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This morning the #KeithDavisJr trial opened with a defense motion for acquittal, which was denied as is typically the case.
The defense then called Det. Veney. State objected to a question about Veney not having been called by the state despite having been in the courtroom all week. That was sustained.
Veney initially testified he did not know when the medic arrived on the scene of Kevin Jones’ murder, when the medic left, or when the medic pronounced Mr. Jones dead. He also did not personally render aid or check for signs of life.
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The unjust trial of #KeithDavisJr continues today with the beginning of the defense's case.

Heading into the courtroom shortly and will update at lunch break.

Lunch break

Defense opened by calling the lead homicide detective...who was NOT called by the State.

He mumbled and bumbled his way through. Among some other bullshit here is some of what he said:
1) he held onto the phone for almost a year because he said there was no value in them but he also did not give them back to the family...


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Lunch recess in #KeithDavisJr trial. This morning yet more Brady violations came to light. State did not notify defense that in 2017, one of the firearms examiners was removed from casework for failure to perform his job.
After motions, jury heard from the first crime scene tech to arrive on the scene of the police shooting of #KeithDavisJr. She was not dispatched to the scene until roughly 90 minutes after they shot Keith.
The next state’s witness was a latent fingerprint examiner. She testified she found a partial palm print on the gun found in the garage after #KeithDavisJr was shot by BPD. The print was never entered into AFIS, which typically returns 20-30 possible candidates.
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Apologies for lack of update yesterday. Short recap for #KeithDavisJr trial.

Witness 1: Continuation of Eskin (Short version) 1/
I chased a guy with dreads or braids. I’m 100% sure of the hair, tunnel vision, I could see the hair hanging down the back as I chased him. 2/

I’m 100% sure I never lost sight of the guy with hair hanging down his back.

I’m 100% the person with braids down the back went in garage. 3/

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Afternoon recap Part 2 #KeithDavisJr trial.

Next witness officer Eskins. One of the police officers who shot Keith. 1/
Claims to have seen Keith running with gun. Gave chase, claims to have never lost sight of him. Never called to person he was chasing. 2/
Got to the garage, set up behind his supervisor Santiago, who had a bunker. Claims both entered garage, Santiago started shooting. 3/
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Afternoon recap: Wednesday 7-17-19 #KeithDavisJr Part one

Defense cross of crime scene tech Wisner.
Two cells phones and a lip balm were all together on ground. Wisner admits he cut corners by giving one id number to both lip balm and a phone as they were laying next to each other. 2/
He admits clerical error in marking shell casings. 3/
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Wednesday morning update for #KeithDavisJr trial:

Short morning due Judge Cox having another matter that ran late. 1/
Started with a Brady violation motion based on a name, that was the first person to notify anyone of the murder.

Name mentioned for the first time in four years. No paperwork or reports with his name. 2/

Defense was able to interview person last night. He stated he gave exculpatory info in an interview with a BPD detective back in June 2015. 3/

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#KeithDavisJr recap part 2: head of security for Pimlico race track.

Got call at 4:50 from his lieutenant that there was there was a body in parking lot. 1/
Info had been radioed in from security guard at entrance furthest from shooting scene. 2/
At some point was asked to move staff cars in front of one site line into the parking lot. Was asked to open a gate to allow police vehicles access to the crime scene. 3/
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#KeithDavisJr trial recap: part 1

First witness BPD officer Heffernan. The same officer Heffernan who killed Michael Wudtee in 2012. 1/…
2nd officer on scene. Took command until homicide detective arrived. Was on another call (vehicle being towed) when police broadcast went out at 4:53 am. Finished call (about 12 minutes) then went to scene 2/

Drove around in his car looking for a shooting victim, then got out, entered Pimlico parking lot, found Kevin Jones. 3/

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Thank you to all who overfilled the courtroom today. It was amazing. Keith definitely felt the positive energy.

Three days of trial, three days of stunning new info, after three trials on the supposed same evidence.

Come tomorrow to see what craziness happens. Let’s fill that courtroom a second day. Court starts at 10 am.

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Morning recap of #KeithDavisJr trial (Tuesday 7/16/19)

Opening Statements.

State opened with info about Kevin Jones. State reminded everyone this trial about a brutal murder. 1/
Kevin Jones was murdered and left to die. ASA Seidel falsely claimed there are no cameras, no witnesses. 2/
State claimed solving the murder was a “series of random events”. (Definitely has nothing to do with good police work) 3/
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A recap of this morning:

Defense, having another night to work through the recently turned over IAD files. Some issues have risen.

#KeithDavisJr 1/
Ballistics report 1 (2015) written by Ballistic tech Lamont and ballistic report 2 (2019) by ballistic tech Faber. Both techs have been taken out of case work due to internal issues. Faber for misidentification.

#KeithDavisJr 2/
Both were involved in the violent encounter within the ballistic lab where a female employee was thrown 8 feet against a wall. Fight escalated over claims of incompetence.

#KeithDavisJr 3/
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Thank to everyone sharing your experience in court today and your reactions. There has been a lot of frustrations and questions about the motions. Here is a thread to offer some context. 1/

Disclaimer: This is from non-lawyers, does not constitute official legal opinion.

OK, buckle in: 2/

First stated premise: the judicial system is broken.

Second premise: the remedies to fix the system are embedded in the broken judicial system structure and in the legislature. 3/

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It's a great shame that there was no media in the courtroom this morning for #KeithDavisJr pre-trial motions.

They would have heard about the mess of the Firearms Examination team of @BaltimorePolice.

THREAD (1/x)
There is a culture of bullying and, in one instance, one examiner THREW ANOTHER EXAMINER 8 FEET ACROSS THE ROOM.


That happened after one examiner called another examiner incompetent.

Let me repeat that: one firearms investigator said a teammate was incompetent and then got thrown across the room.


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The only time Eskins is short in his answers. He sees gun at robbery scene, during chase, in the garage before during and after the shooting. But can't describe any part of it. 26/
@ljsmith3663 "...because I don't think he knew, i don't think he knew what gun they put there." 27/
@xoamelia Can't you add a photo of the gun onto this thread? Again, your dealing with a visual person. 28/
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@Undisclosedpod Episode 7 Bad Facts Tweet Thread

#KeithDavisJr 1/
62 days until #KeithDavisJr next trial. Now everyone involved is uneasy. Five times we have watched everything go sideways. We hope for the best, expect the crazy. 2/
3 years, 3 months, 6 days. Let that sink in. An innocent man in jail. 3/

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Finally listening the full @Undisclosed #KeithDavisJr. Ep. 6 - "Who Shot First?"
Just wondering, is there a @littlecaesars in Baltimore?
FOP atty Michael Davey = Mob lawyer ...
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Keith’s story is so familiar to over policed communities. This isn’t just Baltimore.

Father jailed, kicked out of house at 12, surviving on the streets, finding family where he could.

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Some more on Filippou and #KeithDavisJr case. The initial interviews with witnesses make it clear that Filippou was the first on the scene at the garage and the first to start shooting. Her ricochets caused other officers to think Davis shooting.
Martina Washington, a woman in the garage, gave a statement that day, describing the "police lady" firing into the garage as Washington ran out. "she shot around me or something."
When Washington's boyfriend was asked who had a gun drawn when he ran out it was Filippou. When asked if she was the only one with gun drawn he said "I think so."
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