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Details are coming in the next hours, revising this tweet ;
Mercury and Mars conjunction will be in effect from tonight. 10/11 is the exact conjunction date. I believe that if there will be correction soon it might start with this conj. and approx. stay until 4th December. #BTC
Chronological order;
1- Mercury conj. Mars - 10/11
2- Mercury / Mars square Saturn - 10/11
3- Mercury opp. Uranus 13/11
4- Sun square Jupiter 15/11
5- Mars opp. Uranus 17/11
6- Mercury squae Jupiter 20/11
7- Sun conj. South Node 22-23/11
#astrology #cryptocurrency #bitcoin
Why this configuration is so important that much?
November is hard astrologically, Mars/Mercury-Saturn square, Mars/Mercury-Uranus opposition, Sun-Jupiter square and Mars/Mercury-Saturn-Uranus T-square with wide orb. Saturn cycles are about limitations, decrease and loss. #astro
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1/ Thread on Travis Scott - I had never heard of the guy but considering the deaths at Astroworld festival i looked him up... quick thread, i havent watched it all... #travisScott #mindcontrol #monarchslave #satanic #astroworld Image
2. Vigilant Citizen wote about him after Butterfly Effect - symbolism Monarch butterflies, freemasons, jenners, SZA...… #TravisScott #mindcontrol #monarchslave #satanic #astroworld
3. Analysis of Travis Scott Mamacita Video Shows Satan coming. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. #TravisScott #Marmacita #DaysBeforeTheRodeo #Satan #mkultra #Monarchmindcontrol
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1. Ok new thread on black and white as the last one is over 100 tweets and they are still carrying on with it... This was the last thread... Image
2. So despite it being halloween season then black and white is still prevalent. Some from Pride of Britain awards... I wont bother with names... #PrideOfBritain #PrideOfBritainAwards ImageImage
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Ganpati bappa moraya!!! Ganesh chaturthi is around . I am hereby presenting a write-up about various Ganesha idols and their importance.
For good health and longevity - have a Ganesha idol made up of wood or clay.
Ps: Saturn is the karak for longevity and it also represents clay. Jupiter represents wood and is Jeevakarak.
For prosperity and health get the idol made up of sandalwood.
Ps: Rahu is the significator of sandalwood. Things made of sandalwood or sandalwood paste makes Rahu auspicious.
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Whys #NavPancham considered generally good?#NavPancham is #Genesis, #Progression, #CauseEffect relations. In #KaalPurush #Kundali, if #Jaatak is denoted by #Lagan, his/her progeny is denoted by the #PanchamBhaav while the father of this #Jaatak is the #NavamBhaav of the #Chart...
Many ancient #Astrologers have expressed that a #Bhaav can find #Catalyst 5 houses behind itself or 9 houses away from itself (same thing).

So in effect if there is any good connection of the #Navam #Bhaav with the #Lagan (or #Navam #Bhaav from any other #Bhaav) ...
the particular #Bhaav in question can get #SuPrabhaav. The #Lagan or any other #Bhaav is always the #PanchamBhaav from the #Navam.Hence the theory- #NavPancham, is generally considered #YogKaarak.

Basic theories apply as always...

Explaining #Shadow #Grah #Rahu...
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#2NE1 Image
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#Astro #fintwit
A thread on how to look at a day
Basically planets are moving around the Sun
The angle they make between them is called a aspect
Here Sun and moon are 90° apart
They are making a square aspect,
and so on Image
In financial astrology
The major aspects are
0° Conjuct
30° semisrxtile
45° semisquare
60° sextile
90° square
120° trine
180° opposite
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Was doing #Gochar #Transit analysis for a #Libra #Jaatak #Kundali when I stumbled upon a very powerful #Astro event taking place in ALL #Libra #Charts but also potentially quite damaging for the #Jaatak if their #Natal #Chart or #Lagnesh is weak...
#Mars would be around 25* in the 6th #Bhaav, looking into the #Lagan with 8th #Drishti where #Laganesh #Venus would also be placed with similar #Degrees. #Mars/#Venus are not just antiparties, they are also #Enemies to one another and hence this #Vedan is not the best
#Rahu, placed in the 8th #Bhaav of the #Chart would also be having similar 25*. In #Taurus, dispositor of #Rahu is #Venus. #Rahu and #Venus having similar strength, #Rahu becomes very powerful and #Malefic for the time being
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In Regards to Rad Onc APM #radonc #roapm #ASTRO
Why it seems to be financial pyrite… Here’s why…
I went to the CMS website and downloaded each year’s data for each specialty, starting in 2008, all the way to the most recent year’s data, 2018. I’d been wanting to do this for a long time. This is Part B only.…
I then combined all the med onc/heme onc numbers. And combined the radiation numbers. And then cherry-picked some specialties of interest for comparison, especially any that have anything to do with rad onc. Or onc.
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Nació en 2009 comenzó a popularizarse entre adolescentes, preadolescentes y hasta niños, durante la cuarentena ya que muchos usuarios populares de #TikTok se graban mientras hablan con usuarios de otros países y lo suben a la plataforma china
#Omegle es anónima. Al ingresar no es necesario registrarse ni adjudicarse un nombre. "Si al comenzar a hablar con una persona se aburre o molesta por algo, el usuario simplemente cambia a otra.
"La primera vez que entré con mi prima, que es menor de edad, nos encontramos directamente con pornografía sin ningún tipo de restricción".
Y esto no es solo uno de los peligros de este chat.
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That is Jupiter’s motto.

When the passion of #Mars goes unchecked, war eventually erupts. That is why we need #Jupiter – to keep Mars in check with morality. #astro #astrology
Passion is good, yes. But it gets out of control and screws everything up. It needs to be controlled. It needs guidance. Jupiter provides that guidance.

…Teachers giving sound ideas

…Which form our Morals…

…And then network into philosophy and ethics…

…Organized into
codes of law…

…Ultimately connecting to God and becoming religion.Controlled by Jupiter’s morality, Mars can exercise his passions to an extent that brings about positive expansion and growth, without going to far and becoming self-destructive.
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whole source of the Love that you seek - is in the FIFTH house of your birth chart. #astrology #ASTRO #AstrologyFacts
Love has absolutely no relation to LOGIC, to RULES, to INTELLECT - it is quite unconnected to thought. Love HAPPENS - the word ‘HAPPEN’ is beautiful - I personally love this word - because whatever HAPPENS is never planned - it just ‘happens’!
Love needs tremendous COURAGE! When a man or woman is fired up with LOVE - they can go to any extent to attain the LOVE that they SEEK.

5th house also signify COURAGE. Remember 5th house is represented by the SIGN LEO - the LION!
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3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses from Lagna are called Upachayasthanas. These places help growth. //Upachayam means "increasing" ///"growing".

///3rd -house ///place for courage/ confidence.
///6th -house /// for enemies/ perseverance // work related issues.
#ASTRO #astrology
///10th -house///profession/ career/challenges faced /// how one overcome that effectively.
///11th -house // friends/ benefits through income/the peak of a person's desires.
///3rdhouse ///11th house are part of Kaama Trigona ////Kaama means// desires.
///6th house ///10th house are a part of Artha Trigonas ///Artha means //security (Financial security)//
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Religious conversion is a serious concern presently. Few astrological pointers that can indicate this in the charts are as under :
2nd bhava of the chart indicates our family values/ sanskaras. The strength/benefic influence of 2nd lord/bhava in rashi and d9 is very crucial .
Weak or afflicted dhanesha can lead to weak affinity towards one's kula dharma.
9th is called dharma bhava. Loss of dharma is indicated by 8th bhava. Weak and afflicted 9 th bhava/bhavesha in rashi and d9 and the connection with 8th can lead to loss of dharma/ conversion etc
Jupiter being the karak for 2nd and 9th is extremely crucial. Weak and severely afflicted Jupiter both in rashi and navamsa can again be a negative for dharma matters.
Rahu in general indicate muslims and ketu indicate Christians. Their influence can indicate adopted dharma
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Sashidhar Jagdishan to be the new CEO of HDFC Bank
Jagdishan will replace outgoing CEO Aditya Puri whose term ends on October 26

With over 29 years of experience, Shashidhar Jagdishan served as Business Head - Finance in 1999 & CFO from 2008

profile of CEO designate of HDFC bank Image
The Moon (Sashi) rises on #hdfcbank
as the Sun (Aditya) sets

stock price reactions suggests Ms Market likes the #moon!

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SPECIAL REPORT: #coronavirus mortalities surpassed a quarter of a million today, including over 69,000 in the #US . However the government is concerned that if they find a COVID-19 vaccine, #China will copy it and distribute it for free.
By: @AlanRMacLeod…
“Biomedical research has long been a focus of theft, especially by the Chinese government, and vaccines and treatments for the #coronavirus are today’s holy grail,” said John C.
#COVIDー19 #ASTRO #healthcare…
One dose of @GileadSciences Truvada pill costs around $6 per month to manufacture, but Gilead charges patients over $1,700 for those pills. The gross profit on each customer, therefore, is around 28,000 percent.
#COVID19 #coronavirus #MotivationMonday #MayThe4th Image
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➳ ❝ with you ❞

↳ in which park jinwoo discovered & used a time traveling app to figure out who the 'woman in his dreams' is.

⌠ an entry to #AstroAUFest by @arohartists & @AstroDStore for #ASTRO #GATEWAY promotion. ⌡ ImageImageImageImage
@arohartists @AstroDStore ↺ timestamps doesn't matter unless stated
↺ written in taglish
↺ may contain sensitive contents
↺ grammatical & typographical errors ahead. i'm sorry in advance!
↺ likes, rts & qrts are highly appreciated ♡
↺ stan #ASTRO
ʚ ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀꜱ ɞ

ᵖᵃʳᵏ ʲⁱⁿʷᵒᵒ
✑ goofy around his friends but quiet whenever he's surrounded with other ppl
✑ clumsiest in his circle of friends
✑ wants to be a professional rapper

ᵃʰⁿ ˢᵒᵒʸᵒᵘⁿᵍ
✑ introvert
✑ studying is life
✑ not friendly at all ImageImage
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