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The federal government is concerned about the development of corona infections in Germany.
The Federal Chancellery in Berlin is therefore in close contact with the federal states in order to advance a common line in the fight against the Sars-CoV-2 virus.
In a conversation between Chancellor Helge Braun and the state secretaries, the confidante of the Chancellor apparently warned that the increase in the number of corona cases could also be due to the different approaches within the republic.
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#Germany #Czechia #Berlin #Prauge #Pirna #Sachsen #Coronavirus

The federal government declared the entire Czech Republic a corona risk area on Friday evening. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) published an updated list.
This eliminates the exception for two regions, including the Usti district to Labem on the border with Saxony. The whole of Luxembourg and the state of Tyrol have also been included in the list of risk areas.
A travel warning from the Foreign Office is expected that evening. Travelers from risk areas must be tested for Corona within 48 hours before or after entering the country and must remain in quarantine until the test results.
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#Germany #Berlin #Coronavirus #Police

Because of violations of the Corona regulation, the police again expelled hundreds of people celebrating from two parks in Berlin-Mitte. “Up to 300 people in a party mood and with far too little distance”
stayed in the Weinbergspark and James-Simon-Park on Friday evening, as a spokesman announced on Saturday. The security forces therefore had to "emphatically" address the partly drunk and youthful celebrants in order to break up the crowd.
It should have come to isolated bottles throws and an ignition of pyrotechnics. A police officer was slightly injured in Weinbergspark, the spokesman said. The mission ended on Saturday morning around 2.30 a.m.
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#Germany #Berlin #Granade

The background is still completely unclear: a live frag grenade was discovered in an apartment building in Berlin during the day. All residents were brought out of the building in the Wedding district.
Then forensic technicians from the State Criminal Police Office secured the grenade and transported it to a blasting site, as a police spokesman said. The residents were then able to return to their apartments.
Where the fragmentation grenade came from and where it was found in the house is not yet publicly known.
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In view of the increasing number of infections in Berlin, the capital is threatened with new contact restrictions. The Berlin Senator for Health Dilek Kalayci explained in an interview with the @rbb24.
It is conceivable that in the future only a maximum of five people or people from two households will be able to meet, Kalayci told the broadcaster. In addition, she had agreed with the representatives of the inner city districts to limit private celebrations.
There could be an upper limit of 50 people outdoors and 25 people indoors, she said. However, there will probably not be a ban on the sale of alcohol or restrictions on serving in Berlin. Overall, the health senator was concerned: "We have a very serious situation in Berlin.
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#Germany #Iran #Berlin #Coronavirus @no_itsmyturn

The German Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has lifted the ban on direct flights from Iran to Germany imposed due to the corona pandemic.
"The infection situation allows it," said Ministry spokesman Hanno Kautz of the AFP news agency on Thursday. "Iran is still considered a risk area and the foreign ministry's travel warning continues." This means that tests and quarantine are mandatory.
The suspension is justified with the infection process in Iran and the changed information policy. In contrast to spring, Tehran is now reporting reasonably credible figures.
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#CDU-Abgeordneter hat „Die (digitale) Sicherheit der Kritischen Infrastruktur“ in #Berlin hinterfragt

Die Antworten lassen tief blicken, wie desolat der #KRITIS-Zustand ist und wie CyberCyber-#Verantwortungsdiffusion (nicht) funktioniert

Ein Thread 1/x…

Die Antworten sind allesamt eine (schön verpackte) Bankrotterklärung.

Wie ich erwartet habe, weil es in den anderen Ländern auch nicht anders aussieht... 2/x
Der nachfolgende Satz trifft es recht gut, wie die CyberCyber-#Verantwortungsdiffusion bei #KRITIS in Deutschland funktioniert, wegen der man nix weiß. Maximal desolater Zustand der Ahnungslosigkeit im Blindflug: 3/x
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#Germany #Berlin #Coronavirus

In view of the sharply increasing number of infections, Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller is holding out the prospect of tightening the corona regulations in the capital. "I assume that we actually have to make restrictions again,"
said the SPD politician on ZDF. This is especially necessary for celebrations in public spaces and can be done through alcohol bans such as in Munich. It is also possible to step backwards in the number of participants when it comes to meeting opportunities.
Especially among the very young adults who celebrate outdoors, there is "a significantly stronger infection dynamic than at the table in the catering trade".
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#Germany #Berlin #Coronavirus

In Berlin, a second indicator of the corona warning light jumps to yellow for the first time. According to the "Tagesspiegel", health senator Dilek Kalayci announced in the health committee that the R value was rising to over 1.5.
The seven-day incidence had previously risen to 21 - the limit value for the yellow traffic light is 20. In the green area, the utilization of the intensive care beds is still in the green area. In Berlin, the Senate has to discuss new measures when two traffic lights are yellow.
If they turn red, they have to be implemented.
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#Germany #Berlin #NewYear #Coronavirus

Even in times of Corona, a New Year's Eve party is planned at the Brandenburg Gate. The concept should be adapted to requirements, announced the organizer, Silvester in Berlin GmbH.
There will be an audience on site, but this year there are significantly fewer people than in other years - a number was not given. "The New Year's Eve celebration at the Brandenburg Gate is only open to Berliners and guest Berliners with valid, prior registration," it said.
When and where visitors can register, it should be announced. Hundreds of thousands have celebrated at the largest New Year's Eve party in Germany at the Brandenburg Gate in recent years.
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#Germany #Berlin #Bundestag #Speedlimit

The ongoing topic of speed limits on motorways remains on the German political agenda - but there is no further introduction in sight.
On Wednesday evening, the Greens failed again with an application for a "safety speed of 130 km / h on all motorways". They also called for the general maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour to be introduced on two-lane country roads and a speed limit of 30 on all urban roads -
with the possibility for municipalities to allow faster driving.
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#Germany #USA #Berlin #NorthStream2 #NordStream2

According to sources, the german federal government tried to save the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline with an offer worth billions.
At the beginning of August, german Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) made his US counterpart @stevenmnuchin1, first verbally and later also in writing, the proposal that Germany was ready to finance the construction of two special ports for the import of liquefied gas.
US companies want to export American gas to Germany via the terminals in the ports of Brunsbüttel and Wilhelmshaven. In the written proposal that went to Washington on August 7,
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Louis Farnborough kam als britischer Justiz-Offizier nach Dtl. zurück. Er zog nach #Düsseldorf, setzte sich für die "Wiedergutmachung" ein und war im Zentralrat der Juden aktiv. 1983 starb er.
Geboren wurde er 1905 in #Neustadt als Ludwig Farnbacher. Dort war er seit 1930 1/3 Image
Rechtsanwalt. Er war aktiv in der jüd. Jugendarbeit in der #Pfalz. Im März 1933 wurde er mit seinem Bruder Stephan und seinem Vater Sigmund in das (frühe) Konzentrationslager Neustadt verschleppt. Noch im selben Jahr wurde ihm die Anwaltschaft entzogen. Er zog nach Berlin und 2/3
emigrierte von dort nach England.
Sein Vater starb bereits 1933 an den Folgen der Misshandlungen im frühen Konzentrationslager Neustadt. Seine Mutter Emma wurde 1942 von #Berlin aus nach Riga verschleppt ("verschollen"). Sein Bruder überlebte in der Emigration. Er starb 1969. 3/3
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Chancellor Angela Merkel and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer agree to take in around 1,500 additional migrants from the Greek islands.
As sources told from domestic politicians, these are families with children. More than 12,000 migrants were left homeless after the fire in the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos.
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More and more riot police and military are coming to the Independence Square @tass_agency #StandWithBelarus #Belarus
Grushevka district resisted people in black uniforms. @nexta_tv #StandWithBelarus #Belarus
Detentions next to Grushevka district. @tutby #StandWithBelarus #Belarus
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#Germany #Greece #Berlin @THWLeitung #Refugees #Aegean #aid

More than 25,000 people live in overcrowded refugee camps on the Aegean islands of Leros, Samos, Lesbos, Kos and Chios.
Many millions of euros and specialists such as the technical relief organization are available to help. But the local authorities seem to be undermining the projects. According to a media report,
foreign aid for migrants housed in Greece is being made considerably more difficult by local authorities. As a report says, a project of the Technical Relief Organization (THW) failed in March because of "political problems".
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🇬🇷 #GREECE – Illegal immigrants set fire to asylum camp in #Moria on the Island of #Lesvos.

Firefighters who tried to extinguish the fire were attacked with stones by illegal immigrants.

The camp is almost destroyed.
Is it an coincidence that leftist groups in Germany last weekend in Hamburg and before the Reichstag in Berlin has staged an action with thousands of chairs and have demanded to bring the "refugees" from Moria to Germany?

#Moria #Greece #Lesvos
🔥 Its really strange that a action by leftist groups with 13,000 chairs in front of the Reichstag in #Berlin was staged & hours later the entire camp burned down in #Moria, Lesvos, Greece.

📸 Some Screenshots from German newspapers which reported about the leftist action.
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Das wird nen langer Tweet. Es ist eine Rede von Sexarbeiter*innen, die heute auf der Demo gehalten wurde. Bitte teilt sie fleißig, keinen Fußbreit den Gewaltverharmloser*innen, Kriminalisierungsbefürworter*innen und Faschist*innen!
1. Der Kapitalismus produziert eine Vielzahl verschiedener Unterdrückungsmechanismen, um die ihm inhärente Ausbeutung durchzusetzen und zu normalisieren.
2. Die Intersektionalität der Unterdrückungsmechanismen ist aufgrund der teilweisen Kriminalisierung und Stigmatisierung dieses Berufs besonders in der Sexarbeit sichtbar.
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Bewijs van vuil.spel door de politiek, politie en antifa in Berlijn vorige week zaterdag Lees onderstaand draadje en deel het, laat ze hier niet mee weg komen!…
#coroNEE #ichbineinberliner #revolutie #anderhalvemeterdictatuur #stopdelockdown #Berlin
The plot thickens. Meer en meer informatie wordt bekend over Tamara K., de aanstichter van de 'bestorming' van de Reichstag op zaterdag 29 augustus in Berlijn:…
Deel deze informatie zo veel mogelijk!
Verder graafwerk heeft onderstaande info opgeleverd. We gaan door tot de volledige waarheid over deze false flag bij de Reichstag ontrafeld is!…
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Jetzt spricht ganz Deutschland wieder über #Leipzig Connewitz.
Kaum jemand spricht aber über die rechte Anschlagsserie in #Berlin Neukölln bei der rechte Polizist*innen vermutlich Daten an Neonazis weitergeben haben.
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Ich bin gerade auf diese extrem großartige Seite @mietenwatch gestoßen, auf der auch Auswertungen darüber zu finden sind, wer in #Berlin mit welchem Einkommen wo wohnen kann. Das ist eine grandiose Aufbereitung von gesellschaftlichen Spaltungsprozessen!
Gibt es eine ähnliche Darstellung wie zum Vergleich zu den #Wohnkosten in Wien? Kannst du mir da vl. weiterhelfen @KHimpele?
Werden 30% des Einkommens als "leistbar" definiert, sind für einen durchschnittlichen Berliner Single-Haushalt mit einem Netto-Haushaltseinkommen von 1.375€ berlinweit nur rund 3% der Wohnungsangebote leistbar. Innerhalb des S-Bahn-Rings sind es sogar knapp 1% der Angebote!
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Wir möchten nochmal auf dieses @democ_de-Foto aufmerksam machen.
Mit Hansjörg Müller greift dort ein #AfD-Bundestagsabgeordneter die Polizeiabsperrung an der Friedrichstraße zusammen mit den Rechtsrappern Chris Ares/Christoph Zloch & Primus/Andre Laaf!
#nonazis #b2908
Zuvor war Müller mit der rechten Gruppe um die Rechtsrapper unterwegs. Wenig später kam es zurkörperlichen Auseinandersetzung mit der Polizei, die mit 2 Festgenommenen aus der Gruppe endete.
Weitere Fotos zeigen den Kontext des Angriffs:
1. Zloch, Naggert & Laaf provozieren Polizisten am Gitter, #AfD-MdB Müller im Hintergrund dabei
2. Laaf tritt mit voller Wucht gegen das Gitter
3. Polizei verteidigt Gitter, Rechte weichen zurück.
#nonazis #b2908 #noafd
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1. I just got some first-hand information on the #BerlinProtests. A friend of mine went there to be part of it on Monday.

It was still going on then. The #Berlin protesters said they were willing to stay (up to five days) until the German govt. resigned.…
2. Notice that there has been ALMOST NO COVERAGE of the protests during the past 3 days. No videos, no pictures, no comms with protesters of any kind.

There's a reason & I just found out why!

My friend left the protests yesterday, returning to Stuttgart completely distraught.
3. Why? This:

A. They are jamming cell phones so people can't communicate with one another.

B. There is no Internet available in the city to upload photos & videos.

C. Mobile phones had ALL THEIR PHOTO/VIDS DELETED from memory when they left #Berlin.

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