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15 Jun 20
Voter turnout for #Election2020 is critical. The GOP will use the pandemic to further suppress votes. Contact your Election Official. Demand your vote and safety are protected. Get answers and educate others in your community. See this thread for contact information by state:
Alabama Secretary of State
John H. Merrill
Phone number: 334.242.7200
Alaska Director of Elections
Gail Fenumiai
Phone number: 907.465.4611
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10 Mar 20
1. I did some analysis on individual donors to gauge the importance of down-ticket races to the supporters of presidential candidates. This is the percentage of unique donors that also donated to a House or Senate race.
2. This shows a critical difference between Sanders and Warren supporters - who both want to see big, structural change. The Warren supporters get what it will take. Bernie has done his supporters no favors with his "anti-establishment" rhetoric.
3. Worth noting that this data only covers through end of year - Dec 2019. I'll be interested to see the shifts between Warren and Biden after Q1, but I'd be surprised to see much increase from Sanders.
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25 Feb 20
1. Since Bernie has put this out here, I do hope there are some probing questions in tonight's #DemDebate2020 in #SouthCarolina. I'm going to use this thread to try to dig into the details of his funding plan without getting too wonky.
2. He starts off with his $2.2 Trillion plan to cancel student debt. He plans to pay for it with a Wall St. speculation tax estimated to raise $2.4 Trillion over 10 years. It does seem like a plausible funding stream and he cites an abstract: tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.108…
3. It works by placing a 0.5 percent tax on stock trades – 50 cents on every $100 of stock – a 0.1 percent fee on bond trades, and a 0.005 percent fee on derivative trades. Researchers suggest it could raise $220 Billion/yr.
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9 Feb 20
1. Every debate the candidates talk about their different healthcare policies, but there's very little focus on the actual GOP attacks we'll face in the general or the path to successful legislation. I worry that many #M4A or nothing voters aren't prepared for what lies ahead.
2. It's important to familiarize yourself with the history of healthcare reform, particularly the legislative process to pass the #ACA - which arguably came through by the skin of it teeth. forbes.com/sites/physicia…
3. We'd absolutely have to have a majority in both chambers to pass M4A, but a presidential candidate running on M4A will lessen the likelihood of winning those needed seats. The GOP will be hitting back hard and it will trickle down-ballot.
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7 Feb 20
1. Some may not want to hear this, but to save democracy, the post-Trump era must be helmed by someone who can ease the division of our electorate. We can’t continue this way and expect our institutions to survive, let alone enjoy any lasting progress.
2. This trend started before DT - he leveraged it. Voters used to reward bipartisanship - working across the aisle. Then Newt Gingrich came along, quickly followed by the Tea Party. At peak dysfunction and polarization, we must think carefully about where we go from here.
3. Divisions can and have been exploited to give rise to Trump, to weaken our institutions and to suppress voter participation. Divisiveness on the left in 2016 has cost our party. Nefarious actors know exactly how to capitalize on our vulnerabilities.
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26 Nov 19
1. We have 3 branches of government for checks and balances. The problem is bigger than Trump, and, thus, bigger than impeachment. The Congressional act of impeachment is a necessary first action, but it will be the Judiciary that deals the final blows by forcing transparency.
2. We do not know what the Senate will do. We do not know if court decisions will come through before they must decide their verdict. But, court decisions will come. The truth will come out through FOIA dumps, SCOTUS decisions will be made. Indictments and trials will happen.
3. Most importantly, it will happen before the 2020 election. Whatever calculus Senate Republicans are employing, they know these variables are out there. I've little doubt there are Congressional members that know with dreaded certainty they won't escape unscathed.
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16 Nov 19
I received an email from Twitter Legal that they received official correspondence from a legal representative about removing this tweet. They did not do so. I have no idea on whose behalf this was done. Thoughts @NatashaBertrand?
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30 Oct 19
1. America’s healthcare crisis is destroying lives - killing people, bankrupting people, oppressing people. The need to act is paramount. How to act is the most critical platform difference between candidates. Running on Medicare For All without the numbers is unacceptable.
2. Our healthcare plan can’t be de-prioritized while we figure it out. There is a clock ticking in the lives of the vulnerable and a clock ticking until the next election cycle and unknown majorities, assuming we even have the needed votes in 2020.
3. Primary voters have an extremely important decision to make. They can’t be expected to do so without answers and numbers to apply to their own lives. The “don’t worry, it will be better for you in the long run” response is simply not sufficient and rather condescending.
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17 Oct 19
1. Ok, Real Talk. Pragmatism isn’t the same as Centrism. Pragmatism is playing out the string, carefully considering the outcomes and playing the long game. Vetting candidates, policies and strategies is CRITICAL, not divisive.
2. I’m tired of hearing 2020 placed in the misguided construct of targeting swing voters vs. the base in terms of center and far left lanes. Our base is WOC. The nominee must have their support to win and they’re not generally far left voters. For good reason.
3. WOC are the most vulnerable. The risk to them is higher if we fail. We all need to vote with our base in mind, and we cannot let them down. Sure, I want big, structural change, but I’m very concerned about empty promises or shortsightedness.
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6 Jun 19
1. I've seen a lot of comments from Right Wingers claiming transgenderism isn't real or is a mental illness. Ignorance is an unnecessary affliction. In honor of #PrideMonth , here's a brief education for #GOP, #Conservatives, #MAGA and #Evangelicals.
2. If you think recognition and 'tolerance' of different gender identities is a construct of progressivism, you are wrong. In fact, (White) Western culture is behind the curve on this.
3. Anthropologists and historians are well aware of cultures throughout time recognizing non-binary gender. Early scholars often used the indigenous term berdache (two-spirit) to describe the phenomenon of a 'third gender' or 'mixed gender'.
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7 May 19
1. She’s right. He is. He’s banking that he can politicize a failed impeachment and the earlier in the 2020 cycle, the better it is for him. Even worse, the GOP are willing to let him delegitimize and weaken the institution of Congress to sweeten the dare.
2. Congress has a duty to perform oversight and protect the Constitution. By disregarding congressional subpoenas, the WH is putting our entire separate but equal system of government at risk. All players know that an impeachment hearing wouldn’t allow for this stonewalling.
3. However, all players also know that an impeachment hearing before seeing the unredacted report and hearing from primary sources is risky and will be painted as overzealous.
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14 Apr 19
1. Frustration among activists is reaching a fever pitch - understandably after such a shocking and unrelenting week. There are people I respect very much adding their voices to the fervor. I respect them enough to listen and to push back with my concerns.
2. We all want to see DT, his campaign and administration held to account. We all want to see a forceful repudiation of our country's flirtation with authoritarianism. We are, indeed, fighting for the soul of this country and it is a battle that will extend beyond this crisis.
3. I see many on social media turning their frustration toward our own leadership - both demanding and deriding. Digital activists and political influencers do have power, but I fear they're channeling it in the wrong direction and at no small risk.
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10 Apr 19
1. #Democrats have a lot of great candidates for 2020 and it's exciting to hear bold policy ideas, but that's only part of the equation. What's the path to change? How will we pay for it? And, most importantly, how will you get it passed?
2. It's worth reviewing those that have Congressional experience to get a sense of their efficacy in passing legislation. In this thread I will identify how long a candidate was in Congress and their sponsored bills that were passed or incorporated in another bill.
3. Kamala Harris passed 4 bills over 2 years in office:

-S.129 St. Francis Dam Disaster Memorial Act
-S.3055 Disaster Victims Passport & ID Relief Act of 2018
-S.3033 COUNT Victims Act
-S.729 John Muir National Historic Site Expansion Act
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7 Apr 19
1. Ideally, the purpose of the media in an election cycle is to vet and elevate name recognition of the candidates. They also, of course, control the narrative that decides what pundits talk about, how candidate messages are received, and how the electorate is informed.
2. Whether they admit it or not, I think much of the media recognizes how they failed in the 2016 election. But, as we enter into the 2020 cycle, they are already starting to become enslaved by their own narratives. Here's some feedback on the framing we're seeing so far.
3. First and foremost, we have a lot of fantastic female candidates. Just cover them. Stop the weird meta-analysis of pointing out that women aren't getting as much coverage as men and just cover them. As the media you are in control of that.
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25 Mar 19
1. The Mueller probe was never going to solve the problem our nation faces. Even if the high bar of criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt could've been met, the DOJ was never going to indict a sitting president. And William Barr was never going to concede obstruction.
2. No, Mueller tossed the mess right back where it inevitably belonged - with Congress and the American people. Barr must #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport so we can tend to the task before us. The standards for the office of POTUS are greater than mere criminality.
3. Nixon didn't break into the Watergate hotel. He lied and covered up. Clinton's affair wasn't a criminal act. Lying about it was. Trump and his campaign knew about Russian interference. They were approached over and over - but reported nothing and consistently lied when asked.
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7 Mar 19
1. To successfully navigate this issue Democrats must start by recognizing more than one thing can be true at the same time.

Democrats split on response to Ilhan Omar's latest Israel comments - NBC News apple.news/AbWB-sz6ZRkKay…
2. Discussing U.S./Israeli relations has always been sensitive. We are in a time of heightened awareness of hate due to the environment created by the Trump administration. We are aware of the anti-Semitism that has pervaded the Labour Party. This is the context.
3. Omar is under heightened scrutiny because she is Muslim. She is experiencing hate directed at her regularly. She is also new to Congress and not as careful with her words as she should be. That said, the admonishment for using anything akin to racist tropes is valid.
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2 Mar 19
1. Weak take, ⁦@ChrisCuomo⁩. This is spinning off ⁦@ChrisChristie⁩ justifying the #GOP’s blind loyalty to Trump because Dems stood by Bill Clinton - also a bad take.

Cuomo: This is why Trump supporters shrug off lies - CNN Politics apple.news/A9Vq6dDeORFmKs…
2. This isn’t to say partisanship, poor behavior, even corruption isn’t a both-sides problem. It is. But, a zero-sum interpretation is ridiculous. We have never had a POTUS that was as corrupt, unethical, untruthful and unhinged as Trump.
3. The normalization of Trump has come through the sheer onslaught of his scandals and the Groundhog Day manner the media has afforded him. The same shocking revelations and behavior discussed each time like it’s new - an endless norm-shattering Ferris Wheel.
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4 Feb 19
1. The war we are fighting is for democracy. It is a war against authoritarianism, kleptocracy and white nationalism. Spending resources and energy to weaken your own forces and cause division only strengthens the true opposition.
2. There will be no progressive policies passed without seats. Every lost seat at the state and federal level weakens our ability to fight the GOP agenda and pass progressive bills. Of the 22 primary elections Justice Dems won, only 5 were for competitive Republican-held seats.
3. A 31% win rate exemplifies the risk. Every seat matters. Every seat. We can't afford self-inflicted wounds or divisive tactics. This is not the time. Be clear-eyed about the enemy and focused on what it takes to beat them back -- or we all lose.
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1 Feb 19
1. Why support @DemsWork4USA? Because our model gets results. We won 254 seats in the 2017-2018 cycle up and down the ballot. A look at our performance in the primaries demonstrates the power of early, strategic, grassroots support.
2. We won 237 of 286 primary races - an 83% win rate. This is comparatively high for the amount of races we supported. 147 of the primary winners we supported went on to win the general. This is a win/loss ratio of 2:1.
3. General election candidates who we didn't endorse in the primary had a win/loss ratio of 1:1. This means that our model of identifying and supporting the best candidate to win in the general as our primary pick doubles the chance of winning the seat.
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31 Jan 19
1. Look, @SteveSchmidtSES, I get it. You want your party back from Trumpism - you want space for the ideologies on which you've staked your careers. Same for other Never Trumpers like @MaxBoot, @DavidJollyFL or @davidfrum. Running @HowardSchultz as an IND in 2020 isn't the way.
2. The #GOP didn't get here overnight. The Southern Strategy, the alliance with Evangelicals, the anti-intellectualism, the systemic voter suppression - this has been a set trajectory for decades. One you were all a part of, even though you may not like where you landed.
3. And, yes, it may be that your party is forever ruined and a new one must rise, but there is no quick fix. Running Howard as an independent allows you to bypass the primary process. Claiming he is an "independent-centrist" is disingenuous. Independent of what?
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27 Jan 19
1. In 2016 I feared for our country. On this #HolocaustMemorialDay that fear now encompasses the western liberal democracy that has kept order and peace post WWII. National populism has spread across the hemisphere on a dark trajectory - one already outlined in history.
2. We are failing to see the bigger picture, blinded by the myopic lens of tribalism. Putin, however, is clear-eyed. This is his vision and has been all along. Populism isn’t a solution to a problem. It is a reaction to a problem -largely the problem of wealth inequality.
3. National populism revolves around the following: a) political distrust b) perceived destruction of national cultures c) anxiety about deprivation of jobs and income d) dealignment of political parties with voters. theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
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