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#CCP’s #World #Domination Strategy: #Weaponise Everything

Tactics: #Disguise, #Deflect, #Defame, #Divide, & #Deny

* Overseas researchers, academics, etc. are actually #spies.
* Chinese news outlets are actually its #propaganda mouthpiece. 1/n
* Belt & Road Initiative (#BRI) is actually Bait & Rob Initiative (debt trap diplomacy).

* America’s human right violations are worse than China’s.
* China can’t contribute much financially to international bodies because it’s an underdeveloped country. 2/n
* CCP ordered @WHO to call it #Covid19, but not #WuhanVirus, so as to disassociate it.

* Blamed #America, then #Italy, then #France as the origin of the virus.
* Play #victim: China lost many lives so as to let the world have time to save their people. 3/n
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The Ukrainian “Drug Deal” & All the President’s Lawyers

Bolton reveals Trump’s trial is more corrupt than we thought

First, this shows that Trump’s chief counsel for his impeachment defense, Pat Cipollone, might have been a fact witness to the very corrupt scheme.

&for which the Senate is now set to acquit him.

Bolton placed Cipollone in the room w/ Trump as he ordered Bolton to pressure Zelensky to work w/ Giuliani to set up a shadow op that would subvert our foreign policy & nat’l interest to Trump’s corrupt political ends

In May, in the Oval Oval Trump directed Bolton, to help with his pressure campaign to gin up damaging info on DEMs from UKR officials

Mulvaney, Giuliani & the WH counsel, Pat A. Cipollone, who is now leading Trump’s impeachment defense, attended the meeting.
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New #Qanon thread January 30th - Q post 3806: Q links a post of #LindseyGraham explaining how the #President was completely in his legal right to pursue actual crimes committed by high ranking politicians. He also stated the #Bidens are being looked at outside! #ImpeachmentEnd
Q post 3807: Q points out Sept 19th, 2018 to watch the opponent who decide to run in 2020 because they will say @realDonaldTrump cannot go against his political enemies. See #JoeBiden & #HunterBiden. Also see #TomSteyer #MichaelBloomberg all running out of the blue.
Q post 3808: Q posts a link to an article about #JeffSessions opened 27 investigations into leaking w/ political motives in the gov. Q is stating that the whistleblowers to be revealed in these investigations were 2 sources on the #NationalSecurityCouncil…
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🔥#Ukrainegate henchman—Lev Parnas—allegedly met with Ukrainian-#Russian🇷🇺mobligarch Dmitry Firtash at Rudy’s direction and encouraged Firtash to help dig up dirt “as part of any potential resolution to his extradition matter” on #bribery & other charges.…
🔥In June, Parnas advised Firtash to hire 2 lawyers already helping Rudy dig up dirt—Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing—who would help BLOCK Firtash’s extradition to the US.

Firtash hired and paid them $1.2 million. In August, they met with Bill Barr to plead Firtash’s case.🛎
Yet another corrupt #QuidProQuo by Team Trump, but this time, with a reputed Ukrainian-#Russian🇷🇺mobligarch already under federal #indictment for #bribery and #RICO.

And the complicit @GOP will excuse yet more #corruption by @realDonaldTrump at the cost of our democracy.🤬
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Interesting evening spent with 4 senators at a very small gathering. LOTS of optimism—fueled by internal #poll data—that we will flip the Senate.

Maine: @SenatorCollins is DOWN by 2 points. Her #Kavanaugh vote decimated her approval rating — she went from 57 to the upper-30’s.😎
Senate breakdown is 53 @GOP—47 @SenateDems + Independent.

@DougJones faces a tough re-election bid, but @jeffsessions may split the anti-Roy Moore vote. If Moore wins the primary, Jones has a great chance.

If Jones loses, we need 4-5 seats to flip—4 if we win @POTUS, 5 if not.
In Colorado, @CoryGardner is in BIG trouble. John @Hickenlooper leads by 12 points!

In #NC, @ThomTillis is literally polling in the toilet (approval rating in the 20’s!), so another great pickup opportunity for @TheDemocrats.😎
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Analyse constitutionnelle rude et inédite de #Pelosi sur l'enquête en #impeachment en cours contre #Trump: elle estime que le donnant-donnant imposé à l'#Ukraine par le président US est de la corruption (bribery). Il a acheté 1 gain politique avec l'aide militaire retenue.
2) La sortie de #Pelosi n'est pas due au hasard et renvoie à la nature historique de l'#impeachment du président, ici #Trump, enserré dans une définition juridique vague et à recontextualiser des chefs d'accusation énoncés par la Constitution de 1787...
3)… art.II sec.4:"Le président, le vice-président et tout officier civil US seront destitués de leur fonction sur #impeachment (mise en accusation), et condamnation, pour trahison (Treason), #bribery (corruption) ou autres hauts crimes et délits (high crimes and misdemeanors)
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🔥BIG NEWS. @HouseDemocrats appear to have a witness who overheard @realDonaldTrump scheming with Gordon Sondland about their #bribery of #Ukraine.

Diplomat David Holmes *won an award* for his courage to speak up while working in government and will testify Friday.😎
Bill Taylor said after the call, Holmes asked Sondland about Trump's views of #Ukraine, “Sondland responded that President Trump cares more about the investigations of Biden, which Giuliani was pressing for.”

NOT that #Ukraine is a bulwark against #Russia🇷🇺in Eastern Europe.🤬
Taylor added that Sondland told his staffer (Holmes) that Trump also cares about Burisma (Ukrainian natural gas company associated with Hunter Biden that Trump wanted #Ukraine to investigate).🙄

But Trump does NOT care that #Ukraine is a critical ally AGAINST #Russia🇷🇺.
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<THREAD> I'll have a live feed and analysis of tomorrow's #ImpeachmentInquiry hearing from 10am. Here's what I'm expecting. @NarativLive
1. The elephant in the room: Is #Trump and agent of Russia? That's because you can't talk about #Ukraine without talking about #Russia and #Putin. Watch "Ukraine In A Minute" below to find out why. @NarativLive
2. The Dems want to focus narrowly on the recent events involving Ukraine but Trump has attempted to meddle in Ukraine since before taking office. Here's a look at the first #Ukrainegate
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“I’m @SenCoryGardner, a bribed juror in the upcoming Senate removal trial, and I approve of this message:

Trump’s bribery & extortion is okay with me as long as he gives me money for my 2020 election campaign”
(*Ad paid for by Trump Super PACs)…
@SenCoryGardner #Bribery
“I’m @SenThomTillis, a bribed juror in the upcoming Senate removal trial, and I approve of this message:

Trump’s bribery & extortion is okay with me as long as he gives me money for my 2020 election campaign.”
(*Ad paid for by Trump Super PACs)…
“I’m @SenJoniErnst, a bribed juror in the upcoming Senate removal trial, and I approve of this message:

Trump’s bribery & extortion is okay with me as long as he gives me money for my 2020 election campaign”
(*Ad paid for by Trump Super PACs)…
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I’ve been ranting all over replies about this today so I’m putting it all in a thread.

WORDS MATTER—especially now:
#NotAQPQ and Why

Why not QPQ (this for that)?

There’s no “this for that” when “this” is conspiratorial scheme for personal political benefit & the exoneration of Putin for his attack in ‘16 (both of which Ukraine wants no part of) & “that” is a matter of life and death for Ukrainians.
When you find TRUMP, his allies & the GOP repeating a word or phrase —over and over —your disinfo alarms should go off. They’re trying to get the media & others to use their framing.
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@SenatorWicker’s office says after 18 mo it has gotten NO answer from DOJ on why Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash—who bankrolled Paul Manafort & Giuliani’s #Ukrainegate henchmen—has not been extradited to the US to face federal #bribery charges.…
In June, #Austria approved the extradition of Firtash, who has been living there since his 2014 arrest.

Wicker wrote then-AG Sessions in Apr’2018 about Firtash, alleging that Firtash—ties to the #Russian🇷🇺mob—had made "hundreds of millions" in "illicit profits.”

What does @SenatorWicker think about Firtash—whom Wicker correctly noted has close ties with the #Russian🇷🇺mob—bankrolling @realDonaldTrump’s and Giuliani’s #Ukrainegate henchmen⁉️


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‼️Meet Trump & Giulaini’s two RU mob operatives working in Ukraine to influence prosecutors in an effort to dig up (manufacture?) dirt on Biden & HRC:

Ukrainian-born Igor Fruman and Russian-born Lev Parnas (between Pence & Trump).
The two Soviet-born Florida (Sunny Isles) businessmen — one linked to a Ukrainian tycoon with reputed mafia ties — are key hidden actors behind a plan by U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney to investigate the president’s rivals…
Giuliani has publicly identified Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman as his clients and Trump has endorsed their efforts during a Fox News interview.…
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#KidsInCages might be an issue on THIS side of the border, but decades of failure to act, abdication of responsibility & bribery of politicians has killed thousands of people as they make their way to US. Shifty-eyed @SenSchumer & @SpeakerPelosi has decades to fix this. #Bribery
“From beheading to kidnappings, there is no limit to what Mexican drug cartels will do to assert their dominance—they deal not only in drugs, but also in humans. The majority of the coyotes who help undocumented immigrants cross the border are affiliated with the cartels” @AOC
“Symbols like the rape tree serve as a reminder to volunteers or anyone passing through of the escalating brutality “coyotes” are using to control immigrants they lead through this land” @AOC @IlhanMN @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @ewarren @BernieSanders @KamalaHarris #YouDidThis
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Looking at a live shot of a US military tank parked right in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Nearly can hear Abe screaming gtfo.
Worth noting here, for tomorrow’s event the Trump administration has purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars in fireworks FROM CHINA 🇨🇳
Now take all of this & consider the state of our troubled nation. Nothing about any of this National Independence Day tradition is American.
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Mueller’s Team is seething as their findings are far more damaging for Trump than Barr revealed.

SCO had prepared their own summaries of their findings that Barr willfully suppressed & instead substituted his own far more flattering summation in the 4 page letter.

The normally silent OSC clearly felt Barr mischaracterized their findings to the extent they felt the need to send a warning shot across the bow.

Why did Barr mischaracterized OSC’s findings?

Manipulate the narrative?

Suppress the truth to the American public?

📌The SCO’s investigators had already written multiple summaries of the report, and some believe Barr should have included more of their material in the 4-page letter

📌Kush identified as senior WH official whose security clearance was denied by career officials.
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THREAD: Important to note what is NOT in Bill Barr’s summary of the #MuellerReport, along with what is in it.

Barr says that Mueller uncovered 2 ways #Russia🇷🇺influenced the election:

☝🏼IRA’s disinformation/social media op
✌🏼GRU’s hacking/dissemination of Democratic emails
No surprise, Barr claims that Mueller says that Team🇷🇺Trump didn’t conspire DIRECTLY with IRA or GRU. But *no one* even alleged that they did.🙄


Note: Barr does NOT mention WikiLeaks/Assange (and why Roger Stone’s #indictment cross-references the GRU’s), Don Jr gleefully accepting campaign help from the #Russian🇷🇺government, @GOP platform change on #Ukraine, quid pro quo #sanctions-for-help deal.🤨
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#ImpeachTrump #Corruption

Trump cheered Kraft’s team to Super Bowl victory with founder of spa where he was busted:…
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🔥Sergei Millian–the Belarusian former partner of @realDonaldTrump and "Source D/E" in the #SteeleDossier–offered George Papadopoulos a lucrative "job," but only if PapaD got a WH job.🤨

@RepAdamSchiff says interviewing Millian is "of deep interest."😎…
Millian was the source for #Steele's allegation of a "well developed conspiracy btwn Trump and #Russian🇷🇺leadership," overseen by MANAFORT, and said Trump had relationships w/#Russian🇷🇺officials who were giving Trump damaging info on HRC👉🏼"very helpful."

Millian also was #Steele's source for the salacious allegations that #Russia🇷🇺had incriminating sexual kompromat on Trump (the "pee-pee" tape).


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Read this thread. Update up Joseph Baptiste case I'm following. 👇
This is the article I did back in April. Court is coming up in December for Baptiste. My eyes are on it.…
New indictment in this case.…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
Aug 15-22, 2018
1. Ricky Johnston from Las Vegas admitted to receiving over 600 images of toddlers & children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. He was sentenced to 144 months in federal prison.

#childpornography #childsexabuse #RickyJohnston #projectsafechildhood…
2. Operation Darkness Falls results in arrest one of the most prolific dark net drug dealers in the world.
Matthew & Holly Roberts used the darknet marketplace to distribute #fentanyl #oxycodone #heroin #meth & other drugs.

#darknet #silkroad #alphabay…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
Week of July 30, 2018
1. Las Cruces Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Pornography Charges.

#childpornography #projectsafechildhood #ICAC #NewMexico…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
July 16, 17, 18, 19, 2018 👇
1. In April of 2010 a female's torso, decapitated head, legs & left arm were found floating in the Haina River in the DR. She had been strangled & was subsequently decapitated/dismembered. Segura was a fugitive for 8 yrs.
#DanielSegura #DominicanRepublic…
2. In Nov 2017, a chat room notified NCMEC that an image of child porn had been uploaded. Authorities linked the ip address with Parker Pendergraph who was a band director at local schools. They found more than 500 images of child porn in his residence.…
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
July 12, 13, 2018
1. Former Border Patrol Agent Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute 4ANPP Used in the Manufacturing of Fentanyl

#BorderPatrol #fentanyl #4anpp #drugtrafficking #SanYsidro #mexico…
2. Phony “Prince” Charged with Committing Child Sex Offenses

#DavidMilliner #childpornography #childabuse #childsexabuse…
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