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If you see how MSM is supporting #AmberHeard and it doesn't make sense to you, start looking at #NewHamsphire -epicenter of where the DV & SA Survivor movement on college campuses has been used to undermine due process & the concept of innocent until guilty. Follow @GracieGato
#NewHampshire is a swing state. It is "First in the Nation" for Primaries. It is where a massive amount of lobbying money goes from DC. It is home to the 4th largest state house in the world with 423 or so reps - for a population of 1.3 million.
New Hampshire's sexual assault statute is problematic. It requires neither corroborating witness nor evidence. The White House under Obama had a strategic partnership with the University of New Hampshire & local officials - effectively using it to push cruel experiment:
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Zelle is a relatively new payment option and isn’t really widely accepted, however, you will find it at such popular US-friendly sites as Ignition Casino, and others. Just a heads up, using this banking method, #henrycavill #Metoomovement you won’t be able to deposit USD funds directly to your casino account. Zelle is just a fast and convenient way to buy Bitcoin in order to make a deposit at the gambling site of your choice.… The procedure is very easy, after setting up an account, which is completely free, you can use Zelle to buy BTC, and as soon as you see it in your wallet, you can transfer the desired amount into your player’s account through the casino’s cashier.
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☢ Semanas decisivas. Amber Heard iniciou a ação judicial contra Johnny Depp em setembro de 2020, dois meses antes do ator perder um processo de difamação contra o tabloide britânico The Sun. Depp recorreu ao tribunal depois do jornal ginocentrico publicar uma matéria 🧶 Image
@jeff_podcast @Juniorex @RedpillOliver @RosbifesXXX @R0nih @Ravielfury @DonSandro10 @UrsoPolNE Chamando-o de "espancador de mulheres" pelos relatos de violência doméstica contra Heard ao longo do casamento deles, que durou de 2015 a 2017.

A equipe legal de Depp defendeu que era o ator quem sofria abuso físico e psicológico no relacionamento; mas a corte... 🧶
@jeff_podcast @Juniorex @RedpillOliver @RosbifesXXX @R0nih @Ravielfury @DonSandro10 @UrsoPolNE Determinou que as denúncias de Heard publicadas pelo The Sun eram "substancialmente verdadeiras" 😂.

Em março de 2019, Depp também iniciou uma ação judicial de US$ 50 milhões contra Heard acusando-a de difamação por um artigo que ela escreveu para o Washington Post 🧶
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KWAN (Talent Agency) is the clue! Who so ever can get more info or is associated with the industry, dig dig dig. Disha was working with KAWN when she met Sush (2018). KAWN is caught to be taking 62 Lakhs and passing 22 Lakhs to Rhea (1/3)
#SushantWasMurdered Image
KAWN’s founder Anirban Das Blah had resigned (in 2018) for #MeTooMovement. It looks like they might be a cover up for honey trappers and high class escorts. Many ppl including biggies from Bollywood and Politics must be involved therefore the cover up! (2/3)
#SushantSinghRajput must have realized and with the help of Disha he must be collecting evidence against this racket to expose them. KAWN should be scrutinized. (3/3)
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Long time ago, there's a book I read: The Burden of Proof by Scott Turrow. In it I learned that the burden of proof lies with the accuser. If Mr. A accuses Mr. B of stealing his phone, it's the responsibility of Mr. A to prove beyond reasonable doubts that Mr. B stole his phone.
My little knowledge of law&court procedure suffered incalculable damage in 2017. Ms. Ford accused Mr Kavanaugh, a US SC judge nominee, of molesting her. The accusatn was said to hav happened in 1980. The SM wants Mr Kavanaugh to clear his name NOT Ms Ford to prove her accusation.
In late 2017, at the height of #Metoomovement, a highly regarded Oxford University professor and philosopher, Dr. Tariq Ramadan, was accused of rape by two feminists. He's remanded in prison for good eight months yet the accusers couldn't prove their cases.
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Today, we were joined by community activists, women leaders and partner organizations in Virginia as a commitment to stand with survivors everywhere. Based on recent behavior by Virginia's Lt. Gov. Fairfax and Sen. Morrisey, we are compelled to speak out. #BelieveBlackWomen
"Everyone deserves equality, safety and dignity at work. Working people’s voices and experiences have confirmed that all workplaces - from movie sets to farms to boardrooms - present challenges and risk factors for harassment." ~ @aerodgers
Unfortunately, people of color, LGBTQIA individuals, immigrants and the disabled are among the most vulnerable and have been historically excluded from critical civil rights and key protections.

We see this in many intersections throughout our communities. #BelieveBlackWomen
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While we are very excited that #MeToo was FINALLY introduced into the presidential debates tonight - thanks to the efforts of our #metooVoter campaign, it is disappointing that @maddow didn’t open up the floor and pass the question to other candidates to respond.
Getting the question into tonight’s debate was our FIRST goal and we did that with the support of #metoovoter survivors and our allies. Thank you!!

But be clear - we are not done.
The presidential candidates, in particular, owe survivors a clear response on where they stand on dealing with sexual violence in this country and we will demand that they do so. #MeTooVoter #Metoomovement #metoo
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So fucking over the moon to have met & introduce @MeTooMVMT founder @TaranaBurke tonight for her @WUD_DLS lecture at @UWMadison. My voice broke as I read my intro bc of how powerful & important Ms. Burke’s work is to me & the world.
Tonight Ms. Burke told us about her origins working with black girl survivors. She reminded us that the work has ALWAYS about survivors, healing & ending sexual violence NOT merely about “bringing down powerful men”
Her talk was moving. She encouraged all @UWMadison students to claim this space. She said this is YOUR campus. You DESERVE to be safe here & free from sexual & racial violence. Until we are all safe here the university is not living up to its mission.
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Looks like @vademocrats have figured out how to have a high tech lynching of their leading African American politician, @LGJustinFairfax, while preserving the (political) lives of blackface racists @GovernorVA and @MarkHerringVA.
This is exactly the "justice" about which African Americans rightly complain.

All three office-holders stand accused of acts that -- had they been known before their election -- would have likely kept them from office. One, @MarkHerringVA, ADMITS the charge w/out question.
A second one, @GovernorVA, admitted the charge and apologized but has subsequently denied the charge.

The third, the only African American of the group, @LGJustinFairfax, has firmly and completely denied the charge.

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@RuthMarcus Don’t you DARE in the MSM sabotage @JoeBiden with sniveling snarky comments abt “baggage fr Thomas hearings. Question fr female prosecutor to @KamalaHarris was how to bridge the male female gap on #MeTooMovement Joe CAN do that too. He tried to be fair. 1/
On crime bill @mitchellreports CRIME & murder reached HIGHS in 80s. @BillClinton added100K police @JoeBiden helped pass it. The @GOP that added MANDATORY SENTENCING that was the problem. Tell the WHOLE STORY press. You BLEW IT in 2016. Don’t screw up again. @MSNBC @CNNPolitics
3/ It’s a critical point in survival of democratic values, and YOU @CNNPolitics @MSNBC @NBCNews @pbsnewshour @ABCPolitics @BBCNews @TimesofIsrael have a solemn responsibility to GET IT RIGHT this time! @nytimes @PostOpinions @mitchellreports @RuthMarcus BTW I respect U ALL
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#MorganFreeman. 1. In 2017, "the actor was targeted by "coordinated, pro-Kremlin social-media attacks" after criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin in an online video."…
2. "the online attacks against Freeman follow a "classic pattern" seen in previous, anti-NATO, social-media campaigns out of Russia that were aimed at manipulating Western public opinion and influencing public debate."
3. "We have been attacked. We are at war... Imagine the KGB officer taking revenge... on his former enemy, the US... Using social media to spread propaganda... he convinces people to distrust the media...and he wins," said #MorganFreeman in the video.
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