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Let’s talk about IBNUs: an #ADHD thread 🧵 (1/5)

IBNU (Ib-new) is the term I use as shorthand for tasks that are “important but not urgent”

…aka, the tasks those with ADHD often don’t get to unless they *become* urgent, at which point it’s often a crisis.
I came up with the term after learning about the Eisenhower matrix, which was developed by Stephen Covey based on a concept by Dwight D. Eisenhower about tasks being divided into 2 categories: urgent and important.
More on that here:… (🧵 2/5)
A lot of what falls into these categories is subjective. Also, I rarely have the patience to ✨ write out ✨ my tasks & stick them in a matrix.

But: I DO mentally run through my tasks and identify the IBNUs — because they’re important, AND, least likely to get done.

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Oggi all’ età di 47 anni ho avuto la mia diagnosi di #neurodivergenza: una dose di #ADHD, plusdotazione cognitiva (ma sbilanciata), un pizzico di autismo (non clinicamente rilevante) e qualche altra psicopatologia blanda passata sottotraccia. Ora vi spiego perché è importante.👇 Image
Ho sempre percepito/saputo di essere diverso dagli altri, avevo una vita sociale entro i limiti della norma, ma non sono mai appartenuto al gruppo e ho sempre difeso la mia individualità. La scuola è sempre stata problematica:“È intelligente, se s’impegnasse sarebbe bravo”.
Sul lavoro, mi sono sempre addossato compiti ingrati, accettato troppi impegni per arrivare impiccato alle deadline con lavori (per me) insoddisfacenti risultanti da corse assurde, ma soprattutto in condizioni psicofisiche pietose, che manco John McClane in inferno di cristallo.
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L'avete letto quasi tutti, vero? Decine di articoli, tutto un copia-incolla. Un bambino di 8 anni (soffre di #ADHD) "estromesso" dagli #Scout.
L'avete notato che nessuno ha riporta il punto di vista del gruppo Scout? Perché nessuno ha contattato gli Scout prima di accusarli. 1/2 Image
Mi pongo la domanda: come si fa, a scrivere un articolo che esplicitamente riporta solo una parte in causa, la voce della madre, rispetto ad un'accusa molto pesante. Nel gruppo in questione ci sono 300 lupetti e coccinelle nei branchi, alcuni anche con l'ADHD. 2/3
Ma perché non hanno contattato il gruppo @agesci, prima di scrivere un articolo del genere?
Ve lo dico io: perché si sarebbe sgonfiato il caso del tutto. Ma cosi funziona il click-baiting:
spari la notizia "acchiappa-click" e poi te ne freghi.
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Emotional dysregulation is common in #ADHD. So is emotional impulsivity, due to impaired response inhibition.

Stimuli happens, we respond. No pause in which to consider if it’s a good idea.

What this means is we react with raw emotion.

This is why we need help w/our brakes.
Ways to practice “braking:”

✨Use “Buy now!” or “we need an answer now!” as a cue to step away. Like, auto-nope out of that sh*t, it’s predatory to those w/ADHD.

✨step away when emotions rise quickly, before “point of no return”

✨ practice pausing in lower stakes situations
Meditation can be really useful for this.

Not because it quiets our minds (it doesn’t) but because we get to practice having thoughts and feelings come up

✨ and not acting on them ✨
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Some people wonder why the Men’s #ADHD Support Group even exists despite Men with ADHD being the ones who are highly diagnosed with it and it often being over seen and under diagnosed in women.

I’m the founder of the organization and here’s a thread 🧵

The Men’s ADHD Support Group was conceived in response to a unique issue: the stigma men face when seeking mental health support.

Though men are frequently diagnosed with ADHD, navigating the realities of the condition is far from straightforward.
Societal expectations often push men towards embodying strength and self-reliance.

The idea that seeking help signifies weakness can make it challenging for men to reach out, leading to feelings of isolation and a lack of necessary support for ADHD management.
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I recently complained to the #BBC about the "#Panorama - Private #ADHD Clinics Exposed" documentary. Today I have received a response (screenshots attached) ImageImageImageImage
I outlined different issues with the programme in my complaint, as listed below (alongside the BBC’s response, and comments on the response):
Point #1: The methodology for the investigation is not credible; the reporter presents the NHS consultant with the information that he is a reporter investigating ADHD before the assessment is conducted, but withholds this information from the private clinics...
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Sharing some learning from a wonderful day focussed on a Psychosis theme at @rcpsychEastern #EasternDivisionSpringConference (I think this was the planned hashtag, but maybe wrong 😅)
Many thanks to the organising team and speakers! 1/n
An eloquently delivered kick off to the morning by @DrNandiniC on “The thoughts society refuses to believe in - delusions and beyond” with captivating descriptions of origins + examples of psychopathology from literature and from her clinical experience across continents 2/n
A good revision of origins of descriptive psychopathology, concepts and examples ranging from pseudocyesis to Tudor history, lycanthropy to Twilight series, the less talked about “OCD with psychosis”, it kept us engrossed till the end 3/n
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It is far past time for stigma about ADHD stimulants to subside.

They are:

✨not addictive when taken as prescribed
✨highly effective for most w/ADHD w/minimal side effects
✨out of our system quickly
✨stimulants. Like…caffeine. They don’t get us high, they help us work.
Can they be abused? Yes. Some are specifically designed to minimize this risk, but some are not.

Be misprescribed? Yes. Vast discrepancy of care for adult ADHD.

But most of what I see as an expert is how devastating the lack of access ✨already is✨ for those who need them
The answer, for anyone concerned, is better access to, & guidelines for, care for adult ADHD (currently being drafted by APSARD in the US)

The more we decrease access, the more common it will be for those who don’t need these meds to obtain them more easily than those who do.
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Judging from the reaction to this... a lot of people care about ADHD diagnosis being represented fairly and accurately

It's almost like it's an issue you really shouldn't casually exploit and misrepresent for clicks, or something. Who knew?
For the record, I don't (as far as I or anyone else knows) have ADHD

But I have many individuals, who I value greatly and/or who are very close to me, who have recently been diagnosed ADHD, and you'd better believe I'll go to the bat for them in any context

Some may jump on this as a way to discredit me, to dismiss my critique of the #Panorama #ADHD investigation. Because I should, after all, be totally impartial, not influenced by defending people I care about?

To which I'd say...

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1/ After chatting with @eugenemcfadden I've been thinking about embodiment. These things that are supposedly in our heads: #depression, #anxiety, #autism, #ADHD are for me PHYSICAL. Here are some thoughts on depression, and how it is different from sadness 🧵
@eugenemcfadden 2/ When you are sad, you are perhaps a little more of yourself. It makes you a little Cartesian; your mind, it seems, is noticing that you are feeling things, and knows it will have to wait this absurdity out, until you can go back to the numb comforts of normality.
@eugenemcfadden 3/ You observe a rawness within and without: eyelids and nostrils, follicles and skincells — these are the external, bodily realities that represent the internal shrinking and puckering.
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Penyakit ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) seringkali disalahpahami & dibuat menjadi bahan candaan. Namun, ada fakta-fakta penting yang perlu kita ketahui. Dalam thread ini, kita akan menjelajahi apa itu ADHD & bagaimana dampaknya pada kehidupan sehari-hari. 🧵
ADHD adalah gangguan neurobiologis yg memengaruhi fungsi eksekutif otak, seperti perhatian, impulsivitas, & hiperaktif. Ini bukanlah kelemahan karakter / masalah kurangnya disiplin. Orang dgn ADHD seringkali menghadapi tantangan dlm mempertahankan perhatian & mengendalikan impuls
Salah satu mitos yang perlu dipecahkan adalah bahwa ADHD hanya terjadi pada anak-anak. Faktanya, ADHD dapat terus memengaruhi seseorang saat dewasa. Banyak orang dewasa yang tidak menyadari bahwa mereka mengalami ADHD, karena gejalanya mungkin lebih halus atau tersembunyi.
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One of the things I really hate about my #ADHD is the object impermanence.
When I see my dog I *know* that I need to make an appointment for her at the groomer. But when I *don't* see her, I'm not thinking about it. And I only see her before the groomer is open and after the groomer is closed, so I still haven't made the appointment.
Or I see the stack of papers I need to mark, so I put them in my bag to take home. But once I'm home dinner needs cooking and then the kitchen needs cleaning and then I have to... everything else.
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So there’s a @BBCPanorama episode on #ADHD next week, where I suspect a journalist pretends to have symptoms for a diagnosis. This is not a true reflection of adults who are seeking private diagnosis where NHS wait times are 3+ years. I don’t think people realise… Image
…just how devastating it is to discover you were most likely missed earlier in life and have literally struggled daily to try and figure out how to function, full of low self esteem, anxiety and a whole host of challenges and then realising this is not how others think…
…so we are seeking Right to Choose referrals or private diagnosis to seek help, answers, medication, coping mechanisms, visibility, acceptance, support, understanding.

There’s always a few bad eggs, but generally private diagnosis has been a life changer for 1000s of adults.
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1/ I've been thinking about my status as a neurodiverse educator: I'm #ADHD, and on the pathway for an #autism diagnosis. There's not a lot of discussion about what working life is like for neurodiverse educators, so I'm doing my own research and I plan to discuss it here. 🧵
2/ I'm going to start with a core tension the neurodiverse face: the DOUBLE EMPATHY PROBLEM.
3/ According to Milton (2012), cognitive neuroscience and other psychological paradigms don’t acknowledge the divergence and difference in social reality between autistic people and the ‘neurotypical’.
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In this week's issue: Cases of #ADHD are rocketing, but what's the cause? Here's what we know about the condition

Grab a copy in shops today or download our app for audio and digital editions Image
It seems like everyone is talking about #ADHD at the moment, from people down the pub to online influencers

We know that diagnoses are rising too, so what’s behind all this interest?…
Do we live in a hologram? Why physicists keep trying to put the universe in a box…
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Cases of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are rocketing, but what's the cause? Fortunately, we now have a better understanding of the condition - and how to identify those who have it #ADHD…
It seems like everyone is talking about ADHD at the moment, from people down the pub to online influencers

Posts on tiktok with the #ADHD have 23 billion views. And we know that diagnoses are rising too

But what’s behind all this interest?
Caroline Williams (@ScienceCaroline) – who suspects she has ADHD herself – wanted to find out

Are people who are a bit fidgety jumping on the bandwagon? Or have we actually been under-diagnosing people for years? People with ADHD can find t...
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So this thing that looks like Bruce Wayne's garage door opener is the TV-B-Gone™. It's sold as a prank device, and comes in some 1950s style packaging that extols the virtues of a life with-out TV.

Ultimately it's pranking folks into thinking their TV is malfunctioning. A picture small, black, squ...
Now I did not get this for such pranking activities. I ultimately got it for work. Why?

I have #ADHD which means that the more steps there are to something, the harder it is to do or remember to do them all. I've also got arthritis which makes repetitive long trips a real pain.
There is one remote in the church that turns on all of the monitors I need to turn on for our Wednesday night community dinner, and our Sunday morning services. One outside my office, two in the fellowship hall, and one outside of the youth group room on the second floor.
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#رشتو: از وقتی مطالعه‌ام درباره‌ی #ADHD و «طراحی بازی (بازی‌وارسازی)» بیشتر شد و درگیر ساختار مغز شدم تازه فهمیدم با این انگاره‌های رُهبانی پرهیز از #رابطه_جنسی چه دهنی از نسل ما سرویس شد. بخت بد نسل دهه ۶۰ که دهه چهارم زندگی‌شون هستند، بعضا در موقعیت تجرد قطعی، هنوز هم وا نمی‌دن
در سامانه پاداش مغز به صورت پیش‌فرض (در مسیر تکامل) با مسیرهای دوپامینرژیک یک سری پاداش ذاتی/اولیه تعریف شده که یا مبتنی بر بقای فرد (خوراک و نیازهای حیاتی) است یا مبتنی بر بقای گونه (رابطه جنسی و مراقبت والدین از کودکان).
عملا تمایلات لذت‌بخش دیگه (بخوانید انگیزه) وابسته به ...
گره خوردن به یکی از نیاز/پاداش‌های ذاتی است. یعنی مثلاً کار کردن و کسب درآمد ذاتا لذت‌بخش نیست، بلکه ما شرطی می‌شیم که با کار و کسب درآمد یک نیاز ذاتی مثل خوراک رو تامین کنیم و دوپامین (و دیگر هورمون‌های لذت مثل سروتونین و اکسی‌توسین) رو پاداش بگیریم.
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I told you all recently I was researching into impulsivity for #ADHD and that I'd share anything useful that I find. Let me tell you what I discovered about impulsive behaviours, hot processing, and one thing you can do to help... 🧵🧵🧵👇👇👇
First of all, let's be clear what impulsivity is. In impulse is just a subconscious "idea" or desire to do something - at least, at first, it's subconscious. (And because it is, that's why impulsivity is hard!) #ADHD
Behaviours aren't impulsive in and of themselves - they're only really impulsive after the fact. In other words, jumping out of a plane attached to a parachute is only impulsive if you didn't plan to do it, and didn't want to do it - it sort of just happened...
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I want to remind you all that not wanting to do anything or having to stimulate yourself with low energy stuff like eating or TV can be indicative of #AutisticBurnout for some, and that the old dopamine systems may need a bit of a reset.
If we think of burnout as an umbrella term for a state that can include fatigue, anxiety, depression and so on, then any of the symptoms of those will fall under the umbrella condition of burnout. With #depression, #anhedonia is a symptom for many.
#Anhedonia refers to a lack of pleasure. When I was in #burnout, I didn't want anything, I didn't know what I wanted and I couldn't even do things I actually loved. I ate and ate and ate to try and stimulate myself and kickstart my brain functioning.
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I need ADHDers to understand that the same forces (CDC, DEA) which made it nearly impossible to be prescribed opioids for chronic pain (unless you're sufficiently rich & white), is now coming after your #ADHD medication
The DEA will not respond to the Adderall shortage by easing restrictions on production. They will do it by eliminating treatment for ~undesirable~ patients, thus saving first line #ADHD treatment for the white & wealthy. Legal drugs for them, the dangerous illicit market for you
This has already been happening, just in less well-known, codified ways. ADHD is already tremendously underdiagnosed & under-treated for women, Black, Indigenous, & Latine people, poor people. The NarxCare algorithm has already denied care to poor & marginalized people
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I've seen a few posts recently asking what resources are out there that can help explain to someone what #ADHD actually looks like in adults, so I'm sharing a few excellent ones from the Educate section of our Resource Bank:
Here's an article about a person who was convinced by doctors who held bias views about ADHD that they did not have it (when they did):…
Great article on someone being diagnosed with #ADHD at 37 and what they wish they'd know before (web archive link because paywall):…
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I don't say it often outside of @maiasz reporting;
but the New York Times did a great job covering this story,… #opioids #chronicpain #disability #adhd #medtwitter
Not a fan of the headline cuz it downplays the story
issue isn't that some folks cannot get Ritalin

the big story is that Federal Prosecutors forced an unconstitutional measure on distributors to curb drug access to pharmacies regardless of how it harms patients
What is happening is what I warned you about; trying to fix a drug crisis by withholding access

Pharmacies are being forced to cut patients off after they divvy out a certain number of drugs to the local populace.

& then every other patient gets screwed…
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Most people have very little idea of the huge and dangerous impacts that #ADHD can have on women and girls.
A thread 1/9
#ADHDWomen #IWD2023 #InternationalWomensDay2023 #InternationalWomensDay #WomensDay #WomensDay2023 Image
It is now clear from diagnoses in later life that #ADHD occurs just as often in women and girls as it does in men and boys.
But women and girls are diagnosed FAR less often, and frequently misdiagnosed 2/9 Image
Women with ADHD are more likely to present outwardly with inattentive traits, because hyperactive/impulsive traits are more likely to be masked and 'internalised'. 3/9 Image
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