States—today it’s the U.S. military occupying 150 countries, media propaganda to infiltrating societies, forced democracy, USD hegemony, sanctions, and by these means the achievement of globally controlled markets.
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Today in pulp... the Bay City Rollers visit New York!

I think it was on a S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y.
The Bay City Rollers eat some sausages...
Eric Faulkner eats a dessert...
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The only bird that dares to peck an #Eagle is the #Raven. It sits on the eagle's back and bites its neck.

However, the eagle doesn't respond or fight with the raven.

It does not spend time or energy with the raven..
All that the eagle does is to simply open its wings and begin to fly even higher in the sky.

The higher the flight, the harder it becomes for the raven to breathe. The eagle keeps flying higher and the raven eventually falls due to lack of oxygen.
#Lesson ..

✅Not all battles you need to respond to

✅Not all arguments or critics you need to respond to or answer back

✅Just lift up your standard and they'll fall Off

Thanks for reading.

Please retweet if you like & feel it’s #TooGoodNotToShare

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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 : my #SundayThoughts are on what we can do today to help ensure our healthier future. Maintaining health visits is one of the most important things we can do for our wellbeing now and into the future.…
2/4 There are many impacts from a health emergency on the scale & duration of #COVID19. Our collective efforts have sustained & protected our health system. Let’s make sure we are also protecting & supporting our overall wellbeing.
3/4 That means keeping up with physical and mental wellness and prevention visits and seeking timely care for any urgent medical concerns. These medical visits are essential outings – please do not delay!
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Ginger farming is not so much involving for the farmer interms of management but there's only one main secret in Ginger farming that can affect the whole process.
Find out which on the below THREAD ......

Seed maturity plays a very crucial role in Ginger farming.
Mature seeds of 1 years + tend to germinate and produce more than immature seed something that the farmers Hasbro be very keep on when purchasing seeds

Give ginger the right spacing of 2-3 inches at planting
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