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Mississippi voters may amend the state constitution to expand Medicaid after years of inaction by #MSLeg.

Since 2014, state leaders have rejected $8 billion+ that could've expanded Medicaid to 200k-300k people & saved several now-closed rural hospitals.…
Even amid #COVID19, Gov. @TateReeves continues to say he will not "expand Obamacare" (as he misleadingly refers to Medicaid expansion) and House Speaker Philip Gunn says he's "not interested."

But Mississippians could bypass them with a ballot initiative.…
A January 2020 Millsaps/Chism survey found that 60% of Mississippians support expanding Medicaid (29% against). State leaders have ignored that.

Read @NickJudin's report on the effort to bring Medicaid expansion to Mississippi with a ballot initiative.…
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BREAKING: After Mississippi lawmakers failed to pass early voting and Gov. Reeves vowed a veto if they did, one lawmaker and some citizens are taking the matter to voters.

They'll file a ballot initiative tomorrow mandating 10 days of early voting. 1/…
If petitioners gather enough signatures and voters adopt the proposed change, the Mississippi Constitution would require AT LEAST 10 days of early voting, including the two Saturdays prior to the election.

Currently, Mississippi offers no early voting. 2/…
“Long lines discourage voting, and last year, Gov. Reeves stated he would veto early voting legislation. This year, there were nine early voting bills submitted, but none of them got out of committee," said House Rep. Hestor Jackson-McCray. #MSLeg 3/…
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SHAMEFUL that #msleg has removed the postpartum Medicaid provision from the Medicaid tech bill. They had an opportunity to reduce maternal mortality, and they failed.
Legislators KNOW the impact, and again, they have failed. #msleg
Senate is blaming the House for removing it. They are BOTH RESPONSIBLE. You fight for what you care about. Period. #msleg
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NEW: "The Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act" failed twice in the US Senate in 2018 and 2020. It didn't even get a vote.

But in Mississippi this week, a state version is headed to Gov. @TateReeves' desk after passing #MSLeg unanimously in both houses. 1/…
If @TateReeves signs it, The Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act will:
•Prioritize placing incarcerated mothers within a certain distance of their children
•Provide female hygiene products for indigent women
•Limit use of restraints on pregnant women 2/…
The Dignity for Incarcerated Act won the support of every Democrat and every Republican in the Mississippi Legislature and has the support of state orgs across the spectrum including @EmpowerMS and @ACLU_MS. #MSLeg 3/…
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BREAKING: Gov. Tate Reeves will sign #SB2536, banning transgender athletes in K-12 and college from playing on teams that correspond to their gender.

A trans man, for example, will have to play on the women's team under the "Mississippi Fairness Act." 1/…
“As thousands die each day of COVID-19 and millions of Americans are out of work, some state legislatures have chosen to attack, demean & dehumanize their constituents rather than focus on delivering relief and assistance.”—@HRC President @AlphonsoDavid 2/…
“Today...Mississippi became the first state to take the plunge by passing legislation specifically attacking transgender children. Mississippi is so determined to be on the wrong side of history that it's defying the evidence in favor of discrimination.” 3/…
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THREAD: Homosexual sodomy is a crime under state law in Mississippi, and so is heterosexual sodomy.

Today, state senator Chad @mcmahanms and sidekick @bricewigginsMS put language in a computer science bill to teach schoolchildren the former but not the latter. 1/
I'll start at the top. In Mississippi, ALL oral sex and ALL anal sex is criminal under state law. It does not matter:

➡️ If you are gay or straight.
➡️ If the participants are married.
➡️ If the participants are adults.
➡️ If the sex is consensual.

All sodomy is criminal. 2/
Now, wholly unrelated to sex of any kind, the MS Senate education committee today considered HB 633, a bill to provide computer science education in all public schools statewide, which passed the House by a vote of 114-4.… 3/
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NEW: Historians warn that a Republican bill could "politicize" the Mississippi Dept. of Archives & History board, which has drawn praise for the MS Civil Rights Museum & refusing to sugarcoat history.

The Senate passed it on a party-line vote. #MSLeg 1/…
Under #SB2727, the history board, currently led by Reuben Anderson (the first Black Mississippi Supreme Court justice), would no longer recommend new members for Senate approval.

Instead, the governor and lieutenant governor would appoint its members. 2/…
46 historians to #MSLeg: “We are asking that you not interfere with the independence of an entity that has done so much good work for our state. To improve (MDAH), what is needed is an increase in funding. Please do not politicize its Board of Trustees.” 3/…
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NEW: As Mississippi passed a bill ending the state income tax today. Rep. Trey Lamar compared it to ending slavery.

“President Lincoln said the right to have a reward for your work was the birthright of every American. That was the main issue of the war.”…
The "Mississippi Tax Freedom Act of 2021" would phase out the income tax over a 10-year period starting in 2022.

To make up for the loss about about one-third of the state's revenue, the bill raise the general sales tax from 7% to 9.5%. #MSLeg…
This morning, Democratic House Leader Robert Johnson said he hadn't found a "trick" or "trojan horse" in the bill, citing provisions he likes.

It cuts the grocery tax in half, from 7% to 3.5%.

But he voted against the bill this afternoon.…
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QUICKTHREAD: The defense of Initiative 65 that @LynnFitchAG offered on behalf of @MichaelWatsonMS is not a good one because it would give the #MSleg full rein to decide whether voters have the right to put state constitutional amendments on the ballot. 1/
By Fitch/Watson's reading, that right—the right of voters to propose state constitutional amendments—exists only because MS statutes still say we have five Congressional districts, and the right would automatically disappear when MS redistricts in the next year or two. 2/
To illustrate the absurdity of Fitch/Watson's reading...imagine MS regains a fifth Congressional seat after the 2030 census. The #MSleg could simply refuse to redistrict (as it did after the 2000 and 2010 censuses) to prevent the right from reviving. 3/
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Tag @jarvisdortch, you're it.
I'll note that this is how to make it happen as a legal matter:…

The discussion question is how to the #MSleg to pass the resolution. Image
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NEW: Sen. Brice Wiggins, a powerful Mississippi Republican and former prosecutor says Trump's pardons "smack of cronyism and political favors."

"As such, they erode our faith in the rule of law,” said the Judiciary A chairman, breaking partisan ranks.…
Wiggins’ denunciation of Trump’s pardons is notable; few Mississippi Republicans have criticized Trump or acknowledged President-elect Biden’s victory.

GOP House Rep. Price Wallace even called for Mississippi to "succeed from the union" after Biden…
A pardon, Wiggins said, “negates all the work of prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys and juries who’ve worked the case” and should not “be taken lightly.”

He cited former President Clinton and former Gov. Barbour's pardons.…
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The MS Supreme Court refuses to hear the speedy-trial claim of a criminal defendant who was not tried for nearly 4 years after he was arrested allegedly due to an "overcrowded docket," leading me to wonder...

@bricewigginsMS has the 11th Circuit asked you for a new judge.? 1/
The MS Court of Appeals' decision forgiving the presumptively prejudicial three-year delay is here:…

The MS Supreme Court's 6-3 order denying review is here:… 2/
In light of the Court of Appeals' analysis, I can only assume that the 11th Circuit is begging the #MSleg to give it more judges. 3/
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QUICKTHREAD: Consider the opportunity cost to @CommAndyGipson of pandering to the fringe. 1/6
If @CommAndyGipson used his platform to bolster @TCBPubHealth @msdh's public health messaging, he could throw in brags about how @MSDeptofAg provided the fairgrounds as an early testing site.

Instead, Gipson argues against a second MS lockdown that no one is proposing. 2/6
And imagine if @CommAndyGipson used the time he spent pandering to the "Stop the Steal" crowd to, instead, work on economic development in the fairgrounds area of @CityofJacksonMS. I continue to believe that... 3/6
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MS did not redistrict trial court districts after the 2000 census or immediately after the 2010 census, presumably because MS did not want to bring this system to DOJ's attention. 1/
However, after SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County v. Holder, then-MS House Rep. and VRA opponent Mark Baker introduced HB 703 (2015) to perpetuate MS's this racist electoral system. 2/

Read about Baker from @ashtonpittman @JxnFreePress:…
Sam Mims, who was the sole legislator to cosponsor Baker's bill, is the longtime chairman of the MS House's public health committee despite having no notable accomplishments making healthcare available to Mississippians. 3/
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THREAD: Juries in murder trials should hear expert witnesses' testimony live in the courtroom, and MS should not abandon that norm merely because the #MSleg refuses to fund MS's crime lab.

Yet, that is what @LynnFitchAG and @statedefender ask the MS Supreme Court to allow. 1/ ImageImage
Neither Mark LeVaughn's suspension nor COVID-19 hamper MS's ability to provide live testimony enough to merit lowering our standards for criminal trials.

Rather, the #MSleg is responsible for providing inadequate funds for autopsies. From @FowlerSarah: 2/…
"The right to a speedy trial is being lost. ... If we don't get it correct, we'll see for the first time in a long time a case that's dismissed because of a lack of a speedy trial solely because the crime lab can't turn around its report." —@TindellSean 3/
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THREAD: @MSHouseOfRep Price Wallace responded to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' victory by saying Mississippi should secede.

Bills sponsored by Price Wallace in the #MSleg are below, starting with bills Wallace sponsored in 2020. 1/
Wallace sponsored HB570 to increase ticketing of drivers by authorizing more law enforcement agencies to detect speed-limit violations using radar.… 2/
Wallace sponsored HB628 to strip @CityofJacksonMS of home rule with respect to ordinances that could restrict protesters near the Jackson Women's Health Organization.… 3/
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MS Gov. Tate Reeves does not even include his chief medical officer @TCBPubHealth in his decisions on public health matters like requiring masks.

This is a stunning betrayal of Mississippians that requires oversight by the #MSLeg. 1/
On follow-up, a PR staffer cut off Dr. Dobbs' press briefing. 2/
Watching the full presser gives the clear impression that Tate's decision to lift Mississippi's mask mandate was against Dobbs' medical advice. 3/
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QUICKTHREAD: This lawsuit was assigned to Chief Judge Jordan, a George W. Bush appointee who has already delivered victories to voting-rights plaintiffs twice in 2020.

Jordan's assignment is excellent news for the plaintiffs and terrible news for Sec. Watson and AG Fitch. 1/
Jordan presides over the O'Neil v. Hosemann case filed in 2018 over Mississippi's now-abolished rule that mail-in ballots be received the day prior to the election. Jordan initially ruled that the requirement made absentee voting "tight—if not impossible" for some voters. 2/
Jordan set the O'Neil v. Hosemann case for a pretrial conference in May 2020, and the #MSLeg immediately repealed the requirement at issue, such Mississippi now counts absentee ballots postmarked by election day as long as they are received within five days. 3/
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FB LIVE happening right now w/ @PrisonReformMS & @Mississippi_PPC on the devastating impact of #COVID19 throughout Mississippi's prison/jail system.

@FWDus MS State Director @alesha_camille is also speaking on the urgent need for #SB2123. Tune in here:…
"With the passage of #SB2123, #msleg took the only meaningful action to date to safely reduce the state's prison population, address the deadly, deteriorating conditions behind bars, and free up taxpayer resources for other pressing public safety priorities." — @alesha_camille
"Now, more than ever, the men and women behind prison walls need to know that amidst a global health pandemic and a worsening prison crisis, they have not been forgotten." — @alesha_camille #msleg #SB2123
Read 3 tweets Mississippi State Director @alesha_camille issued the following statement today after a #coronavirus outbreak in a George County jail, where six incarcerated people and seven corrections officers have tested positive for #COVID19:… Image
“Yet another frightening coronavirus outbreak has hit a Mississippi jail, endangering hundreds of people in custody, corrections employees, and their surrounding communities." — @alesha_camille
"Governor @tatereeves continues to ignore warnings from health professionals, having failed to sign criminal justice reform legislation that would help curb the spread of #COVID19 by safely reducing jail and prison populations and reunite more Mississippians with their families."
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☑️ HB 18 (2016)…

The first bill Foster sponsored as a member of the #MSLeg was written to make it easier for counties to impose emergency orders like mask mandates during pandemics and other emergencies. 1/
Under the Emergency Management Law at the time, a county could issue emergency orders only through the county board.

Foster's HB 18 would have allowed county boards to vest unelected bureaucrats with authority to enter emergency orders like mask mandates. HB 18 did not pass. 2/
☑️ HB 647 (2016)…

Foster co-sponsored HB 647, which would create new misdemeanors for offenders who fail to pay tickets in municipal court and/or fail to appear for any proceeding in municipal court. 3/
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@FWDus Mississippi State Director @alesha_camille issued the following statement today after Governor @tatereeves’ veto of SB 2123, The Mississippi Correctional Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2020: --->… #msleg
“We are extraordinarily shocked and disappointed by Governor @tatereeves’ veto of SB 2123. This important bill was a widely-supported, urgently-needed, and moderate step forward in addressing Mississippi’s imprisonment crisis." — @alesha_camille #msleg
"SB 2123 would have safely expanded the opportunity for parole consideration to thousands in Mississippi’s dangerously crowded prisons. The governor’s veto represents a critical missed opportunity to save lives." — @alesha_camille #msleg
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Doing some processing this morning about how Mississippi lawmakers removed the state flag, the last in the nation featuring the Confederate battle emblem. It’s been a wild few days.

Here’s a thread.
June 6: Several young black activists organized a BLM protest in downtown Jackson. At least 3,000 attended, which many think is largest demonstration in Mississippi since the Civil Rights Movement.

Changing the state flag was one of their focal points.…
I took this photo that day. This moment inspired me to write something.
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No, Sen. Sojourner. Every level of Miss. govt (yes, #msleg), police and white businessmen of Citizens Council conspired in the violence then. Americans for Preservation of the White Race (APWR) started in YOUR town of Natchez and paid Klansmen legal fees.…
I've gone through news archives in Natchez and Meadville when worked on That's how I learned about APWR (Franklin County newspaper editor big in it, attorneys, etc.) What many don't know is businessmen would meet and decide whether/when to invite Klan in.
In fact, Sen. Sojourner, I talk about Americans for the Preservation of the White Race and editor David Webb a bit in this piece during James Ford Seale trial thanks to library archives. Not exactly a "fringe" network.
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