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My personal guess is that *if* Dems hold the House, take the White House and retake the Senate, the best healthcare bill we're likely to see passed/signed before 2024 will be:
--If they kill the filibuster: ACA 2.0 + Public Option
--If they don't kill the filibuster: ACA 2.0 only
...either of which would still be a MASSIVE improvement over current status quo.

That doesn't mean I have a problem with pushing for #M4All or for #Med4America (as I'm doing). What to push for, what to settle for and what will actually get passed/signed are separate questions.
Obama basically campaigned on "ACA 2.0 + Public Option", was willing to accept "ACA 2.0 only" after Lieberman screwed us, but *signed* "ACA 1.0" after Kennedy died & Scott Brown won his seat, leaving the weaker Senate version as the only option left.
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It is. It basically splits the difference between Biden/Buttigieg's plans and Bernie/Warren's plan. Similar to Harris' plan, but phased in more quickly because it deals with the "union contract" issue differently.
FWIW, here's my deep dive into #Med4America (warning: it gets wonky...on the other hand, it also includes colorful psychedelic donuts!):…
OK, here's the visuals to give a sense of how it'd be phased in:

Here's the current healthcare coverage situation for the entire U.S. population...the "Psychedelic Donut®" as I've dubbed it:
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📣 A Really Deep Dive into the updated #MedicareForAmerica bill:…

#Med4Am #HealthcareForAll
FWIW, here's a handy comparison of the implementation timelines for the #MFA bills vs. the #Med4America bill. Note that BOTH would keep the VA and IHS in place. Aside from which would be mandatory vs. optional, the other big difference is *how* the transition is phased in.
Under #MFA, ~97% of the pop. would be mandatorily transferred over to the new program within 2 or 4 years, regardless of what their current situation is. Under #Med4America, ~55% would be mandatorily transferred over within 5 years; the rest would have the *option* of switching.
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A Really Deep Dive into #MedicareForAmerica:…
So yesterday, @RosaDelauro & @RepSchakowsky re-introduced their #Med4America universal healthcare coverage bill. It’s important to note that BOTH of them are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and Schakowsky is also a co-sponsor of the House #MFA bill. 2/
@rosadelauro @RepSchakowsky In other words, this is NOT a battle between “progressives” and “centrists”. #Med4America is *very* progressive…while also, in my view, simply being more practical than the “pure” #MFA bills. It starts out as a robust Public Option for 2 yrs, but then becomes MUCH more. 3/
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Trump’s DOJ, enabled by the GOP who allowed the #TexasFoldEm lawsuit to happen in the first place, just said that they want the ENTIRE ACA scrapped.
Meanwhile, tomorrow, @HouseDemocrats will roll out #ACA 2.0.
As I keep pointing out (and as @RonBrownstein JUST WROTE ABOUT a few days ago), while it’s fine to discuss & debate #MFA vs #Med4America, etc, THE #ACA IS STILL UNDER ATTACK. MFA/etc won’t happen until 2022 at the earliest. The ACA is under attack NOW.…
REMINDER: If the entire ACA were to be repealed:
—16 million people would lose Medicaid
—9 million people would lose subsidized exchange coverage
—850,000 would lose BHP coverage in MN & NY
...and that’s just for starters.
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Here’s some crude graphics explaining how #Med4America would be phased in. First, here’s a rough breakout of the current healthcare/ health insurance coverage situation of the entire country today:
Nearly half the population is covered through their employer. Another third is covered by Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP. Around 5% is on ACA Indy market plans. Another 2% or so has miscellaneous coverage including junk policies, sharing ministries etc., and 10% have nothing at all.
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AGAIN: This is among the most important differences between the various universal coverage plans on the table. The #MFA bill most of the Dem Senators running for POTUS cosponsored does NOT allow for it to be optional for anyone...but most of them cosponsored OTHER plans as well.
There’s NOTHING WRONG w/them cosponsoring multiple plans. ALL of them greatly expand publicly funded healthcare coverage, just to different degrees, different timeframes & via different frameworks. The final version will likely be somewhat different from ANY of the current plans.
The only bad thing here are purists of any plan insisting that ONLY their preference will suffice. I’m a huge fan of the #Med4America bill, but I’m not going to insist that ONLY that one is acceptable. That’s insanity.
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