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Today 11 years ago, 2 terrorists murdered Kristine Luken & stabbed my friend Kay Wilson 18 times, leaving her for dead. Previously, they murdered Neta Sorek.

As a REWARD for the attacks, the Palestinian Authority has so far paid each of the terrorists 450,000 Shekels ($139,332).
When the @StateDept provides aid to the PA, it does so knowing the PA uses its funds to reward terrorists, not only for murdering 馃嚠馃嚤 Jews, but also for murdering Christian, US citizens, like Kristine.

This is just part of Kay's story:
The PA is complaining to the world that it is suffering from a financial crisis. While the PA corruption is rife, the main reason for the PA's financial difficulties is its #PayforSlay policy, as exposed by @palwatch.
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Tomorrow (9 Aug.) will be 20 years since the terrorist attack on the Sbarro pizza shop in Jerusalem.

To date, the PA has paid the main terrorists involved over $1,183,257 as a reward for murdering 15 people, including women & children.

Every month the PA pays out $8,006 in additional benefits.

The terrorist who chose the target & led to suicide bomber to the pizza shop, now lives in Jordan protected by @KingAbdullahII.

When she found out she murdered 8 children, she smiled.
The PA #PayforSlay policy is immoral.

Instead of trying to find a way to renew US aid to the PA, in breach of the Taylor Force Act, @POTUS Biden & @SecBlinken should demand that the PA immediately cease rewarding terrorists!
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.Fog of #Palestinian War

@RepRashida 鈥榮 7/22/21 letter to @SecYellen has a tone, an approach, & a number of claims worth considering bc they reflect weaknesses in the #Islamist interests it represents. This affects US foreign policy; the upcoming 鈥22 election; & the politics
of the UN.

The tone is one of desperation; the approach is to use a US #Palestinian-American Congresswoman to front #Islamist assertions about US DOMESTIC & International Law in order to illegally derail the Executive Branch鈥檚 Middle East policy. This affects the 鈥22 elections
bc, in combination w/Biden Administration withdrawal from Afghanistan, re-habilitation of the flawed #UNRWA, re-funding the PA despite the PA鈥檚 publicly declared continuation of #PayforSlay , re-habilitating Gaza w/0 penalty for Hamas, whom the US designated as a terrorist org
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The biased EU is on a roll today.

First they condemned Jews for defending themselves against homicidal terrorists as "excessive" use of force, & now they are selectively reading the Oslo Accords to condemn 馃嚠馃嚤 & allow the participation of terrorists in the upcoming PA elections.
A few weeks ago they chose a Palestinian terror supporter as someone they are #InspiredbyHer.
And all this alongside the constant flow of EU cash, used by the PA to fund its #Payforslay terror reward policy.
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Tonight, the 2nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan, will mark 20 years since a Palestinian terrorist, armed with a sniper rifle, murdered baby Shalhevet Pass as she lay in her stroller.

馃敟 As a prize for murdering Shalhevet, the PA has paid her murderer 831,800 NIS ($UD250,000)馃敟
As part of the PA's #Payforslay policy, at the moment, as a reward for murdering Shalhevet, the PA is paying her murderer 7,000 Shekels ($US 2,162) every month. Next year, the blood money salary will rise to 8,000 shekels ($US 2,471) a month, JUST FOR MURDERING A JEWISH BABY!
The PA (@DrShtayyeh) can only continue rewarding terrorists, including the murderer of Shalhevet & hundreds of other murderers, thanks to the aid provided by the EU (@EUinIsrael @eu_eeas @EUpalestinians @EGiaufretEU @vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF).

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In 2020, the PA (@DrShtayyeh) spent no less than 512 million shekels (over $156 million) rewarding terrorists, as part of its #Payforslay policy.

Do you know how many #Covid-19 vaccines they could have bought instead?

Here's the new report of @palwatch
Trying to fool the world, the PA is trying to hide the financial record of its payments to terrorists in a provision they call the "PLO institutions".

While feigning transparency, 6.25% of the PA's entire 2020 expenditure, over 1 billion shekels ($300 million), went to the PLO.
In 2017, the EU said that one of the NON-NEGOTIABLE foundations of aid to the PA was financial transparency.

Maybe, @vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF @EGiaufretEU, you should ask @DrShtayyeh why he gave the PLO 1 billion shekels (鈧252 million) in 2020?
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Today (17/2) 6 years ago, brave Adele Biton succumbed to her injuries and died. She was only 4 years old.

2 years prior, in March 2013, Adele was driving with her mother, @bitonadva, when 5 Palestinian terrorists, aged 15 - 17, pounded their car with rocks.

As part of its #Payforslay policy, the PA has rewarded the terrorists directly responsible for Adele's death, by paying each one of them 238,400 shekels.

That means, the PA has rewarded the terrorists with over 1 million shekels, just for murdering a Jewish toddler!
As Adele fought her injuries, EU (@vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF @EGiaufretEU) representatives attended the trials of the terrorists.

They were not there to express outrage for Adele or to condemn the PA #PayforSlay policy.

They were there to support the "poor Palestinian kids".
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Terror funding 101:

Hamas terrorists buy goods in Turkey & send them via 馃嚠馃嚤 to Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

The terrorists in Gaza sell the goods. Hey presto, there's $$$ for Hamas to build missiles to murder Jews!

Keep reading for the real absurdity...鈥
Per the Oslo Accords, on the goods sent from (Hamas in) Turkey to Gaza, 馃嚠馃嚤 collects import taxes & passes them on to the PA.

The PA then uses the taxes to fund its #PayforSlay terror reward payments.

In this way, ALL the terrorists benefit. ALL at the expense of Jewish lives!
How many Jews need to be murdered, before we realize, that as a result of the Oslo Accords, we ourselves are funding the murder of our own children?
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Here's a substantial correction for @michaelcrowley:

Ex-President Trump did not stop the direct 馃嚭馃嚫 aid to the PA!

The bipartisan Taylor Force Act simply made the 馃嚭馃嚫 aid conditional on the PA abolishing its #Payforslay policy.

Shamefully, the PA preferred rewarding terrorists!
In fact, instead of heeding the call of Congress, the PA doubled down on insistence to reward terror and openly flaunted its newly re-established Ministry of Prisoners, for the world to see.

Later, in a letter signed by then PA Prime Minister, it was the PA who specifically asked that 馃嚭馃嚫 refrain from allocating aid to the PA.

Since FACTUAL reporting is so important to the @nytimes, we look forward to reading the amended article.

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Imprisoned terrorist Morad Adais, who murdered Israeli nurse Dafna Meir, is celebrating, because today is 5 years since his arrest.

He's celebrating because today the PA gives him a huge rise in the salary they pay him - from 2,000 to 4,000 NIS/month - just for murdering a JEW!
Adais confessed to murdering Dafna after watching incitement on PA TV.

Jews are murdered by Palestinian terrorists because not enough is done to combat both PA incitement & the PA's #payforslay policy!

Why are the EU (@vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF @eu_eeas @EUinIsrael @EGiaufretEU) doing nothing to force the PA to stop its incitement to murder?

Why has the EU not made aid to the PA conditional on abolishing the PA's #Payforslay policy?
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Do you know why, @herbertnyt, the story of @halbfinger & @adamrasgon was such a "SCOOP"?

Coz it simply wasn't true!

Rather the story merely reflected wishful thinking & the desire to whitewash the PA & its despicable #Payforslay policy, that continues to this day!

The truth is that the PA has consistently denied the claims of @adamrasgon & @halbfinger.

See here, for example:
and again here:
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Today 6 yrs ago, Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and murdered 3 Israeli kids.
As a PRIZE for the murder of 馃嚠馃嚤 kids, the Palestinian Authority (@DrShtayyeh @IntlCrimCourt) pays the imprisoned terrorist & the families of the dead terrorists MONTHLY CASH REWARDS!
@palwatch Image
Of the terrorists involved in the kidnapping & murder, 1 serving 3 life sentences. So far, as part of its #payforslay #paytoslay policy the PA has cumulatively paid that terrorist 146,400 shekels ($42,215/鈧37,352) JUST FOR MURDERING JEWS! Last year they gave him a rise. Image
Two other terrorists were killed in an attempt to arrest them. So far, as part of its #payforslay #paytoslay policy the PA has cumulatively paid the families of the dead terrorists 202,400 shekels ($58,351/鈧51,640) JUST FOR MURDERING JEWS! Image
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Today (27/5) is 18 years since the murder of baby Sinai Keinan, murdered in a suicide bombing in Petah Tikva.
馃毃The PA rewards the terrorist who planned the attack by paying him a monthly salary that rises over time. So far the PA has paid him at least 756,200 shekels.馃毃
In addition, the PA also pays a monthly allowance to the family of the suicide bomber.
These payments are part of the PA's (@DrShtayyeh @PalestinePMO) #payforslay #paytoslay policy, which saw the PA squander over 1.3 billion shekels in 2018+2019 alone.
The PA's #payforslay #paytoslay policy can only continue with the financial support of the EU (@vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF @EGiaufretEU @EUinIsrael) & the shameful silence of @antonioguterres @nmladenov @unicefchief @UNICEFpalestine who prefer only to attack 馃嚠馃嚤.
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26 years after David Ben Gurion announced the reconstitution of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel, on May 15 1974, Palestinian terrorists marked the occasion by slaughtering 26 Israelis, most of them children at a school in the northern Israeli city of Ma'alot.

The terrorists who murdered the children were members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine which is a part of the PLO. The Palestinian Authority uses donor country & EU aid to fund the PLO, which in turn funds terrorist organizations.
Part of the PA's #PayforSlay #Paytoslay policy, is to pay cash rewards to terrorist prisoners & to the families of dead terrorists, such as those who slaughtered the children.

In 2019, the PA squandered at least 669 million shekels on this evil policy.
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As you read this tweet, the Palestinian Authority is about to squander another 55,750,000 shekels ($15,889,980/鈧14,322,394) rewarding terrorists, inc. mass murderers, Abdallah Barghouti (murdered 67), Hassan Salameh (murdered 46) & Abbas A-Sayid (murdered 35).
#Payforslay ImageImageImageImage
Since the beginning of 2018 alone, the PA has admitted to paying cash terror rewards of over 1.5 BILLION SHEKELS ($427,533,120/鈧385,355,908).
As part of it's #PayforSlay policy, the PA pays monthly salaries to terrorist prisoners & allowances to the families of dead terrorists. ImageImageImageImage
While claiming that 馃嚭馃嚫 was being biased by conditioning further aid to the Palestinian Authority on the abolition of #PayforSlay, the reality is that it was the PA who rejected the aid, in order to continue rewarding terrorism.
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4 yrs. ago today (8/3) a Palestinian terrorist murdered Taylor Force, a 馃嚭馃嚫 veteran of Afghanistan & Iraq, while walking on the beach in Tel Aviv. Since then the PA has rewarded the murderers family, paying them almost $21,000.
In addition to the salaries the PA pays to terrorist prisoners, it also pays monthly allowances to the families of dead terrorists.

The 馃嚭馃嚫 Taylor Force Act, conditions US aid to the PA on the abolition of these - #PayforSlay - payments.
Research of @palwatch shows the PA squanders at least 750,000,000 shekels ($215,158,642/鈧190,633,612) EVERY YEAR rewarding terrorists.

The PA (@DrShtayyeh) can only continue funding these vile payments with the help of the European Union ( & @DFID_UK.
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