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#OTD 1916: The first day on the Somme, a terrible bloodletting for the British and French, with 20,000 killed and 40,000 wounded. The campaign, however, nearly broke the Germans on its own, and was crucial in setting up the Allied victory two years later in the Great War.
The Franco-British Somme offensive in the west combined with the Russian "Brusilov Offensive" from the east. Had several other factors gone differently, e.g. the Romanians had come into the war a couple of weeks earlier, it might have shattered Germany in the summer of 1916.
The effect of the Somme-Brusilov experience in the summer of 1916 convinced Germany that nothing like that kind of land-based set-piece battle must ever happen again. Berlin switched to trying to suffocate the Allies with a naval blockade that in the end sealed its fate.
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#OTD: 30 June 1946. In the first direct democratic initiative in post-war Germany, over three-quarters of the voters (77.7%) in Saxony approve the expropriation of large monopolies and corporations without compensation to eliminate the economic basis of German imperialism.
This measure sought to rip out the roots of German fascism, as it had been the magnates & landed nobility that had bolstered the rise of fascism to suppress class struggle & promote monistic ideals of a class-less “German folk” with a right to "Lebensraum" in the East.
A year prior to the expropriation of industrial monopolies, a comprehensive land reform had been carried out by the peasants themselves to seize the large holdings of the Junker nobility and redistributed them to the small peasants and landless migrant families.
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Amity, as you know, means friendship...Join us as we chart those fateful events on Amity Island as they unfolded over the next few days as #breakingnews items. #Jaws Image
BREAKING: Reports coming in that a #swimmer has gone #missing after a late night swim. More on this #story as it develops.

#Jaws #breakingnews Image
And we've this just in from Amity Island News, an exclusive update on the missing swimmer situation from the chief of police, Martin Brody #breakingnews #Jaws
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#OTD, June 25th, 1535 the anabaptist dominion of Münster ends in a bloodbath as troops of the bishop Franz von Waldeck storm the city. Between 1532 and 1535 a group of anabaptists established a radical theocracy in the otherwise quite genteel city of Muenster in Westphalia. (1/
The anabaptist movement was an offshoot of the Zwinglian reformation that split into multiple communities with different sets of beliefs, some of which still exist today like the Amish, Mennonite and Hutterer. (2/
Whilst these groups are today most noticeable for their rejection of the modern world, strict discipline and pacifism, a very different splinter group had taken hold of the city of Muenster under their leader Jan Mathys. (3/
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#OTD, June 24th, 1160 Bishop Arnold of Mainz was murdered by the citizens of his episcopal see. This is a tale about the rise of the Ministeriales, the serf-knights of medieval Germany and the forces that push back against them. (1/
Arnold’s rise to the position as Primas of the German church had been controversial. His predecessor had opposed the election of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. Barbarossa could not let that stand and had him deposed by Pope Eugene III. (2/
Arnold was not only a close associate of Barbarossa and his former chancellor, but he was also from a family of Ministeriales. The Ministeriales were a German specialty in the Middle Ages. They were formally serfs, i.e. unfree men. (3/
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Thread. #OTD in 4 months of the #Ukraine War. Navy #OSINT

Feb 24. World wakes up to invasion. Cruiser Moskva attacks Ukrainian garrison at Snake Island Moskva cruiser snake island
Mar 24. Ukraine hits Russian Navy landing ship in Berdyansk. It blows up.

Russia will not continue using the port
April 24. The site of the wreck of the Russian flagship Moskva is located via the oil slicks. See…
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Mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing, who established the theoretical foundation for just about every modern computing device, was born #OTD in 1912. His work helped make it possible for you to read this.
Image: The Guardian
Sorry, for some reason the alt-text didn't take. Before I talk about Turing's work, let me repost that image with the alt-text. A black and white photo of Alan Turing. He is looking at the
In 1936 Turing wrote "On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem," in which he addresses Hilbert's decidability problem, proves that the Halting Problem is unsolvable, and lays out the modern definition of computability.… ON COMPUTABLE NUMBERS. WITH AN APPLICATION TO THE ENTSCHEIDU
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#OTD in 1314 the Battle of Bannockburn got underway. Around mid-afternoon, the English army approached from Falkirk & found the Scots waiting for them in the New Park, about where the Visitor Centre now sits.

Thinking they had caught the Scots out they came thundering over... The earliest surviving depiction of the Battle of Bannockbur
...the burn at Milton Ford, only to find that they could only attack on a narrow front due to the pits Bruce had dug in front of his army.

In the skirmish that followed, King Robert personally killed a knight called Sir Henry de Bohun & the English were forced to retreat. King Robert the First of Scotland and Sir Henry de Bohun in
Meanwhile, a small body of cavalry tried to skirt around the Scottish position put was chased off by Bruce's nephew Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray, & his men near St Ninians. The English had now been repulsed twice in a single day! The coat of arms of Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray. The shie
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🧵#OTD in 1941, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation #Barbarossa

Many people will focus on the massive battles, but it's also important to conside the ways in which the war in the East was directly connected to the Nazi genocidal project.
Most importantly, the invasion of the Soviet Union and the apparent initial success of the first months likely accelerated a decision-making process that had envisioned delaying the solution of "Jewish Question" until after the war.
In addition, the conduct and nature of the war in the Soviet Union was NOT an aberration in its violence, brutality, and criminality. To the contrary, this was the norm for the Nazi way of war. The wars in the West and in North Africa were actually the exceptions.
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#OTD in 1314, King Edward II of England set off from Edinburgh towards Falkirk, on the penultimate leg of his fateful journey towards the Battle of Bannockburn. When King Robert I of Scotland received word of this, he ordered his army to... 🧵

#RoadToBannockburn King Edward the Second of England as depicted in the exhibit
...withdraw northwards out of the Torwood, across the Bannock Burn, & into the New Park, roughly two miles south of Stirling Castle.

Bruce's withdrawal from the Torwood was the last intelligence Edward would receive about the Scots until his army arrived near Stirling the... King Robert the First of Scotland  as depicted in the exhibi
...following afternoon & it probably seemed to the English king that this news confirmed his suspicions that the Scots were planning to frustrate his ambitions for a decisive confrontation by refusing to give battle at all. In fact, King Robert was planning something...
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Story of an industrial hamlet in Maharashtra that was guarded by ex-dacoits, whose inhabitants fought untouchability, joined the freedom movement against the British, and changed India's destiny with engineering and innovation. A thread. 1/14
Would you believe that all of this was spearheaded by a colorblind painter of colonial India, who used to own a tiny bicycle repair shop? We bring you Laxmanrao Kirloskar's story. 2/14
Who would imagine, that a boy born #OTD, 1869 in a traditional Maharashtrian Rigvedi Brahmins family would follow his passion for painting and engineering to create something extraordinary? Laxmanrao, fondly known as Lakaki, had an exceptional life. 3/14
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#Juneteenth celebration in Austin, Texas on this date June 19 in 1900. Photo by Grace Murray. 1/19 #OTD
Emancipation Day Celebration Band in Austin, Texas on this date June 19 in 1900. Photo by Grace Murray. 2/19 #OTD #Juneteenth
Martha Yates Jones (left) and Pinkie Yates (right), daughters of Rev. Jack Yates, in a decorated carriage parked in front of the Antioch Baptist Church located in Houston's Fourth Ward on this date June 19 in 1900. Photo source:…. 3/19 #OTD #Juneteenth
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#OTD in 1981, Namita Mukhopadhyay went home from school to find her husband's body hanging inside their fifth-floor apartment on Southern Avenue, Calcutta. A chilling thread on Ek Doctor Ki Maut. 1/11
This is the story of Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay - a genius who performed the country's first successful in-vitro fertilization on October 3, 1978, to produce "Durga" alias Kanupriya Agarwal, the world's 2nd test-tube baby. 2/11
The birth of Durga was marred by ethical and moral debates, with the West Bengal Govt. even refuting his accomplishment and claim that he had made history. The genius was ridiculed mercilessly. 3/11
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Dewan Prem Chand, the legendary peacekeeper was born #OTD in 1916. We look back at this amazing soldier and his jaw-dropping adventures across Africa and the Mediterranean through times of turmoil and crisis. 1/15
Around 1960, a storm was brewing in the central African nation of Congo, formally and colloquially also known as Zaire. On the 30th of June the République du Congo gained independence from its Belgian rulers and only 10 days later descended into chaos. 2/15
Congo was one the largest countries in Africa, and without experience in self-rule and administering a country of that size, it was inevitable that multiple factions would come up to challenge the newly formed government under Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. 3/15
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"Der Mann ist in Not, dem helfe ich." Marie #Burde (* 1892 (#otd), † 1963) lebt im Wedding in bitterer Armut, verkauft gelegentlich Zeitungen und sammelt Lumpen von der Straße - und sie rettet unter dem Naziterror drei jungen Juden das Leben, die sie ab 1943 versteckt.

Rolf und Alfred #Joseph tauchen nach der Deportation ihrer Eltern im Sommer 1942 gemeinsam in Berlin unter. Sie schlagen sich ohne Geld und Lebensmittelkarten durch und schlafen auf der innerstädtischen Flucht für mehrere Monate in Bahnhofshallen, auf Friedhöfen und in Wäldern.
Der Zufall hilft ihnen, als eine alte Bekannte das Bruderpaar im Wedding auf eine kaum beachtete Lumpensammlerin hinweist: Marie #Burde hat keine Kinder und lebt allein in der Tegeler Straße 13 in einer heruntergekommenen Kellerwohnung - und sie wird zur Retterin in der Gefahr.
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Lietzenburger Straße 72. Erinnerung an Maria #Terwiel (* 1910 (#otd), † 1943) und Dr. Helmut #Himpel (* 1907, † 1943), miteinander verlobt, unter dem Naziterror für die "Rote Kapelle" im Widerstand und schließlich im Strafgefängnis Plötzensee mit dem Fallbeil ermordet.

#Berlin ImageImageImage
Maria #Terwiel, römisch-katholische Christin, steht im Jahr 1934 in München kurz vor Abschluss ihres Jurastudiums, als ihr durch die rassistischen Gesetze der Nazis wegen ihrer jüdischen Wurzeln die Zulassung zum Examen verweigert wird. Sie geht dann zu ihrer Familie nach Berlin.
Arbeit findet sie als Sekretärin in einem französisch-schweizerischen Textilunternehmen. Helmut #Himpel, seit studentischer Zeit mit ihr bekannt, wird Zahnarzt - und auf die Verlobung beider kann keine Eheschließung erfolgen, da Maria #Terwiel als so genannte "Halbjüdin" gilt.
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Virginia Beach #massshooting #OTD in 2019. Twelve dead. Remember how the five dead in the Boston Massacre set in play the American Revolution? There is not one legit reason for #AR15s + high-capacity mags. 1/
2/ AR-15 is short for Armalite Rifle, the name of the company that invented #AR15s for, get this, military use. Ban #AR15 assault rifles. If you need 30-rounds, then you're a mass murderer or a really bad shot. Either way, you're a danger to society. #GunSense #GunViolence ImageImageImageImage
3/ The Supreme Court thinks open carry/conceal carry, etc., are fine, but not inside the #SupremeCourt. #NRA, #Glock, #ShotShow, don't allow open carry or often even guns in their offices, events, etc. GOP cowards. #2A #2ndAmendment…
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#OTD, ~27th of May 1084 Robert Guiscard, leader of the Normans in Sicily sacks the city of Rome. He had entered the city of Rome with 30,000 men to rescue Pope Gregory VII. Pope Gregory had been besieged inside the Castello di Sant' Angelo by Emperor Henry IV. (1) That shows the Sack of Rome by the Huns, but should work as
The army Guiscard had brought was hastily assembled. Its core were Norman knights, but mostly these were mercenaries It also comprised a force of Muslim fighters from Sicily,
These men had little interest in the Pope Gregory VII and his ambitious program of church reform. (2)
All they cared about was plunder. As for that, they were sorely disappointed. The city of Rome had been subjected to 4 years of intermittent sieges. For three days the soldiers went door to door extracting whatever they had left. (3)
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#OTD May 23rd, 1125 emperor Henry V last of the Salian dynasty died in Utrecht aged 39. The 100 years of Salian rule was a period of massive change, socially, economically, politically and spiritually. Debate about what had happened and what it meant has been raging ever since. Image
That great change is usually labelled as the "Investiture conflict", though it encompassed several parrallel developments: the assertion by the papacy of its role as the leader of Christianity, the rise of princely power in Germany and popular demand for the reform of the church
The chronicler Otto von Freising, a grandson of Henry V who wrote just 25 years after the death of the emperor saw the conflict between the papacy and the emperor as a world-ending calamity. The fragmentation of the unity of the spiritual and the secular was a portent of the end.
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#OTD in 1993, the Motor Voter Act became law. This legislation allowed Americans to register to vote when they apply for or renew a driver's license.

In its first year, this law helped 30 million Americans register to vote. (1/4)
A year ago, I introduced the Filer Voter Act. Based on the Motor Voter Act, my bill would allow Americans to register to vote when they file their taxes. (2/4)
Potential voters should have as many opportunities as possible to register to vote so they can make their voices heard.

By making voter registration more convenient, my Filer Voter Act would strengthen our democracy during a time when democracy itself is under attack. (3/4)
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#OTD 600 years ago one of the strangest events in medieval European history occurred: a Lithuanian prince from a recently pagan family, Žygimantas Kaributaitis, entered Prague to govern Bohemia, the first "heretical" kingdom to successfully split off from Catholic Christendom. 1/ Image
The image of Žygimantas entering Prague in the tweet above is from Eberhard Windeck's chronicle of the reign of Emperor Sigismund, ruler of Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire, who spent the 1420s failing to conquer Bohemia from the Hussites, despite several crusades. 2/ Image
In short, the Hussites grew out of 14th/early 15th-century reform traditions in Bohemia, partly inspired by Jan Hus (executed for heresy in 1415). The Hussite movement embraced moderates and radicals but was united around a popular piety focused on preaching and the Eucharist. 3/ Image
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#OTD in 1862 Newton Knight reenlisted in the Confederate Army after being on furlough. He originally enlisted in July of 1861. He deserted in October of 1862 and headed home after he received word the Confederate Army had taken his family's horses for the war effort.
There is much debate and mystery surrounding Knight, his actions during and after the war, and what motivated him. However, Knight's life provides insight into conflicting ideas of race, class, and politics in Mississippi and the South writ large during the Civil War.
Knight was a yeoman farmer in Jones County, Mississippi when the war broke out. According to historian @vikki_bynum, only 12% of the county's population was Black and most whites were subsistence farmers like Knight.
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The Battle of Palmito Ranch was fought in Texas #OTD in 1865. The Confederate victory is widely considered the last battle of the Civil War. The battle occurred over one month after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox and two days after Jefferson Davis was captured. Image
Both sides knew the war was virtually over, but a small contingent of Confederate forces refused to surrender near Brownsville, Texas. Many of the men serving under the Union Army there were members of the United States Colored Troops.
A fragile cease fire had been agreed to between the two sides on May 11. However, Confederate Lt. Gen. Edmund Smith of the Trans-Mississippi Department refused to accept the inevitable end of the war.
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#OTD 1994. Death of John Smith

"The most important message of all is that no society, no country can ever survive without a profound sense of social justice – and unless we bring social justice back to this country, this country cannot be healthy and cannot be successful”
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