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The Council for National Policy #CNP, "The Secret Society"… "the heart of a great conservative movement that helped to make America strong and prosperous in the 20th century – now helping to ensure she remains free and secure in the 21st century,"
Some CNP members - Mike Pence comes quickly to mind - in the context of bolstering their conservative credentials, have proudly revealed their CNP membership, even though CNP's policy is to keep membership a secret. Here is it's 2014 Membership, the latest…
If you prefer, you can watch this report on The Council For National Policy via @YouTube
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1) #FoxNews ==> Ocasio-Cortez slammed as 'financially illiterate' at Sharpton event over Amazon, faces calls to be ousted from office
#AllOutCrazy continues 2spewnonsense, this time how reparations & economic overhaul will combat #ClimateChange. @AOC is such a thorn in the side
2) of the [D]'s that again they are talking about how 2get remove her from officer.
So sad 2think that 17,000 votes could elect such an uneducated person 2the #House.
"She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know." That is actually scary, given her position.…
3) So what's with the southern accent @AOC?
🤔Very strange...
The whole speech is a conflicted mashup of realities.
ex. She's opposed 2border security & we must combat the opioid epidemic(?)
Love how this guy photo bombs her speech.
From 7:15min on -2the agenda of #BetsyDeVos?
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All, VERY VERY important to say given the DeVos news:

1. It's VERY unlikely the proposed education cuts will pass, especially under a Dem-controlled House.…

2. That said, give DeVos (and GOP electeds) absolute hell for even proposing it. Script TK.
Script re: #Devos/the Department of Education/#SpecialOlympics cuts.
And here's the Pocan video I refer to in the script:
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Another Christian Right science-denying doctor. #MarkGreen was Trump's nominee for Army Secretary. Let that sink in.
The Christian Right have dangerous beliefs. Green was Trump's nominee for Army Secretary. This is not benign.…
cf also: #BenCarson, a member of Trump's cabinet. This is completely insane. But it is barely a story because..."Christianity"
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There are a lot of reasons to hate the false allegation narrative that swirls around about sexual assault and intimate partner violence--the one #DeVos uses so often. I want to talk about a problem we don't often discuss: how the false allegation narrative hurts men.
As part of my dissertation research, I interviewed a male victim of domestic violence. We spoke at length about his hesitations in accessing campus resources. The most severe? That he would get "Title IX'd."
This means he worried that since he was a man accessing Title IX resources, the only way they would know how to treat him was as a perpetrator. He worried he would be investigated and expelled for walking into a Title IX resource, even though he was the victim.
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The #DeVos administration wants to limit the definition of sexual harassment to include actions that are "objectively offensive." In a nation where sexual violence is increasingly politicized, that's a problem.
If we learned anything from Kavanaugh or Franken, it's that no act of sexual violence is "objectively offensive." We minimize the severity of crimes committed by people who are on our side.
In a college context, who will we think is the most objectively offensive when they commit acts of sexual violence? Honors students? Children of professors? Football players? Fraternity men? Or will it be students of color? Or queer students?
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Let's revisit #CarterPage. Did you know: #Page visited Moscow on $$ donated by AlfaBank's Petr Aven. AlfaBank: partnered with deVos's Amway; had Richard Burt, Trump's first foreign speech writer, on its board. Burt & Page both worked for Gazprom.…
2. Page announced Tillerson's nomination on Dec 12, 2016, in Moscow. Trump announced Tillerson in the US on Dec. 13. Katehon, Dugin's project, covered Page's visit/speech. Dugin is nicknamed "Putin's brain."…
3. Dugin's projects and publications (in Russian and English) like Katehon and “Orthodox TV channel” Tsargrad are sponsored by Russian right-wing nationalist Konstantin Malofeev, the founder of Marshall Capital, one of the leading Russian investment groups.
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Our students deserve better. Hiring for-profit school executives to oversee the unit investigating for-profit schools creates clear and direct conflicts of interest. And it’s no way to run the Department of Education.…
Outrageous. Secretary #DeVos hired for-profit school execs and w/in months the special unit designed to protect students shuttered investigations into 3 for-profit schools. Now they have only 3 staffers to oversee fraud at nearly 6,900 colleges. Draining the swamp? Not.
I’ve written to Secretary #DeVos to ensure that the Dept of Education maintains its commitment to students and investigates colleges that enrich for-profit school execs at the expense of taxpayers.…
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How Dominionism Was Spread. Part 1.
A Covert Religious Political Theocracy, Under Many Names, is Hidden in Plain Sight.
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DeVos: Schools should decide whether to report undocumented kids [to ICE]…


"Any public school…that denies an education to any undocumented child…by reporting a child to ICE has violated the United States Constitution." See:…
"MALDEF stands ready to hold accountable through legal challenge anyone in public education who attempts to report a student to ICE.”
Congressional @HispanicCaucus publicly renouncing horribly inaccurate statement by Secretary #DeVos, that schools could call ICE on their students. (That'd be unconstitutional.)

Live streaming at…
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#Pruitt is a regular attendee of the weekly Bible Study run by the highly politicized Evangelical Capitol Ministries. Here is their sermon on environmentalism. Folks really need to understand what is happening here. #ScienceMatters…
This goes throughout this administration. This is not 'economic populism' #Pence /1…
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