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The rumor about Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant being related to the Bryant's involved in Emmett Till's killing has been going around for years. @wspittman examined it closely and found the claim is baseless. #FactsMatter 👇🏻
If you read the story, @wspittman includes a carefully crafted set of family trees that shows absolutely no connection between Governor Phil Bryant and the families of those involved in Emmett Till's killing. #MSLeg👇🏻…
Bryants*, no apostrophe
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Senator Harkins is a Trump supporter. Maybe he could share this list with the White House? #msleg 👇🏻 1/
1. Wealth without work? Trump was born into it, and began his career with what he called "a small million dollar loan" from his father, followed by hundreds of millions from his dad to prop up his failing businesses in later years. He's also known for his laziness.
2. Pleasure without conscience? "I moved on her like a b***. She was married. ... I don't even ask women. I just start missing. Grab 'em by the pussy."
3. Knowledge without character? Moot. Trump has never.
4. Religion without sacrifice? Trump just stands there & gets worshipped.
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THREAD: I encourage y'all to support my husband @wspittman's writing and give him a follow. He's written four journalistic stories in his life so far, and I wish I could say my first four were even ⅕ as good. Here's a thread of what he's done so far. 1/
Today @wspittman delves into the #MSHouse 102 race btwn @MissyWMcGee, the only Republican to vote against the 6-week abortion ban, & young college leader @rue_brandon, who marched 100s of USM students to the polls for @MikeEspyMS in 2018. #MSelex #MSleg 2/…
Some polls show a slight lead for Democrat Jim Hood in the #MSgov race & AG candidate Jennifer Riley Collins could be the first black woman elected to statewide office.

@wspittman explains how they could win 54% of the vote & still lose. 👇🏻 3/ #MSelex…
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As a journalist, I'm big on access and public hearings.

But I'm glad these impeachment & SCIF hearings are private for now. Why?

Because opening statements aside, the public profitted little from the televised partisan hack shows with the Cohen, Comey and Mueller hearings.

Watch the tapes.

Most Republicans refused to engage with the substance of the witnesses, dangling political whataboutisms, treated the witnesses like they were the ones being investigated, & kept bringing up Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.

And Dems? Not great either overall. 2/
Most Dems in previous televised hearings were too worried about scoring political points with their base by appearing tough and trying to have a singular heroic "Aha!" moment they could run in ads—rather than following one another up with a coherent, surgical approach. 3/
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MS Attorney General (& Dem nom for governor) Jim Hood shared letters dating back to 2013 in which he warned Lt. Gov. (& GOP nom for gov) @TateReeves about the state’s mental crisis & that it could spark a federal lawsuit. MS lost that lawsuit yesterday.…
In a 2013 letter, @HoodForGovernor wrote to @TateReeves that he was “gravely concerned about potential litigation by the” DOJ & that MS wasn’t complying w the 1999 SCOTUS #Olmstead ruling on mental illness/civil rights.

A US judge yesterday pointed to the case & ruled against MS
In the letters dating from 2013-2019, Hood repeatedly asked Reeves and the Legislature to use millions he won to fund mental health.

Instead Reeves & #MSLeg cut corporate taxes & then cut funds for mental heath, including nearly 600 MH jobs & 650 beds.…
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NEW: A Mississippi venue allegedly cancelled a couple's wedding plans after discovering the couple was a black man + a white woman.

"We don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race—I mean, our Christian belief," a woman says.
I called the wedding venue today to find out why they cancelled the wedding for the interracial couple. A man answered. I told him why he was calling and if refusing interracial couples really is their policy.

"No comment," he said, quickly hanging up.…
IMPORTANT: This comes after the MS Legislature passed & Gov. @PhilBryantMS signed 2 "religious freedom" laws—#SB2681 in 2014 & #HB1523 in 2016—making it easier for businesses to discriminate against LGBT people. #MSleg

Supporters said they wouldn't affect interracial couples.
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Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn (R) compares the state flag and its Confederate imagery to pirate flags that said “rape and pillage.”

“What does our flag say about us?" @PhilipGunnMS said. (via @SlimSmith5) #MSleg… 1/
“The flag is the banner under which groups of people are united. It represents what the group believes and stands for. Even pirates had flags—the skull and crossbones. It said rape and pillage. What does our flag say about us?" Republican MS House Speaker Philip Gunn said. 2/
“When the NCAA says that Mississippi State can't host a regional or Ole Miss can't go to a bowl game until the flag is changed, then it's suddenly a whole different story. People might start having a whole different view of the flag then. That could change it,” Gunn said. 3/
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NEW: Velesha P. Williams, a Democrat running for Mississippi governor, told me that party Chair Bobby Moak is ignoring her candidacy as a black woman.

Moak denied the charges & told me to speak to black legislators he's friends with. I did. #MSelex…
"I'm calling out Mr. Moak for his failure to acknowledge & respect the African American women running statewide" & "his inability to respond to any of my phone calls or my emails..."

She's been trying to reach him since December, she said. #MSelex…
"Ask any of my colleagues who happen to be of the minority persuasion to look at my record as (MS House) minority leader," said MS Dem Party Chair Bobby Moak."

"Call some of my colleagues who happen to be black who were in the Legislature." #MSelex #MSleg…
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#Predictions for the rest of 2019:
1. Trump’s #dementia worsens.
2. Try as he may, Bolton fails to start war with #Iran.
3. Democratic candidates pick up seats in #NJLeg #KYLeg #VALeg #MSLeg & #LALeg.
4. Bots from Iran/Syria/Russia will wreck havoc on the Internet one day by retweeting like a DOS attack.
5. #Brexit will be extended yet again until 2020.
6. Interest rates will spike, but corporate stock buybacks will continue to prop up the stock market until late in the year.
6. Due to Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods, other countries raise prices opportunistically. #Inflation heats up on durable goods and many other products. (H/t to Art Leonard)
7. School shootings return as usual.
8. No #InfrastructureWeek happens.
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