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I found #ADHDTwitter through a screenshot on FB. It was during #ADHDAwarenessMonth 2020 and some of those threads were filled with great info.

Let's start a thread of what #ADHD looks like in everyday life. The info you can't find on Google...what does it really look like?
I'll start.

I didn't know that this was not normal until #ADHDTwitter: I don't always notice when I have to use the bathroom. I will unwittingly hold it for an hour or more sometimes before it occurs to me that I should go.
My conversation style: I am an empathetic listener, meaning I tell relatable stories to show that I am listening AND that I see and hear you. Turns out, many people with ADHD communicate in this way.

Apparently it's frowned on by NTs, but I'm done apologizing for it.
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Time for another #ADHD 🧵.

There's so much talk about the cons of ADHD that I'm now writing about the PROS it has for me. I want to emphasize these are my personal experiences and every ADHDer is different. #adhdtwitter 1/23
Also, I know people may think "how can you be sure that's ADHD and not just some random trait?" No, I can't be sure but these are traits that are common in other ADHDers (self-reported strengths)... 2/23
... and moreover these are traits I've been complimented for on several occasions as being way over "the normal" OR many people have commented (not always in admiration) how I can do something in a way that is clearly unperceivable to them, indicating that it's not normal. 3/23
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Ugh. Honestly #ADHD therapy sessions with my therapist is a lot. I was bawling about teachers beating me for being distracted, or doodling, fidgeting, or being talkative. No one realised I wasn't neurotypical. They branded me as being disruptive or constantly distracted.
It created a lot of anxiety and depression because it enforced the idea that I was a bad child, or disrespectful. It was hard because I was being beaten for something I genuinely couldn't control. It's a struggle. My brain never stops, it's idea after idea, thought after thought
Often not putting pen to paper not because I'm lazy and procrastinating on purpose but because my brain is wired differently. Sitting down for long periods of time and working on one thing is next to impossible. It's hard to not get distracted.
No one talks about how hard it is
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#ADHD 🧵 no. 3.

What are my main ADHD characteristics?

This will be a lengthy one 😬 I will write another thread later describing the pros and cons (and other subjects) in more detail.

First, every person with ADHD (diagnosed or not) is different and has a divergent set of ADHD-related traits/characteristics. It is a spectrum, not a clear-cut categorization (which also makes it hard to diagnose).
Another thing that often creates confusion (and the ADHD community would like to change) is the word 'deficit' in the name. The issue isn't really that ADHDers would lack attention but rather a disregulation of it.
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ADHD makes getting things done harder.
While we struggle with all parts of the process of doing, there is one part that's synonymous with Executive Dysfunction itself: Getting Started.

So, let's talk about Task Initiation (1/22)

[Paid content; editorial my own]
Task Initiation is an executive function (one of many) and involves regulating energy and motivation.

Essentially, if a task is a ball sitting on the top of a hill, Task Initiation is the energy it takes to get that ball rolling (2/22)
Everyone (NTs included) needs to use some energy to get the ball rolling and get started on tasks,

but for folks who struggle with executive dysfunction, this ball is much bigger. This means we need to put much more energy into getting it rolling (3/22)
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48.01/ Week Forty-eight, June 12-18 2021, begins here.

Week 47 below.
48.02/ Not popping champagne corks yet, but the large person with horns could sing at any moment to usher in a post-Bibi Israel
48.03/ Has Bibi taken credit for inventing the question mark?
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What to do if you think you might have ADHD: a (very long) thread ➡️

Lots of people are asking me this atm, so I've thrown some advice together. Please note, these are just some things I found helpful during my diagnosis process- they might not work for you.
1. Reassure yourself.

It's easy to start hyperfocusing on ADHD and catastrophizing in the early stages. You are still who you were yesterday. You don’t have to find out everything instantly, and if you're on here, you've found a community that can help you through this journey.
2. Don't make an appointment with your doctor (yet).

I know this is controversial, but not all doctors have the expertise to assess ADHD. I recommend seeing one after you've learnt more about ADHD, so you can figure out whether they know their stuff or not.
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The scary side of #adhd that not people don’t often talk about:
1. Likely to live up to 20 years less than a neurotypical
2. High addiction propensity
3. Low to No Impulse control
4. How much money that makes you waste.
5. Low inhibition - add alcohol and you’ve got a great situation in which be taken advantage of.
6. You have a bad memory, a really bad memory - admit it.
7. It takes you a long time to mature in some areas.
8. Your brain is predisposed to recording the bad parts.
9. You’ve likely ghosted you fair share or people simply because you don’t understand emotions very well and may avoid the hard stuff.
10. You can have physical pain due to boredom 🤯🤮
11. At some point you may question if you really know yourself.
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1/ Welcome to the Cypess Weekly Thread Index Thread.

I implemented the long thread concept in July 2020 in order to have an easy system to access my weekly writing.

Week 1, July 18-24 2020, 10 posts:…

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So I read this article in @TheAtlantic, and I have a thing or two to say about it, and about what the author, @elcush, describes as "losing (her) mind." (Thread) (1/10) #ADHD #adhdtwitter…
She writes, "...I can’t stop noticing all the things I’m forgetting. Sometimes I grasp at a word or a name. Sometimes I walk into the kitchen and find myself bewildered as to why I am there." At this point, I found myself bewildered as well. Because this is my DAILY LIFE. (2/10)
She also writes: "...a community-college teacher... told me she is losing her train of thought in the middle of a sentence more and more often. Meanwhile, her third grader, who is attending in-person school, keeps leaving his books, papers, and lunch at home." (3/10)
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I've said this before, When some one with ADHD is *actively* listening, to a normal person, it looks like they *aren't* listening.

We don't sit still, don't look you in the eyes, may not stop what we're doing, we'll probably interrupt you*, we'll ask you to repeat yourself.†🧵 Image
We'll talk about ourselves.‡ We'll want to walk around.

It's *very* counter-intuitive, but that's what ADHD listening will look like.

Like we're not at all. What's worse is we will probably forget and it'll look even more like we weren't. 🙃

Marked because they're a confirmation that an ADHDer is *actively* listening.

*Interruptting means by listening, you gave us an associated thought or memory & it's important/relevant enough it needs to be said before it's forgotten, or we blurt it out because poor inhibition.🧵
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Today on "ADHD or Fae": All of my crochet hooks are in the bathroom except one, which is in the pantry. #why #adhdtwitter #fae #WHYNOT #adhdorfae #boyfriend #mentalhealth #crochet #craft #witchcraft
Next on "ADHD or Fae": I used my car keys to move our boxes over here, but somehow my keys are in the bottom of this packed box. #how #adhdtwitter #adhd #adhdproblems #fae #moving #boyfriend #fairies
Next on "ADHD or Fae": We own 10 nail clippers. I certainly didn't buy them. No one knows how they got here. #adhdtwitter #adhd #fae #boyfriend #adhdorfae
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“Those with the condition don’t have a shortage of attention. They pay too much attention to everything”
“People with ADHD are disorganized, because just about every organizational system out there is built on two things — prioritization and time management — that individuals with ADHD do not do well.”
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-I was having some racing thoughts today & decided to turn on my voice memo to record & #blog about it later-but the recording turned into an outpouring of my #soul that I’m not sure could even come close to the raw emotion felt within my words if I were to put it in writing 1/
Input is welcome from anyone [not just friends I’ve tagged] THANK YOU FOR THE HELP YALL 💓💓💓🙌🏼
#bloggingcommunity #blogging #bloggers #blogoftheday #bloggerstribe #bloggers #askadhd #ADHD #adhdtwitter #AskTwitter
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This Summer I wrote a paper on ADHD comorbid w/AUD. This article mentions that #addiction is more common in those with ADHD. BUT it’s only more common if the ADHD goes un-dx, causing greater chances of “risky behaviors” early-on, leading to addictions.…
I felt it important to discuss this so we don’t reinforce stereotypes. While addiction can be common in those with #ADHD - it is, sadly, much more common when DX/treatment wasn’t given early-on or if never a dx/treatment was never given. #adhdtwitter #ADHDers
The reasoning for this is that in adolescence those with un-dx ADHD are have an increased chance of engaging in “risky behaviors” earlier- leading to substance abuse and subsequently addiction.

#ADHD #adhdtwitter #ADHDers
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This thread is getting a lot of new attention lately. (Hello #ADHDtwitter!) I've learned a lot over the year since I originally posted this. Here are a few insights and clarifications: /1
1) ATTRIBUTION: The info in my thread is based on the work of two Speech-Language Pathologists: @swardtherapy and @KJSLP. So credit where credit is due! These aren't my ideas but I learned of them doing some excellent continuing education last fall.
2) #ADHD vs. EXECUTIVE DYSFUNCTION: These are different but very related things! Hard to pry them apart in a tweet so read more on the difference here:…
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Stages of ADHD diagnosis, my thoughts, a thread. Does this resonate with the #ADHD community?

Stage 1. Shock. May include thoughts like: ‘Wait I actually have ADHD!’ Or ‘finally somebody is listening to me.’ Or even ‘it took this long to get here?’
#ADHDAwarenessMonth 1/
Stage 2. Denial. Can also be imposter syndrome. Includes thoughts such as ‘maybe It’s not #ADHD.’ ‘They made a mistake with the diagnosis’ or ‘but what if I’m just lazy?’ Also includes ‘this is not a disability’ and ‘I’m normal’ (actually it is and none of us are really).

Stage 3. Anger. Often aimed at previous medical professions or parents, teachers, employers and even yourself. Includes thoughts like ‘why didn’t they notice this earlier.’ Or ‘I knew they were wrong.’ See also emotional dysregulation.

#ADHDAwarenessMonth 3/
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