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A report from @KFF shows >1 million have lost Medicaid coverage, tho many are actually eligible. Millions more will join them. 76% lost it due to paperwork barriers. Some may not even know they are losing coverage.
Where's the justice in this? @POTUS Over 1 million people in 21...
@KFF @POTUS @KFFHealthNews @SenMarkey @RepAOC @PeoplesCDC @LongCovidFam @MarkedByCovid @Survivor_Corps @shvintage @MsJulieSLam 249,000 people have lost Medicaid health coverage in one state alone, Florida. In an ongoing health crisis, the most vulnerable people can’t seek care because they can’t afford it. Meanwhile there’s no property tax in Florida.

Source: @KFF KFF Medicaid Tracker: https...
Emergency repealed, @CDCgov lost power to collect data. The most vulnerable now losing health coverage. It's discriminatory to take health coverage from ppl with medical conditions in a country without a safety net, where medicine/hospital bills can cause ppl to become homeless💔
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Black maternal health week has been declared between April 11-17th and is a serious and extremely sad truth regarding black mothers deaths, their pregnancy issues and accessibility #njcurj
Black moms are in a crisis. They are dying at 3-4 TIMES the rate of their white counterparts from pregnancy related issues. That’s just the beginning issue #blackmamasmatter
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximately 700 women die each year in the US as a result of pregnancy or delivery complications. Yet, black women are the most affected w/ a mortality rate of 37.1 deaths per 100,000 live births #njcurj
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After all the lies, when the dust finally settles, the truths will be known. The #WH doctors have been lying for #Trump, but we knew that. How disappointing some people are. Yeah, they snatched him back from the jaws of death and then lied. 1/2…
They snatched him back from the jaws of death by pulling out all the stops, he had #Healthcare, plenty of nurses, plenty of #PPE, #Ventilator at hand, a dozen doctors, #ExperimentalDrugs #MiracleDrugs #CelebrityPrivilage 420 thousand other Americans died.…
And then after they pulled him back from the brink of death, they allowed him to make speeches saying "I feel great, don't fear the virus, & it won't hurt you". So, that's a lousy career those dozen docs are having. Worse than the doc who #technored #MichealJackson while he died.
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Tough choice: @GavinNewsom and @JoeBiden speaking at the same time...
Going w/@GavinNewsom budget talk:

"There's no better investment than #teacher preparation."

You have my attention...

Adding funds for Special Ed, Early Childhood and Preschool- "Historic investments".

Of the $13B in deferrals $9.2B will be paid off- if #CaLeg adopts proposal

$2B to support reopening schools for in-person teaching

Go on... #Budget2021
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. Expanding Access to Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment/Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will be able access affordable care to treat the mind, body and soul.. the other party has no platform at all 1/10
Every American who needs it should be able to access mental health care or substance use disorder treatment, no matter where they live. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #healthcare #HealthcareEquity
#Democrats will aggressively enforce the federal mental health and substance use disorder parity law and ensure that health insurers adequately cover mental health and substance use treatment. 3/12 #DemPartyPlatform #healthcare #HealthcareForAll
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. Reducing Health Care Costs and Improving Health Care Quality/Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will be able to afford life-saving and life-enhancing healthcare.. the other party has no platform at all 1/12
The United States spends more per capita on health care than any other advanced economy, and has less to show for it. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #healthcare
Health care costs have been increasing for decades, with average premiums for an employer-provided family plan topping $20,000 in 2019. 3/12 #DemPartyPlatform #Healthcare
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THREAD: I’m voting early for #BidenHarris2020.

Here’s why, against many of my core values, I’m doing so, why you should too if you’re able, AND why voting in this election is not revolutionary, and deeply insufficient:
I believe we need to use every tool we have at this moment. I believe a contested election gives us more fodder than one where Trump wins easily. I believe a racist establishment president is NOT BETTER but MORE NAVIGABLE than a fascist for of our most marginalized communities.
That being said, the idea that fascism can be voted away is dangerous, not only because fascism doesn’t care about the laws of democracy, but also because fascist movements that are mobilized at this moment will continue to be, regardless of how the election plays out.
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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of such sudden, severe abdominal pain in the middle of a lecture that I left class and laid on the floor of my office, screaming. Went to the ER where a male resident examined me and said that sometimes women have 1/5
abdominal pain and that maybe I should get on birth control (reader, my record said I was already on bc). Was then visited by the male chief resident who apologized for not being able to help but suggested I see a gynecologist and that I go on birth control (eye roll). 2/5
Called multiple gynecologists and could not get an appointment for weeks. Pain continued. Over a month after the ER visit, I saw a male gynecologist who suggested that I change my birth control so that my body can reset (???) and perhaps I will no longer be in any pain. 3/5
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Today, I'm celebrating new laws going into effect in #Virginia. So many people worked hard for YEARS - organizing, educating, advocating, messaging and winning elections for these changes. There are too many to list but here are a *few* of my favorite things (a thread):
✅ Expanded access to voting - no excuse absentee so anyone can vote by mail if they want to, 45-day in-person voting, repealing strict photo ID, AVR and same-day voter registration, making Election Day a state holiday and many more... #VotingRights
✅ Made Virginia a better place for immigrants - allowing everyone to lawfully drive regardless of status, in-state tuition, Office of New Americans, prohibiting law enforcement from asking immigration status of witnesses and victims of crime... #heretostay
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US tax dollars help prop up Israel’s blockade on Gaza. The corona pandemic is highlighting the cruelty of investing in militarism instead of healthcare and edcation. Activists are demanding the US gov #DefundGazaBlockade and fund #healthcareforall instead. [1/7] Image
[2/6] Image
[3/6] Image
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How does Israel’s blockade shape life for Palestinians in Gaza? A crumbling healthcare system, constant power outages, and the constant buzz of drones overhead. Activists are calling on the US to #DefundGazaBlockade and Instead fund #HealthCareForAll
Palestinians in occupied Gaza are battling the spread of Covid-19 with scarce resources as a result of Israel's suffocating blockade. This means even water for drinking and washing hands is not readily accessible.…
Power shortages, no clean drinking water, and hospitals with no room left for patients. That’s the status of the occupied Gaza Strip, which for 12+ years has been under constant Israeli siege, meaning little gets in or out.
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.@joelindseyva90, chair of House Privileges and Elections, talking about voting rights priorities, including no excuse absentee voting, Election Day holiday, automatic voter registration, nonpartisan redistricting reform...
.@C_Herring, House majority leader and chair of House Courts committee, talking about criminal justice reform priorities - reforming pretrial services, cash bail, discovery, expungement, increasing felony larceny threshold, reforming marijuana laws...and more!
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Twitter take over! My name is Oscar, I’m a volunteer for @DOTW_UK, and today I’m reporting from our clinic in East London. I’ll be shadowing a clinic worker and reporting on some of the cases we see, hopefully giving you an idea of what an average day here looks like. Stay tuned.
A bit of info first - The clinic has been running since 2006 and is open five days a week. Volunteer GPs and nurses offer medical services to those facing barriers to healthcare, such as asylum seekers, undocumented migrants, homeless people and sex workers. #hostileenvironment
I'm currently shadowing Sarah, a clinic support worker who has been volunteering at the clinic once a week for 2 and a half years.

Sarah's first patient is John, who is from Indonesia and has been in the UK for 3 years.
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As people are being evicted, we have seen many minors, and young men in #Calais with health issues

We have set up an outreach team to locate them and help them get to doctor #HealthCareForAll Image
Families, and young people are included in those being evicted by the police, every day and their belongings are taken away.

We are very worried about how they’ll face a harsh winter with blankets and tents taken away #Calais Image
We spoke with a man in his 50s from Iran who was suffering from heart palpitations and asking for medicines - he’s living in a tent in the middle of the forest
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This is something I've never done before and don't know how to do now. Many of you are aware of my health problems. I have MS, 7 rare Autoimmune Diseases, Degenerative Disc Disease, severe Scoliosis, & Primary Imunodeficiency Disorder.

Sharon Well-Being…
I got on Twitter to advocate for #HealthcareForAll and not to seek help for myself. I've tried to come up with another way and have failed. Besides the health problems, my roof leaks so bad that there are 18 buckets collecting water. The house also moved and there's a major 2/
plumbing problem. I have to bring in water to cook & drink. Four years ago, a high school kid hit me and totaled my car. What his insurance paid barely covered my medical bills and I couldn't replace the car. This has essentially left me housebound as there aren't buses here. 3/
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Today the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on an ACA lawsuit in which opponents of the law have continued to argue for total repeal but have NOT provided an alternative. Texas state legislatures failed to pass any healthcare reform. #healthcare #HealthcareForAll 1/
Approx 17% of people in TX-14 are uninsured (2016). In Jefferson County that number rises to 21.5%. Texas ranks last in health care access and affordability. One-third of hispanic adults and 20% of AA adults were uninsured in 2017. We deserve better. #HealthcareForAll 2/
The incumbent in this race along with the rest of the GOP has made it their mission to stand in the way of progress on healthcare access and affordability in our district and across the country. We need to move beyond fighting for access and affordability to #Medicare4All 3/
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1/ It’s been a week.

It’s well into Friday evening & I just got off the phone with a patient who had urgent radiology results. This was after spending > 40 min on the phone w another patient discussing the same this afternoon.

(18 more to come; stick with me.)
2/ I only got 2 items on today’s long “to do” list done — but that’s on me. I was finally able to sit down for a couple hours uninterrupted and dig deep into a few patient cases from the week.

(And I “don’t work” on Fridays.)
3/ As I hung up the phone, I reflected on how #directprimarycare has enabled me to get to the heart of medicine & the doctor-patient relationship.

During that call, my patient’s spouse broke down and — through sobs — simply said: “Thanks for being so kind.”
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📣 A Really Deep Dive into the updated #MedicareForAmerica bill:…

#Med4Am #HealthcareForAll
FWIW, here's a handy comparison of the implementation timelines for the #MFA bills vs. the #Med4America bill. Note that BOTH would keep the VA and IHS in place. Aside from which would be mandatory vs. optional, the other big difference is *how* the transition is phased in.
Under #MFA, ~97% of the pop. would be mandatorily transferred over to the new program within 2 or 4 years, regardless of what their current situation is. Under #Med4America, ~55% would be mandatorily transferred over within 5 years; the rest would have the *option* of switching.
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Yup...Government 'rationing" of healthcare is exactly what would happen here as well.

Just imagine the #Democrats in charge of rationing who would get what healthcare.

Of course the left doesn't mention what just happened in Finland, either.

#MedicareForAll #HealthcareForAll
Oh,'s some more healthcare rationing over in the UK.

Rationing hip and knee operations because it costs too much, leaving people in pain.

They are even rationing drugs to help arthritic conditions:…
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Installment 4 of greed in HC, Big Pharma. Hospitals and Insurance are quiet about it, but Pharma is public and proud of their greed. In this thread, why we pay more than any other country for meds and what we need to do to fix it.
Buckle in kids this is going to be a bumpy ride. Hospitals and insurance were easy, there are a multitude of moving parts in the Pharma greed machine making billions or trillions a year. I hope to shed some light on this exceptional greed generating complex we have in the U.S.
Watch this segment from Patriot Act by Hasan Minhaj on drug pricing and the blame game on prices. The Goverment blames Pharma, Pharma blames insurance, Insurance blames PBM, (pharmacy benefits manager) and then they all blame each other.
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I recently posted a thread on greed as a road block to #HealthcareForAll in our country. Today I will focus on hospitals and the shift from healthcare to "profitcare". The more we educate on driving factors opposing us, the better we can fight. THREAD
The "bottom line" has become more important, board members and investors are getting the priority over patients.

“The tenor and the responsibility of hospital CEOs has now changed ...They focus on the bottom line and.. they get performance ratings based on profitability,”
"An Axios financial records analysis found that the largest nonprofit hospitals earned a collective $21 billion in investment income last year, money that nearly tripled their 2.7 percent operating profit on patient care. "
For profit hospitals are pushed to make even more.
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.@AOC's campaign was fined last year for failing to obtain workers’ compensation coverage… via @nypost
AOC declined to cover disability benefits for her employees.

All employers are required under New York’s disability law to buy insurance to cover disability benefits for employees.

“This coverage is vital to ensuring workers are protected for on-the-job injuries.”

The law says employers can deduct up to 60 cents per week from each worker’s paycheck to help cover the cost.
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#Election2020 #Election2019

Info, by state
Voter Id:…

Check your Voter Regn Status. Register to vote, All voting info:

Issues? DNC Hotline: 833-336-VOTE
#WinBlue #DemsWork4USA
🔁#GOTV #GeauxVote #Vota

Report any issue at the polls to:
ACLU's Hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE.
DNC's Hotline: 1-833-336-VOTE.

#YouMatter #ElectionsMatter #SuVotoYQue

#PrimaryElection #PrimaryElections #GeneralElection
#Tuesday #TuesdayThoughts
Save the picture on your cellphone
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I am proud of our Virginia Attorney General @MarkHerringVA for joining in an 18-state effort to safeguard access to healthcare following the deplorable December 14 decision to invalidate the ACA.…
The merits of that decision will eventually percolate through the court system, but more troubling is that *no one knows* for sure what effect it has on existing enrollment. And it came out mere hours before the open enrollment period ended.
This is unacceptable. There is a right to be healthy, and government attempts to shirk that obligation are both shameful and misguided. Adding mass confusion to the exercise of people's rights to access that healthcare is even more noxious.

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