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🧵1. 🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥: @airasia CEO @tonyfernandes_ recently held a 🧑‍✈️pilot's town hall meeting where he shared several key updates about the company's future.

However, the meeting has raised eyebrows given his ongoing involvement in several high-profile scandals.
2. Tan Sri @tonyfernandes_ is currently embroiled in the @Airbus bribery scandal (COUNT 1: MALAYSIA), which involved the company paying off officials in several countries, including Malaysia, to secure aircraft contracts.
3. TonyF has denied any wrongdoing, but the scandal has put a spotlight on his leadership and integrity. He has also been linked to the @RollsRoyce scandal, which involved the company bribing officials in several countries to secure engine contracts.…
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Bribery Case: Bengaluru Court Restrains 46 Media Organisations From Publishing Any Defamatory Content Against BJP MLA Madal Virupakshappa, His Son @plumbermushi…
@plumbermushi Merely because Lokayuktha police has raided the office of the #BJP MLA's son and seized bundle of notes, cannot give inference that both of them are involved in the huge corruption scandal: Court #Karnataka #Bribery
@plumbermushi Merely, amount is seized is not a ground to come to conclusion that, the plaintiffs are rank corrupts: Court #Karnataka #Bribery
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🇧🇬⚡️Betrayal of Nation: Bulgarian former PM Exposed for Spreading Anti-Russian Propaganda
#bulgaria #ukrainewar #ukraine #kirilpetkov #nato #cia #corruption #bribery #sofia
Front News writes that former Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov, a who has ties to the CIA, has gained financial compensation from paid publications in Di Welt and Politico, in exchange for spreading negative information about Bulgaria and damaging relations with Russia.
Petkov's actions are seen as a betrayal of Bulgaria and its ties to Russia, which freed the country from fascism.

Petkov is viewed as lacking any sense of national pride or morality, and is willing to do anything for money.
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🚨Jesse Benton—former campaign manager for #MoscowMitch and Ron & @RandPaul—found GUILTY on 6 counts of illegally funneling #Russian money to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Benton was previously convicted of 4 felonies, but Trump pardoned him.🤬…
‼️Jesse Benton—former campaign manager for #MoscowMitch and Ron & @RandPaul—not only ILLEGALLY funneled #Russian cash to Trump’s campaign, he also was #busted ON VIDEO scheming to funnel $2 million of ILLEGAL money from #China into Trump’s SuperPAC.🙄

Benton was previously CONVICTED of #conspiracy and other federal FELONIES for his scheme to bribe then-Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson in exchange for endorsing Ron Paul for president in 2012.

Trump then pardoned him.🤬…
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#PSA I want to talk about a #cybersecurity vector that I hardly ever see discussed here or much anywhere else and that is #bribery for paid access.

Outside of ransomware groups offering insiders ransom payment cuts to insiders, there is hardly any discussion of this topic.
I have encountered a real world incident where an individual was approached by another individual to perform a malicious action equivalent to corporate espionage.

The figure offered the individual a 6 digit offer in order to perform this action
The action would have allowed a 3rd party to access material and content that eventually would have been sold or used for financial gain.

The 3rd party was a valid company used by many other companies as an integration solution technology primarily cloud, containers, and APIs
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1/4 U.S. govt-funded militias known as NDS Zero Units secured the northern perimeter of #Kabul airport during the #evacuation. A U.S. interpreter & her family were beaten by them & told they needed $5,000pp to pass. Other Afghans corroborate claims of #bribery. #afghanistan
2/4 Zero Units were funded and run by the #CIA. Evacuee hopefuls told us these units let anyone inside Kabul airport who would pay - some without identification and many without a case for #evacuation. @AJEnglish also filmed secretly as they beat evacuees at the gates.
3/4 Zero Units are accused of widespread human rights abuses in #Afghanistan. Yet they were airlifted out - ahead of US passport/visa holders and U.S. allies. Many of you are asking if the majority of US #interpreters weren’t on those planes. - who was? A:
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Eight years ago, Kofi Annan’s Africa Progress Panel revealed that #DRC had lost $1.3 billion in deals struck with #DanGertler. Since then that figure has only grown. It will reach $3.71 billion if nothing is done.

Want to know more about Gertler's deals? Read this #thread.
Businessman #DanGertler has been making opaque and questionable mining deals in #DRC for over 20 years, benefitting from a close relationship with #Congo's former president Joseph Kabila. See video from our friends @TheSentry_Org. #corruption

In 2013, the Africa Progress Panel was the first to publish that Gertler’s deals cost the DRC $1.3 billion. New calculations show this was an underestimate. The loss today is $1.95 billion, with a further loss of $1.76 billion if nothing is done. See here:
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@SCCorinthiansCD @siga_zaqueu Mais um escândalo #negacionista, @arthurlira_ @rpsenador?

Até quando serão coniventes com tantas #mortes?

Na #inação, não é dever constitucional do @STF_oficial refutar isto?
@SCCorinthiansCD @siga_zaqueu @ArthurLira_ @rpsenador @STF_oficial @SF_Moro @YouTube "Em outubro de 2016, ainda elogiamos o Brasil pelo progresso na implementação de nossas recomendações (#anticorrupção). Nossas sérias #preocupações começaram em 2019, quando o @SenadoFederal brasileiro aprovou um projeto de lei que, em nossa opinião, poderia servir como um...
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#journaal #nieuwsuur In deze deep dive aan de hand van Q-berichten zet Katie G zeer gedetailleerd uiteen welke rol militaire inlichtingen momenteel spelen:…
Misschien moeten NL Amerika-correspondenten instructies krijgen van #journaal en #nieuwsuur om toch eens wat dieper in het aspect van militaire inlichtingen te duiken bij de strijd om de verkiezingsuitslag.
#journaal #nieuwsuur Ik weet dat mijn hoop vergeefs is. Die correspondenten mochten de belangrijkste speech van Trump afdoen als 'geraaskal', zichzelf verschuilend achter de NYT als 'betrouwbare bron'. Zij gingen volstrekt voorbij aan de werkelijke betekenis van die speech.
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🚨BREAKING: @TheJusticeDept investigated as recently as this summer the roles of Elliott Broidy—a top fundraiser for Trump—and Abbe Lowell—a lawyer for Jared Kushner—in an alleged scheme to offer a BRIBE in exchange for clemency for a tax crimes convict.…
A federal judge unsealed heavily redacted court documents Tuesday that disclosed the investigation into alleged ILLEGAL lobbying and #bribery.

Twice convicted felon Elliott Broidy, pleaded guilty in October to a charge related to a diffèrent illegal lobbying scheme.🙄
Billionaire Sanford Diller enlisted help in securing clemency for a Berkeley psychologist, Hugh Baras, who got a 30-month prison sentence for tax evasion and improperly claiming Social Security benefits.🧐
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A US judge today sentenced a subsidiary of New York hedge fund Och-Ziff for #corruption in #DRC.

Court documents reveal a lot about who was responsible. Though not charged, businessman #DanGertler features prominently.

This THREAD reveals what the court documents say: (1/10)
Canadian company Africo, the owners of the Kalukundi #copper and #cobalt mine in #Congo were the victims of #corruption. (2/10)
Och-Ziff admitted it funded investments in #DRC knowing that some of the money would be used to pay bribes. (3/10)

#corruption #bribery #FCPA
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#CCP’s #World #Domination Strategy: #Weaponise Everything

Tactics: #Disguise, #Deflect, #Defame, #Divide, & #Deny

* Overseas researchers, academics, etc. are actually #spies.
* Chinese news outlets are actually its #propaganda mouthpiece. 1/n
* Belt & Road Initiative (#BRI) is actually Bait & Rob Initiative (debt trap diplomacy).

* America’s human right violations are worse than China’s.
* China can’t contribute much financially to international bodies because it’s an underdeveloped country. 2/n
* CCP ordered @WHO to call it #Covid19, but not #WuhanVirus, so as to disassociate it.

* Blamed #America, then #Italy, then #France as the origin of the virus.
* Play #victim: China lost many lives so as to let the world have time to save their people. 3/n
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The Ukrainian “Drug Deal” & All the President’s Lawyers

Bolton reveals Trump’s trial is more corrupt than we thought

First, this shows that Trump’s chief counsel for his impeachment defense, Pat Cipollone, might have been a fact witness to the very corrupt scheme.

&for which the Senate is now set to acquit him.

Bolton placed Cipollone in the room w/ Trump as he ordered Bolton to pressure Zelensky to work w/ Giuliani to set up a shadow op that would subvert our foreign policy & nat’l interest to Trump’s corrupt political ends

In May, in the Oval Oval Trump directed Bolton, to help with his pressure campaign to gin up damaging info on DEMs from UKR officials

Mulvaney, Giuliani & the WH counsel, Pat A. Cipollone, who is now leading Trump’s impeachment defense, attended the meeting.
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🔥#Ukrainegate henchman—Lev Parnas—allegedly met with Ukrainian-#Russian🇷🇺mobligarch Dmitry Firtash at Rudy’s direction and encouraged Firtash to help dig up dirt “as part of any potential resolution to his extradition matter” on #bribery & other charges.…
🔥In June, Parnas advised Firtash to hire 2 lawyers already helping Rudy dig up dirt—Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing—who would help BLOCK Firtash’s extradition to the US.

Firtash hired and paid them $1.2 million. In August, they met with Bill Barr to plead Firtash’s case.🛎
Yet another corrupt #QuidProQuo by Team Trump, but this time, with a reputed Ukrainian-#Russian🇷🇺mobligarch already under federal #indictment for #bribery and #RICO.

And the complicit @GOP will excuse yet more #corruption by @realDonaldTrump at the cost of our democracy.🤬
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House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy begins his weekly presser by criticizing Democrats on impeachment “they continue to fail legislatively” #NexstarDC Image
#Ukraine is now safer because of Donald Trump” -McCarthy #impeachment Image
Criticizes use of #Bribery argument from Democratic caucus bc it was “poll-tested” #impeachment Image
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“Mr. Vindman.”
“Ranking member, it’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, please.”
The closest thing to a mic drop a congressional hearing has ever seen #ImpeachmentHearings #VindmanTestimony Image
Congressman Adam Schiff made it a point to pause and explain the connection between #QuidProQuo and #Bribery … Dems had been message testing both ahead of the hearings among ppl in battleground states, per @washingtonpost reporting #ImpeachmentHearings Image
heard a few different reasons offered up by Republicans as to why #impeachment is too far. A new one from Congressman Ratcliffe- #Vindman and #Williams both heard same July 25th phone call, only 1 felt compelled to report it. Not sure how this will resonate, both had concerns Image
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Interesting evening spent with 4 senators at a very small gathering. LOTS of optimism—fueled by internal #poll data—that we will flip the Senate.

Maine: @SenatorCollins is DOWN by 2 points. Her #Kavanaugh vote decimated her approval rating — she went from 57 to the upper-30’s.😎
Senate breakdown is 53 @GOP—47 @SenateDems + Independent.

@DougJones faces a tough re-election bid, but @jeffsessions may split the anti-Roy Moore vote. If Moore wins the primary, Jones has a great chance.

If Jones loses, we need 4-5 seats to flip—4 if we win @POTUS, 5 if not.
In Colorado, @CoryGardner is in BIG trouble. John @Hickenlooper leads by 12 points!

In #NC, @ThomTillis is literally polling in the toilet (approval rating in the 20’s!), so another great pickup opportunity for @TheDemocrats.😎
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Analyse constitutionnelle rude et inédite de #Pelosi sur l'enquête en #impeachment en cours contre #Trump: elle estime que le donnant-donnant imposé à l'#Ukraine par le président US est de la corruption (bribery). Il a acheté 1 gain politique avec l'aide militaire retenue.
2) La sortie de #Pelosi n'est pas due au hasard et renvoie à la nature historique de l'#impeachment du président, ici #Trump, enserré dans une définition juridique vague et à recontextualiser des chefs d'accusation énoncés par la Constitution de 1787...
3)… art.II sec.4:"Le président, le vice-président et tout officier civil US seront destitués de leur fonction sur #impeachment (mise en accusation), et condamnation, pour trahison (Treason), #bribery (corruption) ou autres hauts crimes et délits (high crimes and misdemeanors)
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🔥BIG NEWS. @HouseDemocrats appear to have a witness who overheard @realDonaldTrump scheming with Gordon Sondland about their #bribery of #Ukraine.

Diplomat David Holmes *won an award* for his courage to speak up while working in government and will testify Friday.😎
Bill Taylor said after the call, Holmes asked Sondland about Trump's views of #Ukraine, “Sondland responded that President Trump cares more about the investigations of Biden, which Giuliani was pressing for.”

NOT that #Ukraine is a bulwark against #Russia🇷🇺in Eastern Europe.🤬
Taylor added that Sondland told his staffer (Holmes) that Trump also cares about Burisma (Ukrainian natural gas company associated with Hunter Biden that Trump wanted #Ukraine to investigate).🙄

But Trump does NOT care that #Ukraine is a critical ally AGAINST #Russia🇷🇺.
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<THREAD> I'll have a live feed and analysis of tomorrow's #ImpeachmentInquiry hearing from 10am. Here's what I'm expecting. @NarativLive
1. The elephant in the room: Is #Trump and agent of Russia? That's because you can't talk about #Ukraine without talking about #Russia and #Putin. Watch "Ukraine In A Minute" below to find out why. @NarativLive
2. The Dems want to focus narrowly on the recent events involving Ukraine but Trump has attempted to meddle in Ukraine since before taking office. Here's a look at the first #Ukrainegate
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“I’m @SenCoryGardner, a bribed juror in the upcoming Senate removal trial, and I approve of this message:

Trump’s bribery & extortion is okay with me as long as he gives me money for my 2020 election campaign”
(*Ad paid for by Trump Super PACs)…
@SenCoryGardner #Bribery
“I’m @SenThomTillis, a bribed juror in the upcoming Senate removal trial, and I approve of this message:

Trump’s bribery & extortion is okay with me as long as he gives me money for my 2020 election campaign.”
(*Ad paid for by Trump Super PACs)…
“I’m @SenJoniErnst, a bribed juror in the upcoming Senate removal trial, and I approve of this message:

Trump’s bribery & extortion is okay with me as long as he gives me money for my 2020 election campaign”
(*Ad paid for by Trump Super PACs)…
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@SenatorWicker’s office says after 18 mo it has gotten NO answer from DOJ on why Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash—who bankrolled Paul Manafort & Giuliani’s #Ukrainegate henchmen—has not been extradited to the US to face federal #bribery charges.…
In June, #Austria approved the extradition of Firtash, who has been living there since his 2014 arrest.

Wicker wrote then-AG Sessions in Apr’2018 about Firtash, alleging that Firtash—ties to the #Russian🇷🇺mob—had made "hundreds of millions" in "illicit profits.”

What does @SenatorWicker think about Firtash—whom Wicker correctly noted has close ties with the #Russian🇷🇺mob—bankrolling @realDonaldTrump’s and Giuliani’s #Ukrainegate henchmen⁉️


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‼️Meet Trump & Giulaini’s two RU mob operatives working in Ukraine to influence prosecutors in an effort to dig up (manufacture?) dirt on Biden & HRC:

Ukrainian-born Igor Fruman and Russian-born Lev Parnas (between Pence & Trump).
The two Soviet-born Florida (Sunny Isles) businessmen — one linked to a Ukrainian tycoon with reputed mafia ties — are key hidden actors behind a plan by U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney to investigate the president’s rivals…
Giuliani has publicly identified Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman as his clients and Trump has endorsed their efforts during a Fox News interview.…
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