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✔️#Biden is not a "moderate" #dem. He's running on a platform to the left of Obama & Hillary. If elected, he'd be the most #progressive president in our lifetimes.

This thread fact-checks a graphic circulated by #Sanders supporters that equates Biden & Trump.
✔️#Biden supports universal healthcare. He proposes adding a singlepayer Medicare option to the #ACA, open to individuals & employers. It could be immediately implemented, unlike #MedicareForAll which has a 4-yr transition.

✔️#Sanders introduced #M4A. It has 15 Senate votes.
✔️#Biden's plan to add singlepayer Medicare option to ACA follows the public/private hybrid that's most commonly used by countries with universal healthcare.

✔️Trump admin has filed suit to overturn the ACA & protections for people w/ preexisting conditions.
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THREAD: Over the past 10 years, the #AffordableCareAct has helped millions of working families, seniors and people with disabilities. Yet the Trump Admin is trying to sabotage the #ACA – in the middle of a pandemic. Here’s what’s at stake if Republicans refuse to #DropTheLawsuit:
More than 20 million Americans gained health care coverage under the ACA, both private insurance and through Medicaid expansion. This cut the uninsured rate nearly in half. The last thing we should be doing amid a public health crisis is ripping away health care coverage. /2
The ACA implemented protections for over 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions – one of the groups most likely to develop severe complications from #COVID19. Health insurers could otherwise discriminate against or refuse coverage for these Americans. /3
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I got an email from a listener claiming to be "honestly asking" why I am against the @GOP #phase3 plan

1) McConnell’s $500,000,000,000.00 corporate slush fund for CEOs and the ultra rich

I say we must #BailOutThePeople not give the GOP a pot of gold to pass out to tgeir friends
2)McConnell and the @GOP scheme does little to stop corporate stock buybacks and limit excessive CEO pay by including language that can be waived by the Treasury Secretary

Haven't we learned from the last GOP led economic disasters (81,91,01,08) to stop doing the same dumb stuff
3)McConnell & @GOP language on worker retention is, not surprisingly, pathetically weak & provides no guarantee that workers will benefit

This is a moment when we as a working class must demand to be at the front of the line & not left to clean up the mess once the pigs finish
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Today, is the 10th Anniversary of @BarackObama signing the Affordable Care Act into law. Even though he has tried and failed to repeal it, @realDonaldTrump relies heavily on #ACA esp. during this pandemic. This thread list out how #ACA is saving lives and protecting Americans.
@BarackObama @realDonaldTrump -Essential Health Benefits: prescription drugs and hospitalization. Coronavirus testing and treatment are essential health benefits and must be covered by all ACA-compliant plans.

-Preexisting Conditions: anyone who contracts COVID-19 won't be subject to future discrimination.
@BarackObama @realDonaldTrump -Expansion: more than 20 million Americans gained health coverage. People with insurance are much more likely to see a doctor when they are sick and to get the treatment they need.

-Created CDC Prevention and Public Health Fund: Helps states prepare for disease outbreaks.
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THREAD: ACAP vs. Treasury, our lawsuit challenging junk insurance plans, will be heard over the phone today by the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. The threat to public health we face right now is so menacing we cannot make our arguments in person.
Today the Administration will argue that #junkinsurance plans are a good idea but we’ve already seen how these plans operate when they come into contact with health need.
Like this Miami man who, when he tried to get tested for coronavirus, was stuck with a bill for thousands of dollars until news stories shamed his junk plan into covering what it should have all along.
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Watch this space. I will be live tweeting during @realDonaldTrump's address from the Oval Office and providing a video response.
Unprecedented because his admin failed completely in the response. And he downplayed it for over a month.
His "foreign virus" statement is a thinly veiled racist dog whistle. The virus doesn't care where it originated.
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#Biden has "outlined a suite of policies that, taken on their own terms, would be the most ambitious governing agenda of any modern #Democrat." If he wins, he'll be the "the most #progressive Democratic nominee in history."…
#Biden is "notably to the left" of #Hillary, #Obama, #Kerry & is advancing a #progressive platform. On #healthcare, his proposal for a public option would be a "significant expansion" of the #ACA & includes "expanded subsidies well into the middle class."…
#Biden has proposed a $1.7 trillion #ClimateChange plan "similar in scope to many candidates on his left." He has a $750 billion #education plan that includes increases to #teacher salaries & expanded access to #PreK. @reason 3/4/20
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So @BarackObama @TomPerez & @DNC are thumbing the scale for @JoeBiden to undermine @BernieSanders. Ok. Let’s have that fight. @ninaturner @VanJones68…
While @JoeBiden was collaborating with klan members & segregationists, @BernieSanders was fighting for #Equality…
@BernieSanders was advocating for #LGBTQ when it was politically unpopular to do so. @JoeBiden voted for #DOMA. Bernie did not.…
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This. 👇 We Dems are doing exactly what the GOP did in 2016 & look where that got them.
Now, we have the benefit of hindsight. We need to unite behind a single candidate who can win the purple/red districts & carry the African American/ Latino/working class/suburban mom votes.
It won't do us any good to win the presidency yet lose the House & fail to flip the Senate bc we all know now what a d*ck McConnell is.
He does the Koch's bidding.
We can't risk 4+ yrs of Trump, the statehouses, & judicial appts that will haunt us for the next 40 yrs. 👻
I like Bernie, Warren, Pete, & Amy. I admire Bloomberg's work w/Moms Demand & Everytown but I truly believe that only @JoeBiden can turn out the Obama coalition + the 'Never-Trumpers' who helped us retake the House in 2016.
In the 41 seats we flipped, Biden helped w/all of them.
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March 23 is the 10 year anniversary of the passage of the #ACA. Since Trump is trying to get rid of it, reminders of what life before the ACA was like and could be again. 1/
LIFETIME LIMITS- 60% of employer plans had a lifetime limit. Every year, 20,000 new people would hit that limit, ending their insurance. 2/
PREVENTIVE CARE: Because of the ACA, 150 million Americans now have access to free preventative benefits without a co-payment or deductible.

Trump is aiming to end this. 3/
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1. Every debate the candidates talk about their different healthcare policies, but there's very little focus on the actual GOP attacks we'll face in the general or the path to successful legislation. I worry that many #M4A or nothing voters aren't prepared for what lies ahead.
2. It's important to familiarize yourself with the history of healthcare reform, particularly the legislative process to pass the #ACA - which arguably came through by the skin of it teeth.…
3. We'd absolutely have to have a majority in both chambers to pass M4A, but a presidential candidate running on M4A will lessen the likelihood of winning those needed seats. The GOP will be hitting back hard and it will trickle down-ballot.
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Always appeal insurance denials: they deny things knowing % won't appeal. I know this because whistleblower @WendellPotter is 1 of my #Healthcare Heroes.…
I'm badly battered by multiple insurance appeals, but "won" them all. Tips: 1) Partner up, esp if you're sick. You can hand the phone to anyone you want. But if you want someone to be able to call in your place, ask company to send you form so you can designate a spokesperson.
2) Tweet or Fb-post your complaint to your insurer: "I get @Aetna insurance thru work & they just denied coverage of the med that lets me work," for ex. The customer service reps who respond to social media are BETTER than the ones who answer the phone, & you're not on hold.
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Not all of the President’s more than 15,400 false and misleading claims are equal. This is a bald-faced lie.
What an insult to every American that he believes we’re gullible enough to believe his blatant lies. His actions speak louder than his empty words, and Trump and the GOP are **STILL** pushing to kill #ACA, including coverage of #PreExistingConditions.…
President Trump has repeatedly, consistently, and spitefully tried to strip protections for those with #PreExistingConditions. And he has no plan for what comes next.…
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Why the #ACA matters:

My son started throwing up regularly when he was 6 months old. He also had eczema and chronic diaper rash. He was in pain practically all the time.

My husband was self-employed so our health insurance options were limited.
For 4 years, we went around in circles trying to get answers. We were paying insane $$ for health insurance, but had very limited options for doctors & long wait times between appointments. Like, a 6 month wait to get an initial appointment with an allergist...that kind of thing.
4 years is a long time to be sick all the time. Especially when you're just a baby/toddler. It's a long time to never be able to sleep through the night because of chest and abdominal pain, vomiting, and never be just a "regular" kid.
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The #ACA/#Obamacare has been law for a decade. It is not and has never been insurance. It provides for the healthcare marketplace where people can shop their states' private insurance companies for affordable plans. It also provides tax credit subsidies for those plans.
The #ACA also expanded #Medicaid to cover more low income people. And created coverage for the #Medicare "donut hole." The law also stipulates that being female must be covered (it was not before the ACA) and that women must not pay more than men for the same plan, like before.
The #ACA also requires insurers to cover #PreExistingConditions like #cancer or #diabetes. The ACA charged the states with providing access to health insurance for low income people via #Medicaid.
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My best friend of 42 years yes, 42 years, helps sometimes with transportation. I can no longer drive. 💔
Please help. 😭
I am doing my d*mndest to keep it together and RESIST this 'ADMIN'!!!
Until the last breathe leaves my body...
I've done Aqua Therapy for a year.
The results were minimal. 😔
If my mom can't afford my RX that I have to have.
I can't DIGEST food w/out it.
It's pretty important. 😏
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It's still **CODE RED** for Americans' health care. Pres. Trump's zeal to strip critical protections from millions of Americans through the courts--WITH ABSOLUTELY NO BACKUP PLAN IN PLACE--is among his most harmful, reckless, and shameful policy priorities.
The #ACA is the law of the land and it needs to stay that way. The fight must go on. This Republican lawsuit, fully supported by the Trump Adm., also imperils all those who depend on Medicaid expansion for #opioid treatment.
More than 135 million Americans with #PreExistingConditions remain at risk of losing vital protections, and millions could be uninsured. Hardworking Americans’ premiums and prescription drug prices could rise even higher than they are now. We must not go backward.
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To me, the most important takeaway from today's Fifth Circuit #ACA ruling is that #SCOTUS is off the hook, at least for now.

Yes, the court struck down the "individual mandate." But the real question (whether the rest of the ACA must fall) got kicked back to the district court.
It's entirely possible that we're right back in this same place a year from now, if the district court reaffirms its ... controversial ... severability analysis and this same panel affirms. But this issue could look very different to #SCOTUS in early 2021 than it would look now.
And so long as the rest of the ACA isn't going anywhere in the interim (which, for now, it isn't), there's just no imperative for the Justices to step in now. So even though California (et al.) may ask #SCOTUS to take the case, I'd be shocked if the Court agreed—at least for now.
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1/ More later (actually, most earlier--see below), but for now: Part V-B of the CTA5 opinion in the #ACA case today is predictable but an embarrassment to the Art. III judges who joined it. Lord knows I've taken issue w/plenty of court opinions, but ...…
2/ ... typically I assume (perhaps too easily, say many of you) that the judges are competent and acting in good faith. Not here. I can't recall any "reasoning" remotely as absurd as this--a holding that the 2017 GOP Congress imposed a mandate to buy health insurance.
3/ We overuse the line, but here it's truly apt: If a student in my class wrote this on an exam, well . . . let's just say that I'd have failed as a teacher.

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📣 IMPORTANT: 2020 #ACA Open Enrollment is STILL HAPPENING for 25% of the country!…

If you live in CALIFORNIA, you can STILL #GetCovered at by FRIDAY for Jan coverage...and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS who didn't qualify for tax credits before are now eligible for up to THOUSANDS in savings!

Remember, CA reinstated the mandate penalty as well.
If you live in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, you can STILL #GetCovered at by January 15th for coverage starting in February. Remember, DC reinstated the mandate penalty.
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Please make it stop!!! The only thing Trump cares about re: ppl who happen to be Jewish is their votes. 😏
He associates himself with white supremacists & models himself after Hitler (well reported he kept a copy of "Mein Kampf",1925 at his bedside), so miss me w/this bs! 😡
Anything someone does to combat Anti-Semitism is a GOOD thing; it's always admirable to fight discrimination/hate speech.
But to say that's why the "Leftists" hate Trump is an old trope used by the right for decades!
1st of all, we on the left don't hate Trump: we DESPISE him.
We on the Left, (using the Royal WE 👑), DESPISE Trump & the GOP w/the white hot hatred of 1000 suns🌞🔥 bc:
1) He/GOP are committing Crimes Against Humanity at the border.
2) They want to destroy the #ACA w/NO plans to REPLACE it!
3) They want to gut SS/Medicare/Medicaid/#SNAP.
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📣 ⚠️ MAJOR UPDATE: How much will @CoveredCA’s expanded/enhanced #ACA subsidies reduce YOUR premiums? THREAD:…
@CoveredCA In October, I posted an analysis of @CoveredCA’s expanded subsidies, showing how they’ll reduce 2020 premiums for both those who didn’t previously qualify for subsidies *and* those already receiving them. However, I was using the wrong table for my calculations! 2/
@CoveredCA The ACTUAL expanded subsidy formula is even MORE generous! Therefore, w/apologies to @CoveredCA, @aewright & @healthaccess, I’ve re-run the numbers & graphs to show how much different households in Sacramento, CA will save if they #GetCovered for 2020! 3/…
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Welcome to the Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending November 10, 2019. With Congress on recess this week, we are going to do things a bit differently this week. We are going to take a dive into #McConnellsGraveyard.
#MoCTrack 1/33
#GOP keeps trotting out their tired talking point about the “do-nothing-Dems” and all we can concentrate on is #Impeachment.


What you’ll find below are 30 bills of the 300+ that #McConnell has stalled in the Senate.

#MoCTrack #DemCast 2/33…
HR 1 - #ForThePeople

A bill that would improve voting rights, fix campaign finance regulations, and mandate ethics and accountability reforms.
💯 over 100 co-sponsors (236)

#MoCTrack #McConnellsGraveyard 3/33…
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