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Hey, Twitter friends, I have a story about a story I'd like to tell you.
(This is the story:)
53 people died of Covid-19 at a Halifax longterm care facility called Northwood, over the course of 44 frantic days last spring.
(They included Gerald Jackson, Gena Hemsworth and Mamie Francis).
53 deaths, in the context of the carnage in longterm care across Canada over the past year, could be seen as a sort of grim victory, rather than a travesty.
But I live a block from Northwood + I kept looking at the home, through the strange days of lockdown a year ago ... 3/
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"Just as algorithms could be trained to predict who would click what ad, they could also be trained to predict who would like or share what post, and then give those posts more prominence"

#longread on the history of 'engagement' maximization at Facebook:…
"Teams had previously used design tactics, like experimenting with the content and frequency of notifications, to try to hook users more effectively. Their goal…was to increase a metric called L6/7, the fraction of people who logged in to Facebook six of the previous seven days"
After introducing ml-based optimization, "every user interaction once analyzed by engineers was being analyzed by algorithms. Those algorithms were creating ...more personalized feedback loops for tweaking and tailoring each user’s news feed to keep nudging up engagement numbers"
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#Longread by me in ⁦@grist⁩ today: How a fight over Nevada’s lithium mines could reshape America’s electric car future.

This is a story that about an environmental battle that is going to be coming again and again if we don’t reform mining laws:…
Lil' thread on some highlights:

Nevada has a lot of lithium, and America needs a lot to meet its electrification goals.

The Biden admin is well aware. Last month it issued a statement calling for America to "better leverage its sizable lithium reserves"…
Sounds like a win-win for jobs and the environment, right?

Here's the problem: Mining is inherently destructive. To avoid harming biodiversity and creating local conflicts, mines need to be cited very, very carefully and undergo to rigorous environmental review.
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I've been working on this new feature for months.

It started with reporting on gas stove influencers. I got my hands on revealing industry emails & unpacked the layers of fossil fuel astroturf using America's favorite appliance to fight climate action…
It includes admissions by gas industry veterans downplaying how stoves can cause indoor air pollution linked to all sorts of health problems

“If we wait to promote natural gas stoves until we have scientific data that they are not causing any air quality issues we’ll be done."
An employee of Imprenta, a PR group working on behalf of SoCalGas, posed as a concerned neighbor on NextDoor to drive community opposition to electrification in one California city

Here are those NextDoor comments displayed on the front group's website:
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"Like 4chan found a Bloomberg Terminal", but with dogs!

@reddit-weaponised #DayTrading against institutional #ShortSellers might be funny, but it's no joke; #disinformation at web scale disrupts #media, #democracy and even the #market...

#InformationRevolution, baby!
P.S. If you've not been following $GME (#GameStop) then @theipaper has a quick explainer:…
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“It was pretty clear we had to be complicit in the fallacy that these things could just work, or risk losing any influence we might have.”

This line, from a CEO, sums up the last 4+ years of May & Johnson’s Brexit.

This brilliant #longread undoes it all.
Imagine any CEO or company board reaction to news that financial analysis had not been carried out for fear of what it might reveal.

Then transpose to a govt, acting against the economic interests of its own people to maintain the fiction that if we just believe hard enough...
Johnson led Brexit, he chose its parameters, he defined them by the obsessive ideology of sovereignty over all else, and he chose not to extend time to at least try to improve on the inevitable terms dictated by his choices.

The cries of freedom will ring very hollow.
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🚨🚨🚨Science advisor and OSTP director will become a Cabinet position!🚨🚨🚨

Eric Lander will be among the first non-physicists in the role. This is exciting.…
If you're following me you're probably aware that the presidential science advisor position is a bit of an obsession for me. Here's the #longread I put up a couple months back on the position's history. It's weird and fun and interesting, I swear.…
And here's my piece for @WIRED from late 2016 where I went to the WH and interviewed Obama's science advisor:
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Ahead of Boca-River tonight, a LONG READ thread on River Plate's 2010/11 season: How did a massive club and institution like Club Atlético River Plate get relegated from Argentina's top tier in June 2011?

🇦🇷 #longread (3,000 words)
This thread is based on the fantastic When We Were Kings podcast with the blessing of its creators @ErikNiva & @andreassonhakan. Because the podcast is in Swedish, I wanted to translate the story and share it in English.…
Disclaimer: this is NOT a dig at River Plate. My book's title/front cover overwhelmingly suggest that it's exclusively about Boca Juniors - that's not the case. I'm 100% neutral when it comes to Argentinian fútbol. This thread is not written to antagonise River fans!
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You know who has crushed the coronavirus?

The University of Arizona (@uarizona).

Exactly 1 month ago, the campus was recording 10 cases of covid-19 *an hour.*

Friday: 0 positive tests

Last 10 days: 44 positives on 6,867 tests
—> positivity rate of 0.6%
2/ At one point, UArizona had 400 students in its quarantine dorm at once — each in individual rooms, receiving food deliveries & Zoom check-ins from student health services.

Today: 0 students in quarantine
3/ Perhaps most revealing, UArizona is one of the places in the US pioneering wastewater coronavirus testing — collecting raw sewage from its students, testing for coronavirus, to track & anticipate outbreaks.

They test 20 on-campus manholes 3x a week.

Today: All negative.
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1/ @LelandNally called every name in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. Here’s what happened. (CW: Sexual assault.)
2/ First, some background: Epstein’s little black book is a compilation of all of the billionaire's contacts, apparently assembled by his staff.
3/ The book first turned up in a courtroom in 2009 after his longtime butler, Alfredo Rodriguez, tried to sell it to lawyers representing Epstein’s victims for $50,000.
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Heute ist #weltlehrertag und Lehrkräfte haben in den letzten Monaten ganz schön viel Hass abbekommen. Deshalb gebe ich heute meine wichtigsten Artikel zum Lehrersein in Deutschland frei. THREAD
Seit ich 3 Monate als Vertretungslehrer gearbeitet habe, habe ich nie wieder pauschal über Lehrkräfte geurteilt. Holy shit: Der Job ist anstrengend. Was ihn so anstrengend macht, habe ich in einer öffentlichen Verteidigung zusammengefasst. #weltlehrertag…
Vor zwei Jahren hat mir Grundschullehrerin Kathi erzählt, warum sie ihren Job aufgibt: Depressionen, Angstzustände, Burnout. Ich glaube, ihr Fall steht exemplarisch für Lehrer:innen, die jeden Tag an ihre Grenze gehen. #weltlehrertag…
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BREAKING: The Marine judge who was assigned to preside in the 9/11 trial two weeks ago abruptly quit today. His departure is sure to delay the Guantanamo trial past next year’s anniversary of the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001.…
Colonel Keane got the case on Sept. 17 and said that, upon reflection, certain jobs he had held in his Marine career, as well as family connections, led him to conclude that his serving as a judge in the case “arguably creates an appearance of bias.”
Judge: This case has been mired in lengthy, slow-moving and costly litigation... I would be remiss to be the cause of further delay whilst also sewing such a significant appellate issue into the record of this case. Maintaining the integrity of the process is my foremost concern.
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Statistics, lies, and the virus: five lessons the pandemic has taught us about data and how we use it.
My #LongRead for the @FTMag…
Lesson One: the numbers matter.
We've become used to numbers being spun, distorted, used for slippery targets, lied about - and we easily become cynical. But statistics aren't just a vector for bullshit: they're the only hope we have of understanding the pandemic.
Lesson Two: don't take the numbers for granted.
Even nerds like me can easily lapse into thinking that statistics just come from some big database somewhere. But first they have to be gathered, measured, collated etc. This 'statistical bedrock' is essential, and under-rated.
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(1/3) Powers Properties files thousands of eviction notices in SC courts, including in the Columbia area. Many face eviction month after month. “I think they take advantage of people.” #longread #readlocal…
(2/3) The day his father died in June, Rodrickus Oakes owed his landlord $230 in additional fees for his Columbia-area apartment. So Powers Properties did what it regularly does to its tenants who are late on rent across SC: filed an eviction notice.… Image
(3/3) “In our situation we were really taken advantage of and we were in a predicament where we were in the palm of their hand," Sterling Hogan said. Watch their story here:…
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The media got the coronavirus very wrong. The WHO was feckless at best. But even as their #COVID19 messaging changed, their sham certainty remained the same.

I went down into the memory hole for @CityJournal and dug it all up and examined what it means.…
Let's start with @DrTedros. Most media outlets followed the WHO's lead by downplaying #COVID19 in the early weeks.

What was the WHO head telling the world? That anti-Chinese stigma was "more dangerous than the virus itself"; that it was in fact "the most dangerous enemy."
My #longread details the extent to which the WHO carried water for the CCP and Xi Jinping, and why Tedros might have done so. German intelligence estimates China's cover-up cost the world 4–6 weeks in its fight against #COVID19.

The media failed in part b/c it relied on the WHO.
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#Immigration was a central factor in the 2016 #Brexit referendum.

Where is the debate heading now?

@jdportes explores in our first ever #longread.

First, some context.

In the Leave campaign, there wasn't consensus on post-#Brexit immigration policy.

However, when @theresa_may took over as PM she pledged, "we are not leaving the EU only to give up control of immigration."
This set the course for a more distant relationship with the #EU and only limited provisions on the movement of workers between the UK and EU in future.
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🌍Neutralność klimatyczna Polski do 2050 to 380 mld euro - pisze @McKinsey. Raport potrzebny i ciekawy, ale poniżej kilka uwag od @paczyzak i @hetmanski_m ⬇️ #longread
(1) Po pierwsze, autorzy w oszczędny sposób wskazują na to, które z sektorów gospodarki zdekarbonizują się pierwsze - wszędzie mowa o 2050 roku, a nawet jak padają wcześniejsze daty np. dekarbonizacji ciepłownictwa,
to są one odległe o 10-15 lat od obecnej mediany szacunków. W polityce klimatycznej kluczowy jest stały postęp (#tippingpoints), a nie “załapanie się” ze wszystkimi odhaczonymi zadaniami na jakąś odległą datę.
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#Coddling readers check out ‘Catching Up With Coddling part 2: Trigger warnings, screen time v. social media, COVID-19 and the continuing decline of Gen Z's mental health.’1/3…
It’s a new long read updating our book, the Coddling of the American Mind. The post is by, @AdGo, @PamelaParesky, & me with special thanks to @JonHaidt on his feedback & input. 2/3
A big thanks to @katejulian for her great cover story in @TheAtlantic for drawing more attention to the spike in anxiety & depression among young folks. We will be returning to her work when we update our chapter on “Paranoid parenting.” 3/3…
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Oh, man, @eosnos does it again, in this entrancing #longread on how his hometown has reflected- and shaped- our politics and the ethos of wealth

It's worth reading for the quotes alone.

The Greenwich Rebellion… via @NewYorker
In 1963 John Kenneth Galbraith mocked the modern conservative for being engaged in “one of man’s oldest, best financed, most applauded, and, on the whole, least successful exercises in moral philosophy. That is, the search for a truly superior moral justification for selfishness"
On college admission scofflaw-

Places like Greenwich take pride in their commitment to civility and decency, but Caplan’s indifference to the “moral issue,” as he put it, bespoke the kind of quiet compromises that a person makes in the privacy of a phone call, or a voting booth.
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How can we build a better #PostCoronial world?
In our new #longread piece for @openDemocracy, @NC_Renic & I offer a vision from Germany.…
Here’s a taste of what we propose (thread):
@IFSHHamburg #UnCancellingtheFuture #HamburgSessions
The #COVID19 crisis will be politically exploited, whether we like it or not - so let's make it for the better. We can’t cede this historic moment to authoritarian powers, reactionary ideas or conservative timidity and we can’t return to our flawed ‘business as usual’.
The scale of the response to COVID-19 highlights the degree to which radical change is possible. Germany and Europe should seize this chance to advance a bold vision for a better future. A more progressive, sustainable and just Post-Coronial world would have four key features:
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I was feeling overwhelmed by all the laypress articles about #moralinjury and #burnout in frontline health care workers during #Covid_19 so I decided to do a deep dive into the literature on the mental health of workers during pandemics.

Here's what I found. #thread

Seriously, so many laypress articles.

What evidence do we have on this, and further, what evidence do we have on strategies that mitigate these mental health issues in health care workers?

I presented these data the @UChicagoMed @UCCancerCenter grand rounds last week.

@UChicagoMed @UCCancerCenter But first, some definitions to set the stage:

Burnout, initially described by Dr. Maslach as the prolonged physical and psychological exhaustion related to a person's work. Not specific to medicine, although the definition has been honed for medicine (see slide). #burnout

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NEW: The Preparedness Problem — how America spent 20 years getting ready to fight a pandemic, and then dropped the ball when it finally arrived.… #longread
(This is a rather long story — maybe the longest I’ve ever written — so will share some cliff’s notes in a thread to follow.)
PANDEMIC PLANNING began in earnest during the Bush administration, as officials warned of a killer flu — and were sometimes mocked for their doomsday predictions.

(For instance, Jay Leno made regular jokes about Leavitt’s recommendation for canned goods.)
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WhatsApp forward I received
For all the medicos please do read.

*There is no emergency in a pandemic:*

I felt to repost this with the news of 13 Italian doctors dying from COVID-19. If you do not have proper PPE, do not go in. No matter what.
This post is for my healthcare workers, docs, surgeons, Nurses, aids, and ems, and all staff.

There is no emergency in a pandemic

You as a healthcare worker are a force multiplier. Your training and experience is invaluable moving into this crisis.
So, you're going to be faced with some very difficult moments. You're going to have to put your needs first.

I'm speaking specifically about PPE and your safety.
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1/ Talking w founders over the last two weeks amid the #Coronavirus has been telling. Some are planning while others are kicking the can down the road. A few thoughts from operating through tough times...
2/ Two quotes come to mind: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" -@MikeTyson. "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining" -JFK

We can all learn from this. Don't get caught on your heels.
3/ The @sequoia letter to founders, calling the #Coronavirus "the Black Swan of 2020" is worth a read.…

While it feels both a long and short time ago, it reminds me of 2009 during the financial crisis when I was working at @Google.
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