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ONCE AGAIN: @BernieSanders co-sponsored @ewarren's robust #ACA2.0 bill until less than a year ago before stripping his name off of it and crapping all over it even in the short term.
Also, @ewarren is cosponsoring a *Medicaid* buy-in bill by @brianschatz. And @KamalaHarris has cosponsored various other major healthcare expansion bills. And @JoeBiden's "#ACA2wPO" proposal is a cross between Warren's #ACA2.0 & @SenJeffMerkley/@ChrisMurphyCT's "Choose Medicare".
Point being, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH COSPONSORING MULTIPLE BILLS ON THE SAME ISSUE. Whatever the final bill ends up being, it will hopefully take the best elements of each and mush them together into something like...oh, say, @BetoORourke's #MedicareForAmerica? :)
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#NN19 @SenGillibrand on universal healthcare: Once again, her DESCRIPTION of her approach sounds a lot like #MedicareForAmerica, but she closes by saying she *guarantees* “single payer #MedicareForAll”.

AGAIN: MFAll the BRAND is different from MFAll the POLICY.
(I’m not criticizing her plan, mind you...I’m criticizing her failure to clarify the distinctions)
Also: Shout-out to @_silversmith for pushing the “brand vs policy” point.
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Earlier today, I participated in the #NN19 #FixTheDamnHealthcare panel with @lpackard, @ElenaHung202, @mattbc, @DrSriram and @glparodi. For the most part, I thought it went well...between us we managed to cram a ton of complicated policy stuff into an hour. 1/
All of the feedback I received from those who were there in person, as well as those who watched the livestream & who commented via Twitter and Facebook, was very positive. 2/
When @mattbc was introducing his segment on #MedicareForAmerica, he mentioned the hashtag #DoctorsAreDickheads, which I had never heard before. @DrSriram jokingly quipped "why is everyone looking at me?", and I kiddingly said "not all doctors?" to him. This was out of line. 3/
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📣 A Really Deep Dive into the updated #MedicareForAmerica bill:…

#Med4Am #HealthcareForAll
FWIW, here's a handy comparison of the implementation timelines for the #MFA bills vs. the #Med4America bill. Note that BOTH would keep the VA and IHS in place. Aside from which would be mandatory vs. optional, the other big difference is *how* the transition is phased in.
Under #MFA, ~97% of the pop. would be mandatorily transferred over to the new program within 2 or 4 years, regardless of what their current situation is. Under #Med4America, ~55% would be mandatorily transferred over within 5 years; the rest would have the *option* of switching.
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A Really Deep Dive into #MedicareForAmerica:…
So yesterday, @RosaDelauro & @RepSchakowsky re-introduced their #Med4America universal healthcare coverage bill. It’s important to note that BOTH of them are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and Schakowsky is also a co-sponsor of the House #MFA bill. 2/
@rosadelauro @RepSchakowsky In other words, this is NOT a battle between “progressives” and “centrists”. #Med4America is *very* progressive…while also, in my view, simply being more practical than the “pure” #MFA bills. It starts out as a robust Public Option for 2 yrs, but then becomes MUCH more. 3/
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