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Nine years since it's passage, many Americans remain confused about #ACA, also known as #Obamacare.

The ACA is NOT insurance. It is a law mandating insurance company provisions. It covers EVERY American who has health insurance of any kind, individually or via their employer.
The #ACA requires all insurance providers cover #PreExistingConditions; requires women be covered for all services and not be charged more than men; that all insurers provide low-cost policies so that everyone have access to a plan.

This is what #ACA does.
It is NOT insurance.
The Obama administration set up, with insurance navigators to help people choose the best and most affordable plans through health insurers in their areas.

The government also offers tax credit subsidies for health insurance based on income.
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There is a very important meeting happening within the Democratic Party right now. Here are my thoughts about it. 1/
The question on the table is what kind of a Democratic Party is going to govern the House of Representatives. Will it be progressive? Or moderate? Will it pursue #MedicareForAll? Will it repeal the #TaxScam? How bold will its agenda be? 2/
The answer to these questions depends in large part on the shape of the leadership of the Democratic caucus in the House. And there are negotiations going on right now to figure out who will be in leadership and who will key committee seats. 3/
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If something happens to me - I've given my daughter my Twitter password and instructions to post about my passing. (I've already typed up my gratitude message to you Tweethearts which she'll tweet.)
I will not be wanting any funeral cause they're expensive & a waste of money IMHO.

I want to donate any & every organ/body part possible that isn't infected with cancer cells.

Then I want to be cremated & sprinkled at the base of a lemon tree. When death gives you 🍋🍋🍋🍋...
I wanted to prepare you in advance so there'll be no surprises.

If you haven't seen me tweet for a couple weeks and suddenly see me tweet but my Avi is a 🍋 or a picture of a 🍋🌳 - you'll immediately understand I've passed away.

I don't want to trigger anyone unprepared.
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I'm angry that the discourse is all about 2020 and issues not within political reality. I'm not just angry about it, I'm legitimately sad and depressed. We have soooo many issues that are more pressing than fighting over 2020, but we all want to focus on that. It's disheartening.
Here's a few things we could be amplifying instead of the 2020 discourse, in no particular order, and off the top of my head
The #MarriottStrike is STILL happening, the NLRB is trying to, by evading ethics rules, change labor law against the will of workers, St Paul is passing $15 this week, we don't have actual labor law demands for the new congress, we haven't even celebrated all the wins this yr yet
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Virginia is where the post-Trump bounceback began last year, and we’re determined to elect more progressive leaders this year—including an all-women slate of congressional candidates. #VApol (1/7)
#VA02: Elaine Luria will prioritize Virginians’ safety by working to protect access to affordable healthcare and working to combat climate change. NXTGN.US/fj6
#VA05: Leslie Cockburn believes in #MedicareForAll. She will fight for living wages and free community college—and against pipelines. NXTGN.US/fj7
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The path to a #BlueWave runs through the Golden State. Meet the candidates in key flippable California districts. #CApol (1/9) NXTGN.US/fii
#CA10: “He’s a newb, but a smart one.” Josh Harder supports the #DreamAct, #MedicareForAll, and debt relief for college students. NXTGN.US/fic
#CA21: TJ Cox has helped bring $40 million worth of investments and over 700 jobs to the district and wants to develop improved clean water infrastructure in the Central Valley. NXTGN.US/fid
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Interesting report from @QuorumAnalytics tracking social media mentions of key issues by Gubernatorial Candidates. Tracks Education, Jobs, Healthcare, Medicaid, Opioids, Trump, Immigration, Taxes, & Guns by party/Candidate. (1)
Democratic Gov candidates talking most about education by huge margin with overall mentions increasing since primary. Leading the pack are @BenJealous @RepLujanGrisham @staceyabrams @jaredpolis (2)
Democratic & GOP gubernatorial candidates nearly split on mentions of Jobs with upper Midwest GOP incumbent @ScottWalker (WI) & @SchuetteOnDuty (MI) leading all mentions. @staceyabrams (GA) @jaredpolis (CO) @JamesSmithforSC (SC) leading Dems. Interesting split. (3)
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Here's a great example of Democrats' allies in the media giving them cover on health care.
Politico's @adamcancryn 2 days ago: "The GOP is hammering Democratic challengers in swing districts over a [Medicare for all] plan putting the gov't in full control of the health care system…. There’s just 1 problem: Few of the targeted Democrats actually support such a plan."
Politico: "In battleground districts … Democrats have gone out of their way to distance themselves from Sen. Bernie Sanders' $32 trillion single-payer proposal, only to be attacked for endorsing the plan anyway in Republican ads that range from misleading to outright false."
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Sorry to make my followers freaking angry, but we need to push back on this garbage… #MedicareForAll
No, @realDonaldTrump, #MedicareForAll doesn't end Medicare for seniors or "take away benefits"! Rather, it *expands* Medicare to everyone -- increasing young and healthy in the insurance pool -- which allows for huge *improvement* and *expansion* of benefits. A better Medicare!
No, you haven't, @realDonaldTrump. Your administration is suing to end pre-existing condition protections. You have also allowed short-term junk "insurance" plans -- with no ACA protections -- to be sold again. These discriminate against the sick, women, and anyone who needs care
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I don't know if people truly understand the depths of my despair.

My insurance company said I reached their yearly cap in June. I am now responsible for 100% of all my cancer treatments, prescriptions, dr/hospital visits out of pocket myself until January 2019 when cap resets.
I have no way to pay for any of it.

Why is that important? Because my cancer will continue spreading to more and more organs while I wait for January to roll around.

I need to stop it from spreading NOW.
The longer I delay my cancer treatments - the farther it spreads.

The farther it spreads the higher my chances are of dying.

All of this is going on because we don't have #MedicareForAll.
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Still can't get over how @AHIPCoverage describes being a slave to your boss for health care as a happy "accident of history," like the discovery of beer.

What a pathetic organization.

How do you guys feel about the private health insurance lobby saying that it would be better to get a slightly nicer private health insurance plan than an actual raise? How fucked up is it that this is even a trade-off?
In other words, @AHIPCoverage likes #CoverageAtWork (i.e. job lock) because health insurance paid for by employers with pre-tax dollars is a gigantic subsidy to their parasitic and inefficient industry!
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There seems to be some confusion about #MedicareForAll. And while we're not sure the questions posed by @politico are being asked in good faith, we're going to answer them anyway.
Q: What does it even mean?

A: Improved #MedicareForAll describes a publicly funded #SinglePayer national health program that provides comprehensive coverage to all Americans.
Q. How would we pay for it?

A: We would combine existing sources of public funding (Medicare & Medicaid taxes, public employee coverage, tax deductions for employer-sponsored plans) with new progressive taxes that would replace our current premiums and deductibles.
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You've paid those expensive healthcare premiums for years, always on time, then one day, I diagnose you with a costly condition. You're covered, or so you think. Insurance companies have investigators who find ways to invalidate your policy, and they are great at their jobs.
You see, that coverage of yours has all sorts of stipulations, all crafted just in case you become a costly nuisance. They'll scour your medical records, finding something you might not have disclosed, not intentionally, but because that's the grift of it.
You'll fight it, going through a process designed to beat you down, all the while dealing with a health problem you can't afford. Now, you've got a pre-existing condition, and you might find an insurance company willing to cover you, but it'll cost you dearly.
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It seems that #SinglePayer opponents are gaining traction with the argument that improved #MedicareForAll would require painful sacrifices from doctors. This is false. In fact, the opposite is true. Let's nip this in the bud, shall we?
For starters, PNHP represents over 20,000 American doctors. Our members are passionate about practicing medicine, but they are not interested in taking a substantial pay cut. Under a well-designed #SinglePayer program, they won't have to.
Think about how doctors are paid in our current system. Today, Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance pay mostly on a fee-for-service basis. Private insurance usually pays the most, Medicaid usually pays the least, and Medicare usually pays in the middle.
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Today is my 32nd birthday, and my only wish is that my 71-year old father, who is suffering through Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) could live in a country that has a #MedicareForAll healthcare system, instead of a for-profit system that lets him suffer longer than he already has.
My dad was born in Iran, living there until he escaped during the 1979 revolution. For 35 years, he worked tirelessly to provide for my mother and I, but now, he has to go through this debilitating disease. Meanwhile, our government will do nothing to help him live a normal life.
I never knew how it felt to feel the impact of possibly losing a loved one, because of our atrocious healthcare system, but the more I think about what my own father is going through, it only makes me angrier, and now I'm realizing what millions of others have been going through.
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1/I've said many times that I am poor because I am unemployed (except for my writing) and I am unemployed because I am disabled.

I am now officially rejecting that shit.

I am still disabled. I still am not employed.

#Disability #ChronicIllness #poverty
2/But the reason I am unemployed is because society has deemed me disposable. This isn't on me.

#disabled #DisabledPeopleMatter #PplWDisabilitiesMATTER
3/It's because society has decided the WANTS of the abled (specifically in my case, to use fragrance and decorate with balloons) are more important than my survival. This isn't on me.

#BanBalloonsInstead #fragrance #MCS #MCAS #allergy #asthma
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I have a new piece @BostonReview on how the left needs to take global trade seriously, avoiding nationalism and protectionism and embracing global solutions that we can also implement at the national level. I'm going to tweet some points and solutions.…
First, the global trade system is disastrous for the world's workers, both in the U.S. and overseas. The reason is that capital mobility and international legal regimes and disconnected companies from any responsibility to anywhere or anything but shareholders.
Like the late 19th century, recent changes in capitalism have slapped us in the face and we don't really know how to respond. One of those changes is extreme capital mobility wrapped up in neoliberal trade agreements. How do we respond on the left?
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Thread. A dinner conversation over the weekend with some family members who identify as center-left led us to rehash Bernie vs Clinton. A few nuggets seemed worth sharing. Beyond understanding history in order not to repeat it, these reflections suggest paths forward. /1
Some bemoaned the GOP “discipline,” noting the party’s unification behind its right wing. They blamed progressives and radicals for failing to support nominally better (if hypocritical) alternatives in moderate corporate @thedemocrats. /2
If there is a lesson to draw from GOP gains, however, it’s is that solidarity with a radical wing mobilizes the base. Boldness motivates voters & volunteers—even when the vision motivating it is insane, as Trump demonstrates. /3
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Tbh my biggest issue with @SenSanders #MedicareForAll idea is that it isn't radical enough, which is probably the result of political considerations. If it were up to me, I'd go much further than the basic "insure everyone" idea. (THREAD)
A lot of people seem to be complaining about how catastrophically expensive and economically unsound the idea is. But the root cause of this problem is the private sector that will likely retain the rights to the technology and medicine the Govt will buy.
So there's actually a very simple idea for reducing the healthcare expenditure on the Govt's part: take a bat to the price-fixing system of patents on drugs and technology that the Big Pharma bastards have been getting away with for so long.
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A major difference bt conservatives & the rest of us is that conservatives, for some reason, prioritize hypothetical violence above actual violence.

E.g. A woman MIGHT be assaulted in a bathroom > forcing #trans ppl to use the wrong bathroom actually IS dangerous for trans ppl
Militarized police are justified and necessary, because cops MIGHT get hurt during an occasionally dangerous job they agreed & are paid to do > people of color actually, currently being killed by cops
A not-yet-baby MIGHT experience SOME primal form of pain for a moment > Rates of death during childbirth are higher when women don't have access to legal abortion
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Will no one save me from Franken truthers?

Do any of you think about how it feels to victims of sexual assault to have you running around slandering the woman with the most progressive voting record in the Senate in defense of a man accused by nine women of sexual misonduct?
I don't know what is in the water tonight that put this back on Twitter again. Maybe @SenGillibrand leading a protest against #BrettKavanaugh. Maybe @TinaSmithMN being so obviously more engaged in that MN Senate seat than her predecessor.

But why not just stop it?

I liked Al Franken's books. I never was a fan of his jocular sexism.But he didn't bother me in the Senate because he was a back bencher.

Unlike Kirsten Gillibrand, who spent the last decade being the loudest voice for sexual assault victims in Congress. She made it her focus.
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In honor of #Medicaid's birthday, I'm going to do a quick thread on why I believe #MedicaidForAll makes a great deal more sense than #MedicareForAll. #Medicaid53
First, most #MedicareForAll proponents describe a health care program that looks a lot closer to Medicaid than it does to Medicare, in terms of benefits & cost-sharing.
This Vox piece from @singlepayertom and @_Middleman says #MedicareForAll should mean zero cost-sharing. Medicare doesn't work that way - Medicaid does.…
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I think the real question is "how do we create the means and foundation for the agenda," not the money to pay for it.

We always get money by taxing working class and middle class people.
That's how we pay for the two wars we've been in for over 15yrs.
The #healthcare industry employs millions of Americans.
In the only vision Bernie Sanders has ever presented, that somehow disappears and is replaced by something completely magic. He has never had a plan for it or "breaking up the banks."…
The most workable--and quick--plan we could get (if people vote in November and the Democrats regain the House)--is the #MedicareExtraForAll plan.

Getting people to give up their employer-paid insurance will be hard, but this could convince everyone.…
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Third Way, a group of self-described "moderate Democrats," is stoking fears that the progressive movement will hurt our chances at winning the mid-term and presidential elections. (1/4)…
Third Way, which consists of many Wall Street bankers and real estate developers, accuses progressives of wanting to end capitalism, while the "moderate Dems" merely want to mend it. This is a gross mischaracterization of the progressive movement. (2/4)
It's the corporate & financial interests who don't want change, while progressives are talking about what Millennials and Working Families want (i.e., #MedicareforAll, #CollegeforAll, #JobGuarantee, #UBI, 100% #RenewableEnergy)...(3/4)
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