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Today is the day! We're launching our #MedicareForAll Caucus in the House. Health care cannot be a luxury that's only available for the wealthy and well-connected—it is a human right.

Join the #M4ACaucus LIVE now:…
Just days before the 53rd anniversary of @MedicareGov, I'm proud to launch our #MedicareForAll Caucus as a founding co-chair.

We're united today because we know health care must be affordable and accessible to ALL people in the U.S.

Medicare for All is the way forward.
With @keithellison, @RepDebDingell, @repmarkpocan, @NationalNurses, @popdemoc, @SSWorks, @Public_Citizen, activists, advocates and 62 other members of Congress, we are fighting for the conviction that health care is a human right. #MedicareForAll #M4ACaucus
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A Thread⤵️WaPo's List of Top 15 Dems to Run in 2020 (and my 2 cents on each)…
15. Oprah - Noprah! We have very little info as to her views on policy and, frankly, I'm not all about the celebrity angle UNLESS they have been strong activists or involved in politics prior to.
14. Mitch Landrieu - OK, this is the one guy on the list I don't know a lot about I'll admit. Donna Brazile loves this guy (so take that how you'd like) and here is an article stating why not to support him.…
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THREAD: Are you excited about @Ocasio2018's overwhelming victory tonight?

Good. You should be.

Now here's what you do next.

The first thing I need you to understand is that @Ocasio2018 didn't win because of a viral campaign ad (though it was a pretty kickass ad). She won because a tiny band of fiercely dedicated people BELIEVED she could win.

That's your first task: #Believe
.@Ocasio2018 also didn't crush Crowley because the establishment media suddenly decided to pay attention 3 weeks ago.

Team Ocasio, along with @BrandNew535 & @justicedems who jointly launched her campaign, have worked around the clock to make this, and other victories possible.
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I want to throw out a couple of thoughts I have about the mis-use of the term 'progressive' as a euphemism for 'liberal'. I've addressed this in public talks before but never put them to written media and would like feedback.
During the run up to the Iraq war and later, during #Occupy, I always considered myself a liberal, since that was the derisive term used by Rush, Hannity and others that I fundamentally disagreed with. It was a label I wore with pride.
I'm not sure exactly when "progressive" entered my lexicon - it was probably during the @BernieSanders campaign, and it seemed like every "liberal" politician was using the word to describe their positions.
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I'll be trying to avoid @UHC for the rest of my life, or until we get single payer. Here's a brief description of a terrible experience that really isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things.
I was on UHC, had no problems, then got a new job and extended it for one month with COBRA. Hurt my knee (I was on crutches for two months) and paid out of pocket to cover an MRI, bc doc's office didn't have my new card, couldn't run it. I paid knowing I was in-network.
They sent a claim denial to my doctor (not me, as they should have, since I filed the claim). They needed diagnosis codes. I went in person to the doc, got them, and called them in. They refused to accept them from me.
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It's #SinglePayerSunday!
Support #MedicareForAll and beware the scams!
May 13, 2018
The US Health Care Crisis:
Corporate Masters Cannot Solve Public Problems
#SinglePayerSunday #Medicare4All…
Progressives can be left and right at the same time… via @TDOnline #SinglePayerSunday #MedicareForAll #Medicare4All
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I don't share much of my personal life on social media, but today I'm compelled to share this very personal part of me only a few know. As many of you know, I'm an advocate for #MedicareForAll, its personal for me & for all the patients that should be alive today.
I have shared my experience about working in healthcare, the heartbreaking moments forever embedded in my memory. I'm having a tough time at the moment trying to put this tweet together holding back tears & catching my breath. #MedicareForAll
It was a few years ago I found out I was born with a congenital heart defect. A couple of months after my fourth child was born, I collapsed on the kitchen floor playing an innocent game of tag with my boys & my husband. I had pain in my chest & shortness of breath. #Medicare4All
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I usually work as a freelance software engineer. Today, I’m a bike messenger. Thanks to a surprise layoff, I have to scramble to pay my rent & bills next month. I need to hit 20 deliveries by 12am to do it. Follow along! (Thread)
1/20. The notification for rush hour went off as I was writing the last tweet. This one took me to a pretty dead part of the city, so I have to schlep back to the Sunset or further to get more orders.
Along the way I’ll be tweeting about labor laws, the welfare system, and San Francisco’s insane economic divide. Let’s start with my visit to the SF Human Services building yesterday.
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A Thread⤵️A Bunch of #Whigged Reps

As of today 122 Democratic Representatives have signed onto #MedicareForAll House Bill #HR676. The ones on the list that follows, however, are NOT signed on to this bill as of today. So I shall commence with the Whigging below.
Terri Sewell (AL-7)
Tom O'Halleran (AR-1)
Kyrsten Sinema (AR-9)
Nancy Pelosi (CA-12)

Jim Costa (CA-16)
Salud Carbajal (CA-24)
Julia Brownley (CA-26)
Tony Cárdenas (CA-29)

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1/ There is so much good in this video by @cenkuygur and @TheYoungTurks: The federal government prioritizes war over programs for the powerless. Like many many times over. But Cenk (and @commondreams) are SO wrong in HOW it’s presented. #LearnMMT
2/ The fed govt is not constrained by💰. The U.S. is a sovereign nation with fiat (non-gold backed) currency. It has infinite💰at its disposal. Whatever it needs, write it in a bill, vote it into law. BAM. New💰. (It SHOULDN’T create infinite💰, but it damn well could.) #LearnMMT
3/ State & municipal govts, and households, ARE constrained by💰, since they can’t create the currency. (Well, at the risk of going federal prison for counterfeiting, they could certainly try.) The fed govt (Congress) are currency ISSUERS. Everyone else are currency USERS.
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It's #SinglePayerSunday!
Beware the scams!
Vote #MedicareForAll!
Vote #SinglePayer in 2018!
Be a #MedicareForAllVoter
It's #SinglePayer supporters who are being pragmatic, not the opponents
#MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday…
The popularity of #SinglePayer health care:
Letter to the editor
#MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday…
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday Support #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll
April 15, 2018
Help Campaign For #MedicareForAll

When: Sunday, April 15, 2018
Where: Oakland, CA
#SB562 #SinglePayerSunday…
Q&A with Erin Georgen on Washington’s #SinglePayer healthcare initiative
#I1600 #SinglePayerSunday…
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If you REALLY want #MedicareForAll, then stop talking about how we will “pay for“ #MedicareForAll.

#MMT #LearnMMT…
An insightful response to our article on avoiding the “pay-for” trap.


And another:

As citizens, we make demands from our reps, it’s their job to deliver on those demands & sort out the details properly.

Me: “I want #MedicareForAll
Rep: “How RU going to pay for that?”
Me: “Stop making me do your job. You wanna be a leader? LEAD!”

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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday 🇺🇸
Promote #MedicareForAll by becoming a #MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
#MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
Is #MedicareForAll Politically Viable?
A Guide to 561 Congressional Candidates.
#SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
#MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
Here's the original story on @dccc scaring @TheDemocrats away from #MedicareForAll: 🇺🇸

#SinglePayerSunday REMINDER:
#MedicareExtra and @USofCare are SCAMS! 💰…
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday
April 5th
Support #MedicareForAll by becoming a #MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
#MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
Democrats Are Embracing #SinglePayer Health Care - The Atlantic
#MedicareForAll ⚕️
#SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll Is the Only Health-Care System That Makes Sense via @thenation #SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
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The VA Is the Closest Thing We Have to #SinglePayer.
Now Trump Wants to Privatize It!
#M4A #SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
Is #MedicareForAll Politically Viable?
A Guide to 561 Congressional Candidates.
#MedicareForAllVoter #SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
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A lot being made of this KFF poll today that showed the Center for American Progress' Medicare Extra plan is more popular than #MedicareForAll. (I wrote this explainer thread about Medicare Extra when plan debuted: .)
But some context is necessary here!
The first question asked if respondents favor a Medicare For All Plan for all Americans; the second asked if they favor it to "anyone who wants it."
Both CAP and the KFF poll, as well as legions of pundits and politicians, frame this choice as an obvious advantage.
Many single-payer skeptics (Ezra Klein perhaps chief among them,) cite the fact that most people are satisfied with their employer-sponsored insurance as a major roadblock to single-payer. We don't actually have good evidence that this is true!
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday!
Become a #MedicareForAllVoter and support #MedicareForAll ⚕️
Washington State Is One (Small) Step Closer to #SinglePayer Healthcare
#SinglePayerSunday #M4A 🐦…
Study Finds #SinglePayer Viable in 2018 Elections - via @commondreams #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday 🐦
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1/8 Please please please, @WaywardWinifred (& all progressive leaders!), please #LearnMMT. in a country that prints its own money (the United States is a “sovereign” nation with a “fiat” currency) the national debt is meaningless and nonsensical.
2/8 #LearnMMT
- “We can’t ‘afford’ #MedicareForAll!” 👉 The word “afford” is meaningless in a fiat currency. We print our own money!
- “Sure, #M4A is nice, maybe someday, but how will we pay for it?!” 👉 We pay for it by voting the money into existence. How? By passing HR-676.
3/8 #LearnMMT
- But r taxes will go up! 👉 Federal taxes, while really important, DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING. (If u could print ur own 💰, would u need income?)
- But it will bankrupt the country! Think of the children! 👉 Exactly how do u bankrupt a country that prints its own 💰?
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See, this is what happens when you #LearnMMT. @RoKhanna, like every federal government official (whether elected or appointed) has learned #MMT. Federal officials have always known #MMT. ( 👈Remember that, because it will – should! – make you angry after you, too, #LearnMMT.) 1/
Once you #LearnMMT, you will realize that there is one – and only one – reason that we can never seem to "afford" the moderately-expensive nice things for the powerless, even though we can always (and immediately) "afford" the mega-expensive nice things for the powerful. 2/
High-speeed economics lesson. Buckle up:

The US is a "sovereign" nation w a "fiat" currency (which has been the case since 1971, when Nixon took us off the gold standard). That means we can print our own 💰 – WHENEVER we want FOR whatever we want & however MUCH we want. 3/
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday 🚑
Vote #MedicareForAll ⚕️
Blue Cross Pressures Employees to Donate to Opponent of #SinglePayer Candidates… via @truthout 😷#SinglePayerSunday 🐦
Blue Cross executives are leaving nothing to chance, working hard to block pro #SinglePayer candidate for governor in Michigan by @ZaidJilani 😷#SinglePayerSunday 🐦
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday
Support Only Genuine #MedicareForAll
A Proposal Designed to Confuse Public and Prevent #MedicareForAll 🚑
#SinglePayerSunday 🐦…
Democrats' New #MedicareForAll Plan Isn't!
#MedicareExtra is a SCAM!💰…
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