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🌧 GCF - chpt. 5 🌧

⌜jimin’s barely held together composure starts to slip when his heat comes to an end. he calls yoongi in a moment of desperation, but will he accidentally ruin his hyung’s chance at love in the process? storms are on the horizon.⌟

⚡️ a #vminkook abo au ⚡️
⚡️ refer to the main thread for character profiles and previous chapters ⚡️
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AU where Namjoon comes across a quokka hybrid on his daily cycling route

#namjin au for @crabhyung
Namjoon comes across the quokka hybrid while cycling along the river side
The hybrid sits by the the pavement of the path, round cheeks puffed up as he blows out, his brown furry ears twitching adorably
Namjoon coos as he slows down,parking his cycle and making towards the hybrid
He rummages around in his backpack, looking for something to eat
It's unsurprisingly bare, but luckily he has an apple and a piece of sausage
He walks towards the quokka and it looks up into his eyes, smiling cutely
Namjoon feels his chest bloom with warmth
How beautiful was he
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Modern Eros and Psyche #NAMJIN au
Where Namjoon, the diety of love, was supposed to sabotage Jin's lovelife when he posed a challenge to Aphrodite's beauty. Instead, Namjoon finds himself in trouble when he accidentally pricks himself with an arrow, causing him to fall for Jin.
By any chance, would you like for me to write this? i keep getting likes for it smdjsld nOT that im complaining LMAO
Okay then HAHAHAHA I will 💜💜💜

Let me just make one last yoonmin week entry before I start
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#SOPE #솝 #yoonseok #윤석

#SOPE #솝 #yoonseok #윤석

#SOPE #솝 #yoonseok #윤석
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#Namjin ABO AU:

Seokjin is an omega who was left with a baby after an alpha took him during his heat, the man being none other than Kim Namjoon.
When they reunite three years later, Namjoon, who recently had left an unhappy marriage, was looking forward to get to know Seokjin better.

However, the real problem lies in the form of a three-year old little girl.
Due to the ever-so-shifting rules in Omegaverse, there might be things that wasn't commonly found in general material within this AU, but of course, there will be mpreg.
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{Jikook AU}
V and Jimin decided to end their 3 years relationship as they don’t feel the same as before, but now... Jungkook and Yoon Gi can wait no more — 🐥🐰💜
🧚🏻‍♂️ Agent E
This would be our first AU. Please rmb:
- do not tag BTS
- this is all fictional
- ignore timestamps
- Main ship: Jikook ; side ship : VMIN TAEGI
- show us some love 💜
🧚🏻‍♂️ Agent E
English is not our first language, please forgive us if we made any grammatical error or typos 💜🙏🏻
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🔞Namjin NSFW AU🔞
▪▪[Lustful Love]▪▪

Jin as a camboy trying to open his new business but found himself got cheated and got into a debt. Namjoon came into his picture, to save him or to slave him?
#namjin #rapjin #namjinNSFW #namjinAU
This AU is created as a celebration to thank you guys for 1K followers to this nsfw Jin dedicated account! Cheers to bottom Jin ❤
TW: Prostitution; maybe light bdsm; forceful rough sex; graphic legit p*rn vids

▪ignore time stamp and hair color of the characters
▪First AU, pls go easy on me ^^
▪Please dont report if u dont like it. Just block me pls.
▪All BTS acc are blocked
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<nsfw 🔞>
bad boy
Day 1 minus 8 months
Seoul, South Korea

Jay's new friend
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#Namjin au where namjoon is a regular at the book cafe seokjin owns. Seokjin, too shy to approach him, pretends to be a waiter to deliver a free coffee to namjoon with cute notes everyday telling namjoon that an unknown person sends them to him.
Fellas i’ll start this on friday 🤠
Before we start:

-FLUFFY (lets get that soft shit gays) and slight crack au

-someone help jin, he’s whipped™

-if you can’t read the notes just tell me, ik my handwriting sucks

- tw: lots of cursing

- ignore the timestamps

-troops: namseokvmin vs yoonjinkook

- enjoy!
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YouTubers #Namjin au where namjoon has a big fat crush on seokjin which everyone knows about except him. When namjoon finally has enough, he decides to start a feud with jin in hopes of getting noticed
Before we start:

- Crack and fluffy au don’t take it seriously

- tw: lots of cursing

- ignore the timestamps

- only jin and namjoon are youtubers— the others get featured in their videos

-Possible sideships— sope, vminkook

- enjoy!
[0.0] just a regular day in namjoon’s life
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#Namjin au where drunk namjoon gets a little bit (VERY) excited doing karaoke during a company dinner and ends up embarrassing himself in front of his company’s CEO kim seokjin
FINALLY a namjin au. We made it everyone ✊🏻. This is inspired by me seeing those photos next to each other in my camera roll lmao and more importantly I’m literally writing this to feed my kink of seokjin in suits.

joon, jimin, yoongi, hoseok, tae and jeongguk are all in the team — yoongi is their chief and in direct contact w/ seokjin (close with him personally too)

Jeongguk is SJ’s cousin but no one really knows

tw— ALOT of cursing

Also ignore all timestamps

Now let’s REALLY start
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yoonmin au

Bad boy Min Yoongi was cursed to turn into a cat every night and the only way to break it is to make a cat lover fall in love with him before it reaches 100 days.

#yoonminau #YoonMin fluff, comedy, nsfw (?), smut (?)
i'm gonna start this in a few hours coz i'm sleepy lol goodnight 🙀
the usual notes before i start:
-everyone knows everyone (one way or another)
-i'm thinking of smut coz as u know, my other aus they all smutty but let's see (if it cant be helped)
-contains cursing, angst, nsfw (?) idk i guess ++
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#TAEGI AU where out and proud idol Agust D is looking for a male actor to play his love interest in his new music video.
1) Question!
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yoonmin au where soft, innocent jimin and bad boy rapper yoongi exchange bodies after a magical experiment gone wrong. both agreed to try and live each other's lives peacefully until a wrong tweet changes everything.
#yoonmin #yoonminau fluff, comedy, nsfw (?), smut (?) 🤔
-date and timestamps are not important
-coz im generous, this will have smut 🔞
-i update daily or every other day if busy
-this might be as lame as me so im sorry 😂
-u can reply or quote whichever works
who knows who:
yoongi, hobi, namjoon
jimin, taekook, jin
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taekook au where bad boy heir Kim Taehyung decides to look for a sextmate coz he is bored and ends up with Jungkook, an obedient sub, who also happens to be his father's assistant.

#taekook au #taekook #vkook taekook social media au smut nsfw 🔞🔞🔞
I will start this in a few hours coz I need to sleep now lol 😘
who knows who:
tae, jimin, hobi
jungkook, yoongi, jin, joonie
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Taekook AU :Youtubers Sequel (pinned 1st) Jungkook & Taehyung are known as the King & Queen of Youtube. Kook spoils tae rotten with gifts & trips,fans turn toxic, tae gets his first acting job and yoonmin having trouble in their shared mansion.

#taekook #vkook #kookv #yoonmin
this is the sequel to the first taekook youtubers au (see pinned). Story will contain:
-slight nsfw but nothing too explicit
Also my cc is open if you have any suggestions or want to request something in particular for this au ,, ily and ty for all the love 💕
nobody can tell tae that he can’t bring his fave Gucci shirts camping noBODY

#taekook #vkook #kookv #yoonmin #namjin
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Taekook au where Rising Vlogger!Taehyung meets the cocky ‘King of Youtube’ Jungkook (with over 50 million subs) at the YouTube Fanfest World Tour. They get off on the wrong foot at the Creator’s Party and spend the rest of the tour bickering.

#taekook #vkook #kookv
Taehyung’s channel is mostly daily vlogs, beauty and a few VEVOs.
(His inspiration is Edward Avila)
Jungkook was a gaming channel but nowadays he often posts memes and the occasional vlog.
(His inspo is PewDiePie)
First stop Amsterdam! 95er’s and skewer buddies unknowingly at the same airport
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