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#NaatuNaatu is a song that celebrates Rural Telangana life. Chandra Bose who wrote the song, comes from a small village in erstwhile Warangal district, he incorporated his growing up experiences in the song.
For starters Naatu does not mean "Dance" as seen in some translations, basically it's a Telugu word for raw, rustic, rural. The Telugu used in the song is a more rustic version, different from the more Sanskritized version.
We generally use Naatu for anything raw or rustic. Like we have Naatu Kodi for country chicken, as opposed to the regular boiler chicken, and Naatu Saara for country liquor.
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The #Oscars2023 Quiz 🧠

How well do you know the winners? 🏆
Who made history? ⭐️
Who set the stage on fire? 🔥

Test your knowledge of this year's #AcademyAwards winners, performers, and presenters, and let us know your answers in the comments 👇

#Oscar #Oscars

A thread 🧵
How many Oscars did #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce win? 🏆

(Hint 🤭 The movie has won everything, everywhere, all at once at #Oscars2023)

#Oscar #Oscars #AcademyAwards2023
Who accepted the #Oscar for #NaatuNaatu from #RRR? 🕺🕺

Take this poll and see how well you know the winners!

Also, did you watch the Naatu Naatu LIVE performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments 👇

#Oscars #Oscars2023
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#RRR and #NaatuNaatu winning the Oscars is in many ways a life lesson for us.A catchy tune with a foot tapping dance is how I see the song.Nice but hardly extraordinary. Yet it wins the biggest prize in cinema.Why?Promotion is one big reason. An above average product made to look
extra special by months of promotion.Of course just promotion cannot make any product win but it does make a key difference.If you promote yourself in life you give yourself a better chance at success.There have been many better songs to come out of India but they didn't make it
Maybe there were a dozen reasons why they didn't and promotion may have been just one.But at the end of the day you don't need to be extraordinary to win. People less talented than you are often more successful. Likewise many more talented than you haven't reached where you have
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ఆర్ఆర్ఆర్‌కు ఆస్కార్‌పై సీఎం కేసీఆర్‌ హర్షం.. విశ్వ సినీ యవనికపై తెలుగు సినిమా సత్తా చాటుతూ, ప్రపంచ చలనచిత్ర రంగంలో అత్యంత ప్రతిష్టాత్మకంగా భావించే ఆస్కార్ ను గెలుచుకోవడం తెలుగువారిగా మనందరికీ గర్వకారణం-సీఎం కేసీఆర్

#RRRMovie #Oscar #NaatuNaatu #KCR
ఆస్కార్ పొందిన నాటు నాటు పాటలో పొందు పరిచిన పదాలు తెలంగాణ సంస్కృతికి, తెలుగు ప్రజల రుచి అభిరుచికి, ప్రజా జీవన వైవిధ్యానికి అద్దం పట్టాయి. తెలుగు భాషలోని మట్టి వాసనలను, ఘాటును, నాటు పాట ద్వారా గొప్పగా వెలుగులోకి తెచ్చిన పాట రచయిత చంద్రబోస్‌కు సీఎం ప్రత్యేక అభినందనలు

#Oscar #KCR
సంగీత దర్శకుడు ఎంఎం కీరవాణి, దర్శకుడు రాజమౌళి, గాయకులు రాహుల్ సిప్లిగంజ్, కాలభైరవ, నటులు రామ్ చరణ్, జూనియర్ ఎన్టీఆర్, కొరియోగ్రాఫర్ ప్రేమ్ రక్షిత్, సినిమా నిర్మాత డీవీవీ దానయ్య, ఇతర సాంకేతిక సిబ్బందికి శుభాకాంక్షలు-కేసీఆర్

#Oscars #Oscars2023 #RRRMovie #NaatuNaatu #KCR
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The Elephant Whisperers triumphs at the #AcademyAwards - Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga win the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject - the first ever for an Indian Production at the #Oscars.

#Oscars95 | @guneetm
Deepika Padukone introduces #NaatuNaatu from the #RRRMovie to the #Oscars2023 audience.
#NaatuNaatu brings down the house at the #Oscars.
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#Oscars2023 LIVE updates 🔴

All eyes are on India's entry #RRR 🤩

Get the latest updates here 👇…

#Oscars #Oscars95 #RRRForOscars
The first #Oscar goes to Pinocchio movie for Best Animated Feature.

Get the latest updates here 👇

#PinocchioMovie #Oscars #Oscars2023
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I didnt know about this song #NaatuNaatu .. so I heard it today.. it seems the song was shot in the Kiev palace of Zelensky who is facing much troubles now...
To me it seems pretty ordinary... nothing special that I could find..
How the nuck is merely stating that I heard the song today and it was shot in Ukraine Prez Palace pulling the song down?.. Are you such a brainless nitwit?
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Review: #RRR
Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Agar ise nahi dekha to kya dekha!
@ssrajamouli is the director who can turn a film into the
You can't get enough of it in
1 go.
Deserves a 2nd-3rd watch
"Only in the THEATERS"
#JrNTR #RamCharan
Entry of both lead actors stands out.
But #JrNTR's entry scene deserves a special mention. It will give you an adrenaline rush..!
There is an emotional connect in the background.
Goosebumps Guaranteed.

Entry of #RamCharan is superbly choreographed.
After #Prabhas,
has become an established name in the North belt with #Pushpa
And now its time for #JrNTR @tarak9999 with #RRR.

What a terrific performance!

He's here to stay.. For sure.
He makes you laugh, cry, angry.. An instant connect with audience 👌👌
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