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One of the things we aren’t taught in a lot of detail in psych training is how things can manifest when there is both autism and ADHD present in adults (evidence suggests this is a significant % of ND people). I’ve learnt much more from AuDHDers who talk / write about it……1/2
even then the experiences of different AuDHDers re: which bits of the autistic and ADHD brain tussle, or how diff situations make one more prominent than other, is all quite fascinating.

I won’t get started on the futility of 3 waiting lists in some places for Assmt of both 2/2
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A 🧵 collated to hopefully help people think about their views before/after watching the upcoming BBC panorama on fake private ADHD diagnosis. I don’t know if I can watch it, so this is the best I can do to contribute to the related discussions #ADHDtwitter #Neurodiversity 1/n
Grateful to ND medics who trusted me to share these experiences anonymously. These highlight the issues even clinicians within the NHS face in accessing timely assessment and treatment for ADHD, so one can imagine the bigger hurdles for a lay person navigating the system 2/n
This account highlights existing issues with accessibility and affordability. We are lucky in the UK to have some amazing services such as @NHSPracHealth tailored for medics, but ADHD assessments/treatments have historically not been funded even in such services 3/n Image
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I've seen a few posts recently asking what resources are out there that can help explain to someone what #ADHD actually looks like in adults, so I'm sharing a few excellent ones from the Educate section of our Resource Bank:
Here's an article about a person who was convinced by doctors who held bias views about ADHD that they did not have it (when they did):…
Great article on someone being diagnosed with #ADHD at 37 and what they wish they'd know before (web archive link because paywall):…
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I was just talking about this last night & it was definitely reconfirmed today...

One of the WORST parts about being educated, self-aware, and advocating for/about my disorders: the beginning is full of hope that turns to frustration as time marches forward.

Here's why...🧵
Like many, I spent my life hearing the people who were charged with my care say I was lazy, flighty, willful, defiant, and "hard to deal with." I was wrong. I was bad. I was inherently flawed as a person.

I wasn't believed when I said "I don't know," or "I don't remember."
My strengths were not valued at all and my weaknesses were over-valued. Eventually the scale tipped and I started to believe what they were saying. I no longer valued myself. They told me I didn't deserve love and I agreed.
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Most people have very little idea of the huge and dangerous impacts that #ADHD can have on women and girls.
A thread 1/9
#ADHDWomen #IWD2023 #InternationalWomensDay2023 #InternationalWomensDay #WomensDay #WomensDay2023 Image
It is now clear from diagnoses in later life that #ADHD occurs just as often in women and girls as it does in men and boys.
But women and girls are diagnosed FAR less often, and frequently misdiagnosed 2/9 Image
Women with ADHD are more likely to present outwardly with inattentive traits, because hyperactive/impulsive traits are more likely to be masked and 'internalised'. 3/9 Image
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I just found out about autistic inertia and omfg this is the biggest difference between autism and ADHD I have discovered yet, especially as it relates to hyperfocus.

#ActuallyAutistic #adhdtwitter #AuDHD
ADHD hyperfocus: distraction by something more stimulating than current/prior focus, maintained until it is no longer stimulating or interesting.

Autistic hyperfocus: fixation on a task that cannot be broken until task is complete, DESPITE desire to stop focusing on it.
I had no idea this was an autism thing. 😩 This hurts me regularly. When I get an idea in my head, I HAVE to deep dive into it until it's done. I lose all time. I lose sleep. It's the first & last thing I think about each day. and I cannot let it go even when I want to be DONE.
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I wrote about ADHD, #AtomicHabits, ableism, Ungrading, and all the things.

TLDR: ADHD is a life-threatening condition. Systems, routines, and structures keep me alive. Ignorant critiques of these strategies are ableist. Let's do better. Happy Monday!

If you'd like to learn more about ADHD, there's a podcast for that!

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ADHD and hormones, a fascinating topic! 🧵 Preface I suck at biology, so I am trying to summarize what I learned in plain English.

When estrogen level is high, roughly 2 weeks after your period, ADHD symptoms can decrease significantly. 1/n
When estrogen level is low, 1 week leading up to the period, and the actual week of the period, ADHD symptoms are way more noticeable, more emotional sensitivity, and feel like medicine is not working. 2/n
Somethings that might help with the ADHD symptoms fluctuation: hormone-based contraception, planning and make the best out of the 2 high estrogen weeks, aerobic exercise (it is hard to be consistent I am the first one to admit)
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For #ADHDAwarenessMonth, I want to talk about some unique challenges a First Gen immigrant in the U.S faces while having ADHD: dealing with immigration paperwork, adulting on your own, cannot detect inattentiveness. 1/n🧵
Dealing with immigration paperwork drains our executive functions' tank. My green card application materials weighed 4 pounds in total. 2/n
No one will remind me when my visa is expiring and when I should submit an application to renew. It is all on me. Just imagine the amount of executive function consumed by tracking deadlines, and tracking where I put my original documents (and there are a lot of them) 3/n
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#adhdtwitter #Neurodivergent :

I’d like to clarify, as a psychoanalytic I believe two opposing things can and do exist at the same time. ADHD neurodivergent brains, I can only speak to this and more specifically only to my own, is very difficult to have.
I struggle a lot because of it. Those struggles are very real and very hard at times. I also love my brain. I love the way I think about things, make connections between topics, see patterns others don’t, and bring a different perspective to professional groups.
Both exist, both are valid, neither cancels out the other. I honor both. When I’m having a hard day I feel all the difficult emotions and it absolutely sucks. When I have a success I feel so much joy and appreciation for the part of me that was able to do it.
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#adhdtwitter #Neurodivergent :

Just like a battery needs both the
positive and negative charge, I think we as a whole would do a lot better working together.
NT people love structure, linear points of reference, organization, and clear cut answers but struggle when things have gray area or are abstract.
ND people need some help with structuring that is supportive to how we say we function best but we literally live in the gray and can interpret the abstract.

Innovation could thrive within our society if there was space to find a balance and encourage collaboration.
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#adhdtwitter #Neurodivergent :

Society views ADHD as a disability due to our time periods not producing or being “distracted”.
What they don’t understand is the time spent inactive and bouncing around looking at various topics is actually the time and process needed in order to inspire and build up the energy for when we go all in.
When our hyperfocus hits we can complete things at a quicker rate and from a new perspective that could not have been imagined without the phase of what appeared as inaction prior. It’s not a disability, it’s a natural cycle of rest, exploration, inspiration, and creation.
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#Neurodivergent #adhdtwitter :

Not knowing you’re neurodivergent until adulthood is followed by years of unlearning your social conditioning of how you “should” be and “should” function.
You’re now fully grown scrambling to find out who you actually are and what truly supports your functioning. The number of masking layers is completely unknown and no one else will be able to help you see it or even properly describe it to speed up this process.
You shed like a snake. Peeling back all the layers that have been acting as a weighted blanket. It was comforting to conform, an attempt to secure emotional safety, but its been slowing you down and holding you back from the natural rhythm that will lead to the calm you deserve.
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🧵 𝗠𝘆 𝗲𝘅𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗺𝗲𝘁𝗵𝘆𝗹𝗽𝗵𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲:
I'd like to start off by saying I've not taken methylphenidate for a prolonged period of time, only tried it a few times in order to get an experience of how it feels and if it might be the right med for me 1/6
The concentration difference was phenomenal, absolutely no background noise, easy to sit down and start work and to keep going on until my work was finished. For someone who can't even sit and focus for 15 minutes at a stretch, it was amazing. I could easily work 6-8 hours. 2/6
The negative though was feeling more anxious (even though I took a beta blocker, I still had a higher heart rate than usual for me) and a loss of the usual creativity/flow of thoughts that I have. I felt more focussed, but that seemed to come at the cost of being spontaneous. 3/6
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Are you neurodivergent? Does that include dysautonomia? Do you know viscerally the two are linked - but want to understand exactly how? I am composing a thread for you (yes, you) right this very moment. Stay tuned. #NEISvoid #ADHDtwitter #ActuallyAutistic #POTS #EDS
The manifestations of divergent neurotypes like ADHD are a complex function of dynamic external & internal* stressors. This makes the clinically defined subtypes (predominantly hyperactive/impulsive, predom. inattentive; combined type) largely inaccurate.
*such as dysautonomia
Two functions of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine or noradrenaline (henceforth NE) are relevant here. As a vasoconstrictor, NE increases blood pressure when the brain needs more oxygenated blood. NE also transports dopamine to the prefrontal cortex. Our adrenals release NE.
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***SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT*** Not to be missed!
Check out your timezones Live via zoom -> Link .
No registration is required.

#adhd #askadhd #adhdtwitter #adhdcongress #adhdeurope #adhdfuture #adhdaction
If you can afford to, please consider making a donation to ADHD Europe– every euro makes a difference! Donations will be used to raise awareness of the work that still needs to be done for ADHD in Europe and globally. Donations are via this paypal link
More information about ADHD Europe, visit . To catch up on our previous live events, visit our
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Wearing one ear bud & listening to You're Dead to Me (a history podcast by the consultant for BBC Horrible Histories) so I can hang out & play w my kid without getting too bored and agitated about it, wandering off, or zoning out into daydreams. Yup. I've got #ADHD

I love my toddler but she is not a sparkling conversationalist ok
Lost focus on the podcast while I was typing and now Paul Robeson is in front of HUAC while my toddler is shoving a plastic piece of pizza at my face
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Verbal instructions from me to myself : absolutely necessary for overcoming ADHD inattention and Autistic inertia

Verbal instructions from other people : huh?

#ActuallyAutistic #adhdtwitter
Sometimes I'm oblivious while doing a task because I'm busy fixating on a thought stream, then realize I've finished a task but can't remember what I just did.

So I have to look around me and declare to myself what I just did.

"I just ate dinner."

Then I can feel that sense of completion and relief knowing I can now let go of my attention on this task, decompress, and think about my next step.

Task-switching is so difficult when 1) you perseverate on whatever you're doing and 2) can't remember what you just did.
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Time for another #ADHD 🧵.

There's so much talk about the cons of ADHD that I'm now writing about the PROS it has for me. I want to emphasize these are my personal experiences and every ADHDer is different. #adhdtwitter 1/23
Also, I know people may think "how can you be sure that's ADHD and not just some random trait?" No, I can't be sure but these are traits that are common in other ADHDers (self-reported strengths)... 2/23
... and moreover these are traits I've been complimented for on several occasions as being way over "the normal" OR many people have commented (not always in admiration) how I can do something in a way that is clearly unperceivable to them, indicating that it's not normal. 3/23
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Ugh. Honestly #ADHD therapy sessions with my therapist is a lot. I was bawling about teachers beating me for being distracted, or doodling, fidgeting, or being talkative. No one realised I wasn't neurotypical. They branded me as being disruptive or constantly distracted.
It created a lot of anxiety and depression because it enforced the idea that I was a bad child, or disrespectful. It was hard because I was being beaten for something I genuinely couldn't control. It's a struggle. My brain never stops, it's idea after idea, thought after thought
Often not putting pen to paper not because I'm lazy and procrastinating on purpose but because my brain is wired differently. Sitting down for long periods of time and working on one thing is next to impossible. It's hard to not get distracted.
No one talks about how hard it is
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#ADHD 🧵 no. 3.

What are my main ADHD characteristics?

This will be a lengthy one 😬 I will write another thread later describing the pros and cons (and other subjects) in more detail.

First, every person with ADHD (diagnosed or not) is different and has a divergent set of ADHD-related traits/characteristics. It is a spectrum, not a clear-cut categorization (which also makes it hard to diagnose).
Another thing that often creates confusion (and the ADHD community would like to change) is the word 'deficit' in the name. The issue isn't really that ADHDers would lack attention but rather a disregulation of it.
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48.01/ Week Forty-eight, June 12-18 2021, begins here.

Week 47 below.
48.02/ Not popping champagne corks yet, but the large person with horns could sing at any moment to usher in a post-Bibi Israel
48.03/ Has Bibi taken credit for inventing the question mark?
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What to do if you think you might have ADHD: a (very long) thread ➡️

Lots of people are asking me this atm, so I've thrown some advice together. Please note, these are just some things I found helpful during my diagnosis process- they might not work for you.
1. Reassure yourself.

It's easy to start hyperfocusing on ADHD and catastrophizing in the early stages. You are still who you were yesterday. You don’t have to find out everything instantly, and if you're on here, you've found a community that can help you through this journey.
2. Don't make an appointment with your doctor (yet).

I know this is controversial, but not all doctors have the expertise to assess ADHD. I recommend seeing one after you've learnt more about ADHD, so you can figure out whether they know their stuff or not.
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The scary side of #adhd that not people don’t often talk about:
1. Likely to live up to 20 years less than a neurotypical
2. High addiction propensity
3. Low to No Impulse control
4. How much money that makes you waste.
5. Low inhibition - add alcohol and you’ve got a great situation in which be taken advantage of.
6. You have a bad memory, a really bad memory - admit it.
7. It takes you a long time to mature in some areas.
8. Your brain is predisposed to recording the bad parts.
9. You’ve likely ghosted you fair share or people simply because you don’t understand emotions very well and may avoid the hard stuff.
10. You can have physical pain due to boredom 🤯🤮
11. At some point you may question if you really know yourself.
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