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LOONA yyxy - Beauty & the Beat 🥀 (1/4)

#이달의소녀 #LOONA #今月の少女 ImageImageImageImage
LOONA yyxy - Beauty & the Beat 🥀 (2/4)

#이달의소녀 #LOONA #今月の少女 ImageImageImageImage
LOONA yyxy - Beauty & the Beat 🥀 (3/4)

#이달의소녀 #LOONA #今月の少女 ImageImageImageImage
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The Big Issue Magazine #258 (ft. #LOONA Heejin & Hyunjin) making film
Issue #288*
Q: My charm?
Heejin: Lately I'm really liking the shape of my lips
Hyunjin: Lately I've really been liking the color of my eyes. They're a natural brown.
My TMI that the fans won't know about?
Heejin: Fans think that I like exercise and that I'm rather active, but I'm the type that doesn't leave the house. I really like staying in - I'm always in bed.
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OSEN News: According to an official in the music industry, Blockberry Creative is aiming for a #LOONA comeback (specified, with 10 members) on Jan 3…
The article has just been revised to say 11 members
Article 2
Blockberry Creative told xsportsnews that the preparations for a LOONA comeback are underway, but the timing is undecided, and that they would make an announcement once the comeback schedule is confirmed…
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[ENG] Letter from #LOONA Yves to Orbits for #5YearsWithYves

From the @loonatheworld fancafe…

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Acc. to JTBC, all #LOONA members excluding #Hyunjin and #ViVi recently suspended theur exclusive contract with Blockberry Creative. An application for injuction was filed.

It's reported the 9 members made the decision as the mutual trust has broken.

#KoreanUpdates VF
Blockberry Creative denied the report from JTBC which said 9 members of #LOONA are filling an injunction for their exclusive contract. "It's groundless"…
#KoreanUpdates VF
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#LOONA Fancafe: LUMINOUS Diary 1…
1/9 ImageImageImageImage
2/9 LUMINOUS Diary 1 ImageImageImageImage
3/9 LUMINOUS Diary 1 ImageImageImageImage
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Staff: Try walking in a modest way, less energetically
#LOONA Chuu: OK is this a video?
Staff: Mhm
(Talking like in a historical drama) Chuu: Bring me my groom!
Staff: You've got no groom
Chuu: Why you wench!!

(End cuts off her lamenting "your highness")
(Chuu spinning around and saying as if in a historical drama that the day is cold) (staff informing her that her inner hanbok skirt's showing too much)
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[LIVE] #LOONA Hyunjin is live on VLIVE ImageImage
I said I'd do a bday vlive today right? So with Orbits I think I'm going to blow out candles. And the staff decorated my room like this behind me, thank you.

Hyunjin's hungry since she hasn't had anything to eat yet (it's noon), and is fascinated by this cake ImageImageImage
(Pointing out how the candles spell out "LOVE") How do I put these on so they look good...?

The camera is so close, and the table is too low so I can't have both me and the cake in one frame without me holding it... Image
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For everyone who was suffered from this you need to know that we were working everyday damn hard manually and then there were some people just using bot to surpass u all ImageImageImageImage
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Cafe and Stage.

-a lipsoul au

wherein Jungeun is in love with a popular band named 'starlight' and she met her bias, Jinsol, the captain and the guitarist of the band, in the cafe she's working at. ImageImageImageImage
this is my first ever au so please, bear with me.
hindi ko na ilalagay 'yung rules, alam ko namang alam n'yo na 'yon so, let's start! enjoy!
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#LOONA [@loonatheworld] in Seoul concert Day 1 now starting (official/paywalled livestream link below)
Opener (walk-in from behind the audience) song: Hi High
Talk segment
- In general they encouraged fans to cheer loudly, because in their last concert in Korea there were rules that prevented fans from shouting etc
Talk segment
- It's been five years so Orbits have gotten comfortable with LOONA, but LOONA's still seeing new faces this time around too
Haseul thinks they've matured in the past years too
> Matured? So who's the sexiest member
(Vivi thinks she's the sexiest today)
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Thread importante para seu dia!

Escritores e figuras históricas com gatinhos!

Michel Foucault
Jean-Paul Sartre
Françoise Sagan
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Press: Newsen livestream is on standby at ICN for #LOONA departing for their @loonatheworld US/MX tour:
@loonatheworld The stream being up now doesn't mean they show up at the airport soon; could be hours from now
@loonatheworld Not sure where Haseul is for now
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[LIVE] Idol-lympics on-site livestream w/ #LOONA (@loonatheworld) Heejin, Hyunjin, Vivi, Kim Lip, Choerry, Yves)
@loonatheworld Quick greetings from each of the members
Q: What have they been up to?
Yves says they've been preparing for the tour
Q: Any spoilers from the recording today?
They decide to strike a pose as spoilers, but the MCs are confused by these poses Image
@loonatheworld They rotated through each other to explain the charity event that comes with the show (ft. bracelet for donors)
- and to look forward to the show where they had fun recording
- and say bye
[End of surprise on-site livestream] ImageImageImage
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[LIVE] SBS PowerFM Radio, Wendy's Young Street
ft. #LOONA Haseul, Yeojin, Choerry, Yves, Go Won

Live on gorealra app, or via link (which may or may not work; no VOD in link)
Couldn't get browser livestream on the official website to work, but link:…
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[LIVE] #LOONA Jinsoul is now live on VLIVE
chat: What song is this (BGM)?
This is Sunye sunbaenim's Glass Heart
What should we do today? We've been really busy for a while now but I found a break to go live... But I don't know what to do now. Though I've never planned out what I'd do on a vlive, but still, maybe that's why, it's awkward at the start of vlives.
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[LIVE] #LOONA Olivia Hye is live on VLIVE
She ordered curry (she had asked users to vote on Fab), in the spiciest level the restaurant offered, and will eat while on VLIVE

She's not at the vocal room, she's at her place

Typically when she eats, she watches something while eating
I don't know how spicy it is... I wonder if it'll be really spicy?

(tastes it)
Mmmmmmm okay, *Inhales* I can eat it [not too spicy]
I am on an empty stomach, but it's okay.
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IG: soundrepublica_korea
#LOONA Heejin Interview #2

It's your first solo song after so long since your debut single! If you could express how you feel in 5 words?
- My voice is the best!
(1/5) ImageImageImageImage
When you got the offer to remake H:SEAN - Honestly, what thoughts did you have?
- When I first heard this song, I thought, "wow I have to do this." I think I looked forward to it a lot as it was an R&B/soul genre song with a vibe that I really wanted to try.
Something you particularly focused on during recording?
- As it's R&B, I tried not to stay too strictly on beat, and focused a lot on the groove.

Like the song title, what's a moment where you most want to be honest?
- I want to be an honest person everyday.
(3/5) Image
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[LIVE] #LOONA Jinsoul is live on VLIVE
Actually, I fell asleep earlier so I couldn't be in the vlive, right? So, actually, if I was up, I could've done that, so I came here since I was sorry that I wasn't there earlier. But I'm only going to be here for around 30 minutes.
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[LIVE] #LOONA Heejin is live on VLIVE
The weather's so hot. And it's humid, humid.

Everyone, it's been a while! You're a little surprised that I'm not the Heejin you normally see right? Actually I worried a lot about doing this with no makeup, [but the lighting helps I guess].
Someone says her nails are pretty, she says thank you, though she's also getting them done again soon
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[LIVE] #LOONA Yves and Go Won are live on VLIVE
Stream title: "Kim Orbit~? How does working after hours sound?!"
They say it's not just the two of them - the manager's there too

They say the manager can talk, there's no rule against that
("Hello Orbits")
Wowww~ that was our manager. The manager got us macarons and cookies earlier.
Go Won: they're saying they want a manager photocard.
Yves: that would be hard to find, since it doesn't exist.
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[LIVE] Live on VLIVE: "Lipseulchoe (sol) zZ"

#LOONA Haseul says she's with Kim Lip and Choerry, they're on for just a little bit - Jinsoul is with them but asleep
[They reveal the camera for a moment and you can see Kim Lip for a second and they turn off the camera again - they're in a car together]

Haseul: We're bored, so should we play a game with Orbits? Should we take questions? Or give TMIs?
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IG: soundrepublica_korea

#LOONA Heejin interview #1, in advance of the 7/13 6PM KST release of her remake of H:SEAN's "Honestly"
Name: Jeon Heejin
Song you're enjoying lately: All this love - Trey Songz
How you relax: turn on the A/C, lie in bed, and play games
Food you're into lately: Nurungji chicken!!!!
Balance game:

- Boneless chicken
- w/ bone chicken✅
(if you want to get the taste of wings and legs!)

What you can give up for an entire year
- bread
- tteokbokki✅

More confident in
- eye-smiling
- charismatic gaze✅
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