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After Opium Wars, East India Company plundered Chinese Summer Palace just like Robert Clive did in Arcot, Plassey. These smuggled treasures are regularly being sold infront of the whole world by British auction houses one of which was given to #NiravModi…
Did yoy know the colonial auction houses of Christie's and Sotheby's are smuggling Indian cultural treasures, artifacts, temple idols, manuscripts and selling them off in broad daylight - also setup #NiravModi by supplying him stolen Golconda diamonds?…
The same British auction houses of Sotheby’s & Christie’s that setup #NiravModi are also involved in the smuggling of the treasures of Tirumala Tirupati temples – the issue now raised by the head priest of Tirumala on the basis of our report here 👇🏿…
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It is this thornless #Prince who single handedly finished @anilambani During his tenure he arrested @AdaniOnline scion Jamai ji visited them. But ty faught back It's @TheVijayMallya who ran away after taking loans on phone he talks of incompetency !
1. Now wait let us list companies which were given loan by #NehruVadraGandhi thru Kaka MMS which is now closed because of default. @narendramodi ji ...
2. @INCIndia says @jetairways closure
Why it was closed ? Who gave them loan ? What is outstanding?
It's closed for financial mismanagement
Rahul baba govt gave loan
As on Apl. 2019 outstanding debt was ₹11,261 cr #SlowDownMoveOver
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Exclusive report.

Nirav Modi was setup by London based auction houses of Christie & Sotheby involved in auction of our ancient idols & manuscripts stolen by East India Company spies & hoarded in warehouses of British Empire's officers.…
Nirav Modi’s meteoric rise begins with world famous auction houses of #Christie’s & #Sotheby’s who sold his #Golconda diamonds to unknown buyers. This trick was punctured by cases of inflated invoices, diamond smuggling, market manipulations, money laundering by Indian agencies.
What most people fail to grasp is that this is not just one fraud, its a web of multiple scams – it’s a way of life. To better illustrate this point we mention below briefly about one of their adventures in Zimbabwe in 2012 & encourage our readers to checkout the rest.
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Today Pink Legacy diamond from platinum necklace donated by Maharaja of Mysore to Tirumala Tirupati Temples known as 'Leonardo da Vinci of Diamonds' was auctioned by Christie's at Geneva despite our letter to PMO & temple mahant's warnings. But how did it reach there?
In its 251 years in business, Christie's sold only 4 such diamonds weighing more than 10 carats, this #TTD diamond was almost 20 carats and sold for a record $70 million to Harry Winston. But no one has bothered to ask still how did this diamond get there?…
According to British auction house Christie's this Tirumala Tirupati temples diamond once belonged to the Oppenheimer diamond family. But how did this diamond reach there from #TTD? And what is this Oppenheimer family? We warned about this in detail to our PMO early this year.
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Do you know the company that was contracted during #Demonetisation to print our new currency notes #DeLaRue was blacklisted and banned for its involvement with Pakistan in spreading fake currency in India & is being sued in courts after we reported it?…
What we were not told about #Demonetisation was that while Indian govt was cracking a whip on the informal economy the actual black money was already being routed back into India legally via India’s Biggest Scam – #RoundTripping #BlackMoney As #FDI?…
Was the Head of State of British Government & of erstwhile British East India Company present in India to ensure that #Demonetisation scam money was properly transferred to them? Did #Demonetisation finance #Brexit?…
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#SaveIndia from being looted and plundered again. If a small island nation like Maldives can come out of the Commonwealth as recently as in 2016, ofcourse even India can. Save India from being a Jewel in the #Commonwealth. Don’t Indians have a spine?…
#SaveIndia from loosing Two-Thirds of its wealth by 2030.

Acc to recent research world’s richest 1% are on course to control as much as two-thirds of world’s wealth by 2030. The #tippingpoint as projected by researchers is the 2008 financial crash.…
#SaveIndia from the colonial auction houses of Christie's and Sotheby's smuggling Indian cultural treasures, artifacts, temple idols, manuscripts and selling them off in broad daylight; who also setup #NiravModi by supplying him stolen Golconda diamonds…
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Everyone in the world seems to know where #NiravModi is, except for the Interpol. Is it because he was setup by the British & American intelligence running world famous auction houses of Christie's & Sotheby's who recently auctioned #Tirumala Tirupati Temple's stolen diamond?
Why can't the Indian Govt officials nab the infamous auction houses of Christie's & Sotheby's and ask them where did they get the smuggled Golconda diamond cut by #NiravModi that they sold off?…
Did you know a diamond that was smuggled from the #Tirumala #Tirupati Temple was recently sold off by infamous auction house of Sotheby's in Geneva? Did you also know that these auction houses also sold smuggled Golconda diamond cut by #NiravModi?…
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#NiravModi's #PNBFraud is just a cherry on tip of an iceberg, a systemic plunder of national & natural resources that is being going on since centuries with involvement of world famous auction houses that played a major role in setting up his career.…
"I would like to bring to your notice a major financial scam similar to that of #VijayMallya of #Kingfisher #SubrataRoy of #SaharaGroup, Ramalingaraju of #Satyam. Kindly look into this & do needful before its too late & he escapes from India" - #PNBFraud whistleblower #HariPrasad
#PNBScam whistleblower #HariPrasad filed criminal complaint with Bengaluru Police in 2015 against #MehulChoksi for being cheated of Rs10 crore by Gitanjali Gems following which he wrote to several authorities such as #ED #CBI #SEBI eventually to PMO itself in 2016, yet no action.
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#NiravModi is just tip of the iceberg. It is a well-known fact that diamond trade is used for money-laundering & that this channels are used to finance terror activities around the globe including in India. Just check the #BlackMoney list from #Belgium?…
So now that media is waking upto #NiravModi's #Belgium connections important question that should be asked is who are these diamond merchants & how many of them are in the #BlackMoney list? Dont be amazed if you find barons on the list financing bollywood.
#NiravModi was setup by London auction houses of Christie & Sotheby involved in auctioning of ancient Indian idols & manuscripts stolen by East India Company spies & hoarded in the storeroom warehouses of British Empire's officers. This goes on even now & is a $5B black market.
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