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🧵//: This is what masking CAN look like:

⚠️Disclaimer: This post is not sharing every possible way masking can look but I’m just highlighting a few of my own personal experiences of how my masking can look⚠️..

#adhd #Autism #Neurodivergent This is what masking CAN look like:
You pretend to be interested in topics your peers are interested in. “You pretend to be interested in topics your peers are int
Mentally scripting and rehearsing conversational phrases before socializing, making phone calls etc… Mentally scripting and rehearsing conversational phrases bef
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Today I got diagnosed with #ADHD ! (A thread)
I wouldn't usually announce this kind of thing but a year ago I stumbled upon a post on ADHD here on Twitter which was the catalyst for me getting diagnosed. If I can help just one person get a diagnosis or feel less alone, then writing this thread will have been worth it.
Let me start off by saying that there is a lot in this modern world that is set up to distract us, social media, gaming, smartphones etc. Being distracted by these is not having ADHD. ADHD is lifelong, and manifests in childhood... though these technologies don't help(!)
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#neurodiversity #leadership #Empowerment
🧵1/12 Today was my work business area's conference. I was asked to speak about #ADHD and empowerment and how my boss and I work to create a good environment for me. Below is a little of what I covered.
2/12 I realised that usually if I talk about my adhd it's from the perspective of the people I'm addressing, the symptoms they see, and that I'm basically justifying and trying to apologise for my adhd symptoms, like interrupting or being loud.
I didn't do that this time.
3/12 I talked about how lucky I am to work for an employer who cares about inclusion and removing barriers. About how that wasn't the norm for most ND people. I told them that even in this environment, the behaviours of individuals can undo the good work an organisation might do.
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It's been a while since I posted an update on Logseq Mastery (or anything really)

All my focus has been on finalising the 2nd part of the course: Workflows & Systems. It feels like I've been dragging my heels on releasing updates, which left me ruminating why.

Thoughts below...
1. I think it's reached the point of diminishing returns.

The current version of the course is already high-quality (in my not-so-humble opinion 😋). My next steps were to re-record the videos, update diagrams and add accompanying text, but re-recording now seems unnecessary.
I'm quite satisfied with my delivery after a full run-through of all the lessons (+5.5 hours 😅)

There are some issues to iron out with content flow, but I'm sure most users wouldn't even notice them and it's just my perfectionist eye.

I'll address these with minor iterations.
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I've no idea if Twitter is really going down, but if it does I'm here:….
#RIPTwitter #GoodByeTwitter
It's infuriating that a rich, spoiled infant can do so much damage. For someone like myself who doesn't always find being around people easy (#autism/#adhd), this place has been a true lifeline for me & I've met wonderful people. Seeing their tweets has become part of my day.
It's also devastating for freelancers who use Twitter for their jobs, typically writers, designers & artists of all creeds. Twitter collapsing could be the death knell to many careers. It's all so unnecessary. Well done, Elon. Hubris, incompetence & petulance triumph again.
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Just landed in Dallas for the #ADHD2022! It is BRICK outside.

Who else will be at the ADHD conference this weekend?

Looking forward to connecting!
Arrived in time to hear Dr. Maggie Sibley talk about the STAND intervention for executive function in teens with #ADHD.

I love how she encourages clinicians to let go of the “expert” role & honor family autonomy in knowing what strategies fit best for their lives. #ADHD2022
The STAND intervention uses motivational interviewing & a “menu” approach so families can select the modules most relevant to their circumstances.

Allowing families to have more personalized behavioral treatment options is how I want to design clinical interventions. #ADHD2022
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I had no clue that I was an autistic person until my 50s. I have masked heavily my whole life. I was just seen *and othered* as weird, sensitive, creative, gifted, intense, nerdy, awkward, withdrawn, quirky, blunt, clumsy, etc., etc. ...
I have carried depression and anxiety, to varying degrees, as long as I can remember. Stomach and intestinal issues. Extreme sensory sensitivities. Special interests. A perfectionist with executive functioning issues. I cocooned myself in art, literature, and science. …
I went to college. 1 year in, I changed my major to art. I went to grad school. I held down jobs. In consulting, I disassociated my way through client meetings and presentations. In corporate environments, I chafed against meaningless hierarchies and inefficient processes …
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I was just minding my own business when I saw y’all tweeting about the Twitpocalypse so if anything terrible happens to Twitter here are 5 things I want you to remember:
1. You, as a person with #ADHD, have so much worth, value, heart and meaning. It’s not easy to have ADHD sometimes! But I want you to remember that you deserve as much care and gentleness as you give others.
#2. There are many other space to find neurodivergent community & acceptance. Idk about mastodon but there are discord servers, tiktok and IRL spaces. Find them and find your group.
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Today was one of those great days where everything came together; I had only a small amount of obligatory tasks, my #ADHD wasn’t raging and it actually felt like I had *time*. I could move slow and not be overwhelmed cause I didn’t have much to do. I’ve got spare time to putter.
Some days, I’d be crawling out of my skin with boredom. Other days I might be overwhelmed. It can be a hard balance to strike because adhd really does give you a variable capacity. It takes time to get into the swing of structuring options
and understanding how to navigate between high, medium and low energy days. One of the things I did today, for example, is that I wanted to make breakfast for my partner and his friend who slept over and my housemates and me and my child, rather than pay to eat out
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🧵//: ADHD shutdown

#adhd #Neurodiversity
1// Have you ever felt so exhausted mentally and physically that your mind and your body can’t cope with the everyday life pressures and expectations? 1// Have you ever felt so exhausted mentally and physically
2// Do you ever feel like your mind and your body both become stuck and everything becomes impossible? Even though there’s things that you need to do but deciding what needs to be done next is stressful and overwhelming? Do you ever feel like your mind and your body both become st
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One helpful thing I realized about #ADHD time-blindness/inaccurate time estimates is, yes, of course this means that we often WAY overestimate all the things we can get in during the “15 minutes before the meeting” time slot. BUT it actually goes the other way too! /1
In other words, when I have two hours ahead of me, I actually have little to no idea what *that* time slot means either, and for some reason I tend to UNDERestimate how much time that actually is!

This is very helpful to recognize because /2
the way we are socialized to interact with time seems to focus on the million instances of the“15 minute” time slot—where we’re hyper-focused and rushing to get things done—where time feels like a limited resource.

When my brain uses that same perception mechanism on large /3
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I spent my getting-ready morning time listening to the @Ologies episode on tortoises with @biophiliamanda. A couple of observations. 1/n #ologies #sciencecommunication #appliedlearning #fieldwork
@Ologies @biophiliamanda First: Tortoises. Tortoises are turtles, and I love turtles. Once, in Australia, while snorkeling off @LadyElliotGBR, I saw sea turtle and started following her and when she finally dove too deep for me to follow I surfaced and realized that while I could not see the boat 2/n
@Ologies @biophiliamanda ... I could see my now-husband, who COULD see the boat, and had followed me, knowing I was on some hyper-focused lack-of-self-preservation quest. (Choose your partners well!) Back to Ologies, though. 3/n
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People with #ADHD have a hard time dealing with the assumption by neurotypicals that things that are easy and effortless for them, must be the same for us.

Neurodiverse/neurodivergent means our brains are physically different, and behave differently.
For ADHD, we have additional misinformation hanging around that "doctors believe is doesn't exist" and that it is just an excuse for laziness.

These days is well documented and far greatly understood however the tabloids press still push the idea of it being 'made up'.
This stems back to capitalist propaganda media pushing back against welfare and disability, and wouldn't you know- the tabloid newspapers are owned by... well, guess.

ADHD is a disability, and has severe adverse effects on ones ability to perform in standard employment models.
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Because we have been constantly punished for, and taught that the symptoms of #ADHD are just us being garbage people, it is important to change your internal narrative.

I mean, I AM a garbage person, but that is in addition to my ADHD symptoms. :)
There is just a tonne of things I now know I should NOT feel guilty for, because I am not playing with the gear the neurotypicals are.

No, what I should feel guilty for is now that I know I have ADHD, I have to be responsible for working with it.
Example: I cannot perceive time like a neurotypical. My frontal cortex doesn't do that shit. Awesome. I know this, and will no longer feel guilty or let people make me feel bad for this.


I am responsible for setting alarms, timers, reminders, calendars and prompts.
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People often say that with #adhd you have "no object permanence" because if something isn't in your field of view you forget about it.

This isn't actually the meaning of "object permanence".
Object permanence refers to objects existing as a concept in the mind, even when they go out of out your field of view.

I know I have a TV remote. I know it exists when I am not looking at it.

I just forgot the reason I was in the kitchen for finding fucking batteries for it.
Therefore I do have object permanence, but what I don't have is a clue why I am in the kitchen, and somehow as a result of that I ordered some vegetables.

It isn't until I look at a battery or try to use the remote that I remember what I went into the kitchen for.
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My coming out story as the first openly gay Saudi man:
My name is Abdulrahman Alkhiary and I was born by the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. Education was a top priority to my parents, and despite my #ADHD and #Dyslexia, I succeeded in schools when we moved to the United States.
#NCOD Image
While at Kansas State University I excelled socially and scholarly, joining many organizations related to my Political Science major, and working as a legislative administrative assistant for a Kansas State Senator and a consultant to the Riley County Police Department.
On February 22 while living with my parents in Manhattan, Kansas, they asked me to a private meeting. This was odd because just a week earlier my parents and I met, and it was uncommon for us to meet two weeks in a row, so I became nervous. #NationalComingOutDay
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ADHD and hormones, a fascinating topic! 🧵 Preface I suck at biology, so I am trying to summarize what I learned in plain English.

When estrogen level is high, roughly 2 weeks after your period, ADHD symptoms can decrease significantly. 1/n
When estrogen level is low, 1 week leading up to the period, and the actual week of the period, ADHD symptoms are way more noticeable, more emotional sensitivity, and feel like medicine is not working. 2/n
Somethings that might help with the ADHD symptoms fluctuation: hormone-based contraception, planning and make the best out of the 2 high estrogen weeks, aerobic exercise (it is hard to be consistent I am the first one to admit)
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Why not indeed. It's a complex issue and as many state under the OP's tweet, the threats disclosure might pose to the individual are a big risk. I agree, it should first be made safe for everyone to be able to disclose without the fear of being mistreated, harrassed, or worse. 1/
Why did I then disclose being autistic and ADHDer? Because I personally am in a safe place. I understand my privilege, and in a way I feel it's my "duty" to add visibility, and that way hopefully help others to feel more safe. 2/
I'm privileged in that A) I'm already at a career stage where it's hard to try belittle me. I know I'm protected by my colleagues and by my "status" in the community.
B) I generally have a support network that further protects me both mentally and financially. 3/
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Explaining the #ADHD and #hormones link is starting to feel more and more like a party trick. The looks on their faces. I will drop those facts any given opportunity.
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This will be my thread for the #Uncool50 rundown of 2022! My favorite 50 formally released singles between December 1976 to now.

Come along for the ride it’ll be fun! My personal guardrails for it were a big help w/ hard choices (see below)
#hiphop Image
See here for the rules and other players. Then come back each night to see my next entry - some obvious, some niche, and everything in between!

Much thanks to @nonoxcol for getting this going and giving it clarity!
Chronological order, so not the lowest/highest ranked, but the first (and a trailblazer!). It still sounds like little else and can make me cry. #RIP you legend

1. @DavidBowieReal - “Heroes” (Sept. 1977)

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1/7 Rejection Sensitivity (alt text in picture descriptions) Slide 1: Title of “Rejection Sensitivity” in a multicolo
2/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 2: Main text reads: “Rejection Sensitivity, or Rejec
3/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 3: Title of: “Experiencing Rejection Sensitivity”
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