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Aquarius ascendant attributes:-
Here are some common attributes associated with Aquarius Ascendant individuals:
Intellectual and Analytical: Being an airy sign,Aquarius Ascendants tend to have sharp minds and a strong inclination towards intellectual pursuits. They are analytical thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and possess a deep curiosity about the world around them.
Independent and Non-Conformist: Aquarius rising individuals have a deep desire for freedom and individuality. They value their independence and often dislike societal norms and expectations. They march to the beat of their own drum and are unafraid to stand out from the crowd.
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Capricorn ascendant attributes
Ambitious: Capricorn ascendant individuals are known for their strong drive and ambition. They have a natural inclination to set goals and work diligently to achieve them.
They are willing to put in the necessary effort and make long-term plans to reach their desired position of authority or success.
Responsible and Reliable: These individuals exhibit a strong sense of responsibility and reliability. They are known for being dependable and taking their commitments seriously. Capricorn ascendants are often trusted by others to fulfill their duties and obligations.
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Libra Rising Attributes:-
Astrology is a complex subject, and individual characteristics can vary based on the specific placements and aspects in a birth chart. Here are some typical attributes associated with Libra ascendant:
Diplomatic and Harmonious: Libra rising individuals tend to possess a charming and diplomatic demeanor. They have a natural ability to navigate social situations and strive to maintain harmony and balance in their interactions with others.
Cooperative and Peacemakers: People with Libra ascendant often prioritize cooperation and seek to create a harmonious environment. They are skilled at mediating conflicts and finding compromises that satisfy everyone involved.
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Virgo ascendant attributes :-
Analytical and Detail-Oriented: Virgo ascendants are known for their analytical abilities and attention to detail. They have a sharp mind and a keen eye for spotting even the smallest flaws or imperfections.
Practical and Organized: These individuals are highly practical and organized in their approach to life. They have a strong sense of order and tend to plan and structure their activities meticulously. They enjoy creating systems and routines to enhance efficiency and productivity
Perfectionistic: Virgo ascendants have a perfectionistic streak within them. They strive for perfection in all aspects of their lives, often setting high standards for themselves and others. They can be self-critical and have a tendency to focus on flaws or mistakes
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Leo ascendant attributes
Leo Ascendant, also known as Leo Rising or Simha Lagna, signifies that Leo is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth.
Confident and Charismatic: Leo Ascendants often possess a natural charisma and radiate confidence. They have a magnetic personality that attracts attention and can be quite charming.
Strong Presence: People with Leo Ascendant have a strong and dominant presence. They exude an aura of authority and tend to be noticed in a room.
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Gemini ascendant attributes
Gemini ascendant individuals are known for their curious, inquisitive, and communicative nature. They are charming, sociable, and possess a great sense of humor, which makes them quite popular among their peers.
Here are some of the typical attributes associated with Gemini ascendant:
Intellectual and curious: Gemini ascendants have a great thirst for knowledge, and they love to learn new things. They are very analytical and enjoy exploring different ideas and perspectives.
Chatty and communicative: With their ruling planet Mercury, they are gifted with excellent communication skills and are always ready to engage in a conversation. They are witty and enjoy intellectual debates.
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Attributes of Taurus ascendant
A Taurus ascendant, also known as Taurus rising, is someone whose ascendant, or rising sign, is Taurus. The rising sign represents the zodiac Here are some common attributes of individuals with Taurus ascendant:
Dependable and reliable: Taurus rising individuals are known for their steadfastness and dependability. They are trustworthy and can be counted on to keep their word.
Sensual and pleasure-seeking: Taurus rising individuals are very in touch with their physical senses and enjoy indulging in the finer things in life. They have a strong appreciation for beauty, comfort, and luxury.
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11th house related matters in astrology
In astrology, the 11th house is commonly referred to as the house of friends, social networks, and aspirations. It is associated with one's social life, community involvement, and overall hopes and dreams.
Friendship: The 11th house is closely related to one's friendships and social circles. It shows the type of people an individual is likely to be friends with and the level of importance that social relationships hold in their life.
Social networks: The 11th house is associated with one's social networks and the communities they are a part of. It indicates the type of organizations, clubs, or groups an individual is likely to be involved with.
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Once Buddha was in a deep discussion with the emperor. Suddenly, a very old monk came - he must be 90 years old, he bowed before the master and said, “I am very sorry to disturb you - but I have to leave and I must reach the other monastery before it gets dark.
I have come to touch your feet and seek your blessings.” Buddha looked into the eyes of the old monk and asked, “How old are you?” And the old monk said, “I am four years old.” Buddha smiled and said, “You can leave, my blessings are with you.” The emperor was shocked
when the old monk left, he asked Buddha, “How come the old monk who looks beyond 90 years – says that he is four years old?” And Buddha said, “Real age is the point from where you start turning inwards - and you have been asking me all sorts of stupid questions -
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Wealth generating yogas:-
According to Bhavarth Ratnakar ‘Dhana Yogas’ arise if there is:
1.​Exchange between lords of 2 and 5 /9/11
2.​Lords of 5 and 9 occupying their own houses with a mutual connection
3.​Lords of 2 and 11 combine with lords of 5 and 9 in cardinal house
4.​Jupiter combines with 2nd lord and Mercury in cardinal or trine houses
5)​ if the 11th lord is well placed in the cardinal or trine houses
6)​ Strong malefics in the 11th house give much wealth.
7)​ Lord of ascendant, 2 and 11 connected with each other in respective House
or in cardinal or trine houses give much wealth.
8) Ascendant lord in any cardinal house, 10th lord in fourth and 9th lord in 11th house gives huge gains
9)​ Exchange of houses between Asc. lord and 11th lord or exchange between 2 and 11 lords gives much wealth and property.
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For everyone who was suffered from this you need to know that we were working everyday damn hard manually and then there were some people just using bot to surpass u all ImageImageImageImage
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Upachaya houses are 3,6 and 11th bhavas. These bhavas fuel growth. The specific path chosen for growth depend on the planets placed in the Upachaya houses. #Growth #Astrology #Jyotish #VedicAstrology #JyotishKatti
Slow 🧵
Rahu exalts in the natural 3rd, has Moolatrikona in the natural 6th and co-lords the natural 11th. Rahu being a bhoga graha powers growth at all cost. Growth fueled by "I, me and Myself". End Justifies means. #ASTRO #astrology #VedicAstrology #Jyotish #JyotishKatti
Rahu in the 3rd. Exalted (Happy Rahu) aspects the 9th of Dharma!!!! Such a happy Rahu has a 9th house (Dharma) on your Labha (Profits). The 5th of Mantra I will probably explain later. Rahu, the dark deamon in the 3rd has a influence on your Dharma and Profits. This is BAD! +
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#Amazon got access to the interior of your home without you even knowing it. They can now share it with whoever they want - incl. the police. #Privacy (thread 1/9)
Amazon acquired #iRobot, the company that makes #Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners, for $1.7B. It can now have richer data about the interior of your home and share with whoever they see fit, also with the police, even if you've never consented to it (2/9)
Amazon is also the owner of:
📹#Ring: so it can have video from your home
📢#Alexa: so it can have audio from your home
🏠 Numerous #smarthome appliances: so that it can have detailed and integrated data from your routine and your needs (3/9)
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Karakas of all 12 houses in #VedicAstrology -
1st house- Sun for immunity & self esteem, Moon for mental faculty & richness of personality.
2nd house- Jup of morals & wealth, Ve for materialist wealth & beauty, Moon for food & eyes, Mer for speech, Sat for teeth.
3rd house- Mars for co-born, vitality & courage, Ve for music, arts etc., Jup for ears, Sat for determination & longevity, Mer for social media.
4th house- already mentioned.
5th house- Jup for kids & poorva punya, Mer for education, Ve for drama or pleasures, Sun for soul.
6th house- Mars for competitions, Sat for illness, Mer for maternal uncles.
7th house- Venus for marriage & female spouse, Jup for male spouse, Sat for position & respect among others.
8th house- Saturn for sins & longevity, Mars for accidents & inheritance, Mer for occult.
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Mula Nakshatra
Moolam Trishul
Mula nakshatra in the Vedic astrology and belongs to the Sagittarius sign.
The word ‘mula’ literally means root or is sometimes used to refer to a group of roots tied together.
Therefore, it is often said that people born under this nakshatra are those who are keenly inclined towards research and always delve deeper into the facts they come across.
It is believed that the milky way galaxy lies in this nakshatra. Therefore, the name ‘mula’ or central is conferred upon it.
The deity associated with the nakshatra is Niriti who is also considered as lord of destruction and is hailed as contemporary of goddess Kali.
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Poorvashada is the 18th nakshatra as per the Hindu Astrology. Its ruling planet is the Venus. It belongs to Sagittarius and its range lies between 13-20” to 26-40”
It is signified using the symbol of a fan, a winnowing basket, a bed or a tusk of an elephant
The animal symbol of this particular moon sign is a male monkey, which signifies beauty intelligence and power.
Some of the common characteristics of people with Poorvashada nakshatra is beautiful and slender body with extreme emotional quotient. This means that they feel emotions to the extreme.
It is easier for those of poorvashada nakshatra to make friends.
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Chitra Nakshatra " The most shining star"
•Numbering 14 out of the 28 Hindu nakshatras, the Chitra nakshatra coincides with the zodiac sign of Virgo & Libra.
•A shiny pearl or jewel represent the Chitra Nakshatra.
•As indicated by the symbol of the Chitra Nakshatra, a person born under this lunar marking is believed to be a gem of a person – they possess a larger-than-life aura, which makes them natural leaders.
•Like their animal counterpart, the female tiger, Chitra natives are fiercely intelligent – they move fast and hard to achieve lofty ambitions in life.
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1/4 With a 90%, Astroport enters our review catalog as the #1 scoring protocol on Terra and one of the highest-rated DEXs we have reviewed. The protocol excels in all areas of software documentation and is especially focused on providing its users with all the necessary details.
2/4 Most notably, the team has partnered with Immunefi to offer one of the largest Bug Bounties hosted on the white hat platform. Along with a pair of audits, @astroport__fi clearly takes the security of its protocol very seriously. #DeFi #Terra
3/4 We have also had the pleasure to collaborate with their quite responsive team. Together, we hope to fill the remaining gaps of our review with improved testing and a more user-friendly version of their Access Controls. We have no doubts about the team's ability to do so.
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[📸] 04.02.2022 #MOONBIN para la marca de ropa NEIKIDNIS 💜

Colección S/S 2022

#문빈x네이키드니스 #문빈 #아스트로 #ASTRO @offclASTRO #NEIKIDNIS #네이키드니스
[📸] 04.02.2022 #MOONBIN para la marca de ropa NEIKIDNIS 💜

Colección S/S 2022

#문빈x네이키드니스 #문빈 #아스트로 #ASTRO @offclASTRO #NEIKIDNIS #네이키드니스
[📸] 04.02.2022 #MOONBIN para la marca de ropa NEIKIDNIS 💜

Colección S/S 2022

#문빈x네이키드니스 #문빈 #아스트로 #ASTRO @offclASTRO #NEIKIDNIS #네이키드니스
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[📸] 02.02.2022 Obros publicó en instagram el mensaje que le escribió #ROCKY en Switch On
"Acabo de ver esto Minhyuk-ah. Ha pasado el tiempo muy rápido desde que promocionabais 'After Midnight' y preparábamos el disco de JinRock. +
#아스트로 #ASTRO ImageImage
Gracias por escribir esto. Siempre quiero escribir title songs de ASTRO. Hay muchas canciones que aún no hemos sacado. Como 'Just Breath' ha sido un title track, de alguna manera significa más, por eso hablé tanto en las redes. Espero no haber sido molesto. +
Lo pensé mucho y me daba un poco de cosa cuando me pidieron dirigir 'After Midnight' porque no era mi canción pero lo hice lo mejor que pude. Incluso trabajando en 'Don't Worry' con Eunwoo, intercambiamos muchas ideas y trabajamos positivamente y disfrutándolo, +
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[INFO] #EUNWOO en directo, no os lo perdáis!!!

Pondremos las posibles traducciones aquí debajo ⬇️
#ASTRO #아스트로 #차은우 Image
"Sinceramente he venido aquí porque echaba de menos a AROHA"
Eunwoo estaba pensando en subir una foto para actualizar a AROHA pero luego pensó si debería hacer un vídeo. O si debería ir a Vlive. Así es como decidió venir a Vlive para pasar el rato con AROHA
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Saturn🪐( Shani ) - The King Maker

🌟SADESATI the word makes everyone frighten but the truth is Saturn’s Sadesati could be the most beneficial time for any native BUT it comes with some restrictions

#ASTRO #Saturn #astronomy Image

Sadesati takes on the entire list of Karmas ( Good/Bad ) you did & it results according to it.During Sadesati the native could face challenges related to the things they feel restricted/hidden for e.g - False manipulative finances, cheating someone, uncared health, etc

🌟If Sun is the King of all planets than Saturn is the King Maker. And with discipline, dedication & patience lord Saturn becomes more stronger and gives its earthy blessings. Saturn simply represents your Karmas and gives a very unbiased result in its Sadesati or Dasha
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फेंगशुई कछुआ सही दिशा में रखने की टिप्स
उत्तर दिशा में कछुआ रखना बेहद शुभ माना जाता है। इससे घर में धन लाभ होता है।
और साथ ही साथ आपके शत्रुओं का नाश भी होता है।
व्यापारी लोगों को अपनी दुकान के मुख्य द्वार पर कछुए का चित्र लगाना चाहिए।
अगर आप ऐसा करते हैं तो आपको धन लाभ होगा साथ ही साथ आपके सभी रुके हुए काम पूर्ण हो जाएंगे।
अपने घर में खुशियां प्राप्त करने के लिए फेंगशुई कछुआ (Feng Shui Tortoise) या उसकी तवीर को मुख्य द्वार पर लगाना चाहिए।
अगर आप ऐसा करते हैं तो घर में शांति बनी रहती है।
कछुए (Turtle) को दक्षिण पूर्व दिशा में रखने से घर में किसी भी तरह का रोग नहीं रहता और बीमार व्यक्ति भी स्वस्थ हो जाता है।
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