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This is a follow up from my earlier tweets. How can you claim independence #JuneTeenth2021 from slavery while as a U.S. Citizen you are a subject? Let's keep it real now.
U.S. Citizen are subject to the...
....jurisdiction thereof via Section 1 of the 14th Amendment.

You vote in this totalitarian system you are an agreement of THEIR control!

To vote it is required to rebel and commit a crime via Section 2 of the 14th Amendment. THEY encourage us to vote, but....
...don't tell us the consequences when we do vote.

When you vote you are rebellion & commit a crime against the lawful system (republican form) that's underneath this secondary system (totalitarian/de facto). This allows the imposters you voted for to...
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“June 19,1865 federal troops arrived in Galveston, TX, 2.5 years after the signing on the Emancipation Proclamation, to inform enslaved people that they were free. As we stand together in the fight for justice, we must embrace our history on this journey towards liberation.”
We are honored to be on the ground in Marshall, TX this morning to take part in their #JuneTeenth2021 parade.
@poweredxpeople @BetoORourke @PxPAmbassadors
“As we stand together in the fight for justice, we must embrace our history on this journey towards liberation.”

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There are currently 9 biographies @c_black_mormons of people who were enslaved at the time of baptism into the CofJCofLDS. We have identified at least 16 more who will be added when their bios are complete. Enslavement was a part of the Latter-day Saint story. #JuneTeenth2021
As one example meet Charlotte here:…

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1. Some people are saying that #Juneteenth is just a symbol - low hanging fruit that doesn't address the very real problems on the table like police reform, voting rights, wealth inequality, etc. They are right, of course, but symbols aren't irrelevant to social change.
2. Systemic racism is reflected in generations of accepted thinking in this country - and while we fight for change and the fruits seem sometimes insignificant, there will be differences in the accepted social norms for the next generation, and so on. That matters.
3. The Confederate Flag is a symbol with a message that has been tacitly allowed for the sake of 'white history', as are the statues, as was even the racially debasing language I heard regularly growing up. We're seeing these social shifts play out.
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Happy #JuneTeenth2021! Let's take a minute to remember what this federal holiday symbolizes and the ongoing fight for freedom.

On January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation was issued, promising to free slaves in states controlled by the Confederacy if the Civil War was won.
After the war was won on April 9, 1865, the news of the promise began to be communicated across the Slave States of the Confederacy.

Texas was one of the most remote of these states, and the news of the liberation of slaves was suppressed until June 19, 1865.
June 19th being the date when Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, more than TWO months later.

The reason for that delay?

Texas slave-owners saw the opportunity to exploit and complete one final crop harvest from their unpaid workers.
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The Emancipation Proclamation is a crucial document, not least of all because it ensured the Union could win the American Civil War.

[A #JuneTeenth2021 Thread]
The American Civil War was not solely an "internal affair".

Throughout the early years of the war, Lincoln's administration feared intervention by the Europeans, notably the British.…
As Lincoln remarked in his first State of the Union: "[A nation] which endures factious domestic divisions is exposed to disrespect abroad, and one party, if not both is sure sooner or later to invoke foreign intervention.”…
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Meet Ellen Rosenblum. Oregon’s “progressive” Attorney General. Just this week made this dangerous claim: She’s obligated to “uphold & enforce” any law. Even a KKK-law shes admitted is racist & now caging hundreds. On #JuneTeenth2021, perpetuating white supremacy. Emptiest words:
For literal decades, Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum has been on a crusade—as a trial judge, as Attorney General, in the US Supreme Court & local courts—to defend a Jim Crow era law to silence Black jurors. To perpetuate white supremacy. But Tweeting on #JuneTeenth2021 about “freedom.”
Just this week, Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum penned one of the most dangerous opeds I've ever read. In response to local demands to right a racist law shes admitted is racist, argued she must "uphold & enforce the law as it stands." This is cowardly. Wrong.…
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1/ In June of 2020, some young folks asked me to join them in a march of solidarity w/ black people b/c we wanted to show them we cared about them and their causes. At that march, white supremacists showed up with all their flags and symbols to intimidate us.
2/ In 2020, my friend planned an event in East TN to try and join human beings together to spread love in a tumultuous time. They were railroaded by white supremacists and had to cancel the event. This year, that family left TN.
3/ This year, a basketball coach at an East TN college lost his job for supporting his players who advocated for black lives by kneeling at a game. 1/2 the team left afterwards b/c why would black players stay & play for TNans who didn’t care about their voices?
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Many of yall are awaking to a day off for a holiday you never celebrated before.
I've celebrate #Juneteenth #JubileeDay my entire life. I love the parades that many major cities have, but we also had personal family traditions too. Here's my family's approach.
We start by hanging two Juneteenth flags. First, the official Juneteenth flag is red, white, and blue with 1 star burting through. Second the variations flag that comes in red, black, and green, colors that remind us of Africa.
We talk about the colors both flags represent.
The traditional flag has the colors of America, because we are American. This country is prosperous because of 400 years of unpaid or underpaid labor from our ancestors. We are as American as it gets, and our contributions are what made America the force that it is.
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I might lose followers RT’ing this nut I agree wholeheartedly. I’m looking for the appreciation of Union Soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War that wasn’t civil. My Great Great Grandfather died at Shiloh. Barely off the boat from Bohemia. Left widow and 4 children.
His name was Myrtengren and they shortened to Green when he enlisted. So when his widow tried to collect his $5 survivors pension, she got hassled proving that was her husband. Mom told me that story many times. History fading into myths. The South was Ransacked, Devastated.
I was not upset at Lee’s Statue. He didn’t Start the War. He actually Ended it. Generals aren’t supposed to tell the Leaders, let’s call this off. Lee did.Obstinate, yes,Democrat leaders wanted to stand their ground, burning all around. South burned to Hell. Southerners suffered
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Please stand for the Black National Anthem: “Lift Every Voice and Sing” --- written by a James Weldon Johnson.

Sidenote: He served as treasurer for the Colored Republican Club.

(1871 - 1938 )


Lift every voice and sing,
Till earth and heaven ring,
Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;
Let our rejoicing rise
High as the list'ning skies,
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
Stony the road we trod,
Bitter the chast'ning rod,
Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;
Yet with a steady beat,
Have not our weary feet
Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?
We have come over a way that with tears has been watered.
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It is important that as we celebrate #Juneteenth  and freedom this weekend, that we also recognize how for the descendants of the #Gullah Geechee, the year 1865 marked the opposite—the broken promises and dashed dreams of freedom. A Thread:
I am a descendent of Gullah people, who were given a taste and a test of freedom immediately at the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861. All the white people ran scared & black folks in Beaufort and surrounding islands began to imagine freedom concretely.…
That early taste of freedom called “The Port Royal Experiment” proved successful. The formerly enslaved in Port Royal (numbering about 10,000) understood that if white people would just stay gone, literally the sky would be the limit.…
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President Biden signs Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law shortly. Catch a stream here: and my report coming up for @CourthouseNews.
VP Harris begins the remarks today. Juneteenth has been known by many names over the years, but today, it will be known as a national holiday.
Opal Lee, a lifelong advocate and activist for Juneteenth becoming a national holiday, is also here today. Biden knelt on the floor in front of her as Harris was speaking, took her hands and acknowledged her, smiling.
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48.01/ Week Forty-eight, June 12-18 2021, begins here.

Week 47 below.
48.02/ Not popping champagne corks yet, but the large person with horns could sing at any moment to usher in a post-Bibi Israel
48.03/ Has Bibi taken credit for inventing the question mark?
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