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★A SUMMARY OF SOON TO COME #Straykids Schedules!

★Will be updated Continuously through out the end of May and All through June!

★Links will be added in the replies of each Event once it happens!
★ LEE MUJIN SERVICE WITH I.N (30th of May) 6pm KST

★it’s a talk show hosted by Lee mujin which features idols from groups to showcase their talent by covering multiple songs and having fun chats.
I.Ns turn this time (seungmin & Han before)
★ 홍김동전 HK COIN VARIETY SHOW with bang chan changbin felix seungmin I.N (1st of June) 8:30pm KST

★Info : A new game variety show in which a coin can determine fate. ↓ ↓
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Hyunjin (Early) Birthday Live Polaroid Edit
A Thread
#현진 #Hyunjin #스트레이키즈 #StrayKids Image
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streaming thread for #StrayKids the sound mv !

prepared by: @/strawberriwin
for giveaway #ManiacTourinManila by: ate @angelic_seoul thank u so much 🥰
Proofs for mechanics 💝 ImageImageImageImage
For clarification I'm using 10 yt accs for now i guess i will try to make accs if i can and update this thread ☺️

This is ss for transparency i need to cover some personal accs. Contained fan accs and personal accs!! 🙆‍♀️💖 ImageImage
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#Dog #dogs #dogsoftwitter #DOGE #AnimalCrossing #StrayKids #Trending #Viral #Twitter #SAVELIVES #adoptme
Got a call about the baby who met an accident few days ago from a place 70 kms from my place and lying helpless and crying in pain. We immediately started but suddenly got call from reporter that the baby is missing and some devils taken the baby and thrown away somewhere
I requested the reporter to search the baby and finally after long search found the baby near the no man's land in garbage alive and left to die without food and water

We are also on the way same time and went there immediately and found baby hip maybe fractured and needs
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This year delivered no shortage of records that we loved, that impressed us, that touched us, and that we'll continue to keep in our rotations long after 2022 comes to a close. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

These are the 50 best albums of 2022: #AnnualReport2022 Image
50. Ozzy Osbourne – Patient Number 9

The Prince of Darkness pushed past adversity and released one of his most successful solo albums to date — all without losing his trademark sense of humor. #AnnualReport2022 Image
49. MJ Lendermann – Boat Songs

If this is what countrygaze is, grab us a cowboy hat and a case of effect pedals. #AnnualReport2022 Image
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For everyone who was suffered from this you need to know that we were working everyday damn hard manually and then there were some people just using bot to surpass u all ImageImageImageImage
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— a thread on notion templates i found 🌷

#studytwt #studytwtph #notion
💌: let me start off by saying that these aren't my templates, found them on tiktok and youtube! if you're using them, please credit the rightful owners (it's own the notion page already!) also, i took the screenshots from my ipad so it will look different on a pc or a phone :))
alyanna ross template

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i actually have a lot of notion templates that i saved, should i go make a thread 🧍🏻‍♀️
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[2022 STAYweeK]

2 Kids Room Behind B Cuts|2022 STAYweeK


#StrayKids #스트레이키즈
#STAY #스테이
#2022STAYweeK #스테이위크
#2KidsRoom #투키즈룸
#YouMakeStrayKidsStay ImageImageImageImage
[2022 STAYweeK]

2 Kids Room Behind B Cuts|2022 STAYweeK


#StrayKids #스트레이키즈
#STAY #스테이
#2022STAYweeK #스테이위크
#2KidsRoom #투키즈룸
#YouMakeStrayKidsStay ImageImageImageImage
[2022 STAYweeK]

2 Kids Room Behind B Cuts|2022 STAYweeK


#StrayKids #스트레이키즈
#STAY #스테이
#2022STAYweeK #스테이위크
#2KidsRoom #투키즈룸
#YouMakeStrayKidsStay ImageImageImageImage
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#StrayKids ; felix with his 7 boyfriends
wallpaper version <3
❕do not repost. you can print it if you want. i don't sell my arts so you can <3
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#SEUNGMIN 🐶 every day, i love you more
#스트레이키즈 #승민 #StrayKids
❕do not repost. you can print it if you want. i don't sell my arts so you can <3
🦦 — thoughts ?


📮 curiouscat 👇🏻
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#StrayKids responding to "please don't be in love with someone else."

A thread:
Disclaimer: This POV is purely made of fiction. This is also my first time doing this type of thread.
1. Chan
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SKZ karma that took place this past week ONLY.
so that's 7 days - 25th oct to 31st oct
- a VERY VERY VERY long list
1) SKZ ranked No. 10 on Top 10 most watched K-Pop Artists in Youtube history with over 2,103,419,368 streams
2) #Thunderous charted no 10 on the #HotTrending Songs, Powered by Twitter top 10 (chart dated Oct. 30, 2021)
3) #Thunderous M/V has surpassed 107M views on YouTube.
4 )StrayKids charts again on Billboard Japan (week of 10/27) with their songs Scars, Call, and Thunderous! 3RACHA also remains on the Hot 100 Lyricists and Composers!
5) The S cawaii magazine with skz on the cover has been selling so well, the printing company said they ran out
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Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the intersection of tradition and K-pop? Well, I do. It is because of releases like this. #강민수 #AQUINAS
And of course this powerful video that dropped earlier this week: #StrayKids #소리꾼 #스트레이키즈
Because of government sponsored fight songs like this #PSY #Korea
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let’s get into why the chart accounts think it’s ok to talk about artists in such disgusting disrespectful ways??
Including #StrayKids #bts #Loona #Oneus #Txt #PurpleKiss #Twice Fanbases
A thread:
@ skz_charts calling Blackpink members
-dog eaters
@ ChartBTS comparing the youngest member of atz in their own words to “looking like the shit that comes out my ass”
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#HYUNSUNG au where underground rapper Jisung hopped on the trend of modeling with Asia’s “it” model and acted as Hyunjin’s fan as joke to win a PS5 from Changbin. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned (or maybe it did?) ImageImageImageImage
should i do this👁👄👁or let it be just a prompt
i wasn’t expecting anyone to actually see this and vote woah~😳I guess I would have to start planning the actual plot for this! I’ll be right back with the first posts soon~
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Hai! Mau numpang promosi gelang walaupun bukan berlian, tapi kembaran sama Lee Know 😭❤️

Harganya cuman 18k aja 🥺 berlian can’t relate!!! Link

#racunbabah #berlian #StrayKids
Sekarang selain masker, strapnya juga penting‼️ Apalagi kalo strapnya cute-cute kayak gini 🥰
Ini belinya di 👈🏻 bisa request masing-masing warnanya ❤️
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#2NE1 Image
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Exclusive @Stray_Kids selfies? 😱 That’s right! For every 150 RTs, we'll UNLOCK 🔓 one member’s never-before-seen selfie Valentine’s Day card 💘 STAY, get ready, set, RETWEET 😝


#StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #SKZ #스키즈
@Stray_Kids TO: STAY

You are one IN a melon 🍉

📍 #SKZUNLOCKinNYC (1/29):…

#SKZUNLOCKinUSA #StrayKids #SKZ #IN #아이엔
@Stray_Kids TO: STAY

I can PICTURE us together 📷

📍 #SKZUNLOCKinATL (1/31):…

#SKZUNLOCKinUSA #StrayKids #SKZ #Seungmin #승민
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SPEAK TO ME ## changlix au

in which felix admits to having a crush on his brother's best friend, unaware that the boy could understand his mother tongue.

changbin, amused, winks at felix to show that, oh yes. he knows.

felix loses it. ImageImage
ok maybe im writing this
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CHANGBIN GAY ## changlix au

changbin, korea's most treasured rapper, has a boyfriend. only the world doesn't know that - until one day he tweets about him from the wrong account and breaks his entire fandom.


the entirety of korea get CHANGBIN GAY to make headlines.

+ please quote and DO NOT reply
+ this is purely fictional - if you don't like it, simply just don't read it
+ this will have side ships
+ please don't harass me for updates, im not always free or feeling ok enough to do so
+ i hope you enjoy <3
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