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Here's my latest* update to my vetted collection of Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness hashtags. Please share it!

Thank you :-) Graffiti background. Foreground in black letters on a  white background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”<br />
This collection is current as of 01.30.20, previous Twitter update 09.11.19.

There's a PDF version coming up this weekend, to be posted to my Kofi profile. I'll add the link toward the end when it goes up, after the questions, where you can also sign up for email updates.
This version has added

- community suggestions,
- mental health hashtags,
- Medical crowdfunding hashtags,
- and a section for cancer-related hashtags.
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Here’s my latest update to the list of Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags.

- previous update 02.24.19 -

Please share it! Thank you. :-)

@ImageAltText Graffiti background. Foreground in white letters on a  red background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”
There will be a PDF version up for download on my Ko-fi, likely tomorrow morning. The link is at the end.
Hashtags For Personal Narratives.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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Earlier today, I participated in the #NN19 #FixTheDamnHealthcare panel with @lpackard, @ElenaHung202, @mattbc, @DrSriram and @glparodi. For the most part, I thought it went well...between us we managed to cram a ton of complicated policy stuff into an hour. 1/
All of the feedback I received from those who were there in person, as well as those who watched the livestream & who commented via Twitter and Facebook, was very positive. 2/
When @mattbc was introducing his segment on #MedicareForAmerica, he mentioned the hashtag #DoctorsAreDickheads, which I had never heard before. @DrSriram jokingly quipped "why is everyone looking at me?", and I kiddingly said "not all doctors?" to him. This was out of line. 3/
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Here's my latest update to my collection of active Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags - previous update 12.13.18.

Please share it. Thank you! :-) Light blue sand background has the # drawn in the sand to the right. The left side is blank. <br />
<br />
At the bottom of the picture, text reads
Portable PDF version will appear on my Kofi in the next day or so.


These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also helpful for crowdsourcing solutions.

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That pain patients are committing suicide due to lack of pain treatment is not a "fantastic claim.”

How "Med Twitter" doesn't know this is beyond me.
Just for fun I'll skip sources medical professionals claim aren't reputable.
Chronic Pain and the Risk of Suicide | Psychology Today
Chronic Pain May Drive Some to Suicide – WebMD
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Here's my lastest update Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags - previous update 10.17.18

Please share it.
I'll have a PDF version of this for download on my Ko-fi by this time tomorrow. Link at the end.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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I was going to do this hours ago. Then I thought about stories from my life and I was overwhelmed.

Also I hate to being up problems without talking a little about solutions.
So toward the end I'll talk about some things I've tried to fight back with varying levels of success.
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I’ve been amplifying the #DoctorsAreDickHeads hashtag the last few days but haven’t actually shared my own story. It starts there, traverses through #DoctorIRespect and #DoctorsAreAwesome and ends with #DoctorsAreHuman (something for everyone!)
And of course it is not the entire profession, but the profession has a major systemic problem when it comes to disabled patients and those with #chronicillness that it seems to have little to no knowledge or self-awareness of. THAT – not the hashtag – is the problem #medtwitter
#MedTwitter, your patients have been trying FOR YEARS to speak out on hashtags like #spoonies #pwd #medtrauma and no one has listened (on this platform) at this scale until patients got....confrontational #DoctorsAreDickheads
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I once had a primary care doc laugh in my face,

Tell me my abscess was just a pimple,

And then tell me to take my biologic medication...

Like, I could’ve conceivably died had I followed that advice over my gut. #DoctorsAreDickheads
That same doctor told me I couldn’t possibly be in 8/10 pain nearly every single day with no pain control but ibuprofen.

After having arthritis since I was in kindergarten.

And put a snooty note on my chart about me being a difficult patient. #DoctorsAreDickheads
Having to constantly be my own provider because licensed ones either don’t know about my rare conditions or think I’m full of shit is why I’m a patient activist.

It’s also why I have an MS in Healthcare Administration and worked for a major univ for a bit. #DoctorsAreDickheads
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Anyway I thought I’d be up for a solid hour now explaining to some dude what Wikipedia explained to me about American terrorism

(Mostly when women explain things for you we use the Google, not even kidding, my dudes)
But instead (the dude presumably figured out how to find Wikipedia on his own) I’ve been left to ponder

And I want to talk about #DoctorsAreDickheads

Because actually that’s true as far as I have experienced them, overall.
I’m an American which probably colors my understanding substantially compared to a country where seeing a doctor is something poor people do

Here it’s for rich people, usually. Poor people see doctors when the pain gets *so* bad they can’t work

And not until then.
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When we were polite no one listened.

One curse word and we're finding each other & the attention of doctors.
You know what I partially take that back. The women doctors I have had all had one thing in common.

They listened. They saw me.
I had three great male doctors, all men of color. I've had four incredible doctors, all women.

Perhaps you are noticing a theme.
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I'm seeing some pushback against the #DoctorsAreDickheads hashtag, so let me tell you a story. 1/x
A few years ago, my wife went to the ER with excruciating pain in her abdomen. Her anguish was downplayed and ignored for over 12 hours. She ended up losing her ovary. It was a traumatizing experience. I wrote about it here:… #DoctorsAreDickheads
Reporting the piece, I was stunned to find out how dramatically unequal medical treatment can be. The simple fact is this: Women don’t receive the same quality of care that men do. #doctorsaredickheads
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A lot of patients have had bad experiences with medicine. There are lots of reasons for that. It's really complicated, for one. Our knowledge isn't perfect. Our tests aren't perfect. Our treatments aren't perfect. And the people who do the jobs...well, we're far from perfect (1/)
There are other reasons, too. Historically, we've done a really bad job taking care of certain groups of people. Women with "hysteria," for instance. Locking away people with mental health disorders. Treating homosexuality as a disease. Treating addiction as a moral failure. (2/)
It's a really long list. And on top of that, some doctors are really bad. Sometimes it's incompetence. Sometimes it's a lack of compassion or understanding about people who aren't like themselves (in a profession that was traditionally occupied mostly by white men). (3/)
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Had an emergency C-section. Doctor called me stupid when I asked if the baby would survive -- as he sliced me open. After surgery, he told me he'd found a likely cancerous cyst on my ovary. He laughed as he told me I might not live to raise my newborn child. #DoctorsAreDickheads
I was in the hospital for a week because he botched my C-section. Every day he'd harass me. Luckily I did not have cancer. But he wrote in my paperwork that he'd *removed my ovaries*, causing me to go to another doctor who confirmed they were there. He lied. #DoctorsAreDickheads
I was a 28-year-old new mom recovering from major surgery, as vulnerable as could be. I don't know why this sadist doctor did this to me. I switched ob-gyns and had a good experience with my next child's birth. But this has haunted me. He is an evil man. #DoctorsAreDickheads
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The thing with #DoctorsAreDickheads is that when we were polite for decades trying to both be nice & convey our frustrations? We were dismissed.
Now that we're calling some of your colleagues names you here. Some of you are fighting with us and missing the point when we all have the same goal.
Everyone wants civility when no one has to do any work because of it. #DoctorsAreDickheads
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I do think medicine needs a Catholic Church-style reckoning. I know that might sound like an odd analogy but when you stop talking about bad apples and realize the problem is fundamental and systemic, that it destroys lives... #DoctorsAreDickheads #medtwitter
...and that the reverence we have for the individuals that comprise the system helps no one (not our doctors, not the patients they are sworn to protect), only then can you hope to fix it. But you have to kill your old illusions first. #DoctorsAreDickheads #medtwitter
(I don’t know how or when that will happen.)
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I spent 20 years with both chronic and acute pain. My right hip and shoulder dislocate on a daily basis. I have a dozen comorbidities. I was told it was my weight, anxiety or all in my head. It was undiagnosed Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. #DoctorsAreDickheads
I had doctors say maybe I was just a little sensitive or maybe I was just lazy. #EhlersDanlos #DoctorsAreDickheads
I developed Raynaud's Syndrome and peripheral neuropathy and Central Sensitisation Syndrome as a result of undiagnosed and untreated EDS. My doctor called me a malingerer. #DoctorsAreDickheads
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