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#namjinau where cafe owner seokjin wants to sue singer songwriter rm ImageImageImageImage
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a filo #namjin halloween au where— ImageImageImageImage
— very very short lang
— written in tag-lish
— angst, fluff
— enjoy!
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#taekook #taekookau taekook abo au
where city alpha Jungkook goes to his mother's home village to fulfil her last wish, only to find that the bed time stories and riddles she told him had more truth than he realized. ImageImage
Here, in this village, he finds out truth about himself and the omega his soul is intertwined with.
Taehyung, the to be luna of the village, has always wanted to live and die for his village, Jalat, but the alpha is making him question everything he stood for.
Now he has to choose between Jalat, to be their luna, stand as the village's purity and never mate another thus be the one to lift the curse upon its people, or to choose himself, his love for the alpha who has never made him feel more alive.
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a #namjin ☕️ socmed au where namjoon is a barista and falls disgustingly in love with new customer seokjin Image
a #namjinau ☕️ where namjoon, taehyung, hoseok and jimin work at a coffee shop. yoongi and jungkook are regulars who live for coffee and can be found at the shop at all times.
they’re all very best friends and have been since forever
they’re all joking about jk’s old crush on namjoon which developed into strong admiration. but still jk’s thirsty!!!
side established sope and possible vminkook?
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Legally Jin 💕A #Namjin AU
Hi friends! It's update time! ImageImage
Legally Jin 💕A #Namjin AU
So fun story, I was originally going to do this part fully as a flashback once they got home. But I got so INTO it while writing that it became a lot longer than intended and was such a different mood that it stopped working with the rest. ImageImage
Legally Jin 💕A #Namjin AU
It took like a solid week for me to decide to do this separately, but I'm glad I did. When a flashback hits 4k words it's time to make it its own thing 😂 ImageImage
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🐱 🄲🄰🅃 & 🄳🄾🄶 - part one 🐶

⌜taehyung wishes he could fix things with jungkook. yoongi and jimin get settled in a new city. hoseok deals with professional and personal challenges. namjoon prepares to be modded, and seokjin struggles with his feelings for his patient.⌟ Image
🐱 please refer to the main thread for world building and character profiles 🐶
co-written with @dirtysope ☀️
ships: #sope, #vminkook, and #namjin
- social media au, please ignore all dates and times!
- will be nsfw 🔞
- this is a commissioned universe, please dm either ray or i if you are interested in early access!
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🐱 🄲🄰🅃 & 🄳🄾🄶 🐶

⌜hybrids are latest development in biohacking, allowing humans to splice their DNA with canine or feline traits. seven boys in seoul choose to undergo the new treatment for their own reasons, and end up finding friendship — and even love — along the way.⌟ Image
co-written with @wispyoongi 🌙

this is a commissioned nsfw social media au set in a futuristic universe. there will be multiple chapters to this story! all seven of the boys will interact, but relationships will develop over time.

ships;; #sope, #namjin, and #vminkook 💛
in the future, biohacking becomes the norm to the point where people use it for purely aesthetic purposes. hybrid modification is an expensive, highly sought out procedure. a low percentage of the population are hybrids because of the high costs.

here's some terms to know 🖤 Image
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#namjin au

-in which namjoon orders an actual plant from the plant café that jin works in ImageImageImageImage
-travel vlogger
-loves plants
-travels alot ImageImage
-barista at a plant café
-his home is practically made up of plants
-lives together w/ yoongi (they're besties) ImageImage
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#namjin #namjinau
Okay so imagine a world where humans are able to control the elements. It is called their essence, and every human has the ability to channel and enhance specific aspects of the earth. ImageImage
For as long as Seokjin can remember he has despised his essence. His essence is destruction. Chaos. Wherever he goes, he causes things to implode or get blown out of his way and more often than not there is nothing he can do to control it. Seokjin's days are spent actively trying
not to cause explosions wherever he goes. It is tiring and alienating. He has to move from town to town, having to pack up his life every time he causes an accident for fear of persecution by the town governments. He doesn't have many friends. Until he moves to a new town yet
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[ namjin au 🎰 ]

Jin and Namjoon used to have a band but differences between them lead the band to disappear.

Now they are rival icons on the modern rock scene who bicker all day through social media.

#namjinau #namjin #btsau ImageImageImageImage
main profiles ✨ ImageImage
profiles pt 2 ~
✨ yoongi is a drummer and joon’s friend from high school. in a relationship with hobi

✨ jungkook is a guitarist. in a relationship with vmin

✨ Uh-Good twt profile ImageImageImage
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Longtime hashtag goals #Namjin are finally getting married. Everyone's invited and everyone has RSVPed yes. What they weren't supposed to do was bring their histories and baggage as plus ones. But hey they're all here at a resort for a week after years. What could go wrong? Image
I've been feeling very slumpy lately so thought why not do something fun just for twitter? Anyone up for it? 👀
OK so I shall ignore the 12.5% who didn't want this xD Let's get it! #namjinau #btsau
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No but get this. A thread fic from the point of view of Namjoon's toxic ex who thinks they can win Namjoon back after years but psych. Namjoon has moved on.
Should I maybe 👀 write this 👀? ImageImage
It was good to be back home. The city where he was born in. Where he belonged. He had been back a week already. Had seen his parents, met up with his family. Yet Ken could not say he had achieved his purpose for returning. The text he had sent on the first day of his return.
Remained unanswered. A week was enough time. He poured himself a drink. A strong drink. And he dialled the number. It rang a couple of times before it was received. Ken's heart dropped into his stomach when he heard the voice. The deep, throaty voice. Always demanding to be heard
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#taekookau AU prompt

Taehyung has been in love with Jungkook since years, but Jungkook doesn’t know about his existence, or at least he thinks so.

Until one day Taehyung texts his rants about him to the wrong person ImageImageImageImage

🔹 please don't reply to this thread, quote the tweets rather
🔹this will be mostly text + social media
🔹it’s our first au so feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed but please go easy on us 🥺
🔹time stamp don’t matter
🔹main ship: #taekook #kookv
🔹side ship: established #yoonmin
future #namjin
🔹lot of crack and fluff
🔹enjoy 🥺💜
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— in which kim seokjin discovers beautiful poems and notes stuck onto his books whenever he studies in the library. ImageImageImageImage

- social media au
- university au
- some written parts
- namjin
- taegijin are roommates
- namkookhopemin are roommates
- fluff, no angst ♥

ᵉⁿʲᵒʸ (✿^▽^) ImageImage
『one』seokjin’s roommates are bullies (but cute) ImageImage
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Psst guys, update in a couple of hours once I’m done with work. Have an aesthetic board for Jin’s apartment 💛 ImageImageImage
Legally Jin 💞 A #Namjin AU

Hey friends, time for some more angst because apparently I have zero chill. ImageImage
Legally Jin 💞 A #Namjin AU

Just a reminder that twitter has a habit of screwing me over so if any of my posts aren’t visible to you please let me know 💛 ImageImage
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Okay, so sorry it took forever, really life has been an absolute bitch, extra shifts, proto-lupus, scary new meds, the whole works. Plus this chapter was being a bitch and I rewrote it like four times, but I hope the next one is faster, let’s get it!
Legally Jin 💞 A #Namjin AU
Legally Jin 💞 A #Namjin AU
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#namjin Crack Au in which Jin runs a hard stan account and gets barricade at a concert — Joon grabs Jin’s phone in the middle of the concert while he’s filming And proceeds to mouth out his personal phone number into the camera ImageImageImageImage
SnS is labor intensive so I’m no sure if I’ll actually make this but I’m tempted to write something less serious 🥺
So this is gonna be full of headassery, probably porn, nsfw written possibly and whatever else I feel like adding

I’ll probably update slowly so I apologize in advanced but this will be my first majority social media au✊

Quote don’t reply, ignore timestamps 💋
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JK itu bi terkenal di kampus. Tampan, dominan, jd top bagi siapa pun. JK dapat dare meluluhkan kating bernama Kim Taehyung, menurutnya itu mudah.

Rencana awal JK mengikat kedua tangan Tae di pinggir ranjang sambil mendesahkan namanya, bkn malah sebaliknya

-social media au
-bxb, dom/sub
-maybe switch (vk+kv welcome)
-soft, vulgar
-another ship : namjin (a lot) + maybe yoonmin? idk
-bad jokes & relationship
-don't tag bts😂
-gimme feedback
-forgive me GOD
-last, jgn curi ide au ini pls?
Ofc cast :
- Jeon Jungkook, fuck boy. Bisa dgn mudah mengajakmu ke atas ranjangnya. Tp dia tdk akan memberimu status. Dapat sebuah tamparan dia anggap 'menang'. Menyukai hal2 seksi, karena dia sendiri juga sgt seksi. Siapa yg tidak tahu JK? Sbgai vokalis band kampus, dia populer
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<nsfw 🔞>
bad boy
Day 1 minus 8 months
Seoul, South Korea

Jay's new friend
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#Namjin au where namjoon is a regular at the book cafe seokjin owns. Seokjin, too shy to approach him, pretends to be a waiter to deliver a free coffee to namjoon with cute notes everyday telling namjoon that an unknown person sends them to him.
Fellas i’ll start this on friday 🤠
Before we start:

-FLUFFY (lets get that soft shit gays) and slight crack au

-someone help jin, he’s whipped™

-if you can’t read the notes just tell me, ik my handwriting sucks

- tw: lots of cursing

- ignore the timestamps

-troops: namseokvmin vs yoonjinkook

- enjoy!
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YouTubers #Namjin au where namjoon has a big fat crush on seokjin which everyone knows about except him. When namjoon finally has enough, he decides to start a feud with jin in hopes of getting noticed
Before we start:

- Crack and fluffy au don’t take it seriously

- tw: lots of cursing

- ignore the timestamps

- only jin and namjoon are youtubers— the others get featured in their videos

-Possible sideships— sope, vminkook

- enjoy!
[0.0] just a regular day in namjoon’s life
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#Namjin au where drunk namjoon gets a little bit (VERY) excited doing karaoke during a company dinner and ends up embarrassing himself in front of his company’s CEO kim seokjin
FINALLY a namjin au. We made it everyone ✊🏻. This is inspired by me seeing those photos next to each other in my camera roll lmao and more importantly I’m literally writing this to feed my kink of seokjin in suits.

joon, jimin, yoongi, hoseok, tae and jeongguk are all in the team — yoongi is their chief and in direct contact w/ seokjin (close with him personally too)

Jeongguk is SJ’s cousin but no one really knows

tw— ALOT of cursing

Also ignore all timestamps

Now let’s REALLY start
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yoonmin au

Bad boy Min Yoongi was cursed to turn into a cat every night and the only way to break it is to make a cat lover fall in love with him before it reaches 100 days.

#yoonminau #YoonMin fluff, comedy, nsfw (?), smut (?)
i'm gonna start this in a few hours coz i'm sleepy lol goodnight 🙀
the usual notes before i start:
-everyone knows everyone (one way or another)
-i'm thinking of smut coz as u know, my other aus they all smutty but let's see (if it cant be helped)
-contains cursing, angst, nsfw (?) idk i guess ++
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